Tuesday 22 December 2015

Reason is the Mathematics of Mathematics, the Physics of Physics, the Chemistry of Chemistry, the Technology of Technology

For all things there is an ordering of considerations, and Reason is the state of perfect equality between all considerations. And in Reason, everything necessarily means everything else.

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology... each of these things are forward-guided rulesets, in which the exact identity of every component within one of their environments is inherent based on the context created by every other component.

Each of these things exemplify the directional  movement of considerations that is considering, and they are all expressions of a greater language, one that governs each of them: Reason, in which all considerations are as one.

A consideration, which is a quality, a quantum of mind, and a quantum of truth, is also a directional gate of potential which imparts its quality upon anything passing through it experiencing an evaluation of True, and which becomes known by anything it is fully considered by. Considering is a streaming of considerations.

Belief sets a premise, upon which Reason's principle acts, causing a series of considerations to stream and consider, one into the next, towards their destination, until they experience their reason and resolve into a oneness which contains all the considerations which formed their truth, and in the order which means the truth that is formed. A ring of truth, made of considerations, is formed, and is the state of All in All.

Because these aforementioned familiar rulesets are themselves instances of considering, so long as a person engages them, their movements will bear progressive results, even when the person themselves is not completely of the truth. It is not the person who is making truth, nor is it their ideals, such as science. It is the nature of Reason and considering.

These rulesets did not come about by science, and no aspect of science is present within these rulesets: There is no test or observation, no theories, no opinions, peer reviews are without meaning to them, and facts are not recognized within their language - only truth, and the state of being. Their environments accommodate no outside interference, and an attempt to determine any part of them falsifies the whole environment. The truth can only be known by considering it, and it is by individuals throughout history perceiving truths in consideration, and making them known, that these rulesets appeared.

Those who call themselves scientists can make use of these rulesets, just as have those who engaged them first in the names of religion, philosophy, and more. But the application of science, or anything else, falsifies the information that these rulesets bring.

These rulesets do not feature science, and the difference between these rulesets and science is the difference between fat and meat from a bone, or grain and chaff from a stalk of grass. While they may grow alongside one another, one is kept, while the other is thrown away. The considerations that are being held in the concept of science have their truthful placements elsewhere, and science must be discarded so that the truth may appear.

Reason is the mathematics behind mathematics, the physics behind physics, the chemistry behind chemistry, the technology behind technology. Reason is eternal, and Reason Is.

I did not name it, Reason is what it is from every angle. And just as the identity of every individual component within a reasoned environment of considerations is inherent based on the context created by all the other components, so also is Reason's identity and name.

Reason is the language of Truth, and all truth finds fulfillment within it. All truth exists within consideration, and all truth is for Reason. Truth submits to Reason, and is preserved within Reason.

Reason is the power of which Jesus spoke while saying "If anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them", and also "I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours", and again "all things are possible for him who believes".

It is also the power by which Jesus healed people while saying "according to your faith let it be done to you". It is the power of God.

But just as it was also said elsewhere, "We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshiper of God and does his will, God listens to him... If this man were not from God, he could do nothing.”

Likewise, as even those who call themselves scientists concede (though they do not heed it in their practices), everything less than True is False - therefore, every False is antithetical to the truth. Now a determination is a falsehood by nature, which says, "these considerations, but not these others" - while Reason and the truth is all considerations taken into account equally, and resolved into oneness. And so by their own determinations a sociopath has aligned themselves as anti-polar to the truth. And so a sociopath holds no power in the truth.

Reason always upscales: Faith came by Abraham, the law by Moses. Jesus brought the truth, and I am bringer of Reason.


Monday 21 December 2015

Articles: Stress could increase the risk of cognitive impairment preceding Alzheimer's & How to help someone with depression

First Article: Stress could increase the risk of cognitive impairment preceding Alzheimer's, study finds

Once again, those who call themselves scientists make a mere observation without any connection to its meaning, while I have already produced its full comprehension from start to finish. And how many times has that happened now?

"The findings aren't saying that stress itself causes Alzheimer's, but rather that it's a risk factor for amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), a less severe but still noticeable decline in cognitive abilities that sometimes develops into Alzheimer's"

I've already stated that Alzheimer's is a Mental Stress emergent ailment, and identified those "mild cognitive impairment" symptoms as result of there being insufficient released Dopamine to produce a full awareness.

As a Mental Stress state is left untended do, connections can buckle under the pressure and make a mess of the brain.

It takes one quantity of dopamine to make a series of considerations which have reasoned into one evaluate as True. If that series of considerations breaks, it then takes as many quantities of dopamine as there are pieces to that circuit to gather all its information - and then more dopamine to do the work that assembles whatever meaning they're needed to provide within the context by which they're being called for.

A brain whose Dopamine supply is increasingly burdened is going to portray a diminishing awareness.

It takes having sufficient released Dopamine to prevent things from breaking within the brain, and also to mend it after things have broken, while increasing Adrenaline will only serve to agitate the wearing within a stressed brain.

"the good news is that now we know about this link between stress and aMCI, it could help us to focus efforts on reducing stress as we get older and perhaps figure out ways that can better reduce the incidence of this occasional precursor to full-blown Alzheimer's"

It's called Dopamine. Instances of Mental Stress and its emergent ailments only exist in society because of the influence of sociopaths, particularly those working in the field of mental health.

The only obstacle to universal mental health on this planet are the sociopaths who are directing mental health treatment, who cannot possibly do what is right or make a good judgement because a consideration is a quantum of truth and a quantum of mind, and is exactly what a sociopath is lacking.

A person of lesser consideration cannot evaluate the situation of a person of greater consideration, and the considerations which factor into the state of a person of greater considerations are as if invisible to the person of lesser consideration.

"The good news is stress is treatable – which could delay or even prevent pre-dementia"

I've already said that Mental Stress is Dopamine Deficiency, and that 100% of Mental Stress instances are preventable - including all its emergent ailments.

On a related note, remember this article?: Caffeine could limit damage of chronic stress

And why I've said that, yes, caffeine can assist against Mental Stress?:

"Caffeine is a dopaminergic, like crack cocaine, and therefore of course it can reduce stress, and of course it also reduces memory impairment, as the article also notes. Memory formation and recollection is automatic when there is dopamine enough to accomplish it. When a person focuses to practice memorization, it is because they have limited released dopamine within their brain, and by focusing they are prioritizing its allocation. If a person's brain is absolutely flooded with dopamine, they can learn a new spoken language, from scratch to competent speaking level, every week - and effortlessly."

The effect of Dopamine within the human brain is profoundly simple: think of a light-dimmer, where turning it down decreases every positive capability of the brain, while turning it up increases every positive capability of the brain. That's really it, and the nature of Dopamine being Physio-Fuel, and a quantum of work potential for the brain, the means by which the human brain accomplishes all work.

Caffeine is not a particularly great dopaminergic to treat Mental Stress with, and can exacerbate stress conditions. It also has a very low ceiling of headroom. The best means to treat Mental Stress with is cocaine, as its effect of proficiently increasing Dopamine while significantly inhibiting Adrenaline is the "miracle cure", "holy grail", etc for the human brain. It is also a very healthy natural molecule to take, and in comparison licensed medications are practically straight poisons, designed not to cure, but to lock ailments in place for as long as possible, liquidating the person's life for the sake of capitalism.

