Friday 31 October 2014

The Meaning of Reason

All things are equal and everything is remembered

and also

When all things are equal then everything will be remembered


Hope & its Meaning

Hope is the pillar of all Consideration, and every Consideration is a hope, and is an ambassador for Hope

And the meaning of Hope is to not worry, because there will be experienced Reason at the end of the Considering


Considering & its Meaning

Considering is the transitioning of energy from one form and placement into another, by filtering another Consideration through a person or anything's own considerations

A mind, a nation, or a civilization... even a stone, is always actively transfusing the things and qualities which it is considering, and everything that is fully considered will find a new way to become True


Thursday 30 October 2014

For Considering

Considering is the transitioning of energy from one form into another, by filtering another consideration through a person or anything's own considerations.

A mind, a nation, or a civilization... even a stone, is always actively transfusing the things and qualities which it is considering, and everything that is considered will come true according to how it was considered and in the view of all reality.

Reason splits and separates truth from lie, and everything is either ascending or descending.

Whatever works to make itself ascend will later have reality force it into descent all the harder.


Friday 24 October 2014

A Scientific Fact

P.1 - Logical Reasoning Science
P.2 - Considerations adhere to Mathematics
P.3 - Mathematics is a Reason
P.4 - Considerations are Mind
P.5 - Concept of Science
P.6 - Meaning and Value for a Why


What is taught as "Logical Reasoning" uses mathematical determination to test the veracity of a statement. It can also be used to determine hierarchy within a statement.

- A Scientific Fact is 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True'

- 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True' (is less than) True

- Anything less than True is False

- A Scientific Fact (is equal to) False

- Science (is equal to) A body of certain Falsehoods


Every word, by its context, is a Concept that bears a value of its contained Considerations, all of which add up to a single True. Every Concept has a Consideration-value, and a Concept's evaluation as True or False will influence the standing of any Concept with which it is placed in context, or otherwise be influenced by the one that is True and of greater Consideration-value - nothing is idle. As long as everything continues to add up to True together, the whole still remains as a single True. But if just one Consideration is False against the remaining True, then the whole is False.

To argue this is to also argue Mathematics as a truth - but as I said, Mathematics is not a Science, and adheres to no precept or methodology of Science, but it does adhere to all precepts and principles of Reason, and is in fact a subset and Reasoning language of Reason.


I said that every Reason has all of a Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point, and also that Reason's behavioural nature will always align as 'Flourish, Evolve, Unify' (though whether it's detected rightly by Observation is a different matter).

In a simple Mathematical equation of 5 + 5 = 10,

(5)  +  (5)  = 10    - Flourish: the fields are populated with Considerations
5  (+)  5 = 10        - Evolve: An influence of work is imparted upon them (the '+' is also a
                               consideration, and Reason for what comes after, and is creating the
                               context for Truth to appear)
5 + 5 =  (10)         - Unify: the evolved Considerations are unified into one Reason, holding a
                                Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point.

And larger Mathematical expressions merely contain increasing cycles of the same movements. Where done in iterations, Unify also comprises Flourish for the next, as where two considerations are ordered in perfect harmony, the end of the first is also the exact start of the next, with no seam, interruption, or resistance - the two are as one.


Everything is made of Considerations, and every Consideration is a quantum of Mind, and their gathering is what forms consciousness. Therefore, everything holds a quantum of consciousness within it, and every word, according to its Concept, is living.


The Concept of Science is False, with the statement "A Scientific Fact is 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True'" testifying to it. In the statement, "Reasonably" is its qualifier, marking the distinction between Science and Reason, and citing Science as False with Reason being True.

In a little more detail, 'Reasonably Assumed' is a crass qualifier, with 'based in Reason' being further the qualifier for the Assumed part of 'Reasonably Assumed'. But there is no assumption in Truth and Reason, and so Assumed is a barrier between Reason and Science. The statement says that even an Assumption is of greater veracity than Science itself, and that Reason is still more True than both of Assumption and Science. What is Assumed is still greater than what is a Lie. What is lying is Psychopathic - which I would peg as being whatever is willfully malevolent with its Sociopathism.


In another post I posed:

In the statement 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be true', since it intrinsically defers to Reason as its governing force, why wouldn't someone just start with Reason in the first place?

The Answer is because doing so would be Smarts-based (As the Anterior Insula is home of all Smarts - Consideration, Understanding, Comprehension, and Reasoning), and Science is not Smarts-based, but Observation and Willed-determination based, and those lacking in Smarts make their livings and reputations by giving Observation-based Willed-determinations, and the institutions which train them, and their gov't licensers, establish their authorities by these things being required. But there is no authority but Truth. As I had said here previously (though maybe edited out... I couldn't find it), there is a 'worse than Hitler' hidden inlaid in every first-world convention.

