Dopamine: Physio-Fuel

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Dopamine: 'Facilitates the transmission of information across neurons' == Mental-task processing fuel - duh/obv/*tongue*

This is the Reason-based comprehension for Dopamine and its role in human physiology.

Dopamine is the fuel which all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by.

All ailment emergent from Mental Stress is precisely a deficiency of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine per a person's Anterior Insula's Consideration output, antagonized by the nor/adrenaline clock-rating upon that brain.

Persistent Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses correspond to its withheld application and simultaneously Sociopathism - the two are unary, as Sociopathism is the lack of consideration, and the lack of considering results in low Anterior Insula output to the Prefrontal Cortex, which results in Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses due to there being nothing for that Prefrontal Cortex dopamine to process.

All Mental Stress ailment (stress, depression, anxiety, psychosis, dementia...) receives vigorous treatment and also even permanent curing from a proficient dopamine increase, aligned with the significant restraining, regulatory-freeze, or down-regulation of nor/adrenaline's otherwise sympathetic up-regulation to dopamine increases - a partial conundrum, but one that is fully resolvable.

Dopamine is the chief-cornerstone of human physiology, the doorway between experience and thought/physical response, and is of higher operational precedent to everything else in the human body - the heart, circulation, thought, and everything else are reactive to dopamine and its present status in the human body. Most, if not all ailment is first enabled and affected through dopamine-determining factors.

Dopamine is the foundation and fuel for human brain and body operation, and so it is the God-molecule to human physiology - Dopamine's actuality is antithetical of 'Reward', which is a False-concept of Sociopathism, invalid Scientific Method observation, and non-Consideration - and has been lazily, illogically, and irresponsibly presumed by subjective observation of those with notable Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surplus'.

In reverse-chronological order:

Subject Re-Summarization and Article Dump + Beware of Abstraction-based Doctrine
Article: 'Study Relates High Intelligence Gene to Autism' + How Drug Prohibition (Rather Than Drugs) Attacks Mental Health
Article: Children with ADHD have some smaller brain regions, study shows - Same as With All Dopamine-Deficiency Sufferers
Articles Concerning a Couple of Other Matters Which I've Already Given the Understanding For
The Third Entry Into "An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine"
Woot, found the reference (that I had wanted to include in the previous post)!
Articles: 'Belief concerning nicotine drives behaviour and dopamine availability' & The Experience of Considering
Article: "Percocet Ruins Lives", But It Saved This Woman's
Further Information on "Addiction" and Drug-Associated Health Issues, and the Environment that Produces them
A Simple Truth About "Addiction" Drug Use, and Trauma
How Belief Affects Mental Stress Treatment, and the Effect that Anti-Drug Propaganda Has on Mental Health
Article: Study suggests laziness is related to high intelligence (& curing a psychosis)
A link I should've added to the previous post regarding Autism, ADHD, OCD
Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit
Article: "this is how social media affects your brain"
Article: 'Methylene Blue' may offer new answers in the fight against Alzheimer's
Article: Why does autism cause such anxiety? Scientists say people with the condition 'can't understand their own emotions'
Articles: "Could STRESS trigger Alzheimer's" & "Brains can be trained to let go of unwanted thoughts by thinking of them in a new context"
Where Does A "Drug-Induced" Psychosis Really Come From?
Information Regarding Worry Causing Anxiety and Psychosis, Including With Dopaminergic Application
Article: brain's 'stopping' mechanism can be triggered by sounds to derail your train of thought
Article: Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

Dopamine Deficient Signal Routing Causing Affliction in Cases of Autism, OCD, ADD / ADHD...
Article: I told the truth in my sister's obituary, so that others might choose to live (One Way Dopamine Deficiency Can Kill)
Article: Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists
ASMR Response is Dopamine / Understanding Dopamine’s Experience in a Body
A Crash-Course in the Basics for Truth-Based Human Health Treatment
Licensed Doctors and Medications are Entirely Without Relevance to Genuine Treatment of Mental Stress Ailments
There is No Such Thing as Too Much Dopamine as an Ailment
Regarding Cocaine's Applicability for Treating Migraines (2nd Addendum)
Adendum - Migraines are Dopamine Deficiency - and also: The Importance of Tact in Dopaminergic Application - and also: The Importance of Considering the Truth
Just a Tip (Regarding news of genetic mutations being responsible for such or such a condition)
Article: What Causes Autism?
The Placebo Effect is Belief Freeing Up Dopamine to Help Healing Consider

