Tuesday 23 August 2016

Further Information on "Addiction" and Drug-Associated Health Issues, and the Environment That Produces Them


Anything less than True is False, and so it is in a mind, where concepts are made of considerations, which each have a polarity. For a concept to evaluate as True, all its considerations must unify into a True altogether. And if just one of a concept's considerations is aligned against the whole picture, and evaluating as True against that picture, then that entire concept evaluates as False.

If a consideration is aligned against the understanding that what a person does is OK, then that contrarily-aligned consideration is feeding a streaming +1 value against the person's confidence and security, which is a continual +(-1) being imparted upon their  wholeness. This progressively splits the person's mind with growing uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, which can lead to fear, and panic.

And when a person has taken a drug that accelerates the pace at which their mind works, then the descent into internal suffering is all the worse.


But be sure to make full note that this is not caused by the drug itself, and is a poisonous seed that was sewn in their minds by anti-drug messaging, and messaging of non-acceptance or non-approval for doing such things. The reality will still be that the dopamine which they seek from the drugs they take is still what their brain runs on, and what is needed to make the difference between their suffering and their well-being.

And then those who sowed that harmful self-doubting considering within the people who experience it purport to treat and "help" them, all the while profiting monetarily and reputation-wise off the states that they, and those of their professions before them created, and maintain in society. And then those people further "reward" themselves by fulfilling their determinations for what makes them personally a good dog, contributing to an ideology that is false, and their reward is a release of the same dopamine in their already over-dopamined brains as that which they work to prevent from being increased in the brains of those who need it most.


The choice to employ social engineering against people who engaged in drug use, which ostracized them and caused all the problems the institution then presents itself as being needed to look after was not done out of caring for the people who were being harmed, and a doctor who employs the institution's teaching does not firstly, and therefore genuinely care about the people they practice those teachings upon. But they are charlatans, who do the things they do, not with the truth, compassion and care for another person as their leading consideration, but because of what I've written in the post A Treatise of Existence, part 2:

When a person makes a determination, they align considerations against one another within their own mind, because of Reason, and the amount of space within their mind that they are able to exist in at any one given time, and have evaluate as True, is reduced, while at the same time, the number of considerations they experience as opposing what they’ve determined to be True increases.

Also, as a person increases the volume of consideration value within their mind that is negative, relative to their determinations, they will feel incomplete unless something fills that negative consideration value, something that they can label and target, and use to define themselves as good by defining good within themselves as being ‘not that,’ contrasting themselves against those things (for example, a physician often fills their negative consideration-value with determined concepts of people who use dopaminergics as having problems that need institutional defining and direction, and simultaneously define themselves as good for not being like this, and so are deserving of their determined concept of "reward," which is the same dopamine, only gained through false-pretenses).


All things are made of considerations, and whereas a person may do something and physical trace is no longer apparent afterwards, it is not the same with consideration. Everything is delivering consideration to everything else, and all consideration is accounted for in the truth. The consideration of what was done regarding these things remains, lingering in society, and its negative consideration value is tremendous. And here is what has been done:

Government, scientists, and doctors have spent decades disseminating false research and prolific messaging that instils uncertainty, nervousness, doubt, fear, feelings of non-acceptable drug usage, which causes mental agitation, divides a mind, and negative considering when a person takes drugs.  Then they work to convince people that they have a problem, when convincing them of such is the root cause of behaviour that is problematic. Then they use the expression of those things that were artificially put into people and society as justification for doing those things to people with their messaging and ostracization in the first place. They then feed institutions and "professionals" (who are charlatans that don't actually know anything truthful) who profit both monetarily and reputation-wise for "helping" people with the problems they and their institutions created.


Further, because anything less than True is False, by imposing ideological determinations upon people who use drugs, that might convince them that there is a problem, that something is not fully right, that they would be better otherwise, they cause consideration towards the state of full well-being within the person to be aligned against their own state of full well-being, so long as they don't modify their behaviour, and in doing so, they not only create, but they lock-in, as perpetual, the person's state of feeling want and need.

And for those who they successfully convince of their determinations, to conform to them, who do so only to feel more accepted, such as the institution of Alcoholics Anonymous, are left in a state of perpetual imprisonment, not allowed to overcome that consideration that keeps them out of full-being. And because those people have accepted the determinations which are aligned against the thoughts and behaviour of allowing drug use, those people have accepted a prejudice into themselves. And these people are examples of who Jesus spoke of when he said to the Pharisees of his day:

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are."


