Friday 30 May 2014

The Great Saiyan Nappa Awakens

Upon awakening this dark, Friday night, I wondered what I was doing on this particular alien beach, and who I might destroy. After a few minutes of continued gradual-awakening, the beach revealed as merely a small bedroom, surprisingly, and the night's darkness merely a case of room-lights it has, having been left in what I've determined to be its effective off-position.

I've contemplated finding some Earthlings with a dwelling to destroy, so that I could use some shower-device their dwelling will probably have to preempt the possibility that I might get called smelly by an Earth-local. Great-Saiyan Nappa has his Saiyan-pride, you know.


Tuesday 27 May 2014

Quote for a Quote

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"


Moreover, those unwilling to forget it are damned to keep recycling it.


Sunday 25 May 2014

New Wolfenstein Has Grandular Install Size

Wolfie: The New Order requires 46 GB of HDD space to install. That's like 43 MB was in 1994(5?) - huge.

I have to delete some things to make room for it - also just like 1994(5?).

I think this is some leaked prototype Wolfenstein promotional art:

Also, here's a cool comparison of negotiation styles by nation:

Thursday 22 May 2014

Last Nail for 'Reward'?

A person who never wondered whether they could or would complete an action, but had total certainty of their success, doesn't experience 'Reward' for it - but that doesn't necessitate reduced dopamine activity.

That momentary realization of capability which releases a tiny spike of dopamine is, in a mind that didn't have question of its capability, consistent and incessant - but it never experiences as a pleasureable 'Reward' because it is also consistently occupied with processing (or considering - by the Anterior Insula) that constant line of awareness. The same goes for prolongued elevations that cease after an activity.

A 'Reward' is, in reality, a lack of awareness regarding self-capability in the person who experiences it - and so is not actually Reward - and that label is unfairly punishing (even torturously) many people who do not share that disposition.

Conjecture for entertaining: A person with Psychosis never experiences this Reward' because it never existed as such to be experienced.

Anterior Insula output determines Prefrontal-Cortex needs, and calling dopamine 'Reward' is approaching the situation upside-down.

But those who are Prefrontal-Cortex dopamine-dominant are the ones creating and publishing the research, because the surplus of that region's dopamine-availability is what gives good working-memory - meaning such a person will excel in scholastic tasks, but not likely be the best at reasoning out situations. I'll be putting up a correction regarding the convention of Reasoning soon.

I can say that I've never experienced this fabled 'Reward' in my life - only pain and energy-drains from a lack.


Correction of a Dopamine Study's Conclusion on Willingness to Work vs Regional Dopamine

Beneath the immediately-below example is what I stand by as a  correction, reactive to the 2012 study:

That someone could look at these results and conclude that smarter people are just lazier, without explanation and despite all logic, blows my mind and suggests an inherent arrogance in those managing the study's results. Laziness is purely of Prefrontal Cortex domain - Lethargy is of Anterior Insula domain.

--- example of why dopamine is not Reward ---
In contradiction to the conventional assumption: Dopamine is required to have thoughts for employment in actions, to at all first be able to receive a potential reward. Simultaneously, personal efforts and works that go unappreciated or under-appreciated doesn't just provide no-reward, but even deflates a person's constitution - yet the tasks were completed all the same, and to quality level, so where is the reward for what was definitively done? Emotions of shared-connection are not rewards, they're encouragements and excitements - both those things are premier, while reward is caboose. Also, how is something that, downgrades the pace/number/scope of thought-processing when it's reduced possibly a reward for it, if it doesn't react to the thought-environment but the thought-environment reacts to it? Obviously, it's been given the incorrect placement in a process - making any designation that moves closer to the reality, better: 'thought-processing fuel' physio-fuel, physio-energy, physio-drive seem to be appropriate in my current perspective.

The "less willing to work" Anterior Insula dominant person:
- has a higher number of thoughts on the task and its better goal
- has larger awareness of customization-possibilities and branching-options for whatever job
- can do the job at a higher quality and with greater efficiency
- their determinations from sensory-data provides them with notably-deeper details, delivering greater default-accuracy,

But all these increased details mean that there's a whole lot more to calculate and process - possibly by factors - so even an equal-level of prefrontal-etc dopamine would be insufficient, and present them as very-tired before the outset of a task. Since having those advanced capabilities directly results in a significant amount of affirmation-deprivation from all sorts of sources, they are even further lethargic. And because of that, all their advanced capabilities would become debilitations, and they could not possibly work at parity. To make things equal, as much as can be, and to make both persons experience and hold an equal level of energy, fortitude, and control, the advanced-capabilities person would require an upregulation to the point that they have no lethargy, no slowed thoughts, no stress, and also excess prefrontal etc dopamine that will cover all the additional process which will be produced from engaging with the task

In all cases, Anterior Insula dopamine level is the barometer which determines what is optimal and most-healthy for the Prefrontal Cortex and Striatum regions. With either prefrontal-etc dopamine heightened-excess or deficiency, there will be loss of self-control. The heightened-excess will have difficulty restraining actions of want, and the deficiency will not have the energy to do, think, engage, and will be impacted by mood.

