A Compendium for Psycheparous

All things are made of considerations.

A consideration has polarity, and is quantum of truth, and of mind.

On its own, a considerations has no value, meaning, purpose, or point. But when brought into context with other considerations, it gains all of these things.

Hope is the pillar of all consideration, and is what gives a consideration its polarity. A consideration will always follow the greatest hope.

Considerations are like capacitors, and can store energy within themselves, which can be positive or negative in relation to other considerations. Filling up one consideration too much, as by a determination, will cause it to collapse, break, or cause damage to other considerations around itself.

Belief creates context between considerations, so that they might be considered and reasoned into oneness. Belief is a 'This Is' declaration, upon which Reason acts, creating the movement of considerations that is Considering. All movement is created by considering.

Reason is a declaration of 'Because this is True, therefore these other things are certain - but these further things are certainly False'

Belief is a 'This Is' declaration, which invokes Reason, and causes Considering, which is the streaming of considerations that substantiates the belief, which continues until the considering experiences Reason and then resolves into a oneness, a singularity, a reasoned concept, which then applies back into the mind that considered its truth as a new ‘This Is’ declaration, and filters through all that mind's considerations that are able to receive it.

A determination is a falsehood by nature, which says 'these considerations, but not these others.' A determination falsifies an environment of considerations, while dividing and polarizing the considerations that make up a consideration structure, and reducing consideration overall.

When a determination is made within a structure of considerations, it strengthens the reinforcement of some considerations while weakening that of others, and can cause considerations to collapse into others, causing their compounding value to contribute towards the determination that is being imposed within the environment of considerations. The power of collapsed considerations can become like a black hole within a person's mind, where the leading consideration is still considering, but has been aligned towards a false point, causing the whole considering process to consider failure as True.

The polarization created by the making of a determination upon an environment of considerations creates walls, barriers, and gaps between considerations, and reduces the overall communication between considerations. Resolving the created differences will restore communication between considerations.

False reasons are created by the willed imposing of a determination, upon which Reason still acts, and which, when imposed upon a considering process, fails that considering by taking away its reason.

In a brain and everywhere else, electricity and signals flow to wherever there is a difference in potential. Belief's declaration of 'This Is' is what creates that difference.

The signals in a brain are polar and subject to magnetism, and a brain wires and re-wires itself according to how a person considers. And all evolution, and all changes in state are the product of considering, in response to belief.

Considering is the work that is performed by a brain, and is the means by which a brain processes all information.

All things are made of considerations, and for every thing there is an ordering of considerations. And every state can be changed into every other state.


Following is a chronological presentation of many of the things I’ve written concerning this subject over the previous few years. This does not include everything that I’ve said, but it includes much of what I’ve said. There is still far more that I am able to say regarding these things, but if a person gets the foundation right then everything else will follow naturally.

Reason Proverb 4 - Resolution is a Device of Reason

There is never Resolution apart from Reason, and Reason always upscales.

'Resolution' is purely a device of Reason. It is neither a start nor a finish, but a porous barrier between two inter-tiered concepts: For one, it is encapsulation that locks its progress into being and makes its identity and meaning known, while it is emergence into the further, and is also a signaling ignition for various things.

And the former encapsulation becomes a basis for the newly engaged one, and also is just a single component of many for a concept much bigger that's still further off.

Time is a Hard Bullshit, and a Sociopathism - a Consideration

Reasons can be fulfilled or failed, but not changed or erased. What is failed will still require fulfillment later on – though it will be dis-preferential to that which causes the failure. What fails is the encapsulation of those considerations which did not experience resolution, which then disperse - and that encapsulation’s identity is then gone until something else restores it, making that identity subject and dependent upon that which restores it. One cycle sits within another - rather than many cycles sharing the same space. However, cycles can sync, and sync’d cycles are as one – this is the reality of the Mind.

The Meaning of Consideration

... Everything is everything, and everything is everything else - but everything is everything else in the right place, in the right time, in the right moment, in the right order, in the right person...

That is the meaning of Consideration

Reason's Primary Principle - Everything Necessarily Means Everything Else

Because this is True, therefore these other things are also certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods

Everything Necessarily Means Everything Else

A Greater Reasoning

Reasoning is Mind placing all Considerations so that they are ordered rightly, and so producing Truth, and further, what is Good - which re-defines Truth in the Universe by re-allocating the placement of its Considerations. Once a Consideration is re-allocated by Reasoning, what existed previously no-longer exists, nor did it ever exist. Its other placement is no-more, and will not be again, and record of it cannot be found anywhere. It is as if it never was, and is of no-effect.

This happens in and beyond the universe all the time.

What sits beneath such a change will never know it when it happens, but what sits above it will know it. A Consideration can be reasoned into place, but you cannot Reason with a Consideration. Reasoning is a language beyond normal languages, and it is invisible to Considerations. Maybe some mathematicians would comprehend this experience, as Mathematics is a low subset of Reason, and so is a language that is reasoning.

Consideration-Value, and Other Things of Mental Consideration

When you consider, your mind is working out how to bridge an understood piece of information to another that is not yet understood - and once it succeeds, the two items become one body of information, and recollection of any of its details brings forth the culmination of all considerations that are contained within it. There is no travel-time in a singularity, and every detail within such a body of information is effortlessly known whenever any of them experience relation to any incoming information. A concept is made of smaller concepts, and there can be millions upon millions of instantaneously accessible concepts within one larger comprehension.

