Monday 23 June 2014

Blurb / Notice

I said I was approaching 300 unpublished documents, but it actually looks like there're at least 1,000 (turned out around 1,500). That's gonna be a real bitch to go through - and that's why it's always easier to just keep moving ahead without looking back   ^ ^

But the hundred I cataloged yesterday were filled with gold just waiting to be refined into a lot of ammunition for all sorts of things, should I need it.

If you read Sunday's posts already, I tightened them up some and added a few pieces of info which I think are valuable.


Sunday 22 June 2014

Notice of Adjustments to Preceding Post

I've edited some lines in the previous post, and hope my choosing of words is relatable to readers' understanding. 'Thinking' is a bit of an open-ended term, in my opinion, and seems to emphasize the reasoning side of things, but also incorporates judgment upon reasoning.

And so 'Thinking' is the culmination of both regions, but its opened-endedness leads me to consider that Anterior Insula operation can be considered thinking in its own right, while Prefrontal Cortex operation doesn't produce thinking on its own.

I hope the edits and word-choices resonate well with readers - and let me know if something yet feels amiss.


Operational Identity of the Prefrontal Cortex

The Prefrontal Cortex is home of Subjective responses.

It is the ability for Information-Retention, and for giving Directives upon that information.

The Prefrontal Cortex provides the empty Container-Space in which the Anterior Insula's Detail-Awareness, Considering, Understanding, and Comprehension can breathe. It is like a papyrus, and the Anterior Insula a quill and inspiration.

Its space is not one-dimensional, and it is responsible for enabling depth of detail-perception as well as quantity of details, and also length of time in which details can be in-taken to contribute toward perception. The Detail-Awareness comes from the Anterior Insula, whose output is received by the Prefrontal Cortex.

The Prefrontal Cortex is conventionally considered responsible for Critical-Thinking, but this is half-False.

There can not be Truth (reasoning) and Choice (determining) from the same region, because the two are dependent upon antithetical circumstances: One must have connections between its data to produce context for understanding something as truth, while the other must have no connection between its data in order to be able to make decisions based on, but independent from data. One must be Value-Based, the other Value-Less.

Critical-Thinking is fully-reliant upon Anterior Insula Detail-Awareness and Comprehension before Determining gets its moment. Critical-Thinking is all three of these things acting together.

And Detail-Awareness and Comprehension employment depends on Prefrontal Cortex dopamine availability. Development, and use of Detail-Awareness are slightly different things.

The Prefrontal Cortex and the Anterior Insula are an operational team, with antithetical responsibilities.

The Prefrontal Cortex does not think (where thinking is contemplating), it subjectively reacts to thought in the likeness of often-dynamic If / Then statements upon Anterior Insula conditions, with Schematics of these If / Then statements creating response behavioural patterns.

'Thought' from region is falsified, imagined, delusioned - and there is a lot of false-thinking coming from it in the world. Most people actually form invalid If / Then thought schematics and live life through them, believing they are actually thinking - it's the norm.

There doesn't need to be an 'If' for a 'Then', meaning 'Do' is also enactable - but takes more effort, which amounts to more regional dopamine-availability necessitated.

Dopamine in this region is uniquely subject to willed-regulation - something I am not going to detail in this post. Lower dopamine equates lower information retention, and that retention is Working-Memory.

When someone has difficulty with attention and focus, increasing this region's dopamine will resolve it - if adrenaline's factoring doesn't negate any supplementation efforts.

When the Prefrontal Cortex receives Anterior Insula output, it is like it is Importing or Cloning parts of the Anterior Insula - parts which it can then subjectively decide upon.

A more greatly developed Anterior Insula requires a higher dopamine level in the Prefrontal Cortex to handle, cope, and work with the information it transmits to it, and to resolve any experienced challenges from that Anterior Insula's considering.

When there are threatening problems in the Anterior Insula's considering, the Prefrontal Cortex' dopamine is essential to be able to intercede and will cessation of troubling operations - done through an If / Then, or Do directive that cancels processes. Lower Prefrontal Cortex dopamine equates lower ability to make decisions and take control within the mind - and this is the nature of Mental Stress ailment.


Container-Space for Anterior Insula Detail-Awareness
Source of Subjective Perception


Information-Retention (Working-Memory)
Directive-Giving (Decisions)
'If / Then' Schematic-forming (conditions for responses)
Or just 'Do' commands
Intercession of Anterior Insula considering
Half of Critical-Thinking

Regional capability is diminished and also lost when its regulated dopamine becomes low


Note on Preceding Post

The Sub-Division of False-Concepts and their conglomerated Considerations is the active creation of Detail-Awareness.


The Factors of Anterior Insula Information Storage

The Anterior Insula can perform its signature functions because its information is Value-Based. And, from that, it can perform Inter-Calculations between data, and Veracity-Checks against data.