Too much excess will facilitate:

impulse behaviours
selfish tendencies
possible decline of moral considerations

Deficiency will impose:

pain of all sorts
lack of focus
difficulty thinking

Despite the possible appearance of pros/cons to dominance of either disposition, the traits that characterize the successes of the prefrontal-etc dopamine-dominant person will be present and then comprehensively-evolved in the anterior dopamine-dominant who is receiving prefrontal-etc dopamine supplementation to make matching the expendable energy-reserves between the two cases.
Outside of targeting a prefrontal-etc dopamine-dominant’s energy for
Typical prefrontal-etc dopamine-supplementation for an anterior insula dopamine-dominant would be established exclusively according to their brain-regions’ existing dopamine-levels, targeting a final prefrontal-etc dopamine-level that proficiently-receives, without any down-weighing, all incoming process-designations from the anterior insula, with significant extra dopamine-provision to handle all interactions and encountered-challenges.

In a somewhat-sardonic, but genuine and applicable perspective: The significantly prefrontal-etc dominant person probably experiences much of their success and satisfaction by the undue total-condition and concession that interacting with them is demoralizing and damaging to the anterior insula dominant, who experiences reduction of their affirmation-dopamine, deflating their focus/energy/awareness/decisiveness, rendering them incapable for dominant-role positions. That, in turn, enables the less-capable and considerate to fit as naturals for decisive and directing high-pay roles - but a duplicate example-industry which, conversely, saw those roles filled with people of anterior-dominance, having their prefrontal level either upregulated to match energy-parity or simply being adequately-high naturally, would output a quality and efficiency that's incomparably superior, and of much greater moral responsibility. That difference, I think, would establish a completely different business world-scenery than what we're now familiar with, and one that remains thoroughly unknowable ahead of it becoming the reality.

Because strong prefrontal-etc dopamine dominance most-easily exists where anterior insula dopamine-level is low, its heightened-presence can erroneously be attributed with producing
Prefrontal-etc dopamine-level impact can be all-ruling on a person’s functionality, but it is not directly determining of either character-quality presence or absence – although it will make outward-presenting whatever character-qualities are established by either high or low anterior insula dopamine-level.

presumed as producing commonly-accompanying traits, such as workaholic, selfish-tendency, sociopathy, poor-reasoning and understanding,

While one who is strongly prefrontal-etc dopamine dominant can produce workaholics, to selfish-tendency, to sociopaths with no considerations for others, heightening anterior insula dopamine levels progressively reduce selfish tendencies and non-objectivity, all the way up to being inescapably hard-coded as self-objective, and never experiencing some more crude selfish emotions, which exist only in the absence of large-enough comprehension and understanding - those being what generates compassion and accurate consideration of details.

In the cases of both prefrontal-exuberance and prefrontal-depletion dopamine environments, there is possibility for environment-correcting:

- Anterior-dominants with prefrontal dopamine-upreg (I think best via a yet-unmade cocaine-analog and not an amphetamine, like Adderall, because amphs stupidly boost adren (anxiety/stress and health-risk - for what?) and deliver small dopamine uperg / cocaine gives strong dope and lowers adren for pretty accurate circulatory-compensation - almost like made for this purpose + is short-termed, 30-minute complete wear-off till complete normal, rather than prolonged

- Prefrontal-etc dominants can probably get some proficient comprehension bumps in meditation, and fill their understanding head-room to develop thought-stream to utilize their available bandwidth


Thursday 15 May 2014

Dopamine Proverb 5

Reasoning is the inter-twining of Consideration, Comprehension, Understanding, and Detail-Awareness - all the traits of the Anterior Insula - into one vibrant form.


Dopamine Proverb 3

A mind that is less than fully objective, and exactly to the extent of the non-objectivity, is Sociopathic.


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Dopamine Proverb 4

There are no coincidences, only purposed-opportunities that people misinterpret or are blind to.


Monday 12 May 2014

Freedom of Speech [more intermission material]

... Is nothing more than 'the Right to Lie', and 'the Right to be Lied to'. Where it exists, a person has no right to necessarily hear the truth, or to be trusted that they are telling it. Freedom of Expression, on the other hand, gives a person the right to conduct their need to express themselves truthfully, but maintains that there is no right to get to accomplish one's desires by subversion of the truth. The Freedom of Speech protects speech without discretion, and so cannot be a natural right, because its premise, that a truth and a lie are equal, is a falsehood.