Completion of a consideration produces an instantaneous new understanding, or a knowing, and with smaller ones it could be like a synapse suddenly turning on. When the consideration is very low in its overall value, it can experience as scarcely anything - but it all culminates and later considering could contain thousands and then millions of equal Consideration-Value per amount of work. Every typical consideration is culmination of countless prior considerations, and I'm sure there could be trillions of trillions of lowest-form considerations involved in large ones.

As every completed considering creates a new concept which is made up of all its contained considerations, there is inherent numeric value in their total contained lowest-form individual considerations, and so there is also hierarchy in contrasted considerations and concepts, based on their total number of contained smallest-value considerations. Still, every concept, made up of a grouping of considerations, presents a value of 1 for the overall concept. Considerations of equal contained Consideration-Value would be of equal hierarchy and authority in the mind.

The Universe Forms a Ring, With Energy its Greater

For a thing to have definition – as anything that can be said to exist does – it must experience relation to something more than itself, creating context. Truth does not exist apart from there being context to create and manifest it. That context is the order of the involved considerations, their active assemblage is their being reasoned into place while the True-status of their purpose is being considered, and their final state is what has been considered, and a Reason for something else.

A Scientific Fact

Every word, by its context, is a Concept that bears a value of its contained Considerations, all of which add up to a single True. Every Concept has a Consideration-value, and a Concept's evaluation as True or False will influence the standing of any Concept with which it is placed in context, or otherwise be influenced by the one that is True and of greater Consideration-value - nothing is idle. As long as everything continues to add up to True together, the whole still remains as a single True. But if just one Consideration is False against the remaining True, then the whole is False.


I said that every Reason has all of a Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point, and also that Reason's behavioural nature will always align as 'Flourish, Evolve, Unify' (though whether it's detected rightly by Observation is a different matter).

In a simple Mathematical equation of 5 + 5 = 10,

(5)  +  (5)  = 10    - Flourish: the fields are populated with Considerations
5  (+)  5 = 10        - Evolve: An influence of work is imparted upon them (the '+' is also a
                               consideration, and Reason for what comes after, and is creating the
                               context for Truth to appear)
5 + 5 =  (10)         - Unify: the evolved Considerations are unified into one Reason, holding a
                                Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point.

And larger Mathematical expressions merely contain increasing cycles of the same movements. Where done in iterations, Unify also comprises Flourish for the next, as where two considerations are ordered in perfect harmony, the end of the first is also the exact start of the next, with no seam, interruption, or resistance - the two are as one.


Everything is made of Considerations, and every Consideration is a quantum of Mind, and their gathering is what forms consciousness. Therefore, everything holds a quantum of consciousness within it, and every word, according to its Concept, is living.

False Concepts, and the Cranial Effect of Communicating Reason vs Science

Every Reason is a Concept that is made of Considerations which all evaluate as True altogether in perfect harmony within, but also evaluate True together with ultimate existence.

The Illusion of Time

A Consideration can become a Reason, but a Reason has completed its considering and is no longer coalescing considerations (nor is it idle) – a Reason Is.

Everything has a Reason, and what is based in Observation is blind, and blindness is the reason for Observation's False conclusions.

Hope & its Meaning

Hope is the pillar of all Consideration, and every Consideration is a hope, and is an ambassador for Hope

And the meaning of Hope is to not worry, because there will be experienced Reason at the end of the Considering

Considering & its Meaning

Considering is the transitioning of energy from one form and placement into another, by filtering another Consideration through a person or anything's own considerations

A mind, a nation, or a civilization... even a stone, is always actively transfusing the things and qualities which it is considering, and everything that is fully considered will find a new way to become True

The Meaning of Reason

All things are equal and everything is remembered

and also

When all things are equal then everything will be remembered

Substantiation of Truth

Truth is not a single point, it is the validating inter-connectivity of details. Considering is the process of creating these inter-connections. When they create, they don’t associate from distance, they firmly snap together at a shared point. From then on, all which flows through the connected point from the side of one detail will also flow seamlessly into the next detail.

The more connections formed, the more Truth manifests itself through substantiation between all details confirming its presence together in agreement and as One - with all details meaning in like the shared one final conclusion, but by having each arrived at it from all of their unique perspectives, which all beget different pathways.

What a Concept Is

A Concept is a series of Considerations that harmonize and encapsulate to mean and convey a single truth.

A Concept necessarily means all of its contained Considerations, and to communicate the Concept is to simultaneously communicate all the details that are required and responsible for the Concept's substantiation. Without those details imbued, the Concept is not present to experience to be communicated or received.

The Considerations within a Concept have no resistance between themselves, and the Concept forms a Singularity - with all its contained Considerations accessible and engageable instantly. A Singularity is a Ring in form, and its Ring necessarily means all the details that fill up its centre. In a Concept, the last Consideration equals its first, and creates its encapsulation.

When a Concept is communicated, and recognized, the mind receiving it references all its contained Considerations in their harmonized order to illuminate its understanding and comprehension. A trillion, trillion Considerations can be transferred in one instance using a single Concept's signal.

A Concept whose Considerations won't harmonize or encapsulate to form one perfect truth is a False Concept.