There is no value to discovery as an accomplishment, as Truth is free and easy to obtain by Reason - it is all that exists. There is only value to discovering for the sake of coming to Know and be Known.


Friday 17 October 2014

Non-temp Note on 'Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses

Referencing: Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses

I just changed this paragraph:

A brain's neural pathways can be considered as pipelines, synapses as gateways along the pipeline, and with there being adjustable gates in the gateways to control information’s flow.


A brain's neural pathways can be considered as pipelines, synapses as gateways along the pipeline, and with there being adjustable openings between the gateways to process and transition information from one side of a synaptic gateway to the other.

The space between the synapse-ends only becomes seeming as a controlled gate when there is insufficient Dopamine, and so pressure is then put on the information before the connection. But there is work done in the transition, between the synapses, and so being a gate to control information's flow is not the purpose of synapses - which is rather to impart work from Dopamine's influence, making Dopamine Mental-Task Processing Fuel. Where there is resistance due to lowered Dopamine, think-ability suffers, and stresses emerge in the brain and, reciprocally, throughout the whole body.

Without sufficient Dopamine, considerations fail to be counted, giving them an evaluation of False, and the concept to which they were for inclusion, as its details, will not encapsulate and resolve. And so Dopamine is what allows considerations to evaluate True within their greater concepts, by fueling their processing to completion.


Wednesday 15 October 2014

Reprisal of e=mc²... For Dopamine

This is a reflection of the post Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses, in which I said:

A brain's neural pathways can be considered as pipelines, synapses as gateways along the pipeline, and with there being adjustable gates in the gateways to control information’s flow.

The roles of Dopamine and Adrenaline within this concept are thus:

- Adrenaline / Noradrenaline determines the force with which information is flowing through the pipeline, and higher force equates to higher volume of information. The 'higher volume' is meant as relative to the amount of consideration a particular Anterior Insula normally produces.

Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability determines how open or closed the gates are, and so how much information is being allowed to flow through the gateways, which are the synapses.

As Adrenaline (referring to both Epinephrine & Norepinephrine) establishes the force of informational flow, and that information has a volume that can be measured by Anterior Insula activity and that brain region's own Dopamine level, and as the Prefrontal Cortex brain region's Dopamine-availability provides a person's energy for mental and physical work, then e=mc² must apply in some way between all factors to determine how much Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine is required for a person's mental activity - that is, in a particular measured moment, or as average over a determined period.

I said here that e=mc² is just dumb power-reading, and while there's more to energy than its power value, the hyperbole "dumb" is perhaps misplaced (for now).

Also relevant regarding this are these:

A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential
Consideration-Value, and Other Things of Mental Consideration


Reason Proverb 6

For each thing there is an ordering of Considerations – and their perfect ordering promptly brings a Truth.


Reminder of Another Factor for Dopamine & Adrenaline Relations

This is an addendum to this post: Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses

A Dopamine molecule is a quantum of work potential, and a Dopamine-availability must exceed the Consideration-value of an incoming considered details, which are to then encapsulate to form a concept in the Prefrontal Cortex, for it to make determinations upon, and for its matter to resolve, with the result applying back to the environment of the Anterior Insula (influencing as a "This Is" declaration). There can be a Dopamine-availability, and it yet not be availability enough to do anything.

Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability is also pre-requisite for forefront consciousness to identify the different components in what is delivered to the Prefrontal Cortex, to be able to break down a large subject into manageable groups of smaller concepts. Without sufficient Pref-Cort Dope, a concept will remain blurred in its attempted contemplation, and maybe ultimately unable to be grasped, despite its recognition as being present.


Dopamine and Adrenaline are Operational Antitheses

P.1 - Adrenaline abbreviation
P.2 - Neural pathways as pipelines
P.3 - Gauging Dopamine
P.4 - Insufficient Dopamine stresses the brain
P.5 - Subject Surmise


Dopamine and Adrenaline (hereby referring to both Epinephrine and Norepinephrine) are independently tasked, but their purposes are in tandem, and their consequential influence within a brain is relative to each other's status.


A brain's neural pathways can be considered as pipelines, synapses as gateways along the pipeline, and with there being adjustable openings between the gateways to process and transition information from one side of a synaptic gateway to the other.

The roles of Dopamine and Adrenaline within this concept are thus:

- Adrenaline / Noradrenaline determines the force with which information is flowing through the pipeline, and higher force equates to higher volume of information. The 'higher volume' is meant as relative to the amount of consideration a particular Anterior Insula normally produces.

Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability determines how open or closed the gateways are, and so regulate how much information is being allowed to flow through the gateways, which are the synapses. It is always optimal that there is no resistance in information's flow through these, and any resistance is Mental Stress, and Dopamine-deficiency.


High Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability with low Anterior Insula activity is as if having large pipelines with fully open gates - but little to flow through them.

Heavy Anterior Insula operation with low Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine results in less capacity for handling the flow of information through the brain, and when Adrenaline / Noradrenaline increases as Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability languishes, control over thought becomes increasingly tenuous, and eventually will completely fail.


Weak control over information flowing through the Prefrontal Cortex is Mental Stress, and the beginnings for its ailments - such as a Psychosis.

Lower Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine means both lower control over the systems regulating the flow of information in the brain, and over the meaning of the information, itself. It takes Dopamine-availability to make a Will-based determination upon what's presented in the Prefrontal Cortex from the Anterior Insula, and when there isn't sufficient Dopamine-availability...

When information is flowing too fast and with insufficient Dopamine-availability for decisions to be made, considerations fall in default to an evaluation of False, and their False evaluations sees their considerations cycle back to the Anterior Insuala to be re-considered in their previous evolution, at the end of which they are sent again to the Prefrontal Cortex for a determination... and if this continues, the evolution of much considering will unravel like a string, in cyclic fashion downward with each progressive default-to-False evaluation.


As Adrenaline (Ep & Norep) increases, the considering of things in the Anterior Insula will occur at an accelerated pace. So, the more that Adrenaline increases, the more Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-availability will be required to handle the greater volume of Anterior Insula consideration output.

Dopamine strengthens thought control, and is power of thought control. Adrenaline undermines that strength. Increasing Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine will relieve pressure within thought pipelines, which are the brain's neural pathways, while increasing Adrenaline will increase the pressure within those pathways.


Friday 10 October 2014

Reason Proverb 5

A thing's greatest capacity gives definition for its identity, and its greatest potential becomes its purpose.


Thursday 9 October 2014

Thought on the Previous Note on Dopaminergic Treatment Considerations

This follows the post: A Note on Dopaminergic Treatment of Ailments

Note... that Adderall and Ritalin are common prescriptions for ADD/ADHD treatment (which is treatment for difficulty to think, focus, and remember), whereas Methamphetamine and Cocaine are typically not (Methamphetamine is prescribed in some cases).

In the post The Problem with Willed-Determination & Observation Being Authority, I wrote:

Consider what it means that those writing Scientific study conclusions from observations are often those with higher Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses, and that having such is instrumental to much of scholastic accomplishment. Consider also what these things mean for the veracity of scientific research output.

Academia progressively filters out those with lower Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, because this Dopamine is the essence of Working Memory, which grants all of attention, fact memorization, and controlled recollection of data. These things are non-synonymous with Smarts, and in fact are very indifferent to Smarts, but they are the tools by which Smarts, which proceed from the Anterior Insula, can be made active use of.

Academia greatly rewards high Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine levels, and those working through advanced Academia, who are already with higher Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine levels, often still take stimulants to further increase their Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, for the sake of being able to study and memorize even better than they otherwise could. But Fact Memorization is antithetical to Comprehension, and is only about jumping through the hoops to get to the end of Academia's high-priced trials.

Consider what it means, for those in need of treatments, that approved and practiced medical standards, and the research studies that establish them, are designed, chosen, approved, operated, interpreted, and concluded-upon all by a demographic that hails from an area of cranial-spectrum which, for certain things, truly has no relevant perspective, at all.

So the medications and treatments made available reflect conclusions which a person with ample Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine would find sensible from the perspective of being with ample Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, while being irrational regarding the reality of those who need any medication or treatment involving Dopamine, at all. For a frighteningly fantastic example, see this post.

A Prefrontal Cortex dominant person will choose standards that have evaluated as True by a Prefrontal Cortex-dominant's known experience - but often what evaluates as True to such will evaluate False in an Anterior Insula-dominant's brain, and vice-versa. This here is meant regarding the real physiology, meaning as it pertains to what is mechanically happening in either person's brain, and why.

If that is contested, then consider Dopamine, in light of this blog, as whether being Reward, or the Cornerstone of human physiology.

Dopamine as Reward is the posterchild for Observation-reinforced conclusion, and it is a falsehood - and is one created by those who, potentially, most of all had only the tool of Observation to use... and who were also those most benefited by such a conclusion, as it validated their own successes (and generated them). Though, if Dopamine were indeed concluded Reward by those touting so, that should inherently imply that they have done their works only for personal gratification, which would mean that all of it is suspect and unreliable - and so yet another consideration in this matter has been created.