What is considered into a person become digested by their mind, and a part of their feeling and being. And just as with raising a child, a parent has the option of telling things which deliver positive consideration and build a child up and give them strength of character, or deliver discouraging and abusive consideration, which leads to all problems inside of the person, it is the same with adults: Truthful and constructive messaging will build an adult person, while antagonistic, demoralizing consideration will wear an adult person down until they are defeated.

Institutional medicine, government, doctors, scientists have chosen, for decades, to degrade, demoralize, deceive, to instil fear, worry, and doubt into people who use drugs, and to ostracize them for using drugs. If they had seen those people as equal and valuable, then they would have considered them as being equal and valuable. And if they had chosen to consider the person as equal and valuable, and delivered the messaging that affirms a person's right to choose, and to have confidence in their choice, then none of the problems associated which drug use would exist, because those problems are not caused by drug use at all, but by society's chosen reaction and attitude towards it.

It is exactly as written at the end of this article:

"It may well be that prohibition, and distribution of drugs by criminals, gives worse results for the outcomes we think are important, such as harm to the user and to communities through crime. But equally, we may tolerate these outcomes, because we decide it is more important that we declare ourselves to disapprove of drug use."

And it is because government, scientists, doctors chose to deny a person's right to choose over their own body, instead imposing their ideology upon people's bodies and minds, that they are equal to rapists: Because the effects of a person imposing their will upon another bears will always bear the same detrimental meaning upon the considerations of a person's mind, and that detrimental influence is the identity of rape. Do not judge by outside appearance, but judge only once having considered all things truthfully. And remember that I've said that the truth is one consideration giving itself to another with neither force nor resistance.

And all that people who practice rape as their profession have accrued for themselves in property and reputation is ill-gained, and stolen from those whose lives were raped by the messaging that was determined and imposed upon them. And this is the judgement that stands against those who did these things to other people: all the attributed ills of a drug-user's affliction are the debt owed by those who refused to choose a more considerate message to give to those people.


And beware of the behaviour that I described earlier:

Government, scientists, and doctors have spent decades disseminating false research and prolific messaging that instils uncertainty, nervousness, doubt, fear, feelings of non-acceptable drug usage, which causes mental agitation, divides a mind, and negative considering when a person takes drugs.  Then they work to convince people that they have a problem, when convincing them of such is the root cause of behaviour that is problematic. Then they use the expression of those things that were artificially put into people and society as justification for doing those things to people with their messaging and ostracization in the first place. They then feed institutions and "professionals" (who are charlatans that don't actually know anything truthful) who profit both monetarily and reputation-wise for "helping" people with the problems they and their institutions created.

Because this is typical behaviour of sociopaths: They make determinations to give themselves leverage.

A determination is a falsehood by nature, which says, 'these considerations and not these others', falsely strengthening some connections between considerations while simultaneously falsely weakening others, polarizing and biasing an environment of considerations.

Aligning some consideration against others creates a sense of absence for many considerations and those who share them, which is a perpetual need that does not heal unless the image of truth is restored. And so, for as long as that wound in the truth is prevented from becoming healed, it is an opportunity for those who made and perpetuate it to capitalise on the need, the suffering, and the confusion of those considerations which were attacked and abandoned. So, they impose a falsehood, which creates suffering and sense of need, and then they exploit the situation for their own personal gain.

And this behaviour is what institutional medicine is comprehensively about: Where governments whose pre-determined goal is to produce conclusions which support their drug-prohibition policies are also who license and regulate drug research (which establishes the doctrine from professional practice to academic study), where the companies that choose and fund the research that seeks and receives licenses are 'in the business of shareholder profit, not helping the sick,' where those scientists who carry out the selected, funded, and licensed research, and who produce its conclusions are "reward"-motivated to count-as-confirmed every bias which makes their employer more money and which gains them more recognition, control, and dopamine-availability increase, ... and where those who employ and enforce the narrative chosen by the former three groups have “reward” (increasing their personal dopamine-availability) as their primary motivation, and where those doctors, specialists, etc, have determined that “reward” within themselves to come from contributing to the doctrine that is a murderous lie.