It can also Sub-Divide conglomerated concepts into their singularities, although I think this can involve perception from more than just the Anterior Insula.

Apart from being Value-Based, the Anterior Insula could do none of Considering, Understanding, Comprehension, or have awareness to details.

And apart from being insulated from direct and willed interference and influence, it could not establish values for any of its information.

Because it is insulated from direct interference, and because its information is Value-Based, the Anterior Insula is the source for Objective perception.

Another key element of Anterior Insula information organization is an ability to establish and structure Consideration-Groups.

Corresponding with being Value-Based, information in the Anterior Insula is of-Polarity, and damaged information can be of no identified polarity, constantly flickering between polar dispositions - and this can damage all information that such comes into contact with.

Information that is determined to be contextually-True enables progression of considering, according to the facsimile operation of transistors.


Collection of a person's experienced information
Source of Objectivity


Insulated from direct manipulation
Sub-Division of False-Concepts
Polarity of information
Unassigned / Neutralized Polarity


The Trajectory for Anterior Insula Development

Involved in Anterior Insula development are all of Consideration, Understanding, Comprehension, Reasoning, Detail-Awareness, and Emotional Depth (not sensitivity, although circumstances could see a person prone to it - subject for a later time).

The trajectory for Anterior Insula development is as follows:


Understanding and Comprehension are destinations and results to both Considering and Reasoning. When starting from Consideration, they come after - but where Reasoning is, they come before, yet are results to all other previous Reasonings. There is Reasoning already in Comprehension, but it isn't the fulfilled power of Reasoning.

Gradually-increasing levels of Detail-Awareness and Emotional Depth are by-products of the whole process.

Increases in those things can be exponential, while increases in Comprehension, through fulfilled-Reasoning, can be by orders of magnitude - as can be Reasoning, itself.


Friday 20 June 2014

Note on Primary Principle of Mental Stress

Recognize that human experience involves more than chemistry alone, and so Mental Stress' resolution finalizes one full-half of the complete issue. The other half is Psycheparous, which is antithesis to Psychology just as Reason is antithesis to Science just as Consideration is the antithesis to Sociopathism and just as Good is the antithesis of Evil.

Context for my further demonstrating reality's justification and the contextual-application of Mental Stress' resolution is also now had.


Reason Proverb 4 - Resolution is a Device of Reason

There is never Resolution apart from Reason, and Reason always upscales.

'Resolution' is purely a device of Reason. It is neither a start nor a finish, but a porous barrier between two inter-tiered concepts: For one, it is encapsulation that locks its progress into being and makes its identity and meaning known, while it is emergence into the further, and is also a signaling ignition for various things.

And the former encapsulation becomes a basis for the newly engaged one, and also is just a single component of many for a concept much bigger that's still further off.


Thursday 19 June 2014

The Primary Principle and Resolution of Mental Stress - Encompassing All Ailment of type-Psychosis || D-Proverbs 7 - 10

All of-Mental Stress is precisely a deficiency of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine per a person's Anterior Insula's Consideration output, antagonized by the nor/adrenaline clock-rating upon that brain.

Dopamine Proverb 7

Reason's anti-principle: Persistent Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses correspond to its withheld application and simultaneously Sociopathism - the two are unary.

Dopamine Proverb 8

Dopamine is the fuel all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by.

Dopamine Proverb 9

Reason's D-Proverb 7 anti-state resolution: All of-Mental Stress receives vigorous treatment and also permanent curing from a proficient dopamine increase, aligned with nor/adrenaline's simultaneous significant restraining, its regulatory-freeze, or its down-regulation.

Dopamine Proverb 10

D-Proverb 10 presents A partial conundrum, but one that is fully resolvable.


Reason Proverb 3

Peace is all a person's Considerations ordered harmoniously. This is the only source.


Wednesday 18 June 2014

of-Considerations, in Piecemeal - tentative

As this subject attempts to extend beyond Reason to consider Reason's emergence, and then earlier still, it cannot be all Reasoned (I presume, for now), but it is all Considered, and of-Potential - regardless of such's existence. 'Tentative' and 'referencial for contemplation' is greater than 'nothingness null nothing', for a concept-based being. I presume, for now.

Long ago, before the time of the dinosaurs, there was... Consideration?

A Consideration is transitional potential - a quality without any context to produce value/definition.

Everything to which consideration(s) applies has its energy (or whatever else, where relevant) filtered through the personality of the imparted Considerations. The result can be material creation, commandment of operation, existential nullification, and everything else that is, and also is-not, whatever the form or measurement.

Everything existing emerges out of this filtering through Considerations.

Considerations hypothetically coalesce, receive precedence, counteract, agitate, harmonize, atone... everything. They are not any thing, but all transitional potential.