There can either be the right to lie and be lied to, or the right to tell the truth and hear the truth - but never both at the same time, and the right of one denies the right of the other - they are true antitheses.

The USA is a nation considerably typified, on the front, by impulsiveness, boisterousness, hubris: All marks of surplus Prefrontal-Cortex dopamine in relation to Anterior Insula output - the latter being responsible for Consideration, Comprehension, Understanding, Detail-Awareness.

Stupidity is not lack of knowledge, skill, or success, but a willing lack of consideration towards all things. A thoroughly knowledgeable person can easily also be the most stupid person - if they are unable to consider what is True - and many of those renowned for knowledge are without smarts. The USA is a nation entrenched in by distortions, having its confidence in manipulation and refusal to entertain Truth. Stupidity is the true mark of Evil, and that should make such a nation a literal Evil in its effects upon the world.

Just calling the USA "America" is False (per the origin of the label, and title of the nation), and a determined arrogance. If ever it were stopped, I wonder if it would be like severing the life-blood that sustains an inability to perceive Truth - as disposition is absolute, and its imprint cascades without force but through relinquishment and submission - while force is nothing more than taking what is already unaligned with an objective and then bunching and clenching it up to generate a wall of denial against reality - making an impossibility of the objective. Something as unnoticed as that can easily serve as the cap on the bottle. If you don't understand this, then you have testimony of a personal imperception - And if you dismiss it, you have testimony of a personal stupid-arrogance - and if you just accept it without comprehending it, that could risky.

As apart from knowing within yourself the exact mechanical 'whys' that make a thing True or False, determining a concessional-opinion is foolish and damaging to yourself and other people who experience an influence from the opinion on their decisions. Only stupidity perceives 'just cause' as valid answer to anything, and labels and refusals are all 'just-cause', with added layers of stupidity that did not fit the just-cause container wrapped around the outside.

Open-endedness is the key to every unknown-thing - when considerations fill the adjoining thought-mechanisms to the unknown, the unknown will snap into being known (I think literally, in the Anterior Insula) - and that is a reality penalized by people encouraged to voice ignorance by encouraging a freedom to lie.

Lying is upheld as the USA's greatest value, by its own people and also its courts of "justice". Justice does not even potentially exist where there is not first an allegiance to Truth - and it definitely isn't present where there is allegiance to Lies, which is an allegiance to Evil. Further, Justice could not be recognizable by a nation who doesn't make Truth its goal. It takes dedication to Truth to come to know its mechanisms, to be able to perceive it - and no justice ever came before Truth was perceived and every injustice came due to the lack of its perception.

The USA's great Exceptionalism is that World War 2 happened and that the USA profiteered while Europe was destroyed - minds and resources flocked to the USA. And then after the war, the USA profited much more while Europe started re-building its infrastructure - and its psyche. Europe is still not yet recovered psychologically and institutionally - the damages are inlaid deep and many will not yet be recognized as existing.

Nicola, Tesla, Bell, Einstein... all non-USA 'exceptionalism' that the USA reaped the benefits from, due to pre-war and war conditions that don't exist anymore - opportunity-access has both normalized and dispersed. Since these minds were from elsewhere, and were fully-established ahead of entering the USA, it therefore means that not only is the USA not exceptional, but it is much less than all these places that were capable of producing these minds. And why haven't they continued to be produced? WW2 happened - obstructing, disorienting, and confusing Europe, where all these great minds produced themselves. So it took excessively handicapping Europe to produce the false-impression of USA competitiveness, where quality-thought is the resource.

The USA has some fetish for contrasting themselves with Russia, even when there's perceived to be no reason for it in Russia - maybe it's flattery, I don't know. Because of this obsession, consider this:

Russia, despite enduring brutality in WW2, and surviving and recouperating from a societal-collapse, is yet able to butt-heads, and win, with the USA - and with only a fraction of funds, its military is able to act precisely, and effectively - something which the USA has never been able to do with more than 10x the funding - and Russia accomplished its goals with relatively nothing, while infinitesimal-excess cannot bring the USA even the smallest victory.

The USA is no commendable power, and its only power is that of stupidity and evil. The funds the USA received from WW2 could have accomplished literally anything, including everything - and it accomplished nothing, and is now gone. It has no strength, and it mistakes privilege for strength. It has already and will continue to collapse under its "strength" - but it is kept from perceiving it while the privilege remains inlaid. Privilege is opportunity, but it is neither a good nor bad thing on its own - and misused privilege is the worst thing a person can do to themselves, as is actively disintegrates that of-Strength which was gained ahead of the privilege.