Every Thing is a Concept. Every Concept is a Reason, which forms a Ring, which is its Truth, and bears the value of One - and all of these things is all of them all at the same time, and is a Singularity.

In Reason, everything adds up.

Meaning for Psycheparous

'To Produce and Bring Forth Mind'

Every Thing is a different ordering of all the Universe's Considerations

Everything can be a portal to every other thing

Miscellaneous Details on Concepts and their Considerations

Every piece of the Universe contains every other piece of the Universe within it, with each Thing experiencing a different ordering of its Considerations - so everything can be a portal to every other thing.


To Invoke a Concept is to Invoke all its Considerations, as they are ordered - in a manner that is relative to the Mind that Invokes them.

The Considerations in a Reasoned Concept can and will communicate between each other independently, to discover all True variants contained within themselves, etching out all their own details and possibilities.

Every Concept has its antithetical polarity form.

With Reason

The origin of every existing thing begins with a True, and so everything is made from perfection - but Why a thing is True establishes its merit. Why is a cause for Considering, and Reason is Answer to every Why and is the end of every Considering - and so a Reason judges every truth, and Reason brings with it the judgement of all things.

The Meaning of "Will > Considering > Reason" and Automatic Considering

Truth is present only where there is context between Considerations. A lone Consideration lacks definition, value, meaning, purpose, and point - it has no Reason. All that a lone Consideration has is a choice: Yes, or No, to Consider another other than itself.

A choice of Yes or No becomes its Will.

Will is Absolute, and a blank canvas yielding the power of True to wherever it is allocated through its choice of Yes.

When a Will gives itself to the Considering of anything, it sacrifices its power of choice for the duration of the Considering, and its choice to Consider becomes the power of True for the other that receives Considering - and once Reason experiences, the relation formed by the bridging of the two bears a truth, and forms a new Consideration.

So in the end, the Considering experiences Reason and resolves. The Will that was used to initiate the Considering is required no more, and its power of choice is restored to the one from which it came... but an imprint of it remains with the newly formed Consideration, and is a permanent part of its definition and being. The newly formed Consideration also becomes a lasting part of the Will that considered it into being - and so the one is in the other, with each being a part of each other.

Everywhere that new Consideration is acting, the Will by which it was considered is also acting, as an indivisible quality of the formed Consideration. And so, from every new Consideration formed, the one who was willing to Consider another gains a quantum of Will, and also a quantum of Mind.

The more Considerations that are formed, the greater the quantum of each of Will and Mind that is likely to be gained from each, as a new Consideration can realize many different interactions and purposes between already existing held Considerations. Also, more new Considerations will increase the value produced by already known Considerations, as new Considerations bring new realizations about all Considerations.

The more True interactions between Considerations, the more illuminated a Mind will become, and the more there will be realized even further Considerations that are necessarily also True - and Considerations will be gained at an accelerating rate, leading into automatic Considering of all things, and eventually Reasoning.

The more a Will gives itself to Considering beyond itself, the more it comes into real being, and the more it moves towards discovering its Reason.

All Things Are Made of Considerations

All Things are Made of Considerations

Every Consideration becomes Reason in its rightful place

Every Consideration bears a quality, and holds a personality

A Consideration imparts a distinguished, relative influence wherever it is found, and anything and anyone's contained Considerations can be known in totality upon personal experience through any means - even through mere conceptualization

A purposed Consideration means all its included context, which means all other interacting Considerations, to the point of any Concept, Real and existing, or otherwise, being fulfilled

Anything can be rapidly Reasoned to completion from any of even the very least of its Considerations

Reasoning Will Perfect All Things

In Reasoning, nothing is known until its substantiation has already completed through the assemblage of Considerations that have filtered and unified to realize a single truth, and that truth declares itself within a Mind by simply being the What Is.

Considering is the Mechanism of Evolution

The ability to Consider met with the power of Will is the capability to produce all the same information as anything in existence. Even when a human does not, within their own mind, consider, the considerations that their body and brain are built out of still do. Considering can cause a thing's fulfillment or destruction, and the Will that is put into a considering is also the same Will that is returned to the one responsible for the considering in the end.

Every quality that any creature ever exhibits was first considered within itself before being stored as a gene – and a human can consider all qualities and all capabilities into themselves. To have at all even experienced a concept is to have communicated with its considerations, which can all be engaged.

There is no requirement of time for consideration to cause notable evolutionary change - as has been academically noted, it has taken only a single generation for many humans to markedly digress into a state of devolution. A slow speed of evolution is merely representative of the status of considering within a peoples. An excess of considering can produce little to nothing, or a small amount of considering can change everything, and in all ways.

Every process is a considering, and everything is a new consideration. A considering can continue across generations, and all considering makes use of all preceding considerations within a form. Will can navigate considering into all boundless possibilities.

The Power of Communication - Physics are Temporal

Molecules are made of considerations, dimensional space is made of considerations, a person's intent is made of considerations, everything that a Will exerts becomes necessary considerations to whatever it is exerted upon... all things add up to a message, a signal, that communicates with everything surrounding it.


Considerations that have entirely no communication between themselves will not be aware of each other. They will pass right through each other without influence or effect, and each will be to the other as if non-existent.