As I've said before, Science, which is the practice of making determinations upon observation, is a method of falsification, and which is a tool of sociopaths, and which instils further sociopathism within a person's mind, and within society.

All the while, the truth is that mental stress, depression, anxiety, psychosis, ADHD, PTSD, autism, bi-polar, schizophrenia, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, and a lot more, are all only caused by insufficient dopamine-availability in a person relative to the amount of work their brain is attempting, or being forced to consider, and that all of these ailments are completely preventable (and most of them fully curable) by taking cocaine in the right manner. Also also that cocaine, and other criminalized dopaminergics are far healthier and well-being producing that anything that exists within a doctor’s arsenal of effectiveness-reduced, side-effects increased, ailment locking-in pharmaceuticals, and that the real reason why cocaine is prohibited by an echelon of sociopaths from confident use in society, is this:

Because it proficiently works to prevent ailments, to heal ones that exist, to increase mental fortitude and acuity, making its absence seem too great a tool for societal and capitalistic leverage.

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Sunday 21 August 2016

A Simple Truth About "Addiction" Drug Use, and Trauma

Article: Trauma is the root cause of addiction, according to Dr. Gabor Mate

The human brain runs on dopamine, which is what most drug users are seeking from substances such as meth, cocaine, and a plethora of others. When a brain is under stress, its availability of dopamine is diminished beyond what is required to properly handle the workload presented to it, and that leads to physical discomfort, lethargy, sometimes agitation, and a lot more negative effects. This can, in turn lead to a person seeking substances which increase their dopamine to levels which simply enable them to feel normal, like the common person - though the person with dopamine deficiency interprets that state as much better than normal, because, to them, it is, and they don't realize their normal is actually much worse than what is normal to other people, and other "normal" people also don't recognize this. But when they are without enough dopamine availability, everything about their body will function less, they will have less mental acuity, less energy to think and act with, etc.

This is also a big part of why people who have experienced trauma, which is a whole lot of work for a brain to get through, often end up using drugs. Also, conversely, why people with substance use problems so often have experienced trauma.

Trauma is simply an extreme amount of considering work that is presented to a brain, which requires a ton of dopamine to handle and overcome the non-considered state of. And when it is fully considered, the person is no longer affected by the trauma, and the workload is resolved. The consideration that made for the trauma has been digested, and its considerations are accounted for in their positive placements within the new state of that person's mind.

I have previously said that PTSD can be permanently cured in a person who has it by taking cocaine (and tending to all the other considerations I've mentioned), and this is true.

When a person seeks drugs to make them feel better, while in a long-term depression or other troubles, they are on the right path - because sufficient dopamine availability will be required for them to consider the difference between the state they're in, and their fully healed state. But so often, a person who does pursue their health in this manner then takes on additional feelings of guilt, worries about money, and social ostracization because of their simply tending to their brain's healthy need, and all these worrying considerations passively create more work for their brain, which then puts a drag on their dopamine availability, hindering their healing potential, and often keeping them completely locked out of making the progress within their mind that will eventually, when all things are considered, lead them to becoming fully healed

If not for the negative and worrying messaging cultivated by anti-drug interests, people would not become locked into harmful drug habits, and wouldn't experience the adverse psychological reactions that are often associated with drug usage, but the origins of which are not drugs at all, but the imposed negative conditioning by those who have ideologically opposed a person's right to choose concerning their own body.

Also, often, people around a person who uses drugs due to dopamine deficiency interprets the dopamine deficient state of that person as them not caring, and they use this assessment to write that person off, or to act in ways towards them that worsens that person's dopamine availability, and so makes that person need to increase their dopamine even more to feel OK and to be able to function properly. But what a lot of people might presume is not caring, judging from an outsider's observation, is merely an insufficient amount of available dopamine within the person's brain form them to be able to piece information together at a normal rate, for them to be able to respond normally, to have decisive thoughts, and to give them energy to act with.

If a person wishes to overcome a drug-use that they either don't want, or are made to not feel happy and accepted about, the very first thing for them to learn is that it's OK for them to use drugs, whichever drug they decide to use, and according to their discretion... and it always was. Unless a person believes that within themselves, their lack of acceptance of this will be locking their need for increasing their dopamine into place, and creating this artificial and disparate branch of considerations that was determined and imposed upon them, called "addiction."