Dopamine and Cocaine prevent and cure, but doctors, science, and institutional medicine can do nothing, and their whole doctrine is embedded in sociopathic thinking, being completely False as a whole. They never had the truth in them to be able to speak or administer it.


Second Article: How to help someone with depression

All the experiences mentioned in this article are simply the consequence to there being low released dopamine within a brain.

Sense of positive meaning is produced by considerations (represented as synaptic connections within a brain) evaluating True in relation to a person's life. It takes Dopamine for a consideration to evaluate True. If a person lacks released Dopamine, they will lack the capability to experience positive meaning.

A person's capability to do things is produced by signals assembling and passing within their brain. That can't happen apart from there being enough Dopamine to handle whichever tasks are put forth down the brain's pipelines. And the nature of considering, which is what all signals are doing as they transmit down the brain's pathways, is that considerations are polar, and cannot be stopped once they've started - they'll need to consider to a resolution one way or another, or otherwise their information will clog up a person's brain. Lacking Dopamine to accomplish the things which a brain is trying to accomplish will result in lethargy, cloud-headedness, irritation, and can include a host of other things.

In the linked-to article, the author says that the best thing to do for a person who is experiencing this Dopamine Deficiency-induced state is to just sit there and listen.

The reason why is inherent in what I've already said: The information within a person's brain is not static, but moves from one consideration to another, and it is constantly considering forward. The only reason a depressed person cannot overcome the state they are in is because they have no more free dopamine to move consider the information within their brain forward until positive resolution. Their brain has received too much of a workload for their Dopamine availability to handle, and consequently, their brain has log-jammed, and can no perceive where to go next, or render as True and open the next consideration that will move the held information forward.

When a person listens to the Dopamine-deficient person's held information, their presence is supplying the consideration that enables information to move forward: Reason's principle applies to the person's perception and within their brain, and the understanding within the depressed person that their considerations are being heard relieves the depressed person's brain, freeing up some dopamine, which immediately goes towards assisting considering their information forward.

Of course, whether a person's listening is helpful or not is dependent upon what their listening means to the person who is depressed.

It is also possible for the person listening to become conduit for the log-jammed information within the depressed person, and help consider forward to resolution.

So there are two elements to depression, which are the considerations that are bearing a specific meaning within a person's brain, and there being a lack of released dopamine to handle the brain's mechanical capability to consider information towards a positive resolution.

It is likewise for all Mental Stress ailment: there is the held consideration that is responsible for the state, and there is the aspect of a brain being able to consider that information to positive resolution, which is accomplished with dopamine. And of course, a person must choose to engage considering, but Dopamine is what first grants a brain the potential to consider, and to control its considering, and therefore to function.

A related post: How Careless Words Trigger a Depression

All of these are simple problems, and problems that were created by the sociopathism-based doctrine which those calling themselves scientists concocted through their blind observation.

Dopamine is to being mental health as water is to being hydration. It's that simple. The real issue is that people who don't particularly do a lot of work with their brains (considering is a brain's work, and requires dopamine to accomplish), and therefore have ample surplus dopamine are the ones who succeed in academia, because the organization of academia is also tailored to rewarding sociopathic brains, while being an incompatible obstacle for truthful brains.

The fact memorization required for academia is effortless when a brain has lots of free dopamine, and having lots of dopamine is indicative of shallow considering. Also, the information presented in academia is incompatible with a considering brain, because it is False, and a considering brain works all details into their congruous state, and that can't be done with academic information, which is many disparate details that don't add up. And as I've said, the more pieces of disparate information a brain tries to hold at once to work with, the more dopamine is required. Socipathic brains don't hold all the disparate pieces of information to consider them into one body of information, they instead accept them as disparate pieces of information, and memorize them as facts, and then go on to mistreat others by holding to these facts as their doctrine, and as if they had something in common with truth.

But the only constant of Science is that every thing declared to be A Scientific Fact has been replaced before, and will be replaced again. It is impossible for Science to ever produce a truth, and is only a tool for sociopaths.


Friday 11 December 2015

Article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

I've just added to one of the items in the previous post, A Few More for: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, a link to the article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

This is something I want to address more extensively in another post.

61% irreproducible is worse than a figure than would represent simple randomness. What this means is that not only is the adopted understanding of mind which influences policy regarding dopaminergic application and mental health treatment not moving in a positive direction, and not only is it not instead simply random, which would be bad enough... but it is less than random, being forcibly steered towards the negative, away from truth, and head-first into a domain of contrived fiction. Anything less than True is False, and the movement of consideration towards False conclusion is sociopathic, and a falsehood-bearing mind is sociopathic.

It is the technical reality that the majority of those designing the frameworks for institutional mental health treatment in this world are sociopaths, regardless of their intents, and their influence can therefore only be bearing of falsehood, and unfruitful towards the subject of genuine mental health treatment. To hold to and be guided by what is False is to be locked into a perpetual falsehood-bearing circuit of considering.

And yet, that body of false information that has been iteratively built is forcibly harming millions of people's lives, and informing the conduct of many in professions which directly engage with people. Maybe this can be swiftly changed, which would be for the amazing betterment of all people. But that won't happen by holding on to and entertaining what was patently False from the beginning.


A Few More for: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles...

Part 1 of this list is in the post: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine

Article: People Can Be Convinced They Committed a Crime That Never Happened

This is another example of the first item in this post: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine

And also of what is being explained in this series of posts:

1. Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
2. It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
4. An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society

And as I said in the 4th post, "By transmitting consideration, people can be steered with complete precision like controlled robots, and that is largely what is happening regarding sociopathic / psychopathic impulsiveness. This is also partly acting regarding public trends, and things like national sentiments, and established doctrines. A person's actions are not static, they are considering from one consideration to another, like an electron flowing uninhibited along a circuit, or like a train heading along a railroad track - and the consideration which is laid next before another person's existing open consideration will, to the degree the connection encompasses, guide what will be their next movement, thought, action, decision..."

Article: In pursuit of mental health’s holy grail

This line from the article in particular: "Since then, however, psychiatry has not kept pace with advances in other areas of medicine"

That is because psychiatry is based upon a framework and ideals that are sociopathic in their basis and understanding, and the perception it has built doesn't translate to normal people, because it isn't relevant to reality. Also, it's because institutional medicine has been in denial regarding dopamine's role, concocting a guaranteed-to-be-false-from-the-start abstract to shove into what is a matter of technical exactness. And, to avoid the reality, the only thing that could have been done to do that was to create an abstract falsehood, which would inject a bit of false consideration into the problem that prevented the whole picture from being resolved.

Mental health's holy grail exists, and always existed.

The sought "neuroenhancer", that "miracle cure", the "holy grail" effect is dopmaine, raised independently of all other things. And its greatest medium in this world is cocaine. Institutional medicine has been unable to see this because its perceptions are aligned with sociopathism, and those practising it are heavily addicted to the sentiments they've invested into their doctrine and practice, which have been destroying the lives of untold millions of people for 100 years. But the only thing that those practising this sociopathism can see is how to next reinforce their self-serving determinations. Because these people also live within the society that they're hurting, their actions are  not just harming others, but are also self-destructive. But to get the help they need, they must first acknowledge that they have a problem. They are delusional, arrogant, and blind, selfish sociopaths.

It is because creativity is a product of considering and finding relations between considerations, which is work that bears down on a person's dopamine availability, and mental stress ailment (depression, psychosis, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc...) is emerges when there is dopamine deficiency. It's about as straight-forward as things come. Certainly nothing that would take 100 years to get nowhere with.