Consideration-particles (also Considerations) can assemble in all manners, but there exists perfect unity for every unique archetype Consideration - each of which disassembles into particle-Considerations, and those probably likewise, ongoing.

All Consideration-particle assemblage is Reasoned, and all assembling of Considerations necessarily-produces Reason's existence.

Consideration achetypes are the particles of Reason.

The physical Universe has a specific identity, and it is exactly all Considerations perfectly refined into their unique singularities, with all those then unified so as existing parallel/concurrent, making a loop, via a Reasoned order. The Universe is temporal and purposed and will eventually de-materialize, with all its stored value to revert to energy.

Reason has a specific identity, and it is exactly all conjoining Considerations perfectly refined and ordered into their unique singular-instances, with all those then conjoined so as existing parallel/concurrent, via a Reasoned order. Reason is most identifiable where consideration factors what is defined as relevant to outcome.

'Love' has a specific identity, and it is exactly all Reason-extraneous Considerations, perfectly refined and ordered into their unique singular-instances, with all those then conjoined so as existing parallel/concurrent in a Reasoned order. 'Love' is most identifiable where consideration is singular-existence and definition does not exist. 'Unconditioned Love' can apply equally to nothing and defined-existence, and when applied to definition, it overrules existing values and attributes its own quality as value: all = True / full positive-value. Where without definition, 'Unconditioned Love' could hypothetically be Reason with all of Consideration's determination-barriers removed.

That which is both Reason and 'Love', and is of all Considerations, has full rule over Truth:

Reason enables Falsification and segmentation of Truth through principled creation of the intangible Falsehood-concept, which is Truth's antithesis. After that, Love can employ its definition-extraneous considerations to void and replace Truth's values however, or to normalize Truth into, I suppose, something value-less, or fully erase it by merging it with its Reasoned antithesis - producing not a de-materialization/manifestation/creation, but declaring the same definition-less non-existence as potentially-was before Truth's reasoning.

All this is open to consideration.

Consideration is not matter and seems likely neither to be energy, as Consideration lacks state/value/presence, except where mid-transitioning energy as the gateway. Consideration and Reason are of this value-less, definitionless Potential, which thrives in seeming-nothingness, effortlessly, and from there would predictably produce nothingness' antithetical-alternative, which substantiates as its Potential - and, there, would emerge extensive Reason. Potential would be a unique form from energy and matter, and as matter is derived from energy, energy could be derived from Potential. If Potential produces energy as well as transitioning it into matter, Potential would be more real than energy, just as energy is more real than matter, which itself is transitioned-energy. That stated, energy could be transitioned Potential.

Nothing, Potential, Consideration, 'Love', Reason, Truth - it's hard to designate an existential-precedence to any of them. Maybe they're all conceptualized sub-divisions for a greater Singularity.


Shrapnel Reason Blog Problurb #1

Lack of posts commonly means Reason is realizing too much for posting, and sometimes too far beyond what's established for relevance.

Unpublished drafts and allwheres-stashed resolution documents increase faster than do published posts, and there are now approaching a few hundred (Correction: 1,000+)  much longer, unique reasoned documents versus 38 subject-restricted, condensed posts. Any time that could have provided a second look at anything not published was instead expended producing all new resolutions. Also, reading 12+ page Word-documents of exactly what I already know, for any purpose, is personally almost conceptually-intolerable. Reason only progresses further, and what was reasoned is known and non-edifying or appreciable to repeat.

For now, I'm unlikely to back-attend to what lapsed a planned-posting until/unless more-appreciable topic-manifestations subside, but Reason keeps upscaling its objective, as does a fractal-animation its perimeter - which is a quality-likeness of Reason's visualization.

Any crucial absences I become aware of I'll fill - and I'm aware of many right now. Every detail becomes an extensive realm, commonly delaying sleep by 8+ hours of  its documentation, sometimes repeating, for days - frequently without producing a single postable form. The things written as distractions form the most dependable post-materials.

One upcoming, following this one, though written just before. Blah, blah.


Friday 6 June 2014

'Reward''s Self-Nullification & Bow to Reason's Supreme-Governance, with Reason Proverb 2

If you open your eyes, both paradigms - of 'Reward' and of Physio-Fuel - resolve as meaning that Dopamine is definitively the human-physiology's purpose-for-living, what it is dependent upon, and therefore what is the foundation for all human-physiological health - that of Mind and Body, individually and collectively.

'Reward' automatically means and defines, after its Sociopathic-convolution is traversed-through till the end, that Dopamine is the singular God-molecule for all human-existence.

What this means is that those citing, implementing, regulating, and operating 'Reward' were so Sociopathic, so irresponsible, and so selfishly-lazy (all of which is Stupidity) that they didn't even finalize their own theory and conjecture, yet implemented it into Society - and they STILL didn't lift a finger to consider its Veracity, despite constructing all convention and therefore all-Societies around it, and therefore afflicting all societies with its Lethal-Poison.