All these details are not principle concerns of the subject of Dopamine, and are an aside.

But it must become known that the difference between a great multitude of Ivy League, or millionaire / billionaire successfuls and dead-end jobers who couldn't get a C in high-school if their life literally depended on it comes down to nothing more than a quantifiable measurement of the Prefrontal Cortex' Natural Cocaine, which is its Dopamine - or Cocaine, itself. And that, on this one single difference, many people who have failed miserably did so while making many times over the amount of effort (without knowing it) than those who, conversely, have reached the greatest success, and then Rewarded themselves with a gratuitous Pref-Cort Dopamine release for it.


A Note on Dopaminergic Treatment of Ailments

This post carries on from this string of postings:

A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential
To Further Add to the Other Cocaine Study Links
Bit of Clarification For Previous Posts' Terminologies
One More Addendum (Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Adderall, as Relative)
And, Plus, Also, etc... (A Cocaine / Dopamine Study Reprisal)
Response to a Cocaine Study Which Bore a Non-Observable Conclusion

Cocaine is the most narrow-focused, and straight dopaminergic there is, and so if Dopamine is wanted to be studied free of all auxiliary influences, Cocaine is the ideal, even physiologically-exact means to do that. Cocaine is strictly a proficient increase in Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, while sympathetic Adrenaline increases are simultaneously reduced through inhibition.

So, while an increase of this Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine by use of an Amphetamine (Adderall), Methylphenidate (Ritalin), or Methamphetamine will cause Adrenaline to significantly increase alongside the heightened dopamine-availability, Cocaine will cause that same Dopamine to increase while simultaneously blocking Adrenaline from spiking up along with it.

Note that Cocaine's inhibition of Adrenaline releases means that Adrenaline's release ratio is lowered greatly, and not erased - so if an abstract demonstration-figure of 5 Dopamine normally invited a reciprocal release of 5 Adrenaline, upon taking an also-abstract quantity of Cocaine, that same 5 Dopamine might afterwards see only 2 Adrenaline released reciprocally. This means that taking Cocaine will see an increase of Adrenaline, but much less than if a different drug is instead taken - and also less than if the body were to suddenly naturally raise its own Dopamine level.

I would pin the Dopamine:Adrenaline ratio increases from each of these drugs generally as:

Ritalin 2:3
Adderall 2:3
Methamphetamine 3:2
Cocaine 4:1

Note that, in every instance of any of these drugs being prescribed or taken to treat anything, what's doing the treating is the Dopamine increase - and the Adrenaline increase is counter-acting and agitating the benefits from the Dopamine increase. Therefore, with any treatment involving Dopamine, the higher the Dopamine:Adrenaline ratio, the more there is actual treatment occurring.


Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Universe Marks a Singularity

Continuing from: The Universe Forms a Ring, With Energy its Greater

Since "There is a thread of all-True evaluation passing through everything material and immaterial that can be found to exist within this universe, and these are all the universe’s considerations, and they form a Ring, which is coalescing"...

Every Reason forms a Ring, and that ring is a singularity, with no travel-time between any of its considerations, and which marks an evaluation as One, and True.

To be anything, a singularity must contain all its concept's details while still evaluating as one, altogether, and with no interruption within itself. A continuous circle, or sphere, would collapse its details and lose all definition and become a lone Consideration, without a Reason. A singularity is in the form of a ring, and, by being one, all its details maintain separation and peaceful inter-dependence with all, yet while experiencing no resistance from any to any other. Within a ring, everything necessarily means everything else. In Reason, all is ordered in perfectly harmonious fashion to form one True.

A singularity has nothing that will cause it to undergo a change in form, and will have perfect equilibrium within itself and so has no reason to change, and any change would destroy itself.

This universe is a singularity, but it was not one in the moment of its existence. To become what it is now, it experienced a former state evaluation as False against another. However, ever since shortly after its appearance, it has been coalescing considerations into the order that will become its full True evaluation. It already is a singularity, but the ring of its truth is thickening with ever more considerations, and will continue to until its Reason is fulfilled. There are many loose considerations around its outer ring, wanting to have placement, and much of what can be observed is not True.


Tuesday 7 October 2014

The Universe Forms a Ring, With Energy its Greater

For a thing to have definition – as anything that can be said to exist does – it must experience relation to something more than itself, creating context. Truth does not exist apart from there being context to create and manifest it. That context is the order of the involved considerations, their active assemblage is their being reasoned into place while the True-status of their purpose is being considered, and their final state is what has been considered, and a Reason for something else.