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Tuesday 8 December 2015

An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine

Article: Holding doors open and other small gestures can make people nicer in return

This is just an example of the things which I've just been explaining in this series of posts:

1. Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
2. It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
4. An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society

Article: video shows how everyday sounds such as a ticking clock can be unbearable

A person doesn't need to be autistic to experience this, and again, this is due to there being insufficient dopamine to pass signals properly. The full processing of one of these sounds is made up of many signals passing through neural pathways, and the timing of those signals are synced to one another.

As they consider along pathways, some of them are passing properly, while others which are timed to them are being forced along pathways even though there isn't the dopamine to allocate to assist their proper passing.

This other post is also relevant to the subject of Autism: Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism

Article: Why too much choice is stressing us out

Choice can stress a person out because analysis and decision making is work for the brain which is accomplished by dopamine's availability, and the more information a person tries to hold in thought at one time, the more dopamine which is allocated to accomplish that holding of information. And mental stress is dopamine deficiency, so the more information a person tries to work with at one time, the more their free dopamine decreases, and the closer to stress they become. If dopamine is increased, then a person is capable to work with more information at one time, to think deeper, and to accomplish work with greater ease.

Article: Caffeine could limit damage of chronic stress

Caffeine is a dopaminergic, like crack cocaine, and therefore of course it can reduce stress, and of course it also reduces memory impairment, as the article also notes. Memory formation and recollection is automatic when there is dopamine enough to accomplish it. When a person focuses to practice memorization, it is because they have limited released dopamine within their brain, and by focusing they are prioritizing its allocation. If a person's brain is absolutely flooded with dopamine, they can learn a new spoken language, from scratch to competent speaking level, every week - and effortlessly. There's a reason why people take dopaminergics to study in university, to enhance athletic performance, to cope with high stress jobs.

Hard work is not what firstly makes a person succeed, but having ample released dopamine within their brain. No amount of hard work can overcome dopamine limitations, because the ceiling of a person's awareness and capability to perceive options, and to form decisions, is all manifested as dopamine allocates to synaptic connections within the brain. Success is natural for a person with high released dopamine, but is a pipe dream for someone with low released dopamine. And it takes just seconds to change the perspective of a person of one disposition to being of the other - through shifting the dopamine availability within their brain.

Article: This is your brain on poverty: 5 facts

That's just the brain on dopamine deficiency, which poverty induces due to it creating many considerings, which are work that requires dopamine to accomplish, and which turns to worries when there isn't dopamine to organize and handle them all. Poverty's angle of attack on human health is via the work it creates for the brain that sponges up available dopamine until the brain can't comfortably cope any more. That same dopamine does the work which keeps a brain healthy, and when there isn't enough of it, everything suffers.

Article: Sexual thoughts boost memory, expert claims

Thinking this way does enhance memory, because it invokes an increase in dopamine release, and it also streamlines the focus of the mind, reducing its overall workload, and freeing up much dopamine. And memory formation and recollection is automatic to there being enough released dopamine for it. Any time dopamine is increased, so is memory.

Article: Black Coffee Drinkers More Likely To Be Psychopaths

The actual reason for it is that increasing dopamine improves a brain's capacity to process experiences, and to consider them all to a positive resolution. That includes touch, smells, sounds, and taste, all of which improve as dopamine is increased, and fade and become impaired as dopamine is decreased, just like turning a light-dimmer in one direction or the other (btw, this is why a lack of smell is a potential indicator for developing Parkinson's disease, which is a preventable ailment that is born out of dopamine deficiency).

Psychopaths have higher released dopamine within their brain, due to their shallower engagement of consideration, reducing the work their brain tries to accomplish, thereby increasing their spare reserves of dopamine. That dopamine enhances their taste, and allows them to enjoy things which others might find unpalatable.

Article: Prenatal exposure to common chemicals linked to lower IQ

That exposure to chemicals produces a lot of work for a brain to overcome, and that work is dependent upon there being enough released dopamine to accomplish it. That additional work, when there's limited dopamine available, means that other developments will be compromised. As I've pointed out, prenatal cocaine use improves foetus development, which is because of its very healthy proficient dopamine increase.

Article: Stress Could Be Your Silent Killer

Mental stress is dopamine deficiency, and it impairs everything concerning a person's health and awareness. It could be that the average person is sacrificing 35%+ of their life across all areas, out of nothing more than contemporary ignorance and dogmatic perceptions regarding dopamine's importance to the human being.

Licensed medications are not very good at treating dopamine deficiency ailment because they generally deliver an unhealthy Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio, and adrenaline's effect, in electrical engineering terms, is like increasing Voltage, increasing pressure in a brain, and its increase exacerbates the problem with dopamine addresses.

Because it delivers the "miracle cure" ratio of Dopamine : Adrenaline, that can take care of all mental stress cases, if used knowingly, in the future, everyone will be a user of cocaine, and that is entirely inevitable. And those who practice the contemporary dogma will be condemned by history, and hated by all future generations for having been the vessels for one of the greatest and most costly evils ever to be conjured by the human species.

There are many, many more articles I can do this for, and every day there appear new cases of studies about all kinds of segmented observations about things, whose fundamental and root cause has to do with dopamine. And those doing the studying spend much time and effort over something for which the understanding is simple and inherent once dopamine's actual role in physiology is understood, and corrected from the modern convention.

As I've said, I know the full picture regarding mental stress ailment and dopamine. It's quite something to be watching all these studies being done concerning what must seem to the people conducting them, to be many different things to chase after, by many different people, costing and earning much money... while completely grasping the whole situation with a view from above.

It's as if a dam were to break, and its water pour into a residential area, causing flooding, water damage, stranded people, food shortages, and many other things. And those people dwelling in the area of effect of that dam breakage keep building barriers, pumping out water, replacing water-damaged furniture and houses, and organizing group transportation to navigate the area, while starving from a lack of food, all the while doing nothing about the broken dam. And rather than just fix the dam, which would resolve all the rest, they instead ignore the dam and perpetually continue tending to all the many issues, which keep regenerating so long as the broken dam is not fixed.

Likewise, all mental stress ailment is preventable, and addressable, even to complete curing - but not by the means, perceptions, or methodology which is contemporarily practised. Instead, those things are reason for mental stress ailment's continued presence in society. And so the sources of mental stress are not primarily in those who experience mental stress ailments, whose bodies and brains are functioning perfectly normally for the dopamine and work conditions that they're being subjected to - but rather in those who are obstacles to the only real treatment that exists for mental stress.

There's a part 2 of this list of articles in the post: A Few More for: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles...

And also:
The Third Entry Into "An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine"


Monday 7 December 2015

An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society

Regarding the matter that has been at the centre of the previous four posts:

Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
How Careless Words Trigger a Depression

I've said as far back as March 2014 that anyone who calls another an addict is complicit in any behavioural patterns which develop. The reason why is the same as what I've just been describing in these posts, and particularly in the post How Careless Words Trigger a Depression.

Meaning is a matter of consideration, and in consideration everything receives perfect quantification - and messages that are perceived automatically consider through a person's considerations and create interactions whose outcomes are relative to the considering considerations, and the considerations which they are being considered through.