This is the behaviour, trustability, and value of Reward-Sociopathism. It destroys all-Society just to pathetically pander to its invalid, unworthy, non-appreciating, and non-accomplishing self, and all before it ever realizes that it is consequently defeating itself in pursuit of itself.

What a great idiocy 'Reward' is. 'Reward', that which is its concept, is the Chief-Stupidity of all human-existence - there is, and will ever be, no other.

No matter how dumb you think you have ever been or ever might be, you will never top the unadulterated-moronism of physiological 'Reward', and that of belief in its concept as guiding-force. By dismissing and standing-apart from 'Reward', you automatically have a True-evaluation of self-identity in your Anterior Insula, making you of-Smarts, while those believing 'Reward' have surrendered their identity, for now, and in them 'Reward' is what receives a True-evaluation. A Mind non-existent won't be found anywhere once the rest fades, while a mind of-Reason cannot diminish and re-materializes once restraints fade, as it is an inseparable part of the 'Why, How, Way' of all-Existence, eternally - and apart from it, the rest of Existence also does not exist. Just as any concept is falsified with a single error, and a circuit shorted by one False-transistor, so is All-Existence apart from every smallest part of its Reason being present. Reasoned consciousness is eternal.

There is no greater Stupidity than 'Reward's concept, just as there is no greater Evil than what produces from lack of Consideration. These are Reason's hard-determined singular Truth-certainties towards these two identities - from these spills out every Stupidity and every Evil.

But every Evil justifies itself, and no Evil ever did not justify itself - there is a beyond-Hitler, beyond-Hussein, beyond-Osama, beyond-Nero and Caligula hidden and inlaid in every First-World conventional practice, and many modern-elects operate with much more Sociopathism than ever did Hitler: For all the Evil of the holocaust, the Iraq invasion occurred out of less conviction and felt-justification than did Hitler's purge of Jews, yet people's minds are like butter and no-one ever considered these things. The USA's invasion of Iraq is a beyond-the-Holocaust, and those who insisted it are beyond-Hitlers. Judging by numbers of those dead is exclusively a Sociopath's means to grade Evil - and by it the Iraq-invasion still evaluates as Evil, as per Sociopathism's inescapable Hypocrisy. Like 'Reward' is to Dopamine, Sociopathism to lack-of-Consideration, death and destruction is consequence of Evil, not its cause or purpose, and number-of-dead is inconsequential to its procedure, which is to divide itself from what it opposes, and erase that which stands apart - and every variable is ignored as irrelevant.

Smarts is suggestively the Reward for not being a Dumb-Sociopath, but then the things which Smarts produces are 'not being a Dumb-Sociopath's Reward, and so Smarts isn't a reward, but causation and purpose for what builds upon them - and those things are also their own causation and purpose. Ultimately, 'Reward' never existed except for where a Sociopath decided they weren't going to bother with consideration, and so didn't deserve the energy that was given it for perception-augmentation.

There can be no Reward which does not come unexpectedly, non-dependably, and apart from all action-considerations. If action was contingent upon a reaction, then reaction was Purpose, Meaning, Fulfillment, Resolution, and Reason for Action, and creates Appreciation for both Action and Reaction as one process.

But if Action was for Reward, then Action itself was irrelevant and merely means to reach Reward - which is exactly the reality of convention's Sociopathic non-consideration, and all Evil.

Dopamine is the Penultimate creation of the Scientific Method of cyclic test/observation, which is the quintessential Sociopathic behaviour, and its behavioural-nature fully obeys the Psychotic-state's perception-pattern of 'disjoint, fractionalize, reduce' upon whatever it is applied - and its societal-effects are corresponding.

Reason Proverb 2: Science is Sociopathic, and leaves Psychosis in its wake

Well, Dopamine is fully and exclusively as I've stated it, which is contingent upon all the convention-nullification which I've presented, which is unavoidably annihilating of all conventional-practice and theory. Everything of human-understanding must be re-written from the ground up, and I've disclosed the complete foundation for it herein. Just as Reason resolved human-physiology from True-scratch in mere months (about 2.5 - documenting it takes much longer, because it's really boring) establishing what's True of human life won't take a notable fraction of the time it took to weave such a convoluted idiocy as what stemmed from 'Reward' (and yet can't cure anything). It's all the trying to falsify everything to make it look like it fits, despite sitting on an impossible foundation, that takes millions of people a century to produce. Start with an objective-perception and do it correctly from the start, and apparently 2.5 months by one person is sufficient.

If you have millions of some monetary-denominations to spare, or less, I will appreciate some of them as donations, payment, gratitude, according to what they represent. It took maybe 2.5 months to resolve, humanology (with much still to present), but painful decades to resolve everything that comes first, and this resolution is really only the latest momentary-iteration on a decades-long-running fractal-animation of Reason. If only assigning actual subject-time, I guess human-physiological resolution had none, as it was instantaneous upon perceiving an antithetical False-statement - Reason in automation.