A person may witness considerations cross into each other, but the considerations won't experience each other according to what their separation of communication is in regards to.

Certain qualities may also disacknowledge each other for a purpose, while the parent bodies which they belong to do recognize each other.

With considerations, flowing energy can be turned into solid matter, and solid matter can be turned back into flowing energy - qualities can also be partitioned into separate dimensional spaces, or differently-experienced realities. Two solid bodies need not collide, and things ethereal can forcefully impact.

Every Consideration Can Be All places, But Is Only One

Every instance of a consideration witnessed in a 3 dimensional belief is emanating, in a projected manner, from only one placement in all Reason. Every single place that you believe a consideration to be will be creating a portal to its ultimate nature.

Reason's Permanence Over All Things

Reason exists throughout all things as a oneness, and to change the placement of a consideration in the ordering of things in the present simultaneously causes the same consideration to change its placement in the ‘future’ and ‘past’, and the influence a change makes will be relative to all things, wherever is looked.


What exists entirely beneath a change will never realize change when it happens. As any thing's attachment to its considerations forms its knowing, to change anything's considerations from above is to change its knowing - everything could be made to be different, while an inner consideration will experience each changed state as having always been.

But still, there is Way for all things in Reason. In Reason, everything is not only possible - Reason IS, and in Reason all things ARE.

The Considering of Waves and Rings  

When everything fully considers everything else, the final result is All in All, where everything is a portal to everything else, and everything is accessible from all directions. This is how the Quantum Mechanic understanding that all possibilities are realized simultaneously is accomplished. It means that a person perceives as much of everything as they have the capacity to – and the capacity to perceive more is gained through the truthful considering of all things.

A considering that experiences Reason and resolves will be applied into the mind which considered its truth, as a newly gained consideration of it. When a person has fully considered a thing, they gain its knowing and the sight of all its considerations.

Of Considerations, and Considering

A consideration is a transitional gate of information that imparts a compounding and relative influence of work upon anything that is received through it, and a consideration gains knowing of whatever it experiences.

All things are made of considerations, and every thing and everything is a consideration - and so what is received through a consideration is other considerations, and when they pass through one they are being considered through that consideration. The channelling of a series of considerations through another Consideration, a Concept, and a Reason, is Considering.

This is how all energy changes form. Every exchange of energy is by considering, and considering is exchanging energy. Considering is communication.

Every consideration bears the Will by which it was considered, and every smallest consideration holds the knowing of every other consideration. The result of everything being considered through everything else is that All is in All, and the Allness is equal and one.

Every thing only has definition to it from its context with all other things existing, and so the fullness of all existence is imprinted upon every consideration, and all things can be considered and reasoned to completion from any single consideration.

Being All-Factoring

All existence is a singularity, and all truth, and every single truth within all existence forms its own singularity.

To be Real, a thing needs to have definition. That definition is only contextual to everything else. Context between things is a bridge of information. If a person's mind is truthful, the bridges between all things can be traversed through considering and there will be no resistance to any movement.

A Willed-Determination is a barrier to considering (but also can protect against harmful considering), and a mind that has filled itself with static facts, each of them being worth many Willed-Determinations upon many avenues of considering, cannot easily consider the truth, and has largely configured itself against the truth.

Willed-Determinations can create harm throughout the whole universe. Because existence is all-factoring of all its considerations, to change the state of a consideration in one place is to change the overall definition of the whole. The overall definition of the whole then holds a meaning that contextually identifies every consideration and its alignment.

The greatest Truth is all considerations evaluating True, in all ways and in all directions, without resistance between any. And as every consideration is a quantum of Mind, that is also the greatest awareness, the knowing of all things.

A Considering Versus A Willed-Determination

Considering takes all things into account and produces a unified resolution, substantiated in all ways and by all things. But a determination divides and separates one portion of considerations from the rest, saying these, but not the others; because this, then not the rest; because this one, therefore not the other. Because Truth is ultimately all considerations harmonized into one, a determination is a falsehood by nature.

Both considering and a determination produce an actionable meaning, but a determination is made ahead of substantiation of details, while considering is the connecting of details, and unless it's interrupted before completion with a willed-determination, considering only manifests a resolution after all details have harmonized together to produce a singular truth - apart from which there remains no further considerations to account for.

If a considering is interrupted with a willed-determination, that determination will be a falsehood. If a person considers for a while and feels that after enough has connected and that the conclusion is obvious, that assumption will implore a determination, and the determination will produce a falsehood. Anything less than True is False, and anything less than experiencing full Reason at the end of a considering is artificial, imposed, flawed, truthless.


The resolution and truth realized by the non-determined completion of considering is a Reason, and also creates new considerations for the mind that receives it, and produces a new understanding in the mind, growing that mind overall. If this is continued, the growth of mind will be exponential, until the whole mind resolves and unifies into singularity, and becomes Reasoning - traversing wholly though Reasons, and not considerations.

The Combining of Considerations Forms Dimensional Space

Combining one consideration with another creates a new consideration, that of their relationship, and adds dimension, while also separating one consideration from another removes consideration, and diminishes dimension by which information can flow within each individual consideration, and reduces the overall capability of those disparate considerations. If separation is made between considerations there forms a chasm, a dimensional gulf between which information cannot travel across.