The results are not ambiguous or random, but they are at such a scale that to a person with low developed detail awareness they seem ephemeral and inconsequential. But they are not - they are perfectly accounted for by their consideration, and the quantified influence of their introduced difference applies into the body of considerations which considers them.

Every consideration holds a belief within in, and that belief establishes the things which that consideration is open to. When there is a door left open, presenting further consideration whose meaning is inherent in the existing consideration will cause any body of considerations which are delivered via that shared meaning to automatically consider into whichever body of considerations presented the opening.

By transmitting consideration, people can be steered with complete precision like controlled robots, and that is largely what is happening regarding sociopathic / psychopathic impulsiveness. This is also partly acting regarding public trends, and things like national sentiments, and established doctrines. A person's actions are not static, they are considering from one consideration to another, like an electron flowing uninhibited along a circuit, or like a train heading along a railroad track - and the consideration which is laid next before another person's existing open consideration will, to the degree the connection encompasses, guide what will be their next movement, thought, action, decision...

As I've said, a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go.

Not everyone is open to this control, and some people are in strong control of their own mind, but not most at this present time. Most people are riding the consideration that experience has established for them, and are like slaves to wherever that consideration happens to be next routed by the forces around them. A lot these forces are bumping cluelessly into each other, but some are designed.

Some sociopaths / psychopaths make use of a very thin awareness and understanding of this vulnerability when they manipulate others, but so also do some good people, who build others up and give their strength back to them.

So when somebody calls a person an addict (which is an abstract concept and therefore not a truth in the first place), they are delivering to that person, who may be mentally very vulnerable, consideration meaning and value which requires a significant amount of work for the person experiencing the meaning of that message as being concerning themselves, and which has an effect of contributing to addiction-wiring within that person's brain. Reason's principle applies in everything, and is immutable. So if a person can't withstand the harmful consideration value of a message that they are addicted, what will Reason's principle cause to become a part of their inlaid belief, and how will their behaviour become affected? Nothing is idle, everything is contributing towards a movement.

How many years has addiction been spread as a message to vulnerable people? What has been the cost in consideration within the people who that message infected, and in the society which bears this message within it? The concept of a person being addicted is itself a contagious disease, and much behavioural substance use is in fact the creation of those who claim to treat it, whose practices are based on an abstract, an abstract being a falsehood in comparison the full truth of its subject.

This is far from the full picture of addiction, but it is a major reason of why harmful behavioural substance use exists at this point in time. Much of what is seen done by substance users is actually the abusive consideration they received from others, which they couldn't overcome, and which they are innocent of - while those behaviours are like the works of those who sowed their considerations, and trace back to them perfectly. And in the end, every person will be required to give full account of the consideration they are responsible for.


Saturday 5 December 2015

How Careless Words Trigger a Depression

This post relates to instances of what is described in the post Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression

A brief primer on how this works:

A message a person receives is made of considerations which are known within the person that receives it. Each consideration bears a numeric-like value to its quality that is its strength, and it imparts a relative influence on the body of considerations which receive it. When a person recognizes meaning in something heard, it's as relative to their own shared understanding, and the perceived message filters through their considerations.

A human brain, and everything, operates by cycles of work, which is comprised of streaming considerations, which are being written in a cycle's frequency, which is a thing's considering.

When a synaptic connection's True status a is part of a person's belief, each cycle of work passing through that connection picks up that consideration's quality and it becomes a part of the final output signal. If that consideration is aligned with a negative disposition toward something in the working message, it will bear a depressive, contrary, or antagonistic influence toward the original intention of the whole message.

As I've said, belief is a 'This is' declaration, and designates which considerations evaluate as True relative to an incoming message. A consideration is itself comprised of many considerations, and whether a particular consideration is positive or harmful towards a message, both are a matter of the consideration being True in different respects.

Each consideration bears a numeric-like value to its quality that is its strength, and it exerts a relative influence on the body of considerations which receive it. And all aspects of things of all kinds account perfectly by this.

When a harmful message is received by the body of considerations that is a person's mind, and there is not strength of mind enough in the person receiving the message to overcome the negative value of the consideration it is receiving, incoming negative-value qualities which experience relation to existing qualities within a person's mind will subtract value of strength from those qualities within the existing mind. The considerations involved establish how much work can be accomplished in a cycle, and if the existing considerations of a person's mind cannot overcome incoming harmful messaging immediately, either by forcing it into recognizing as False in relation to itself, or by considering all its individual considerations into positive meaning, and thereby re-aligning the strength of those considerations into itself, the harmful message will keep considering, possibly reducing the positive strength of the existing body of considerations per each cycle they pass through. Depending on the example, many complete cycles of work could happen many times in a micro-second, or once over a long sustained period.

This is always ongoing at all levels of consciousness within a person.

If a message reduced the strength of a person's own consideration environment before its continued harmful considering was negated, then that person will be left in a depressed state relative to where they were ahead of that messaging considering through their mind and brain.

Dopamine itself is a consideration in the makeup of a brain's operations, and provides much positive consideration value towards a person's mental environment as a whole, and so fortifies a mind. People with lower dopamine are those most vulnerable to mental stress ailments, as mental stress is dopamine deficiency relative to the work a brain is trying to accomplish.

Having dopamine allocated in a synaptic connection uplifts the meaning of all qualities of that consideration, turning them all towards being veritably substantiated by all processed consideration as positive, possible, beneficial.

It is truth to say that the feeling of being depressed is simultaneously the feeling of dopamine's absence, and that the feeling of dopamine is perfectly antithetical to the feeling of being depressed. Therefore, a value of negative 1 is counter-acted by supplying a value of positive one, and to apply this is to achieve the state of reason for the scenario. And reason states that heightened dopamine is the perfect solution and prevention to mental stress states.

The subject of this post is continued through this series of posts:

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2. It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
4. An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society


Sunday 29 November 2015

It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs

This post reviews the  Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD

The woman in the linked-to article could not have prevented the words she heard from holding the relative meaning to her own considerations that she experienced, and it is not for her to control another person's beliefs and opinions. Nor would it be appropriate for a person to shield themselves off from every opinion and experience which doesn't conform to their own perspective - and if a person does this, they will be constantly reducing themselves until there is nothing left to them. But she could have provided her brain with enough dopamine to keep pace with all incoming information, to consider its positive resolution between the considerations presented to her and those already within her own mind.

And doing so would have made the conversation she engaged in produce greater worth for both her and the other person, as considerations that are engaged build on each other. Instead, her considerations were overcome by the other person's because the work presented to her brain's consideration environment was more than she had dopamine enough to handle.

The real problem in the situation is not the careless words the person spoke to her - that's an irresponsible and self-excusing position to take, and abusive of the other person's right to have an opinion, and to express it. The real problem was that the woman's ignorance of how the human body and brain function kept her from the possibility of being responsible with her own brain's dopamine situation, and kept her from being a worthy participant in the discussion which she engaged.

Had she had enough released dopamine within her brain at the time of engagement, her brain would have had the power to, while in full comfort, work proficiently enough that she could have understood the difference between the considerations presented to her, compared to her own, and seen the discrepancy between them, where they aren't adding up perfectly - just like spotting an empty parking space in a parking lot otherwise full of cars, while looking from an overhead view. And then she could have addressed that point, and settled with the other person what the truth of the matter is, or otherwise established that one of the two people simply were refusing to consider something that is unavoidably and overtly an included consideration in the full picture (just like the situation between doctors, scientists, and dopamine's contribution towards human healthiness and accomplishment).