With merely this understanding, I have cured all of Mental Stress (psychosis, dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, schizophrenia, lethargy, depression, anxiety... and further, including those yet-unassociated) and simultaneously all of Sociopathism (selfishness, arrogance, sadism, manipulation, stupidity, laziness), resolving their individual Falsehoods by healing what is only Singular, and returning the Realization of True-existence to humanity - and by this is generated Truth, Reason, Knowing, Compassion, Life, Existence.

This perception-shift will cure all those things automatically over some generations, as they don't exist apart from the mind first conforming its operation to belief of their foundational False-paradigm - which is being done without detection by normalization and sync to the principles embedded in the formats and necessary-implications of all received conventional information. This, too, is operation of Reason, and it is how a belief operates in the brain: For something to be assumed-True, all that its True-evaluation depends on must also be True (because this is, therefore these things also are...) - and a single assumption or genuine-belief will snap a multitude of consideration-evaluation transistors into alignment with the belief - and this is how Psychosis and Sociopathism exist in today's society. Even though their natural disappearance will take time, their is way to genuinely treat and cure all of them before their natural dissolution - for a harmful thing to exist, is has a Reason, and its Reason is also its cure.

There is yet lots to document regarding Dopamine, but also for Reason - which requires more consideration of me than Dopamine, because it doesn't have its parts and over-arching operations defined - though their mechanisms are relatable to other things, so Reason's principle of dictation by sameness and antithesis applies - resolving Reason by Reason.

The Age of Sociopathism is over. Now begins and Is the final age, the Age of Reason.


Denouncement of 'Reward' as Literal Chief of all Sociopathism

'Reward' is Sociopathic concept in origin, operation, implication, practicality, and societal outcome.

It is the antithesis of Smarts - and a person of-Smarts (higher Anterior Insula development) will easily recognize that a thing can't Reward itself, and if the brain could do so, it would set an endless cycling-loop to always be flush with Reward. To not, would make the brain really, really, really dumb: It holds what it seeks, and yet filibusters the circuit with irrelevant condition-setting. It would rather mean that the brain is not of one being, but of multiple.

Any interim activity serves no purpose in a 'Reward' paradigm, and is succinctly evolutionarily-invalid (though that's the very least-damning aspect of it). This False paradigm also means that there would be a Master and a Slave persona within the same mind: One which evaluates the other, and conditions their acceptance upon mere tasks, making the overall brain bi-polar, suicidal, self-loathing, sadistic, tyrannical. It would be True-evil, just as Evil is definitively the by-product from lack of Considerations upon all things.

The Master persona would then be an Antagonist-Sociopath towards the Slave persona - and this relationship would be regardless of whether the Slave meets the conditions of the Master or not.

Argument that this behaviour is a survival mechanism is equally Sociopathic and non-appreciable:

For what purpose would the body and brain be surviving if it could fulfill its existence through this endless-cycling? And if it did such an endless-cycling and yet still had survival interest, then obviously either 'Reward' wasn't there to serve a desire to survive, or the brain was simply not cycling Reward enough to comprehensively fulfill itself - and in either case, the disposition provides its own resolution: seek survival / cycle-faster. Obvious. Therefore, the taking of drugs would be the pinnacle accomplishment in life, and truth-honouring course of action for a human.

Calling Dopamine 'Reward' is a concept which only one definitively of non-Smarts could conceive as intelligent. It is the literal antithesis of Intelligent, and it literally stems directly from what is literal antithesis of literal intelligence.

A person who was genuinely of-Reward would literally be a 'worse than Hitler', Saddam, Stalin, and everything and everyone, because their mind would literally partition between full, non-wavering, unconditionally-threatening, violent subjugating-dominance, and then complete-subjection to that: Sociopathic and Psychotic all in one ugly skull.

It would be a hard division of antithetical qualities, and it would be unable to act on anything because of it. It therefore would render void any pretence that its design had any use in serving accomplishment, survival, or evolution - it would be self-defeating, and self-fearing and it also would rapidly destroy any will in the Slave partition to participate in surviving.

'Reward' is a Sociopathic concept, born of Sociopathism and harboured by Sociopaths. It is the penultimate Stupidity, a pure-bred offspring of it, and the True-mark of a person of non-Smarts.

A person of Reward cannot be trusted in anything they say, and anything they claim is void on contact - because their motivation is False, their intention serving of one Sociopathic persona, and their evaluation of everything skewed by the perspective that all is to serve Chief Sociopath. An of-Reward cannot produce or determine Truth, and for the state of 'Reward' there is no Truth to detect - only personal benefit.