It is clarifying of the truth behind Gabor Mate's perception to say that insufficient dopamine-availability relative to the increased workload that trauma creates for a brain is the cause of people engaging in dopamine-increasing behaviours. And those people seeking to increase their dopamine to deal with stress have been exactly right all along.

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Monday 15 August 2016

How Belief Affects Mental Stress Treatment, and the Effect that Anti-Drug Propaganda Has on Mental Health

One of the most important things for a person who want to treat their mental stress ailment with cocaine, or similar, is that they believe that doing so is perfectly OK, and good to do.
As I've said many times, a consideration is polar. And it is because considerations are polar that Meaning exists. And so, whenever a person engages consideration, they're being led forward.

But when a person moves by determination, they don't progress in the truth.

So, if a person holds a negative belief inside of themselves, a belief being a declaration of 'This Is' to their mind, to which
Reason then applies, then that person has False, and hostile-to-truth things considering in their mind, and they accumulate negative consideration value, which reacts in anti-polar fashion to what is good.
And if a person holds a negative and non-accepting belief concerning the action they engage in, then their own choices and lingering actions against their own acceptance of what is allowed causes a judgement against their own actions to evaluate True within their mind, substantiated by their own considerations as aligned according to their deeper belief, and causing their own considerations to turn in their polarity, against them. And they may accrue guilt, and feelings of non-acceptance by what is right, whatever their belief of what is right may be.
If a person continues to engage in what they have believed is wrong, then the amount of consideration which judged them grows, and the amount of consideration which they feel safe within lessens. And this is the cause of all drug-induced psychosis, as I mentioned in this previous blog post: Where Does A "Drug-Induced" Psychosis Really Come From?

If a person had no doubts concerning their choice and activity, then there could be nothing to cause an increase of worry, panic, and fear, within them.

But even if a person doesn't feel right using cocaine, or increasing their dopamine to cure their ailment, this is still the truth: The human brain runs on the effect of cocaine, and all mental stress ailment is only caused by there being insufficient availability of the effect of cocaine within their brain, relative to the amount of work that their brain is engaged with.

But where has this highly-detrimental belief within society, concerning the very thing the human brain runs on and engagement of what truthfully prevents mental stress and cures a person of their mental stress states, come from?
Those things have been painstakingly cultivated by governments, by institutional medicine, by scientists, and by doctors and specialists. And when a government has run a sentiment-based fear campaign against drugs, there has always been a large increase in negative influence in society, an increase of vulnerability to issues which cannot be caused by drugs alone, but only if a person has been convinced that the action they engage in anyway is wrongful. All the same mental health issues would ensue if a person, or people were convinced that drinking water made them wrong and unaccepted, yet they drank anyway because they needed to, and their own body informed them of it.
Yet, in the case of anti-drug propaganda, the thing which people in society have been brainwashed to feel uncertain about is the very cure for the mental stress states that arise from having a doubting and uncertain mind. Government, scientists, and doctors, have made people fear their own state of becoming and being healthy, the basic state of being human.

o, if a person wants to be healed of their affliction, it is important that they first understand, and believe within themselves, that taking drugs, and especially cocaine, is perfectly OK, and good for their health. Its effect is what their body was designed by nature to run on, and literally needs to overcome, to develop, and to heal.
And, as I’ve said previously, it will come to be understood that all the harms associated with drug use were caused only by the determined opposition to them by institutional medicine and those who practice it. But drugs on their own do not cause these things, and any activity that a person is uncertain about, but does anyway, will equally be a threat to their mental well-being.


The apostle Paul spoke from this understanding when he said "For instance, one person believes it's all right to eat anything. But another believer with a sensitive conscience will eat only vegetables."

And again, Paul spoke from this understanding when he said, "'Everything is permissible,' but not everything is beneficial. 'Everything is permissible,' but not everything is edifying."

And when government, scientists, and doctors disseminated falsehoods and insisted determinations upon people in society concerning what drug use is, they were those Jesus spoke of in this parable:

"The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. "The owner's servants came to him and said, 'Sir, didn't you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?' "'An enemy did this,' he replied. "The servants asked him, 'Do you want us to go and pull them up?' "'No,' he answered, 'because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.'"