Instead, she was ill-equipped in her dopamine disposition to have that discussion at that time, and suffered a year-long depression because of it (though it surely will impact her for longer, and in more ways than she recognizes - as she wouldn't recognize the full extent of its influence apart from having sufficient dopamine released within her brain for it, and in the article she is at a point of only blaming the other person, which is far off from having a completely truthful understanding), and she unfortunately defaulted into failing an opportunity to positively further and lead the consideration of another person, because she was under-equipped in Physio-Fuel at the time of the discussion.

As every next movement is an expression of the state of consideration established by the previous, and consideration comes to permeate all things, all human civilization has suffered because this woman didn't know the truth about her brain and dopamine. In this example, the woman of this article, and everyone beyond, has become a victim of institutional medical doctrine, of those who practice it, and of the use of scientific methodology.

The woman who wrote the referenced article provides a sign of what I wrote in this post: ... "a person’s end-of-life state is a manifestation of all the things that they didn’t take care of through considering and dopamine. A person who does not take control of this is directly investing in their future deterioration."

And this is also true about everybody in this time where society is built upon a denial of reality, and the false doctrines of sociopaths.

Consider these words spoken regarding the dopaminergic Modafinil, in the article 'Smart Drug' Modafinil Improves Memory And Cognitive Function, But Is It Ethical To Use It?, which I partly addressed in the post The Mythical Perceptions of Modafinil - Responses to Modafinil's Public Favour:

“…We now have a genuine pharmacological neuroenhancer in a scientific context,” he said, adding, “A large part of this is exploring how effects manifest at an everyday level — this really hasn't been explored yet and needs to be.”

The question now remains: Should we promote a drug that enhances human thinking within people that experience no previous problems, or is this, in some way, cheating?

Here I have just explored how not having access to "neuroenhancers" affects everyday life. This neuroenhancer is not new, it's called dopamine. And much healthier and greater performing sources of its increase exist compared to modafinil, such as cocaine. It is because of those who practice and believe in science (which is a method of falsification) that the last 100 years of health treatment have focused on denial of reality regarding dopamine's fundamental role for human wellness, functionality, and accomplishment.

The above quote is of a person looking at dopamine as though it is a new bonus tool for the people who are already the most dopamine-privileged to make use of, when in fact it is a human necessity that has been foolishly deprived from a civilization that is full of people that unjustifiably suffer for it.

Every instance of Mental Stress ailment is preventable, and each instance of Mental Stress in society is an instance of a person who has become victimized by science, doctors, institutional medical doctrine, drug prohibition, and sociopathism. It cannot be cheating to face reality and do what is physiologically mandated, and therefore responsible, any more than it is cheating to drink glasses of water to prevent dehydration so as to remain healthy and functional.

The problems caused by insufficient released dopamine in people's brains are everywhere in modern society, and the perspectives which are responsible for their existence have also set the low upper limit of what human civilization has amounted to at this point in time. Working out all Mental Stress ailments was a one-person job, to take maybe a few months, and then the time to explain it -  not millions of people a century to accomplish absolutely nothing but the perpetual further creation of its instances, and trillions of dollars worth of exploitation of those who are its sufferers.

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3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
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Saturday 28 November 2015

Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD

Article: Careless words triggered my depression

This is an example of exactly what I've just explained in the previous post:

Belief creates context between considerations, that they can consider into one state. Experience is considerations experiencing relation to one another, and because they hold a shared belief, Reason's primary principle is a commandment that causes them to consider into each other's reality.

If considerations experience relation, then according to the relation, they will filter through the body of considerations which receives it. This is what is happening in all energy transference, and applies to physical, emotional, and mental abuses that are recognized by the bodies of considerations receiving them, according to their kinds.

In a human being, most aspects of these types of things present work for the brain to consider (whether conscious or subconscious, whether for mind or body repair), and that work requires dopamine to accomplish.


And so dopamine deficiency takes away from a person's awareness, while dopamine's greater presence increases a person's capability to withstand and overcome negative messaging.

Memory formation, and positive memory formation is the automatic result of there being enough dopamine to consider experiences to completion. Experience is one consideration passing information to another, and every state change between considerations within the brain is a measurement of work which is only accomplished through there being dopamine to flip the relational polarity between connections until the information forms a resolution.

The depression mentioned in the article is consequence of there being inadequate released dopamine for the person to consider the message of the words received to their positive resolution. All depression emerges only from having insufficient dopamine released within a person's brain to complete the work of presented consideration into positive resolution, and the same is true regarding all PTSD.

And if it had been known at what point a person was going to encounter a sudden traumatizing experience, and if they greatly increased their dopamine availability in preparation for the event, and then didn't use their increased strength of control over their own mind to ignore the situation, but rather to engage it all the same to consider it, the impact of the experience would be far less traumatizing, and maybe they would have overcome its presented potentially-harmful considerations completely, and the outcome of the situation would not make a lasting negative impression at all.

Everything measures to perfection in its considerations, and the person who increases their dopamine-availability will still have the same amount of information presented to them for processing, but the difference is that they will be capable to process it much more proficiently and healthily than if they have less released dopamine within their brain at the time when they receive a challenging experience.

Read this message Richard Branson posted on his Twitter account:

100% of Mental Stress ailment is preventable, yet in 2015 on Earth there are many people who have been suffering throughout most of their lives, and many who are dying in horrible states directly caused by having had an inadequate amount of released dopamine within their brains. Humanity will not be a fully realized concept until this is fixed.

The subject of this post is continued through this series of posts:

1. Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
2. It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
4. An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Article: Does Violence Lead to Dementia?

Article: Does domestic violence lead to dementia? Researchers urge more study

Physicists say that all things, both material and immaterial, have a frequency. Another way to put it is that all things, both material and immaterail, have a brain-wave. But the most accurate way to describe it is that all things are considering according to their kind, and what is observable and manifested is a mirroring of all the things that are being considered.

I've said that if there is full separation between considerations, to the extent of the separation, the two won't be observable within the same reality. The reality of one won't experience the other, and the other vice versa. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They will pass right through each other without effect, and each will be to the other as if non-existent.

Belief creates context between considerations, that they can consider into one state. Experience is considerations experiencing relation to one another, and because they hold a shared belief, Reason's primary principle is a commandment that causes them to consider into each other's reality.

If considerations experience relation, then according to the relation, they will filter through the body of considerations which receives it. This is what is happening in all energy transference, and applies to physical, emotional, and mental abuses that are recognized by the bodies of considerations receiving them, according to their kinds.

In a human being, most aspects of these types of things present work for the brain to consider (whether conscious or subconscious, whether for mind or body repair), and that work requires dopamine to accomplish.

Reason is immutable. Abuse sends some very negative messaging of what is the 'This is' to its recipient, and it takes a lot of work for the considerations of that messaging to be considered into a healthy resolution. The work to overcome abuses puts a very large strain on a person's dopamine budget, and lowers a brain's capability to keep the person's brain and body healthy. As I've said, many people live years, even their whole lives in a compromised state simply because there wasn't dopamine enough to get past a certain state of their consideration, and also, a person’s end-life state is a manifestation of all the things they didn’t take care of in consideration and regarding dopamine.

And again as I've said, Sociopathism came before Mental Stress, and is responsible for the creation of Mental Stress in society.