The person of 'you' does not factor into 'Reward", and neither does 'Reward'. It is True self-defeat, self-antithesis.

'A house divided against itself will not stand'

Reason-up, people.


General infos

Pre-Yesterday's 'Tomorrow' didn't occur, and I think it'll benefit more to place some other things first, as the MFPD-resolution was written earlier and prior to detailing some concepts, and having those first established in full-view will help anything that refers to them summarily.

A day of writing spawned many more useful concept-partitioning, but the larger multitude of these for Reason sit in a bunch of 6 - 12+ page Word-documents, and are not yet-delivered because of writing far too much for any practicality, rather than not having enough to write. The nature of Reason will gradually sift, unify, and encapsulate their pieces into sub-concepts, and then a larger, cohesive-understanding. I will probably provide them in their smaller-forms along the way, and I'm sure I have many thing already to give as soon as I remember what or where they are.

I have newly-paraphrased an overview of the inter-regional dopamine reality, I only need to type it from writing and then will provide.

Below is a pretty significant piece (being the heart of it) of the reverse-engineering of where the 'Reward' myth stems from, and what it's actual value is - and it's not appreciable.


Ability is of Anterior Insula Consideration-Construction - and its failing total-reality of 'Reward' || Dope-Proverb 6

Ability-detection is of Anterior Insula inter-Construction:

Temporal awareness of capability augments a conditioned-partial self-ability-appreciation, with the Striatum subserviently the Regulatory-centre of the brain.

Appreciation and Reward are antithesis, and where one exists, the other is absent. 'Reward' is of no-value, and its narrow-provision makes appreciation of the capability that its contingent upon, and its opportunities, impossible to present. Such a mind will always be re-discovering the same, basic, self-potential - literally as a part their detail-awareness keeps denying what's reasoned-True during direct-interaction. Consequently, a 'Reward' person will never internally-accept this detail-awareness to comprehend its value, or for themselves and society to benefit from it. So their 'Reward' insanity dictates that they can never appreciate this awareness, or appreciate the same awareness in others - as they will not have detail-detection or comprehension of it, wherever else it occurs.

Note: Appreciation a piece of a greater reality might experience simultaneously with 'Reward'.

This memory is not the working-memory of the Prefrontal Cortex, but the one that comes from knowledge-of-self, a genuine Knowing and Understanding, and dependent on Anterior Insula inter-calculations manifesting a lasting realization-of-self.

I guess that ties that whole thing up in one go. It's awful that potentially most greatest-capable people are essentially tortured-slaves to a sociopathic-dogma, forcefully, and under state-decree. At least a Jew wasn't being convinced they weren't being partitioned and killed while it was going on - and weren't being told that their death was their life. Instead, this is psychological torture on top of physical and psychological torture.

Also, those who experience 'Reward' are basically, although most-surely without realizing it, selling their greater and literal True-selves for a little touch of dopamine-dusting. If they knew the better, they would take it - but that they haven't taken it is no excuse for paralyzing those different and cutting them off from their rightful life through psychological-enslavement. Those people's manifestation of themselves would produce the consistent-awareness of the Sociopath's own denied-potential, and help lock-in those realizations. What is experienced as concession, 'Reward', is in-reality the gift of being too dim to recognize what's missed and lost, and reveling-endlessly in a sand-box full of genuine-shit.

A person with Down-syndrome can be easily excited and pleased, and conversely insta-stubborn and aggressive - this paradigm bears the same factor-constitution and snap-polarity mechanism as sizable-swaths of 'Reward'-people, but with proportions ramped upwards - although the discrepancy between the two demographics is probably about the same as that between a heavy 'Reward'-persona and a one of Appreciation-capability, and sometimes moreso. If contrast to a mind of-Reason (which is nurturable, and its insetting, as all behavioural traits, is one of increasing-inclination and not suddenly full), which is possibly the penultimate development-ability of Anterior Insula, the discrepancy is then far more extreme.

An Anterior Insula-True person may be resigned to keep-resigning, through the disorientation described in the 4rd paragraph of this piece, but for those certain of 'Reward', Consider how you might actually manifest, and in-fact therefore would be. Do you bully Down-sufferers and call them Retards in the open - (I won't more narrowly-specify what could rhetorically-negate the question for some people)? Civility/compassion comes through Smarts-normalization (though eccentricity from erratic or disarrayed-Smarts), and I think those more Anterior Insula established will not frequently cite what-is for faulting, because persistent life-abuse/misuse misinforms and de-affirms their sensed-perception that their reasoned-perception is actually what's True, and only what's-True.

Dopamine Proverb 6: A person who experiences 'Reward' is necessarily a loser within their own mind


Monday 2 June 2014

PSA - Next Post (abandoned)

For tomorrow, I'll post my resolution-abstract to the ailment of Myofascia Pain Disorder.