Russia's people are immeasurably stronger, immeasurably more determined, immeasurably more comprehending, and do successfully with far less what the USA cannot with far more. The USA hasn't survived anything, and it has failed at nearly all it has attempted. Russia has survived all, and sits among the world's strongest already, even while still far from detached of the weights of its challenges. The USA is a true marshmallow, and Russia is a smouldering iron who has destructive strength and Will even while very softened from fire. Marshmallow meets smouldering iron. just the heat from the iron would melt the marshmallow as it comes close - and that heat will be transferred into the iron to give it even greater strength.

If what is weak is brushed aside by what is strong - while the weakness is still made to be strong and the strong is still made to be weak - imagine what discrepancy truly exists, and will eventually be exposed at the same time? That discrepancy is the Truth of even now.

-- Part 2 --

This, nor anything else I say, could be produced equally out of an environment of Freedom of Speech, because where Freedom of Speech reigns, Strength of Mind reduces - because the false use of a person's speech aggressively destroys, deteriorates, sabotages, undermines, subterfuges, blocks, usurps, and revokes useful parts of many people's minds.

Freedom of Speech is decay, and it is death. It is devolution from the inside through labeling Truth and Falsehood as equals - and when a mind devolves, it doesn't lose the record of its knowledge, only the understanding and comprehension of it - and all its prior understanding becomes chaotic intentions, while thoughts are involuntarily-calculated using all sorts of instructions and designs which the person doesn't know the Reasons or results for, and is disoriented regarding why they should do what - or maybe they simply dismiss all (which is the misfortunate choice to be Sociopathic), and everything inside and outside of them becomes a mess.

The USA is truly Sociopathic, and to the exact-extent which a mind is non-objective, it is Sociopathic. The USA abides and believes Falsehoods as religion, even as Right of Citizenship - and its people do nothing about it but suffer its consequences (ex: the Iraq War) all the while performing contrived performances of this Freedom of Pestilence. And the only alternative it knows of is Force - which invalids their objectives before even commencing them - example: Independence by War - the USA got the land, but nothing of Mind, Respectability, or Appreciation-Sense came with it, and conversely the message received was that rejecting consideration and just taking what's wanted is the road to success. And so it is the centrepiece of stupidity which not even Idiocracy matches - but when stupidity is assured as Truth, Truth is interpreted to be stupidity.

The USA's policies demonstrates little of-Mind. Even every-factor in a complex insanity is perceivable, identifiable, gaugable, engageable, communicable, and answerable - just by momentary-perception of someone familiar with a small amount of Truth.

People in the USA should press to revoke Freedom of Speech immediately, and construct accurate means to punish-harshly significant abusive speech, but unequivocally to punish untruthful speech from persons of responsibility. If a nation is defined by its constitution, then what suggests one which reads like a nervous, hazy, chaotic mess, leaving interpretation up to a judge's arbitrary preference? Maybe such a nation should disintegrate, and a new nation be immediately established in the same place, with a new constitution, and an actual name rather than a self-literal lengthy title - so that it doesn't have to keep referring to itself by the super-continent it's on, AKA more than a third of the terrestrial world.


Wednesday 7 May 2014

Canada Has Been Cursed by Harper

I'm interrupting my regular post-schedule interruption for this brief message regarding Canada's resident sociopath-in-charge, and the situation regarding his always-on tiff with the Supreme Court.
Nadon was an Unconstitutional appointee, as he put the wishes of the ruling government above the Constitution and Charter - and a SC justice is mandated to uphold the Constitution and Charter as the Supreme Law of Canada. Nadon wasn't only impossible to have as a top bench judge, but it was illegal for him to be a Supreme Court judge of any stature.
Because in Canada the Charter and Constitution is the Supreme Law, and therefore the true governance of Canada (acceded and submit to by Parliament-vote and the Supreme Court ruling - and Queen's signature), by appointing a judge who declared that the ruling government should not be questioned, thereby attempting usurp of the Supreme Court's mandate to defend Canada's constitution against the government, Harper committed Treason by literal-interpretation of Canadian law.
If Harper is not held accountable to Canada's law, then no other Canadian may be - as per the Charter's guaranteed-protected Right of equality of effect before and under the law.
Therefore, for the sake of Canada's integrity and honour, for the validity of the Supreme Court and Parliament, and for fairness towards every Canadian, Harper must be tried for Treason. It is inescapable and unavoidable, and to not mathematically-equates (through the hard-determiner of Reason) to meaning that Canada is a dictatorship.
And that is not Harper's only, or worst Treason.

There is absolutely no way that Nadon can ever become a top bench justice in Canada's Supreme Court.

That is all. I'll be back shortly - gotta power up.