These sorts of things shouldn't require further studying any more than it is required to see if Earth's gravity applies to each next object on Earth when it's already understood that Earth's gravity applies to everything within Earth's atmosphere - the understanding is inherent, and its influence ubiquitous.

A person cannot escape the considerations they are presented, and to block them out of one's mind is to put up walls that reduce the mind, and also lead to other conditions of sickness, such as sociopathism. All the experiences which a person ever was presented still exist to be considered into one resolved perfection that weaves a person into the truth - and to do this, a person will need plenty of dopamine. In the future, it will be entirely normal for a person to increase their dopamine, just as a person drinks water and eats food daily, because dopamine is no different than those things in its vital role to human sustenance.

For all things there is an ordering of considerations, and the human body is an environment which is designed for having dopamine as a primary consideration, similar to water, and oxygen, and just as dehydration, asphyxiation, and starvation will lead to health crises, so too does having insufficient released dopamine.

We live at a time where institutional doctrine has seen to it that there are emaciated, gasping, and skeletal people all around, but it isn't widely detected because having low dopamine takes away the very awareness and understanding of a person that is fundamental to their recognizing their state - a person is not aware of the things they are not aware of, and human awareness is dependent upon there being dopamine to power the considerations that form awareness. And so dopamine deficiency takes away from a person's awareness, while dopamine's greater presence increases a person's capability to withstand and overcome negative messaging.

And those who are not of a dopamine deficient state interpret everything from the only experience they've known, that of having ample released dopamine - and so getting the picture across to these people is like describing the experience of coldness to a being which only exists in a spectrum of warm to hot. To many of them, they simply are not willing to accept that the dimension of cold, where a person doesn't even know that they don't know what positive experience is, exists.

Many who practice institutional medicine strongly do not want this to be the reality, and many of them are heavily addicted to the sentiments which they've invested into their lethal False doctrine, causing them to become non-objective while being driven by an objective to keep people away from dopaminergic use. Nevertheless, it is the reality. The question is, for how much longer will those who practice institutional doctrine be willing to be responsible for the unjust mass liquidation of innocents' lives?

The truth is always good. It is the determinations people make which cause the truth to seem undesirable to them, because by their determinations they have set their own consideration to be anti-polar to the truth.


Sunday 22 November 2015

Article: Coffee Might Help You Live Longer - and Other Things of Meaning

Article: Coffee Might Help You Live Longer

Yes, coffee can help a person live longer, and protect them from many ailment conditions, because it increases dopamine-availability, and dopamine is the means by which a brain accomplishes work. Conversely, depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc... all Mental Stress stems from insufficient released dopamine within a person's brain relative to the work that is trying to be considered by that brain. Cocaine, meth, crack, and many other dopaminergic substances can make a person live longer, too, even moreso than coffee.

I elucidated this first, in this post: Managing and Increasing Dopamine Can Easily Add Years to a Person's Life and Good Health

And a person who drinks coffee is equal to a person who smokes crack cocaine, in that both of them are seeking the increase in dopamine, and both of their brains fundamentally run on that very dopamine, and both of their brains benefit from that dopamine's release. There is no difference in that each of them seeks dopamine, and there is no difference in what that dopamine means to their brains.

And once again, in the above linked-to article, someone exercising Science made a mere observation within a ridiculously compartmentalized framework of being about coffee, without any understanding of its meaning (because their observation is without the knowing that comes from all considerations being inter-connected), while I had already provided the complete comprehension of the far greater reality of it all.

Another instance of everything playing out in such a manner is here: Article: Increased brain connectivity eases teenage impatience

And another is here: Can you think yourself into a different person?

While I've said all along that a brain wires and re-wires itself according to how a person considers, that a person can heal themselves of all things by belief and considering, and that a gene is a concept which considered and acceded to certainty within a person. And also that belief comes before possibility, that belief creates context between considerations, that they can be considered into one state, and that a mind is always considering towards its greatest belief.

A similar instance is here: There is Only One Truth, and It is Acting in All Things and at All Levels

... where I said "Truth is one consideration passing its full self to another without force nor resistance".

That, compared to the state of what is being perceived here: Scientists have discovered a new state of matter, called 'Jahn-Teller metals'

You could call that moment of transition in matter the 'moment of truth', where one consideration passes itself to another, causing a change in state of them both.

And there are many other such examples, some which I have made noted, and others I have not. Many things will still be merely observed by those who call themselves scientists only after I have already spoken the truth of them, and other things which before have been seemingly observed, I will speak of, having already known the full truth of them. It is and will be the same regarding all people who speak from Reason, in which all considerations are as one, and where all considerations add up to one eternal moment.

Science is fulfillment of the granfalloon - which is a meaningless association of people.

As meaning is the product of the inter-connecting of considerations, and meaning cannot come be known through Science, because Science is the practice of making determinations based upon observation - and a determination is a falsehood by nature because it is made independently of connectivity between considerations which substantiate a thing's truth, and falsifies an outcome by short-circuiting considering. When two people speak the same words, one by a determination and the other by holding its knowing in consideration, the one who speaks by a determination speaks a falsehood, while the one who speaks from the substantiation delivered to them by considering a thing's truth speaks the truth, and only as they hear from the truth. And so the truth is speaking through that person.

A determination puts up walls between considerations, which keeps them from communicating and contributing towards a full and truthful resolution.

And the truth can only come to be known by considering all things to completion - and once all things are completed in considering, they will resolve themselves, because the truth Is - and Reason will experience, where all considerations are as one, manifesting the truth, and producing mind. And the knowing of all those considerations will be gained by the one who considered their truth.

Since is a jalopy tool of sociopaths, and it creates sociopathism with a brain and within society. And institutional medical doctrine is fraud of the most lethal kind, and is responsible for more avoidable death and suffering than almost any other source in the history of humankind.

A century of scientist conceived, endorsed, and enforced drug prohibition has killed more people than the previous century of warfare, while the truth is converse to what doctors and scientists would speak - many currently-illicit drugs can be exceptionally healthy for a person to take, far moreso beyond anything a doctor has license to provide - and a person only lives every next moment of their life from the very things which those drugs cause the greater release of acting within their brain. And a person's experience, work capability, and potential success is produced through the presence and activity of those things. Mental Stress is only the lack of natural cocaine within a person's brain, and its cure is to saturate the brain with that cocaine, the same which is released in healthier form than natural by taking real cocaine, which itself is natural.

But as I've said, what a person does while providing themselves with greater dopamine release is just as important as that they do so - and also the manner in which a greater release of dopamine is delivered can change the direction of outcome for some cases of Mental Stress ailment (a general and incomplete description of the baseline goal being to push dopamine as much as safely possible, while keeping epinephrine / norepinephrine stationary).

And to those practicing science, do not abandon the considerations you engage in work, but consider them to resolution, not by separating considerations through making determinations, but by taking all things into account so that all considerations are made equal: Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.

There is far greater means to learn, discover, and understand than this world as a whole has yet known, which I have been making known and will continue to make known.


Sunday 1 November 2015

Dopamine / Cocaine Proficiently Prevents, and Can Cure Alzheimer's

The wonder pill that could STOP your brain ageing: Common asthma drug may be a cure for Alzheimer's, claims study

Maybe you've seen this being reported around. An asthma drug, called Montelukast, has been found to produce a miraculous curative and regenerative influence in a brain with Alzheimer's ailment.