There is a thread of all-True evaluation passing through everything material and immaterial that can be found to exist within this universe, and these are all the universe’s considerations, and they form a Ring, which is coalescing.

The Universe itself is a ring, and it sits perpendicularly within a small part of another, much greater Ring, which is of energy that is rushing through the universe and holding it together - and where they meet is formed a Cross-Section. And so the Universe is merely a consideration in a greater Reason.

As I said before, matter is simply transitioned energy, and the universe is all considerations ordered in a parallel fashion to each other. Energy is all considerations ordered, not parallel, but one after the other, in a harmonized fashion. Two considerations which are ordered in perfect harmony do not show as two, one after the other, but are then as one - the end of the first is the precise beginning of the next, and so they are seamless, and flow without interruption.

Every Reason, and so every Truth, has all of a Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point. And so e=mc2, which recognizes only Value, is nothing but a dumb power-reading.

Einstein mistakenly mixed together Reason and Science, and came up with a flawed formula, and its 'e' does not truthfully correlate to Energy, as what is energy, but to only one of Energy's details. However, as long as a thing only sticks to any one of Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point, it will always come up with some False answer that will appear validated within its own self - but all it ever is validating is detection of its own existence, in ignorance to where it fits, what it means, and why any of it.

A thing that keeps validating its own self is devolving whilst being blind to it - like the increasingly sociopathic minds produced by Science's influence.

Continued in: The Universe Marks a Singularity


The Illusion of Time

Blind Science claims that everything has a frequency. But if the Sociopathism of Time is removed from consideration of a frequency, then instead of appearing as a wave, what is seen is an oscillation occurring upon one point, going up and down along a vertical line. But if this oscillation were seen as if from a 90 degree axial-rotation (meaning to give it width and somewhat the view as from its own dimension), it would manifest as information that is producing from a ball of light as things are considering, with the oscillation movement of its frequency instead showing as a point that spins in the shape a ring - and each cycle it makes denoting completion of an amount of work.

The movement of a light beam through space, itself, is recorded as work within a cycle. Movement does not correlate to time, and time is an irrelevant consideration for movement. Re-definition is all that's needed for re-allocation, across any distance and in just an instant moment.

Everything may have a frequency to its cycle-rate, but everything is made of Considerations, and everything True forms a Ring and not a wave –  and everything upon evaluating True progresses, while everything Untrue is de-threading a truth that will later require restoration. Everything is either ascending, or descending. There is nothing that is idle.

A Consideration can become a Reason, but a Reason has completed its considering and is no longer coalescing considerations (nor is it idle) – a Reason Is.

Everything has a Reason, and what is based in Observation is blind, and blindness is the reason for Observation's False conclusions.


Dopamine Proverb 11

Dopamine is to think-ability as oxygen is to breathing; is to the human brain as is air to the lungs.


'Teenage Deficits in Working Memory and Attention Correlate to Later Drug Habits' - Explanation

I was expecting to take a longer pause from posting, but a recent article is moving me to do otherwise.

This is going to be a back-tracking obvious puzzle solution to those who've already read what's in this blog, but the now-obvious is still invisible to others.

New study-result's observations:

Strong working memory put brakes on problematic drug use
Adolescents With Attention Problems Likely To face Substance-Abuse Issues Later

This is because those with strong working memory have greater Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-Availability, and Prefrontal Cortex dopamine is a / the central part of what most habit-accompanying drugs provide.

Oxycodone, Cocaine, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamine, and to a lesser degree Marijuana, and then further lesser Caffeine, are all dopaminergics, and poor memory and inability to concentrate are caused precisely by a deficiency in Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine in contrast with a brain's Anterior Insula's informational output requirements. The Prefrontal Cortex' Dopamine regulation is governed by the Striatum, in strong direction from a particular Anterior Insula's development, activity, and organization of its considerations.

Working Memory and one's ability to concentrate are wholly dependent on Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-Availability (hence dopaminergics Adderall, Ritalin are prescribed for ADD-etc, and work proficiently), and lack of this Prefrontal Cortex dopamine is the singular cause for absence of these things, and therefore its replenishment is the singular exact-cure for them - and one way or another, a person will seek what their brain needs to breathe.

Strong Working Memory doesn't put the brakes on anything, it simply accompanies preemptive fulfillment of the physiological need which those Working Memory / Pref-Cort Dopamine -deficient people are seeking.

Dopamine Proverb 11:

Dopamine is to think-ability as oxygen is to breathing; is to the human brain as is air to the lungs.