The seeds of the enemy are the determinations of government, scientists, and doctors, made for the purpose of creating self-benefiting leverage in society, enforcing their ideology, giving their prejudice a target, and providing themselves with a sense of "reward."

Those determinations have produced much harmful considering in many of the most vulnerable people in society, and the mental stress ailments in society today are the weeds grown from the harmful considering that sprouted from the seeds of institutional and government-run medicine.

And the produced consideration that deepens the articulation and fine perception of a mind, allowing a person to finally understand this situation, is the fruit of the good seed, which was to be protected while the weeds were let to grow alongside. And now is the time to gather the weeds into bundles to be burned, so that only what is good may remain standing.


The false, determination-based and sentiment-driven philosophy that doctors, scientists and government rely on for dissemination their objectives concerning drug-use in society, when accepted as True by people, leads a person's consideration into all the harms which have been falsely attributed to drug-use that can be witnessed in society today, because that philosophy is not born of the consideration that brings the truth.

And as Jesus warned those he taught the truth to, to "Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees." The leaven, which causes dough to rise, is the considering caused by an accepted belief. When what has become accepted as True is bad, so is what rises from it. The same warning applies today, regarding the leaven of doctors, scientists, and government, which causes mental stress ailment, inequality, prejudice, and much suffering to rise within society.

As Jesus said, "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit." And also, "Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit."

The tree Jesus spoke of is the structure of consideration which forms by a person's belief. It grows, and has branches, just like the neural network in a person's brain grown and develops branches according to a person's belief, because belief is a declaration of 'This Is', to which Reason then applies, causing considering, which is the source of all development, including human evolution.

What is the judgment of a tree which has not produced understanding and good results for the last 100 years (the very same length of time since cocaine became restricted from medical use), and the fruit of which has been the continuation, and entrenching of mental stress ailments in society?

As Jesus said, "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." And so it is time to cut down the False-bearing tree of institutional medicine.


As the apostle Paul also said, "Those who feel free to eat anything must not look down on those who don't. And those who don't eat certain foods must not condemn those who do, for God has accepted them."

The same must apply, and does, regarding those who choose to use drugs, and those that don't: That they must not be ostracized by society for their choices concerning what they put into their own bodies in accordance with their belief, and they must not ostracize others for their choices concerning what they put into their own bodies in accordance with their own belief.

And there must not be efforts to manipulate the outcomes of any such use by those who choose to engage it.


Thursday 11 August 2016

Article: Study suggests laziness is related to high intelligence (& curing a psychosis)

Article: Study suggests laziness is related to high intelligence

The other side to this, is that the more work a brain is doing, the bigger the drain on dopamine-availability, and dopamine-availability is the source for a person's energy. A person with lower dopamine will become lethargic, and every action they make will require more effort than a person who has higher dopamine available to them.

A person who does not do much considering is not taxing their brain's dopamine-availability, and consequently has more available dopamine to be used to direct things like physical movement, which is produced by signals considering through a brain, just like creative thought, although it is a much less intensive form of work for a brain.

Related to this study's recognition is what I talked about in this much earlier blog post:
Correction of a Dopamine Study's Conclusion on Willingness to Work vs Regional Dopamine

Also, this matter is the very same subject as why highly creatively-talented people so often struggle with mental disorders.


Also, as considerations are polar, and considering cannot be stopped unless it is resolved somehow, either by considering a truth to its completion, or by falsifying its resolution via a determination, and as making a determination itself, even though it ends up freeing up more dopamine, requires a larger amount of dopamine to enact than does continuing considering, people who have engaged consideration of many things often cannot get out of the considering of their own will, because they no longer have enough dopamine available to apply a concept as true that engages all their active considerations simultaneously and and gives them reason to no longer consider.

Also, this is why dopamine-deficiency states like Autism are so vulnerable to environmental stimulation: The environment is causing considering in the sufferer's brain which they don't have dopamine enough to control, or to stop, and so the signals are being pulled through their brain with force, and causing great pain, exhaustion, and confusion.

However, if anyone who does not have enough dopamine-availability to take full control over their brain only increase their dopamine-availability (while restraining other effects, like adrenergic influence), this becomes much more easy to do.