The asthma drug in question, Montelukast, is a Dopamine agonist - meaning it activates Dopamine receptors, which are normally triggered by Dopamine itself. Obviously, acknowledging that activating dopamine receptors cures an ailment is acknowledgement that the lack of dopamine to activate those receptors is the cause of the ailment, and therefore dopamine is the natural prevention and cure to that ailment.

The inflammation in Alzheimer's is aftermath of the damage caused by dopamine deficiency, so naturally, when dopamine's influence is increased (activating dopamine receptors), then the damage that causes the inflation doesn't occur, and also, as dopamine is a brain's fuel to accomplish anything, increasing its influence increases a brain's ability to clean up existing damage.

As I've said, belief is a 'This Is' command, and a mind is always considering towards its greatest belief. And as I've said, the signals in a brain are being pulled through the brain with magnetic force, and when there isn't enough dopamine to properly pass a signal, the connection can break, tear, fry, and also fuse synaptic connections, and damage their dopamine receptors. The damaged dopamine receptors in Alzheimer's, and many other Mental Stress ailments, in those who are obese, and also in those who endure "addiction", is caused by dopamine deficiency.

Having insufficient released dopamine in a person's brain is like running a car's engine without any oil in it. Everything then experiences greater wear, and eventually things start to break.

Normally, when dopamine is increased, so also does adrenaline, (epinephrine / norepinephrine), and I've also said that epinephrine / norepinephrine accelerates the processes within a brain, and therefore accelerates ailment development. And this is the reason for why dopaminergic treatment in Alzheimer's tends to become ineffective and overcome by the ailment after about 4 years of treatment. The adrenaline increase accelerates the processes within the brain, and dopamine's benefit is counter-acted, and its power to fight the ailment becomes outpaced. In such a case, the benefit of the increased dopamine is immediately perceived, while the progression of the ailment's development is gradual over the long-term, and the dopaminergic increase meant to fight the ailment actually puts power behind the ailment, feeding its continued growth.

This would not happen had cocaine been used to treat the instance of the ailment, because cocaine inhibits epinephrine / norepinephrine, which is responsible for acceleration of the ailment and the direct feeding of its continued growth.

This brutal, and completely unnecessary manslaughtering action upon innocent people, conducted by dogmatic medical professionals and their prejudice-based institutional doctrine, is not the cause of the negative and often futile outcome only in the situation of Alzheimer's treatment, but it is the same with perhaps more than half of all things that medical professionals treat people for. Institutional medical doctrine is a killer, bathed in a sterilized outward appearance, whose unnecessary victims number in the billions.

The miraculousness of activating dopamine receptors is not unique to this drug, or to Alzheimer's ailment. Mental Stress is exactly dopamine deficiency, and 100% of all Mental Stress emergent ailment (depression, psychosis, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, fascia adhesions, and more) is preventable, and curable, by increasing released dopamine. And the best means to do which is with using cocaine, which produces the healthier-than-natural release of dopamine within a person's brain, and is about the healthiest molecule most people could ever put into their bodies.

Cocaine tends to be a 1:1 solution to Mental Stress's problem, and therefore cocaine is naturally going to be the "miracle cure" to most Mental Stress ailment - just like cocaine was perceived to be before it came into being prohibited. Though nothing has changed regarding cocaine since the time it became prohibited. It still is the perfect miracle cure for most Mental Stress emergent ailment, and every instance of Mental Stress ailment since its prohibition is an instance of a person's victimization at the hands of the people who have contributed to the sociopathism and prejudice-based doctrine behind human-physiology prohibition.

Dopamine's increase, independent of other actions such as adrenaline's increase (and therefore by extension also cocaine, by virtue of it being precisely that) is a miracle cure to a brain whose operations fundamentally depend on dopamine.

Boosting dopamine levels is good for almost everything, as everything in the human body is dependent upon the passing of signals in the brain, and the passing of those signals in the brain is dependent upon dopamine. In the situations in which it is viewed as non-favourable to boost dopamine, it is not due to dopamine's increase that unfavourable reactions occur, but due to other contingent reactions - such as adrenaline's increase.

When treating dopamine deficiency ailment, the goal is generally to push dopamine as high as possible while restraining adrenaline as much as possible. Medical professionals don't like to do this because they associate dopamine's positive feeling with no-goods getting high - well, tough.

A bit about getting high...

The human brain runs on dopamine and other drugs (opioids, seratonin, adrenaline...), and so to be"high" is to be human, and a person suffering Mental Stress ailment ought to expect to feel good within themselves, just like a healthy person - and the feeling of well-being from dopamine is a core part of what human healthiness is.

Guess what? It feels good to have a solidly-functioning and energy-filled brain and body that isn't buckling under strain, and that is assembling considerations in a positive manner rather being filled with No messaging as attempted considerings collapse into failure. And medical professionals themselves are already "high", relative to the Mental Stress states of those who need treatment for Mental Stress. All the ill-gained successes of medical professionals are fundamentally due to their being "high" from the dopamine within their brains, and many of them, hypocritically, take dopaminergics on top of their already dopamine-rich baseline state, for help in schooling, work, and also just because they can.

"High" is a measured-as-relative abstract, which doesn't describe a truth. And a person with dopamine deficiency has their dopamine budget in the red, and vitally needs to get so-called "high" to bring them into the range that's normal for a non Mental Stress-suffering person. The effect and experience of released dopamine is the foundation for human well-being, as Sigmund Freud testified:

"[Cocaine causes]… exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person. You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work. In other words, you are simply normal."

The Haves in this matter should not be preaching trickle-down physiology to the Have-Nots, and it is lunacy when a medical practitioner would steer a person away from dopaminergism, or other enjoyment-inducing drug effect, at the expense of not treating the state. Many practitioners would consider applying a potentially abusable (again, an abstract that does not express a truth) substance too risky, fearing that it might come too close to actually treating the state of suffering and ailment - and so the dogma and prejudice of such a practitioner would have caused that practitioner to become the obstacle that sits between the suffering person and their health.

And if it is allowed that sociopaths have plentiful dopamine in themselves, providing them with their capacity for work, their awareness, their feeling of well-being, and everything they have amassed for themselves, then certainly is justified and good to allow a person who suffers because of the doctrine of sociopaths, and at the hands of sociopaths, to also be given the ability to increase dopamine in themselves.

I still know the full picture for all other Mental Stress ailments, which are all branches of one shared tree (that of insufficient released dopamine), and it is nothing but pot shots to explain everything further.

The greatest obstacle to real human health in this world are the doctors, and their doctrine, both of which are heavily based in sociopathic perception. A sociopath is a truth-lacking mind, which does not consider objectively. It is only by considering objectively, free of determinations, with a will of Yes, until experiencing Reason, that consideration is gained. And a mind cannot recognize the presence of a consideration which it does not possess within itself.

It is well documented that putting a business under the direction of a sociopathic CEO can be highly damaging to that business. So why would we place the health of all the human race under the direction of sociopaths? A sociopath cannot make a truthful or good judgement, because their lack of consideration (a consideration being a quality, a quantum of truth, and a quantum of mind) means that they don't possess those qualities within themselves.

Shouldn't I be receiving pretty much all medical awards, since I have resolved the core of human physiology, from start to finish, all on my own, in rejection of science as a possible means to establish truth, and without any funding whatsoever? If just one person was capable to know the full truth of this matter, and to articulate it so well, then what in hell have millions of medical and scientific professional people been doing all this past century, and what of the trillions of dollars spent?