I also did some editing to the previous post. I tend to iterate for a short while after posting things, in-line with how things auto-materialize in my mind - that's the manner Reasoning works in.

Et Also... (a Scientific Fact is...)

'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be true' - since it intrinsically defers to Reason as its governing force in the first place, why wouldn't someone just start with it? Would be the Smarts thing to do...


The Grand Correction upon the Conventions of Reasoning

P.1 - Pre, re-cap
P.2 - Value of the Insula being insular
P.3 - What is not related
P.4 - Post-cap
P.5 - Because these things are certain...
P.6 - Reason vs Science
P.7 - Children of Reason


First, I said I would detail the reality of cranial-Reasoning, in correction of the erroneous convention - but as I regarded what actually exists as documented regarding these subjects, I was astounded by the pure gibberish that apparently currently depicts how people's brains are functioning - which is to say, they're not. I don't want to waste words, so I'm keeping this minimal, and continuing below instead with what is more important to know as the groundwork for any thing taking part in existing within this universe - and if you don't have this down, no matter how much you point to your egregiously brief inarguable present material-manifestation - you ultimately don't exist, and that manifestation will cease as its molecules fall-apart.

Anyway, a sporadic minimal correction of the convention regarding Reasoning as an action of the brain:

The Anterior Insula is an access-sealed vault that stores all your considerations in their most concept-segregated forms, with True/False, 1/0, Yes/No polarity to each of them, which is literally the transistor-effect. Apart from this effect, it is impossible for Truth-verification to exist - and if this wasn't in the Anterior Insula, human beings wouldn't be anything, they wouldn't have instincts, there wouldn't be detection between life/death, and this Human-thing wouldn't have formed - because without these values producing Truth-determination, there's no determined reason for the host-consciousness, and no value to be determined from it.


As said, the Anterior Insula is access-sealed, and that's the only possible way which Truth-verification may exist - if those values were manipulable, a person altering just a single one could invalidate their entirety, and that person's brain would instantly lose value of everything, and they'd instantly-cease. It would be division by zero, enacted upon that conscious existence. It would nullify. This is because the value of any consideration is as contextual to the rest - this is the basis principle for all Reasoning:

'Because this is certain, therefore these other things also are certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods' - and from this, all things can be discovered, in rapid-time. This is the foundational principle behind the Reason method I am to demonstrate.

There should consequently be no such thing as Critical-Thinking from the Prefrontal-Cortex, because this region is characterized by self-determination - which is accomplished precisely because there exists no valuation to thoughts within its range. And the Prefrontal Cortex region is dependent upon Anterior Insula output, with the Anterior Insula being aware of Prefrontal-Cortex interests, and serving them, while maintaining its consideration-vault's necessary isolation.

What is regarded as brain-activity in regions during Reasoning, etc, is merely reactionary to the actual Reasoning - and Reasoning is an extremely light-weight process-automation, and I think thousands of simultaneous streams of it can fit into the pipeline-consumption as a single normal Prefrontal-Cortex thought. It is unlikely that Reasoning displays as much of anything in PET brain scans.


Now, I really don't know what any of this literal Falsehood exists for:

A person perusing that would get the impression that "R-e-a-s-o-n-" was just some miscellaneous string of letters, floating around ethereally, determined to be useful as a scrap-container for whatever junk any random person happened to need to offload - which they subsequently stuffed into it.

I don't know why all those people misused the term, but Reason is already claimed - and claimed since the origin of this universe - and it's hard-coded into existence, right here, in the concept which gives the word its definition:

What is the reason for ____? Why is ____?

Reason: the Why, How, and Way of a thing; The Answer to any condition.

So Reason literally is 'The Answer' to anything and also to everything which it is applied, making it the most valuable thing in all existence, and yet ( ) all this worthless junk is found to be squatting in its place. Going forward, know that all that non-Reasoning bulk is never, here at Shrapnel Reason, being referred to, and that only the literal meanings to Reason and Reasoning are regarded as existing.

Because Reason is 'The Answer', its methodology is already comprehensively complete and fully contained within its single-word domain, Reason.


Reasoning, the highest-form of all information-processing in all existence, is the revelation of Truth using only Truth. In the human brain, it is purely the consequence of inter-calculation pinging off all the Anterior Insula's considerations - and every consideration's value, no matter what it is, will contribute a Truth-certainty as well as a certain-Falsehood - upon every concept to which it's deferred.

Billions of Anterior Insula information-bits can manifest the conclusion to the most esoteric theories, near-instantly or instantly - but it won't unless a person has first structured their mind in the singular way that it is designed from the dust-up to function - with the Prefrontal Cortex as merely a vacuous creation-environment, and reserved-energy storage-cell, in which every conceived and non-conceived thing can be produced through willed-structuring of Anterior Insula consideration-determinations - deferring to the Anterior Insula to produce every concept.