For example: If a person is experiencing painful considering that they can't get ahold of, such as in the case of a psychosis, and they, after doing the best to relax their mind as much as possible, then take a large amount of 100% pure cocaine, and just be idle, all the many different things that are considering in their brain will start catching one another, and they'll start assembling into bigger pictures which then resolve, and the person will be completely lifted right out of their psychosis, into their fully-cured state. With 100% pure cocaine, this can be done in 30 minutes - 2 hours, reliably, if all the other things which I've said to accommodate are also regarded - some of those things are included in these past posts:

Basic Framework for the Personal Addressing of Mental Stress to Treat and Cure its Ailments
A Crash-Course in the Basics for Truth-Based Human Health Treatment

I can go into further detail about this, but what's first important to know is that is that institutional doctrine concerning mental stress ailments, dopamine, and criminalized substances such as cocaine, or methamphetamine, is a deliberate work of fiction, designed to steer all considering away from reaching the truth of the matters of mental-stress ailments, their authentic cure, and also the same regarding the truth of general human physiology, human confidence and success.

Even if those who practice it are unwitting of it, institutional medicine's teaching is to maintain profits and a societal leverage, but is entirely contradictory to the truth. So, a person cannot do what's right and truth-based while also adhering to an institution's doctrine - it is impossible, since the two are aligned towards completely obtuse ends.


But if all the other things I've said about mental relaxation and preparation before doing something with a dopaminergic substance are not regarded, then it is possible to make an ailing situation worse, because a person's experience within their brain is like an internal-combustion engine, where the person's own controlled activity is the spark at the top of the piston's cycle, and each time a person does anything with their mind, they cause the spark-plug to fire, which propels the cylinder to go for another cycle, and complete another cycle of work.

The choice of the person is whether to do anything the next time that piston reaches up to it with the consideration it has gained in its travel through a cycle, or whether to be still and let it pass by without engaging it. A person can become locked in engaging that piston as it reaches up to them for potential input, once the work that is being carried in the cycle holds a greater True evaluation within it than the person's own self-belief, as then their own control will evaluate False against the carried True determination of the work.

If a person doesn't do anything with that work, neither rejecting it, making a determination upon it, or modifying it, and they open the pathway of their own choice to let it pass through, it will progressively consider in the gentle belief of the whole being True (the considerations of that work and the person allowing it to be considered), until all the work's involved considerations are routed where they belong to fulfill the picture of that full True.

But if a person doesn't have enough dopamine-availability to control their own composure as this happens, each cycle of work can force a determination upon the person's own control over themselves, and the state can become worse, or be a long-lasting affliction.

But what's different between a human's brain and an internal-combustion engine, is that, while an internal-combustion engine has the one spark-plug at the top of a work-cycle, which propels the cylinder all the way around its route of travel, in a brain, there are many spark-plugs, and the person who controls their body is just one of many considerations which each have their own Yes or No choice to make regarding the things that consider through them. All those other considerations with a person's brain are living, and they experience just as the person with their full forefront consciousness does.

But the hope of all the considerations in a body is to fulfill the full person, so that all may reason into one full human, and they do whatever they see as leading towards the greatest truth (and so they obey a person's belief). When a person's belief is influenced by fear, they informs those considerations in a manner which will reciprocate the pain and division of that fear back to the leading consideration. It is entirely possible for relations between considerations in a body to break, whether accidental or not, and for their True evaluations to become antagonist towards one another.

But by increasing dopamine, and through gentle considering, all discrepancies can be resolved, and an ailing state can be healed.

A person should not ever fight with their considerations, but learn to consider them, which is what they wish. And any opposition by a person towards their own considerations will cause those considerations to reflect that antagonistic belief back to the person who is the leading consideration, and worsen the internal state of that mind and body, overall.


Monday 8 August 2016

A link I should've added to the previous post regarding Autism, ADHD, OCD

Here's a link to an earlier blog post that would have been relevant to add to the opening sentence in the previous post (Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit):
 Dopamine Deficient Signal Routing Causing Affliction in Cases of Autism, OCD, ADD / ADHD...

Also, if you are a doctor or scientist working on these, please bear with my expressions, and keep up the good work.


Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit

Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit


Wow, who would've seen that coming, Autism, ADHD, and OCD all demonstrating the same pattern in having a disruption in the development of connections?