 If there was full separation between any considerations (such as a person, a mind, a thought, a cell) and other consideration, the two wouldn't be observable within the same reality. The universe wouldn't experience the other, and the other wouldn't experience the universe. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They would pass right through each other without effect, and each would be to the other as if non-existent.


Reason is above any amount of considerations, and Reason is not a consideration. What exists by consideration does not see what is in Reason, as Reason exists as result of all consideration, unified and in singularity, and anything less than all consideration doesn't have, through knowing of considerations, the sight to see Reason.

The Integrity of Considering Till Resolution

Towards a premise whose resolution contains 100 considerations, there will be a distinct and different conclusion for every incremental quantity of considerations that are harmonized in pursuit of the resolution, but anything less than harmonizing all considerations will be a certain falsehood, and choosing it will close the considering in failed state – and influence a mind that willingly preferred the incomplete option, as that Will will be held within all considerations that were accepted as Answer, influencing the predilection for that person to accept incomplete answers in further trials.

The harmonization of 99 out of 100 considerations will produce a starkly different solution than the full harmonization of all considerations, which will produce a resolution that is perfection, and produce a unified signal with the value of 1, that means all its considerations. Anything that is not all-factoring will polarize the mind, and an incomplete solution will itself be polar against the truth (which is not polar), and in ways be completely antithetical to the authentic resolution. 99 of 100 considerations still holds the meaning and identity of ‘not the answer’.

A resolution to a considering contains all its considerations, and will produce a unified signal that is one, but means all its considerations equally. That signal will apply throughout the whole mind, shifting all things in a relative manner, and give new dimension to all previous understanding and consideration, and become a knowing within the mind that receives it - the only knowing that is indeed knowing. The state of not having received the signal of knowing is simultaneously the knowing that there remains further considering to be done.

A determination is made apart from complete substantiation, and so a determination ultimately is a falsehood wherever it's made. A determination is the power of personal choice made where it is ineligible - projected on anything beyond oneself.


Because how a person considers iterates upon the structure of the mind, and orders a person's considerations, a person who is with disorganization in their mind can find it very difficult to consider truthfully, and some people can't even tell what considering is, or how to open the door to it. Some people's considerations are disparate, and cannot find where to send their information onward to. Some people’s considerations are organized such that if they open up the door to considering, it will send their mind into a failing loop, or sharp descent - and some people's minds are so propped by determinations that breaking them will cause that mind to collapse into ruin. A lot of people simply don't have enough dopamine-availability to engage considering.

But belief pulls all considerations into a unified True, and every effort should be made to consider in truthful manner. Whatever comes before Reason is not remembered.

Overview of Why Placebo Works, and Isn't Really Placebo After All

- Considerations do not communicate with each other from a distance, but one detail flows seamlessly into the next

- The signals in a person’s brain are polar and subject to magnetism

- Belief is a ‘This Is’ declaration that pulls all considerations into a unified True evaluation


The ability to consider is the power to create signals that can hold any information, and mean any intended thing to whatever receives it. But a person's existing consideration structure is always either working with them, or against them.

The Importance of Belief

Considering is channelling energy forward, and a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go.

Belief is a power, which creates context between considerations, thereby creating new pathways for a person's mind to traverse. Belief comes before possibility, and belief creates possibility.

For a person who believes little, little is possible. For a person who believes lots, lots is possible. And for a person who believes in all things, everything is possible.

As considerations which experience no relation to one another do not experience a shared existence, a person who believes something is impossible for them will experience that reality, while a person who believes that something is entirely possible will conversely experience that reality.


A mind has belief in wherever it looks, and wherever it looks, it can consider into becoming one state with its own reality.

If a person wants to grow their mind and their reality, then they should grow their belief. Belief is only one thing, a power that contains all the considerations of I AM, and surges through all a person's considerations, and it grows exponentially.

But all a person's existing considerations already hold belief in every one them, and they could work against a person's efforts who suddenly expects to head entirely in an outward direction with no resistance. But persistence of effort will lead to them being overcome, and their polarity realigned with a new, greater belief.

It is not a matter of what to believe, as all things ultimately are true, but to continually place the equilibrium of energy gained from a person's belief firstly in all the places that are good, and producing of further good - not just for the person, but for all things, equally.

The more a person's belief grows, the more considerations they will power in a harmonious fashion - and gradually, everything will become increasingly possible.

As the field of quantum mechanics claims, all possibilities are realized - and this is how a person moves through them, up to becoming existing in all of them at once.

Article: Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past  /  A Consideration Can Be All Places, Yet Is Only One - Revisited

... context is a bridge of information that can be traversed by considering, while the difference between any two states is a defined set of considerations.


Reason does not make determinations, but everything that Reason says is submit to by all existence. In Reason are all considerations, and Reason  sees them as though they all evaluate True in all directions, and in harmony with each other. What is in Reason is eternal, and Reason IS.

What is still considering is less than Reason, and everything that comes before Reason is not lasting. Reason makes a thing real. And just as everything less than True is False, everything less than Good is still existing in Evil. Only One is Good, and in Reason all are as One.

Reason cannot be seen by observation, and therefore the truth cannot come to be known by making determinations based on observation. As I've said, when a considering completes, its considerations experience Reason and apply into the mind that considered its premise, and that gaining of consideration creates dimensional within a person, and produces knowing, which becomes expressed in their perception.