Calling Out Research Duplicity and Falsity for What It Is... and some stuff regarding addiction
Articles: Study Suggests Genetics Could Be The Root Cause Of Schizophrenia (*big yawn*, I already resolved this)
Articles: Poverty may alter the wiring of kids’ brains / Children from wealthy families grow up as extroverts, earn more in life
Looking at an Instance of Misleading Drug Journalism
Unlocking a Powerful Secret to Cure Mental Stress and its Ailments
Important Information on Application of Dopaminergism to Treat and Curing Mental Stress Ailments
The Power of a Synapse / Consideration, and Dopamine's Role in Effort
Calling For A New Paradigm
Articles: Stress could increase the risk of cognitive impairment preceding Alzheimer's & How to help someone with depression
Article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test
A Few More for: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles
An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine
An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society
How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
Article: Does Violence Lead to Dementia?
Article: Coffee Might Help You Live Longer - and Other Things of Meaning

Dopamine / Cocaine Proficiently Prevents, and Can Cure Alzheimer's
Sociopathism and Dopamine Deficiency Can Invoke Each Other's Behaviours
Richard Branson Announces UN to Promote Drug Decriminalization and End of War on Drugs
Dopamine's Role in Energy and Information-Connectivity - Bringing the Power of Yes
Article: Increased brain connectivity eases teenage impatience
The Role of Dopamine in Success, Therapy, and the Myth of Hard Work
Managing and Increasing Dopamine Can Easily Add Years to a Person's Life and Good Health
Controlled Dopamine Release's Influence in Sociopathism, and for Health
Consideration Normalizes a Mind, Determinations Polarize a Mind
The Mythical Perceptions of Modafinil - Responses to Modafinil's Public Favour

The Self-Incriminating Foolishness of 'Dopamine as Reward'
The Actuality of Dopamine Releases
Regarding Treating & Curing Mental Stress Ailments
Much Conventional Therapy Fails Due To Being Based Upon a Belief in Magic
Reflecting Upon the Trustworthiness of Institutional Medicine
A Person is Rightful to Address Their Own Brain In Accordance With Their Own Judgement
Basic Framework for the Personal Addressing of Mental Stress to Treat and Cure its Ailments

Dopamine is a Nutrient and Resource of Greatest Value
The Exact Mechanism of Sociopathism
The Hypocritic, Not Hippocratic Oath is What Applies
Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism
Ridiculous Science: 'Caffeine gives buzz because it mimics the effect of morphine'

Cocaine is an Adaptogen
Article: Worrying / Anxiety - Intelligence Correlation
1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report
A Bit on Making Use of Detail-Awareness
Sociopathism's Recipe, as Consideration and Dopamine
Things to Consider About Sociopathism
The Hypocrisy and Dishonour of Institutional Medicine
All Mental Stress Ailment is Best Treated Using Cocaine

A Gene is a Concept
Non-temp Note on 'Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses'
Reprisal of e=mc²... For Dopamine
Reminder of Another Factor for Dopamine & Adrenaline Relations
Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses
Thought on the Previous Note on Dopaminergic Treatment Considerations
A Note on Dopaminergic Treatment of Ailments
Dopamine Proverb 11
'Teenage Deficits in Working Memory and Attention Correlate to Later Drug Habits' - Explanation
A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential

To Further Add to the Other Cocaine Study Links
Bit of Clarification For Previous Posts' Terminologies
One More Addendum (Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Adderall, as Relative)
And, Plus, Also, etc... (A Cocaine / Dopamine Study Reprisal)
Response to a Cocaine Study Which Bore a Non-Observable Conclusion
A Reason is a Concept and a Concept is a Reason - Tangent

Primary Principle of... Emotion-Based Reactions
Cognition of Emotional Response and Emotional Sensitivity
The Prefrontal Cortex is the Blank-Template Consideration of 'Self'
Operational Identity of the Prefrontal Cortex
Note on Preceding Post
The Factors of Anterior Insula Information Storage
The Trajectory for Anterior Insula Development
Note on Primary Principle of Mental Stress
The Primary Principle and Resolution of Mental Stress - Encompassing All Ailment of type-Psychosis || D-Proverbs 7 - 10
Reward's Self-Nullification & Bow to Reason's Supreme-Governance, with Reason Proverb 2
Denouncement of 'Reward' as Literal Chief of all Sociopathism
Ability is of Anterior Insula Consideration-Construction - and its failing the total-reality of 'Reward' || Dope-Proverb 6
The Reality Behind 'Chasing the Dragon'
Anterior Insula: Humanity's Truth-Determiner
Last Nail for 'Reward'?
Correction of a Dopamine Study's Conclusion on Willingness to Work vs Regional Dopamine
Dopamine Proverb 5
Dopamine Proverb 3
Dopamine Proverb 4
A Second Dopamine Proverb
A Proverb of Dopamine
Dopamine Summation, Till This Point: Physiological Cornerstone
Rationalization for the Stated Mental Stress Identity, and Some Comment Regarding Dopamine
Identification, Types, and Theorized-Behaviours for All Mental Stress
Reward or God-Molecule?: Dopamine's Role-Reversing Correction

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