Maybe that development is produced via the brain's work, which is considering, and considering for any process in the brain is dependent upon the same resource, and if that resource isn't plentiful enough, then maybe that development is interrupted.

Also, notice that the article mentions impulsiveness to be present in all these instances. Impulsiveness is already a trait of having stunted consideration development due to a willful lack of consideration. But now sociopaths, by their edicts, are offloading their sociopathic traits onto others, falsely infecting them, by forcefully opposing those people's brains' natural efforts to develop the very best they can, by way of restricting those brains' access to the greater dopamine their brain's literally need to be healthy and work as designed by God and evolution.


A quote from the article says, “A reasonable conclusion is that autism and ADHD don’t differ dramatically in a structural way, but could differ in connectivity”

Hmm, very interesting, mhm mhm....

So, anyway, the fully-reasoned conclusion is that the difference between these types of cases is only which development processes were first impacted by the dopamine deficiency, due to many smaller factors concerning how much of what type of work a brain is trying to accomplish at a particular time. But, they were all caused by dopamine deficiency.

If a pregnant parent wishes to do the most they can to prevent these thing in their child, then taking 100% pure cocaine, while being mindful of the other considerations I've provided is the very best thing to do for the child's health, their positive and good development, and even for the mother, herself.

The article also says "Autism shares genetic roots with obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." I've said that genes are the output of considering, and considering is the work of the brain for which dopamine is required. If there isn't dopamine to properly consider, which is the brain's processing, then the considering process is impaired, and the output of the considering process will reflect that impairment.


There is much more I could say on this, but when every instance of these ailments easily and quickly resolves from the same source basic understanding, I have to wonder, why is it of value to hear the same and similar words said over and over again, to produce the same clarity each next instance of the same thing?

Also, the anger I feel reading these article is heavily impacting on my own dopamine availability, and that anger chokes out my ability to say all the things that would conclude the matter once and for all for everyone on Earth today. Yet, I still know them all, and will speak them when I feel good to.


A very dire truth is that no-one has contributed more to suffering an inequality in the modern world than the doctors and scientists who work to further and shield the fictional narrative of dopamine and dopaminergics, which has been the greatest ethical, moral, and institutional failure in modern humanity's history. Although, the institutional failure part shouldn't even be a thing, because the institution, the granfalloon, is the failure, along with the sociopathism in those who seek to create and enforce such institutions to falsify a personal leverage in society and self-gratifying sense of "reward."


I would presume that a lot of the medical professionals who read this blog don't like it when I write pointed accusations at them, since viewer numbers have always dropped off a steep cliff following such statement since the beginning of the blog, but so what? They're professional murderers and thieves of people's lives, and bringers of suffering to those around the people their doctrine steals the life from. Their entire ideology has been a harmful and indefensible lie, and they've been its advocates. If those whose lives, minds, and dreams have been taken or restrained because of their choices haven't been protected, and neither have been those who truthfully spoke their dopaminergic need, then why should be the egos of those who took those people's lives, minds, and dreams, and who prop up the most malicious and deceptive facade human society ever produced?

Do they condition their willingness to engage the truth upon first having their falseness accommodated and pandered to?


If those whose lives, minds, and dreams that were taken hadn't been put into the states they've been artificially put into, and if those people understood considering and the need to look after their dopamine availabilities, then they would be society's greatest minds, and no one who came before would be as anything in comparison to their capabilities. An Einstein, Tesla, or Da Vinci would be like childish thinkers, to them.

If one person who knows theses things is greater than millions who don't, and can accomplish in a single year a full understanding of the things that millions could only achieve falsehoods regarding given a full century, then it would certainly be as I've stated.

Remember, the more dopamine that is accessible to a brain, the more considerations that brain can work with at one time. That means that what is impossible to reach with low dopamine is easy to master with high dopamine. What takes a thousand years and still isn't fully graspable with little dopamine can take one minute with high dopamine, and be known in its entirety. But the other requirement to such mental proficiency is to have considerations within a brain considered in their truthful placements. A person with massive dopamine who makes determinations will not have the communication and access between their considerations needed to achieve greater truthful understanding.