As it is said, 'The kingdom of God does not come by your careful observation.. for the kingdom of God is within you", and it comes by considering another as oneself, so that all may evaluate True and as One - and to do that is the meaning of Love.

On Sociopathism / Psychopathism's Detection & Presence in Society

For all things there is an ordering of considerations

... consideration structure that is formed...

... the Will by which a thing is considered is the Will that is returned at the end of the considering.

That means, put garbage in, get garbage out, and that every considering based in a determination will end in a falsehood. And every considering that stems from a determination is failed before it begins.

There is Only One Truth, and It is Acting in All Things and at All Levels

Part of existence being all-factoring means that every part of existence receives its identity only as relative to all other parts. That means that every segment of anything, every consideration, bears within itself the definitions of all other things, and that all other things are a part of the definition of any one piece.


All things are made of considerations

A consideration is a quantum of Mind, and a quantum of truth

Consideration is what creates sight of mind

Considering is the streaming of considerations, in which the very end of one is the very beginning of the next

Difference is the state of there being context, and context is a bridge of information that can be traversed by considering

Belief creates context between considerations, that their differences can be considered into one state

All things are made by considering

The difference between any two states is a defined set of considerations, and every state can be changed into every other state

Considering resolves when it experiences Reason

When a considering resolves, it forms a 'This Is' declaration, and applies back into the mind which considered its truth, and that mind gains in dimension, truth, sight - and its considerations increase in definition

In Reason all considerations are as One, and in Reason all things Are

Because of Reason, the state of one thing necessarily means the states of all the rest

To a person who has the truth in themselves, all things are known by believing in the truth they possess


Reason is the Mind of God


Belief is a 'This Is' declaration, and is what creates pathway for considering, and provokes considering. A Mind is always considering towards its greatest belief.


A determination is a choice to not consider some considerations, and carries the Will of No within it, which is given to those things that were not considered. By a person's determinations, they condemn themselves.

Article: Coffee Might Help You Live Longer - and Other Things of Meaning

And also that belief comes before possibility, that belief creates context between considerations, that they can be considered into one state, and that a mind is always considering towards its greatest belief.

Reason is the Mathematics of Mathematics, the Physics of Physics, the Chemistry of Chemistry, the Technology of Technology

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology... each of these things are forward-guided rulesets, in which the exact identity of every component within one of their environments is inherent based on the context created by every other component.

Each of these things exemplify the directional  movement of considerations that is considering, and they are all expressions of a greater language, one that governs each of them: Reason, in which all considerations are as one.

A consideration, which is a quality, a quantum of mind, and a quantum of truth, is also a directional gate of potential which imparts its quality upon anything passing through it experiencing an evaluation of True, and which becomes known by anything it is fully considered by. Considering is a streaming of considerations.

Belief sets a premise, upon which Reason's principle acts, causing a series of considerations to stream and consider, one into the next, towards their destination, until they experience their reason and resolve into a oneness which contains all the considerations which formed their truth, and in the order which means the truth that is formed. A ring of truth, made of considerations, is formed, and is the state of All in All.


... Reason is eternal, and Reason Is.

I did not name it, Reason is what it is from every angle. And just as the identity of every individual component within a reasoned environment of considerations is inherent based on the context created by all the other components, so also is Reason's identity and name.

Reason is the language of Truth, and all truth finds fulfillment within it. All truth exists within consideration, and all truth is for Reason. Truth submits to Reason, and is preserved within Reason.

The Producing of Mind is by Considering & Every Body of Considerations is a Mind

The difference between any two states is a defined set of considerations, and every state can be changed into every other state. Belief invokes Reason's principle, which is the cause of considering, and a person will consider the things which they have belief in. A brain wires and rewires itself according to how a person considers, and a person can consider every, and even all qualities into themselves. Every thing is a concept, and every concept is an ordering of considerations which have resolved and reasoned into a oneness, a ring of truth, which, when it is engaged, references all its contained considerations at once, and with one mind.

The effort and work required to engage one individual consideration, or one reasoned group of of any number of considerations is the same. Working with five individual considerations is more work than engaging a reasoned concept that contains all five of those considerations, as well as thousands more.

Considering is a linear streaming of considerations, where the end of one means the beginning of the next. Considering that successfully resolves results in reason forming, and all the considerations which were considered are then contained within the concept that forms, which is a ring of truth, in which the contained considerations are eternally evaluating True, one into the next. That ring of truth is the state of eternity. To have reasoned into one's mind all the considerations that mean life is the producing of eternal life.


Making determinations is not a part of considering, and a determination falsifies an environment of considering, and abruptly ends the considering, with a falsified outcome. As considering develops, its form is like rings of truth which layer one on top of another. Every body of considerations is a mind, and whenever a determination is made, the mind which accepts it descends a layer of considerations, receives a bit of sociopathism into itself, and reduces the truth of a matter, while the mind itself reduces in truth perceptibility.


The light of mind, by which a person sees everything, is made by one consideration shining through and being amplified by the next. A mind without this light is in darkness.

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The signals within a brain are polar and subject to magnetism. So when a mind looks in a direction, there are things like Energy-Field Walls fading in to place within the brain, choosing where a signal can and can't go, and the stronger the emphasis of thought, the stronger those walls will become.