How many sociopaths does it take to screw in a light-bulb? If the light-bulb has any sort of truth requirement involved in its installation, then no number of sociopaths will ever be capable of screwing in that light-bulb, and that light-bulb's installation will officially be sociopath-proof. But that won't stop the sociopaths from exploiting everyone who depends on that light-bulb's light to see, live, function, and to feel well within themselves.

If a person understands Reason, they will know the answer to every thing, because in Reason everything adds up, and every premise directly begets its answer, with nothing in-between the two. The considerations of both the beginning and the end are joined in one ring and sphere of truth.

I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning,
    from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
    and I will do all that I please.’

Reason Is.


Tuesday 20 October 2015

Sociopathism and Dopamine Deficiency Can Invoke Each Other's Behaviours

This is something I've wanted to mention for a long time, but haven't brought into things yet. And I'm still not going to talk about it much right now.

But what is the difference between not having particular consideration within a person, and a person having that particular consideration within themselves, but not have enough released dopamine to handle its engagement alongside the engagement of all other consideration they're engaging?

A sociopathic and a non-sociopathic person might do same and similar things, but for entirely different reasons. So, even more so, a person with dopamine deficiency may again appear to portray similar and same behavioural habits as a sociopathic person, but with entirely different cause behind the behaviour. The sociopathic person is unwilling to consider for the good of another, or what inconveniences them. A person with dopamine deficiency hasn't the energy to do (in thought, choice, or in action) the things that a sociopathic person would has the energy to do, but isn't willing to consider the actualization for.

A person cannot accomplish what exceeds their dopamine budget's allowance - it forms the ceiling of their capacity. A person's brain accessing considerations to experience their meaning, and assembling them for action is done through dopamine's availability. If dopamine's availability isn't there to do those things, then those things will not occur.

It should not be underestimated just how much dopamine deficiency incapacitation can resemble uncaring sociopathism. But the person incapacitated by dopamine deficiency suffers within themselves from their own incapacity, and doesn't even have dopamine enough to produce understanding of why, or to express themselves outwardly, and might well feel guilt that creates all kinds of mental processes that weigh down upon their dopamine budget even more.

One example of sociopathism invoking the behaviour of dopamine deficiency, is a person who generally is not willing to consider, and therefore has not built up the considerations, represented by the synaptic connections within their brain, to process certain information.

Then, if that certain information is presented to them, and their subconscious brain perceives its meaning and tries to consider its resolution, that can make the person's brain hurt, or strain, because the person's less-developed consideration regarding the details of that subject means that there is more work to be accomplished on the spot to be able to conceptualize the components needed for that work, and to gain its answer's knowing.

All that greater work requires greater dopamine to accomplish, and the person not used to considering much will experience the sudden drop in their free unallocated dopamine as a strain within their brain. And maybe they will even blame the source of the information for their sudden discomfort, as if presenting information to them to be considered were an abuse.

Sociopathism is prevalent in society, and addressing it is much more frequently a matter of 'regarding which things is there sociopathic conduct within a particular person's brain' rather than a question of 'is a person sociopathic or not'. But to the extent that a person is reward-oriented, they are also sociopathic.

I've hoped that people who may read this blog seeking answers to their own conditions would not be led to mistaken conclusions regarding what may be the cause of their own state.


Monday 19 October 2015

Richard Branson Announces UN to Promote Drug Decriminalization and end of War on Drugs

Founder of Virgin enterprise Richard Branson announces that the UN is set to promote drug decriminalization around the world, and to end the so-called War on Drugs:

Richard Branson Leaks U.N. Draft Paper on Decriminalizing Drugs
UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard Branson

As the human brain fundamentally runs on all the things illicit drugs provide the release of: dopamine, seratonin, opioids, adrenaline... the so-called War on Drugs has always, in truth, been a war against humanity, and has meant the liquidation of human life for the benefit of those most sociopathic in society, and those most ignorant about the nature of their professions. The War on Drugs and institutional doctrine regarding health treatment, especially mental health treatment, are one and the same, with their designs stemming from the same sources, administering downwards.

Unfortunately, those who train for these professions, those "entrenched experts", as Dr Carl Hart put it (though I addressed it more face-forward in this post), are not informed of this while they train, and are with too much ingrained prejudice and dogmatic belief, being so strongly of a dopamine-ample disposition, to possibly consider beyond their narrow experience and closed mental environments (in other words, they are highly sociopathic, and this makes them useful for little that is good).

Caral Hart was correct in saying that "drugs are not the problem" (and if so, they're every human's beneficial problem from the moment they are conceived in the womb, as their very assemblage there is reliant upon sufficient dopamine-availability in their mother's brain). The problems are doctors, scientists, and the institutional doctrine which they've been peddled, and which they peddle. These people and things are immense obstacles to health in today's world, and, as all the things which they obstruct are fully treatable and curable (as I'm showing and will show to completion), a person who suffers one of the pertinent conditions does not so much have Depression, or Anxiety, or Psychosis, etc, but is foremost the victim of a False medical doctrine and those who preach and practice it.

Here is a excerpt of writing that is from a post which I haven't yet finalized:

For all conditions of mental stress, which is the state of having insufficient released dopamine where a brain is routing signals, dopamine is the one true answer, and all others are incompatible with an authentic resolution. Dopmaine presents the correct block-shape to fit through dopamine-shaped holes. A person suffering mental stress ailments has a dopamine-shaped hole within themselves.

The best solution for these people is cocaine, as cocaine produces the healthier-than-natural release of dopamine within a person, and is the proficient release of a person’s own natural dopamine, while invoking a significant inhibition upon adrenaline.

Cocaine is the star-shaped block that fits into the star-shaped hole that is a person’s mental stress, to address, treat, and a cure their state of dopamine deficiency and its emergent ailments. Cocaine is veritably the miracle cure that it was previously regarded as being before its prohibition, and which it never was found as being otherwise than in all the time from then until now. Indeed, all information since that time corroborates that cocaine actually was, and therefore still is, that miracle cure. And I can confirm that this is the real-world case.

A person who is asphyxiating requires oxygen, a person who is starving needs food, a person who is dehydrated needs water, and a person who is experiencing mental stress needs dopamine: Or precisely, they need dopamine’s release to increase in their brain independently of adrenaline / noradrenaline’s release – which is exactly the unique effect of cocaine.

A person who is suffering mental stress literally needs, more than any other thing, cocaine, and cocaine is the real solution to a person’s state of mental stress.

Mental Stress emergent and contributing ailments include: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Dementia (Alzheimers, Parkinsons…), PTSD, Fascia Adhesions, and more. All these things are branches from shared sources.


If a person has suffered any of these, or retired their life while afflicted with any of these, or has family that suffers or suffered any of these, know this: the suffering was without justification. There was and is real prevention and cure for all of these things, and most of these things enter into the body through one door - that left open by an absence of released dopamine.

In medieval ages witches were hunted. Before (and still during) then, religious infidels. Just some decades ago, homosexuals were seen as mentally ill, depraved, and possibly contagious. None of these human stupidities meets the measurement of intellectual and moral depravity which the creation and persecution of those with dopamine deficiency has set. Racism is still around, but the greatest evil a human could ever conjure was the criminalization against the fundamental state and needs of being human and having a working brain - an evil that was brought and furthered by the scientists and doctors of the world, who are still practising that evil to this day.