Saturday 12 August 2017

Added "Compendium for Psycheparous" Page

I've included to the topic headers a page titled A Compendium for Psycheparous, which contains a subject preface, followed by a compilation of many of the things I've said over the previous few years which relate to the subject. I hope that this is useful for newer readers.

If wanting to just read the header, here it is:


All things are made of considerations.

A consideration has polarity, and is quantum of truth, and of mind.

On its own, a consideration has no value, meaning, purpose, or point. But when brought into context with other considerations, it gains all of these things.

Hope is the pillar of all consideration, and is what gives a consideration its polarity. A consideration will always follow the greatest hope.

Considerations are like capacitors, and can store energy within themselves, which can be positive or negative in relation to other considerations. Filling up one consideration too much, as by a determination, will cause it to collapse, break, or cause damage to other considerations around itself.

Belief creates context between considerations, so that they might be considered and reasoned into oneness. Belief is a 'This Is' declaration, upon which Reason acts, creating the movement of considerations that is Considering. All movement is created by considering.

Reason is a declaration of 'Because this is True, therefore these other things are certain - but these further things are certainly False'

Belief is a 'This Is' declaration, which invokes Reason, and causes Considering, which is the streaming of considerations that substantiates the belief, which continues until the considering experiences Reason and then resolves into a oneness, a singularity, a reasoned concept, which then applies back into the mind that considered its truth as a new ‘This Is’ declaration, and filters through all that mind's considerations that are able to receive it.

A determination is a falsehood by nature, which says 'these considerations, but not these others.' A determination falsifies an environment of considerations, while dividing and polarizing the considerations that make up a consideration structure, and reducing consideration overall.

When a determination is made within a structure of considerations, it strengthens the reinforcement of some considerations while weakening that of others, and can cause considerations to collapse into others, causing their compounding value to contribute towards the determination that is being imposed within the environment of considerations. The power of collapsed considerations can become like a black hole within a person's mind, where the leading consideration is still considering, but has been aligned towards a false point, causing the whole considering process to consider failure as True.

The polarization created by the making of a determination upon an environment of considerations creates walls, barriers, and gaps between considerations, and reduces the overall communication between considerations. Resolving the created differences will restore communication between considerations.

False reasons are created by the willed imposing of a determination, upon which Reason still acts, and which, when imposed upon a considering process, fails that considering by taking away its reason.

In a brain and everywhere else, electricity and signals flow to wherever there is a difference in potential. Belief's declaration of 'This Is' is what creates that difference.

The signals in a brain are polar and subject to magnetism, and a brain wires and re-wires itself according to how a person considers. And all evolution, and all changes in state are the product of considering, in response to belief.

Considering is the work that is performed by a brain, and is the means by which a brain processes all information.

All things are made of considerations, and for every thing there is an ordering of considerations. And every state can be changed into every other state.