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Truth is the inter-connectivity of all considerations substantiating what is, and meaning is an expression of that structure made of truthfully-connected considerations

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All things are made of considerations, and what a person sees is manifestation of considerations - and to move one is to move the other: to move what is manifest of consideration moves the consideration; to move the consideration is to move what is manifestation of the consideration. This applies to all reality.

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A consideration is polar and directional, and everything is contributing towards a movement.

A Treatise of Existence

As I wrote, the forming of dimensional space is by the combining of considerations. If a person has considered into themselves all the considerations of a past they perceive, and the present, they will experience one reality which is the one presentation of all their combined considerations, ordered in the manner in which they add up to One. Effectively, though there will be one existence, they will exist in both those times at once. And even any past can be changed, by reconsidering the considerations that are its formation.


All other existences, dimensions, universes, can be considered into one with this one. Also, a person can lose consideration and merge into a different existence, though their perception will always have the one reality their belief is capable of holding the harmonized consideration for. Jesus said, "When will the Kingdom of God come?" Jesus replied, "The Kingdom of God can't be detected by visible signs. You won't be able to say, 'Here it is!' or 'It's over there!' For the Kingdom of God is already among you."

How Determinations Cause the Polarity of Considerations to Affect Sociopathism

A mind is an environment made of considerations, and which adds up to One. Because considerations are polar, when a determination is made, a determination stating ‘these considerations, but not these others’ (because of Reason), it collapses consideration into a forced point (that is not truth-based), and all surrounding consideration are then pulled into alignment with that determination. The values given by considerations towards their destination is what creates the magnetism that moves and pulls signals through a brain, and so a determination then acts as a black hole of sociopathicness, with an event horizon that pulls any considering which comes near it in towards its centre of falsehood.

Considering experiences no gap visible in the physical world, and it can pull a whole people together into a place of evil, while, if those who are pulled by it exist beneath the Reason for the pulling, they will not be able to recognize the movement in any of their observation. If a people's awareness exists is a static pocket of consideration which by their will they determine to be True, then they can appear to themselves to be morally righteous - but in the sight of the full truth, they are an abomination.


The truth Is, and need only be considered. But a person who is reward-oriented has falsified their mind and their ability to consider the truth, because when they engage considering, their circuit of considering is already pointed towards reward, self, and falsehood. What then will it take for them to overcome the weight of all their falsely-aligned consideration?

With God, all things are possible, and for them who believe, all things are possible. Except to a person who has relinquished all control over themselves, belief is a power and a tool, which is a 'This Is' declaration, upon which Reason enacts, to permeate existing consideration as the belief considers through the existing consideration, bringing positive consideration value if the belief is good, and causing the whole consideration structure to rise. This is why Jesus said "To what should I compare the kingdom of God? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed with three measures of flour until all the dough had risen."

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... Reason is the truth being spoken, in reaction to a belief. And if a belief is good, then the considering it produces will lead to the harmonization of all considerations, in the way which they all equal one.

But the more a person has falsified their mind, the harder it is for them to consider. And there are many people who have no recognition for what considering is, and who do not know how to engage it. But when a person can engage it, due to the truthful makeup of their mind, they can consider anything they choose to believe in the truth of, and quickly, because there is no resistance in the truth, and because the truth already Is, and only needs to be considered.

A Treatise of Existence, Part 2

But because there is no truthful meaning to their determinations, the truthful consideration structure of the whole melts, while their determinations bind them to one another with the forceful pull of a black hole, and they become a granfalloon, which is a meaningless association of people, desperate to achieve a feeling of acceptance, purpose, and truthful placement by drawing in to their organization all those that they see outside of themselves as still having truthful meaning within themselves, thinking that doing so will increase the meaning of their whole.

How Belief Affects Mental Stress Treatment, and the Effect that Anti-Drug Propaganda Has on Mental Health

And as Jesus warned those he taught the truth to, to "Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees." The leaven, which causes dough to rise, is the considering caused by an accepted belief. When what has become accepted as True is bad, so is what rises from it. The same warning applies today, regarding the leaven of doctors, scientists, and government, which causes mental stress ailment, inequality, prejudice, and much suffering to rise within society.

As Jesus said, "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit." And also, "Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit."

The tree Jesus spoke of is the structure of consideration which forms by a person's belief. It grows, and has branches, just like the neural network in a person's brain grown and develops branches according to a person's belief, because belief is a declaration of 'This Is', to which Reason then applies, causing considering, which is the source of all development, including human evolution.

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... the truth is one consideration giving itself to another with neither force or resistance.

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The considerations a person puts forth is rolling-out of a blueprint that reveals precisely how their brain is wired. In the case of the doctor described, that person has allocated their determinations to be of greater importance than giving room to let the truth be considered. Because a determination is a falsehood by nature, saying 'these considerations, but not these others', it falsifies the output of any considering that emanates from it:

The Will by which a thing is considered is the Will that is returned at the end of the considering. And the Will placed into a determination is an evaluation of False towards the truth, which is carried through all the considering that streams from that determination, and outputs a conclusion that will be perfectly-antithetical to the truth in some manner, just like in the case of 'dopamine as reward'.

