Thursday 10 April 2014

A Second Dopamine Proverb

An under-powered awareness is constantly shifting.


Respect Is Not Earned

Respect isn't earned, and it isn't reactive to anything. It's chosen to be given, or chosen to not, and may exist equally in any situation that is beset by any personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings.

A person's choice to respect reflects their judgment and understanding, which displays their Anterior Insula development, and, ultimately, their Smarts.

A person who thinks their respect is dependent upon something isn't familiar with respect - which means they probably have not experienced (or recognized) it from anyone, nor do they have it for themselves.

If a person's 'respect' exists only towards things which satisfy them, then by what means would they substantiate that they are respecting of anything, at-all?


Tuesday 8 April 2014

A Proverb of Dopamine

Anterior Insula development supplies all of a person's smarts, Prefrontal-Cortex dopamine-availability indicates the person's propensity to use them.

A surplus-availability can imply a lack of smarts-use and development.


Accessing Reason is a Method

Reason is like methodology to substantiate Truth


Reason isn't used, it's accessed, and upon accessing Reason, Reason pushes the mind forward into full substantiation


Accessing Reason is the method to discover Truth

Still, Reason has a vast and rich 'methodology' within it


Friday 4 April 2014

Dopamine Summation, Till This Point: Physiological Cornerstone

This is kinda filler, but a very good summation. Been meaning to get multiple pages set up on this blog for a while to start pushing out stuff on other stuff. So, this bides me time of not looking disappeared, (maybe). I hate senses of self-duty-constraints... or maybe its the lack of energetic accommodation that I dislike - yes, probably that.

Dopamine is the cornerstone of all human health. Stresses only occur when there is an overwhelming of an in-region availability due to a greater received workload from another.

At that point, epinephrine becomes the aggressor, and stress hormones and norephinephrine pile on.

The only cranial-section capable of spontaneous-thought-retention (or of thought, period) is that constructing critical-thinking (which is a disgraceful misnomer of the greater capability of what this region can actually supply) - it is also the only region capable of making decisions, including those of arbitrary-error which lead to reactive-agitation. It is also the only system subject to dopamine regulation, and the only region whose dopamine becomes overwhelmed by dopamine-determining outputs from preceding regions.

Stresses ensue parallel and proportionate to regional dopamine-availability encumberance.

If you have the Anterior Insula development to support understanding: It ain't reward, it's vitally-determining. Its resolution is one of primitive mathematics, with epinephrine being a contextual modifier.

Its continuance is the source for most human malady, of physiological health, emotional, relational, societal-caliber-and-quality, and most-all international conflict - some nations' more than others'.

Hopefully, people wish-enough to not die as a waning, deteriorated and daft lump of waste, one of burden to family and society, that they will think seriously and with as-much-as-needed effort about it.

For those who think Mental Stress is a non-practicable abstract, so too must be the world they live in.

Dopamine is the cornerstone of human physiological health.

And as previously said, stress isn't remediated by simply boosting dopamine - which subsequently boosts epinephrine and therefore existing stress-states.