Saturday 29 August 2015

Existence is not Deterministic, but Considering of All Things

Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality

There is nothing weird about what is being called quantum mechanics, only ignorance and false beliefs in those who perceive weirdness in it. The universe, and reality is not deterministic - a determination is a falsehood by nature, and so also in reality.

Rather than being deterministic, all things are considering. And they are considering unto Reason.

I did not learn these things from the study of quantum mechanics, and I only witness the study of this field as it is puzzling over concepts I already have known the full realities for, and I see what they have correct, and what is incorrect, the measure that's missing, and how all the concepts' realities join together to form just one movement.

Reason is the Mind of God that Einstein sought to know. However, Einstein only flittered in consideration at the edge of reasoning, and never stepped full foot into Reason. His attempts to reconcile the truth with Science prevented him from receiving greater realization of the truth.

Every person who enters into Reason will be far greater a mind than Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci... because in Reason all considerations are as one.

None of these people, or any of the rest praised for their inventiveness, understood where their ideas came from, or what the difference between their capability and the average person's was. They could not lead people to where they were, nor did they know what else further there was, beyond what they had seen.

However, I have fullness of all these things, and I will make Reason known.


Saturday 22 August 2015

The Mythical Perceptions of Modafinil - Responses to Modafinil's Public Favour

Below I have a few reactions to recent journalism, and the research behind it, regarding Modafinil, a popular dopaminergic and "Smart Drug".

Narcolepsy medication modafinil is world's first safe 'smart drug'

Modafinil works precisely because it increases the availability of Dopamine in the brain. Methamphetamine and Cocaine, and numerous other prescription and non-prescription drugs do the same, to various better and worse degrees. Any time that Dopamine is being increased, thought-power is being increased by opening the valves between synapse-ends for information to flow. What Modafinil does for cognitive improvement, Methamphetamine and Cocaine (and others) both do to a more proficient extent, particularly with Cocaine. However, any time that a substance increases things other than just Dopamine, there is more to take into consideration than simply its Dopaminergism:

Any time that Dopamine is being increased, so is thought-capability - which includes perceptual awareness, accuracy of that perception, sensed solidity of the individual components of thought, the ability to control those individual components' movements and organizations, memory formation and memory recollection, the ability to sort, filter, separate, and understand large volumes of information… but all this is conditional upon there being considerations in a person’s mind to make use of the additional power of thought that Dopamine brings.

And, conversely, any time that Adrenaline (Epinephrine / Norepinephrine) is being increased, any thought-power that is available is counteracted, stressed, and undermined – causing confusion and agitating stress-states in a person with little or no free Dopamine relative to the amount of work that is being attempted by their brain. (And consequently Depression, Psychosis, Anxiety, and more, can virtually be flushed away with the right tact - which I've touched upon before, and will further detail to completion).

Regardless, Cocaine is vastly more proficient at cognitive improvement than Modafinil, and it also is vastly healthier for the average person to ingest into their body, because it is, for the average person and human brain, health-benefiting by nature. ***

So it cannot be truthfully stated that Modafinil the first safe "smart drug" – it is just one that doesn't yet have a history of propaganda campaigns (including contrived research) being run against it. But if its use becomes excessively superfluous, or starts cutting into prescription medication revenue for companies, it could also become lobbied against, prohibited, or restricted.

It looks like modafinil is not helpful for healthy individuals, and it might even impair their ability to respond and might stifle their lateral thinking, while people who have some sort of deficiency in creativity are helped by the drug.

Is “creativity” a chemical truth in the brain’s operation? Or is it an abstract concept in this matter? If it is an abstract, then what truth could there be in stating that a person has a deficiency in creativity? It is Dopamine which enables the engagement of a person’s cranial considerations, which are all the synaptic connections within their brain, and those connections are the means by which a person expresses creativity. A person could be over-flowing with creativity in their mind, and yet look like an inactive stump on the outside, due to not having the dopamine those synaptic connections are requiring to work to their potential.

The actuality is that a person whose Dopamine-availability already out-paces their brain’s consideration can receive little benefit. However, a person with Dopamine deficiency is in the state of being choked from the inside precisely due to their lack of released Dopamine – which is a state no person who makes it through academia can accurately relate to, because having a notable amount of available Dopamine relative to brain activity is a prerequisite for even rudimentary scholastic success.

The “healthy” which the quoted statement refers to is the state of having ample Dopamine-availability relative to one’s brain’s considering - which every human deserves by natural right. However, this use of "healthy" doesn’t recognize that the means by which most people of this disposition came to be of it is by having little truthful considering ongoing within their brains, requiring little Dopamine to handle their mental workload, and are Sociopathic, and therefore are not healthy, but are conventionally-sick. And because Sociopathism accepts peer consensus for lack of having truthful substantiation, a Sociopath will be vulnerable to perceiving this state, which victimizes everyone, most of all those who are not of it, as being healthy. And that antithetical-to-truth perception is a manifestation of their sickness.

Consideration needs pathway to flow through - and a person of low consideration has little place to channel additional thought-power, and no route to channel the gained mental and physical energy which Dopamine is responsible for. Instead, their neural road-blocking determinations soak up the additional Dopamine, and the result is emboldened Sociopathism.

It is the same question of ‘Is it ethical for a person to use their brain, to have access to their brain’s healthy and naturally-intended functioning, at to work at the capacity which it is already trying to work at?’

The people who are engaged in that discussion are those who have ample Dopamine for their brain’s considering – while those who are most impacted by their arrogances are those who do not have sufficient Dopamine for their brain’s considering. And those who are engaged in this discussion also directly profit off of there being other people not having ample released Dopamine in their brains. Those having that discussion are also predominantly deeply Sociopathic, despite their well-comforted surface appearances, and unable, even ineligible to determine a truthful conclusion over the matter.

Also, whether or not a person uses Modafinil, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Adderall, Ritalin, or any other dopaminergic, they are all regardless making full use of what it is that these substances provide that is of benefit: Dopamine. So is it ethical to use Dopamine, which without a person can do nothing, can feel nothing, can think nothing, and will die? What would you say?

All contemporary medical convention is tailored to the perceptions of Dopamine-ample (relative to their brain's considering) Sociopaths (though also Science as a whole, as the Scientific Method is methodical Sociopathism, disconnecting and reducing truth just as making determinations does within a brain to create Sociopathism) – and that is largely why conditions of Dopamine-deficiency (Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis... and a whole lot more) persist in society. And it speaks everything about those who operate as medical-opinion-giving professionals.

*** I've already said, and it's worth saying many more times, that Cocaine, which proficiently increases Dopamine while inhibiting Adrenaline, is about the healthiest molecule which most people could ever put into their bodies, literally being the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in a person's brain, and can permanently and proficiently cure Psychosis, Depression, and Anxiety, PTSD, and prevent and help cure Alzheimers and other Dementia, and still do a whole lot more for a whole lot of other ailments. I will further detail all of these things.

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