And so doctors and scientists have offended the truth on two fronts: by obstructing access to dopamine, which is like obstructing access to water or air, and by continuously pressing a false understanding which prevents truthful consideration of matters, and which reduces society's capacity as a whole to consider matters truthfully.


As things stand, doctors and scientists, and government must already face the rest of society, and own up to the truth that they've been telling them what was exactly false concerning dopaminergic substances, drugs in general, their relevance to human health, and psychological understanding (which has so far only claimed justifications for the sociopathic mentalities of those who've developed it). Waiting longer to admit to the truth is not going to make the mountain of consideration that is required to be corrected lessen. But waiting will cause the number of people who suffer to grow.


Sunday 7 August 2016

A Treatise of Existence, Part 2

When a person makes a determination, they align considerations against one another within their own mind, because of Reason, and the amount of space within their mind that they are able to exist in at any one given time, and have evaluate as True, is reduced, while at the same time, the number of considerations they experience as opposing what they’ve determined to be True increases.

Also, as a person increases the volume of consideration value within their mind that is negative, relative to their determinations, they will feel incomplete unless something fills that negative consideration value, something that they can label and target, and use to define themselves as good by defining good within themselves as being ‘not that,’ contrasting themselves against those things (for example, a physician often fills their negative consideration-value with determined concepts of people who use dopaminergics as having problems that need institutional defining and direction, and simultaneously define themselves as good for not being like this, and so are deserving of their determined concept of "reward," which is the same dopamine, only gained through false-pretenses).

In Reason there is all of Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point, none of which are determined, but all of which simply Are. But a person who has falsified their mind by determinations is detached from all of these things except for Value, and often Value becomes their determined Meaning, Purpose, and Point, because they are no longer able to see and consider the things beyond.

And because such a person no longer naturally evaluate as True from within, due to their falsified consideration structure, they seek to align themselves to things outside of themselves, often around determinations shared with others, and they together create institutions, causes, carefully laid-out principles, organizations, ideals, pacts, all things which they think are what makes them good, as segmented conducts.

But because there is no truthful meaning to their determinations, the truthful consideration structure of the whole melts, while their determinations bind them to one another with the forceful pull of a black hole, and they become a granfalloon, which is a meaningless association of people, desperate to achieve a feeling of acceptance, purpose, and truthful placement by drawing in to their organization all those that they see outside of themselves as still having truthful meaning within themselves, thinking that doing so will increase the meaning of their whole. Yet, each one who is drawn into them becomes as them, and in the end their whole mass feels even more empty than before.

With enough dismantling of truth in a person’s mind though the making of determinations, what results is a consideration structure that is still made up of True and False, but that is no longer grounded in anything fully True. And without being grounded in anything fully True, that consideration structure isn’t stationary, but shifts, while retaining its form, to maintain its relative disposition amongst its considerations as the person who exists by it moves their determination of what is in order to suit their current experience. Such a person is transient in their principles, and move to wherever they feel the greatest sense of approving authority, of power, which is the accumulation Value that has become sclerosised around determinations.

In a perfectly-reasoned mind, the whole evaluates as one. And where there may be 12 considerations, each with their own +1 value evaluation to give to something (which is an evaluation of True to wherever they choose to give it), and all being considered perfectly into the truth and reasoned into one being, they become one mind and they all share the awareness of all and have the value of all, with their greater form again evaluating as one. But their shared identity as one is greater than the collection of all their individual values. Their state of perfectly-reasoned oneness fully exists within themselves, and is the light and multi-faceted dimension of all And each consideration of that reason now has greater authority and power than all less-tier considerations. While on their own, not yet within reason, every consideration experiences loneliness, and relative darkness.

When a determination is made, it declares 'these considerations, but not these others,' introducing falsehood into a consideration structure, and invalidating the presence of the truth, weakening and even breaking a truthful consideration structure, which will have lost its reason. And the point of falsification that was the determination, has no truthful Meaning, Purpose, and Point, but receives multiple lesser consideration-values of +1 pointing towards its point of falsification, which is an abyss. To a sociopath, who judges by making determinations based on appearance, and not from having considered all things truthfully and having the truth present itself to them, the appearance of +5, or +9, or any other number of lesser-tier considerations, pointing towards a determined cause, is presumed to have more authority than the perfectly-reasoned truth, which simply Is, and which all lesser considerations receive their true value from.