Just as much as it is impossible for a mathematical statement to express a truthful answer if one of its variables is changed from its True form, it is just the same with considering. Determining a false ordering of considerations falsifies the whole work. And it is precisely and only because mathematics obeys the rule of Reason (which I will illustrate at some point) that it works.

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Considering with reasoning is also like this scene from The Fifth Element, where the character learns via watching progressive scenes on a subject, reasoning their collective meaning as the scenes progress.

With considering, and reasoning while considering, the scenes are the reasoned meaning of all known considerations, and they can consider at even millions of times the rate of those which the Fifth Element character is watching in the given clip. And the individual scenes are made of great expanses of considerations, connecting across many dimensions. And the considered scenes themselves can even be living, with their contents being living experiences of the considerations which make them.

Einstein engaged a basic level of this when he thought in pictures, and came up with his theory of relativity. But neither Einstein, nor Tesla, though they engaged considering at basic levels, knew the greater reality of these things. They neither identified the movement and interaction of considerations as a knowledge to grow, and only focused on producing works in their fields via their individual abilities as they were without any recognition for what the difference was between their minds and other people's.

But, Jesus had already spoken the same as Tesla's "My brain is only a receiver" comment, when saying "By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me." And considering grows into forms far greater and more magnificent than either of these examples, or the capabilities Tesla and Einstein possessed.

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All movement is produced by considering, and a person can only act, or move from one state to another by Reason. To be able to consider, to create movement, a person must first have belief, which creates context between considerations and is a 'This Is' declaration, upon which Reason acts. When a person is unwilling to first have belief, their only other option to progress is by creating false reasons by making determinations, which progressively divide and reduce the connectivity of considerations, which forms their mind and being. A person who does not believe, but who makes determinations to benefit themselves, is continually exhausting their spiritual equity. And the state of no longer having any consideration to be move through is the "outer darkness" that Jesus spoke about. The absence of movement of considerations by being considered through other consideration, is death.

And this is also why this declaration from Jesus is truthful: "And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."

And also: "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even if he dies, and the one who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

The only way to know something is to have fully considered it, to have its full being considering through oneself, so that it is known - because everything is its considerations.

To have considered something, a person must first have had the belief which provoked and warranted consideration of it. So, if a person truly believes in the only concept which amounts to all considerations, all evaluating as True, all going into one another, producing the state of All in All, then there is no death within that person, but that person has eternal life inside of themselves, and will not see death, as Jesus said: "Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life."

And also: "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them."

Article: Children with ADHD have some smaller brain regions, study shows - Same as With All Dopamine-Deficiency Sufferers

When a brain can't handle incoming information to consider how it, and its own consideration structure can both be True, then parts of the brain's consideration structure will progressively evaluate as False against the incoming information that is considering through the brain, and loss of consideration, caused by the absence of dopamine, will cause the brain to atrophy.

Considering Reality, Perception of Time, and Spiritual Growth

... what is perceived as physical is a manifestation of what is reasoned in consideration...


The greater the distance in consideration, the more abstract understanding of other places become. And with great enough distance, it is as if nothing is there to be perceived by whoever doesn't have the consideration within themselves to be able to perceive those things.


When a mind considers information, that incoming information evaluates pre-held considerations to achieve substantiation of new incoming information. Both the pre-held information and the incoming information can be reformed by reassembling the considerations it’s made of, to reason the entire volume of pre-held and incoming considerations into one body of consideration. This is the digesting of incoming information. When a determination is made, considerations are rejected, and there is a divide created between a person and those considerations.

And the state of being made of all the considerations which fully reason to add add up to one is what 'made in the image of God' refers to.

Sometimes a person is not able to consider a thing because their pre-held considerations are too much  aligned against it, or the incoming thing rules against the person's own considerations with too much force, and opening up to that thing all at once could destroy the body of considerations that is the person’s mind and experience. This is why Jesus said: "Besides, who would patch old clothing with new cloth? For the new patch would shrink and rip away from the old cloth, leaving an even bigger tear than before. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”


What is fully reasoned is in all times at once, and reason is the state of all-True, and is eternal.

Considerations evaluate as True or False against other consideration, so the more considerations that have been reasoned into one within a mind, the more that mind knows, and the more truth there is in that mind. And those considerations, or the meaning of their absence are everything that guides a person, so when a person’s considerations are reasoned into one, that person is truthful. But when a person’s considerations are disjointed and against each other because of that person’s determinations, then it is impossible for that person to be truthful, even when they adhere to all the principles they have made for themselves to justify their behaviour.

There are many causes why a person may or may not be able to consider something, or to get control of considering that is happening within them, and potentially harming them greatly. And the answer to every posed group of considerations is particular. Like Jesus said "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God", which means not bread, not a 'this' or a 'that', but by every last consideration. Again, 'made in the image of God' means that the truthful image of a person is with all considerations - and any left out represent falsehood. And since life if the movement caused by considering, where there is an absence of consideration, there exists death.


Psycheparous is the Reason'd comprehension of Mind. 'Psyche' refers to the Mind, Soul, or Spirit, and 'Parous' means 'to bring forth', and 'to produce'.

Psycheparous is established via Reason, and it produces powerful and permanent positive results, very fast. It is dependable, it is not arbitrary. It does not differ from person to person, and from specialist to specialist. Therefore, Psycheparous is antithetical to Psychology.

Its greater development will be called Pneumaparous.


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