'Because this is certain, therefore these other things are also certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods'

If someone had applied Reason's principle to the ex-convention of Dopamine being 'Reward', they would have realized this:


This is a spectrum for potential attributions to the value and role of Dopamine. They all exist along a single parameter, and there will not exist a dual-placement. A molecule is an energy-concept, stored in matterial form, and is not bi-polar. Split identities will indicate two separate and incongruous concepts.

If looking at its characteristics, it's observed that the active-diminishment of dopamine has all-impacting effects upon a person's capability to operate - and also their mood, their health, their cooperation, and their resilience. Therefore, it is clear that its role is at minimal Important, though is already apparently Vital to productivity, energy. However, if it is looked at even more finely, it is seen that it is in fact the chief-motivator behind all brain-activity, and in-fact the brain will not operate apart from it. Therefore, because it is of Vital attribution in its conduct, Dopamine as 'Reward' is a certain-Falsehood.

A mere moment of applying Reason debunks decades of medical-Science convention, effortlessly - and its earlier awareness would have prevented decades of deadly-harm to individuals, and pervasive-malady across societies.

In turns medical-convention on its head, leaving it to shit all over itself.


In Science there are things referred to as hard-sciences, and then there is that which is not referred to as a hard-science. Hard-science is a misnomer, with those things labeled as hard-sciences simply being strict-Reasons, but these subjects include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. Logic-determination is also a hard-determiner (AKA, one of Reason's sub-formats), using Mathematical valuations to determine statements.

If logic-determination is applied to the Scientific Method, this is what produces as True:

1 - Scientific-Fact: 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be True'
2 - 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be True' < True
3 - Scientific-Fact < True
4 - Scientific Fact == False
5 - Scientific-Fact: a certain-Falsehood
6 - Science: A body of certain-Falsehoods

Science's procedure: Disjoint, Fractionalize, Reduce
Reason's procedure: Flourish, Evolve, Unify

Psychosis: Disjoint, Fractionalize, Reduce

And refer to P.5 to review yourselves that this is the reality: The Scientific Method and Reason Method are antithesis, and the Scientific-Method chases the exactly-False tail-end anti-Truth of a thing, while Reason amasses a Truth's full-Realization.

Reason is thousands of times more proficient than Science, and while Science produces Falsehoods, Reason cannot produce a falsehood as per its principle of dictation by hard-sameness and hard-antithesis. Reason is full-replacement of Science, and when standing-before Reason, Science is as if it never was, and of no-effect.

There will be an expanded version of this matter, later.


Reason is the language which the brain operates within, and Reason is the language of all the universe and everything that exists. Everything is knowable through Reason, and Truth is singular, and a singularity, navigable in-full by Reason.

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics are strictly Reasons, and they adhere in-full to the principles and operations of Reason. Reason is the singular hard-determiner for All-Truth, and it doesn't experience borders to any subject, and applies equally-perfectly to every last consideration and topic in existence.

Concepts are the language of the Mind, and Reason is the language of Concepts. Everything is there-and-herein resolved.

.      -   -      .
~~~ ~~~  /       \  ~~~ ~~~
;                  .      ..      .                  ;
;                                                                    ;
 .        .        .
.  .       .  .  .     .  .  .  .  .     .  .  .       .  .

.  .     .  .
.   .
.     . .              . .     .

..       .   .   .       ..

.. . ... . . .    .. . . ....  . . . . . . .   .... .. .... .. . . . ... .. . .. . . . . . ...

So fun.


The Reality Behind 'Chasing the Dragon'

Chasing the Dragon, the process of a person pursuing a fleeting drug-induced satisfaction that always moves one step beyond where a person currently sits, provoking the person to take more, and more, and more - but never getting the satisfaction that they once had.

Psychological? Well, psychologically-induced, but afterwards it is in fact a purely-physical procession within the body.

The cause and reaction of the mechanism can potentially apply to any part of a drug's effect, but most likely associates with the latter phase of one - where it might often be referred to as a 'comedown'.

Applying this term to stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines) and narcotics (opioids, opiates), the technical truth of all of these is probably that there exists no 'comedown' effect - but I'd wadger that same suggestion applies to most-all, and even all drugs, regardless of type, and with this being the whole of the explanation for it:

Any comedown-effect a person experiences is caused by a mental-disposition of being nervous, resistant, tense towards their perception that the effect is wearing off, or even just that the experience will be fleeting and insufficient. A tense mindset, particularly while sensitivity-heightened by a psychoactive material, invariably causes vasoconstriction, which reduces the rate at which the effect-molecules are being circulated - and this makes the effect drop-off enact more sharply than is natural, literally by choking it out. The effect is cyclic, and more artificial drop-off provokes more tensity in a person already submit to it, provoking more terse an effect drop-off.

A byproduct of this evidently-dissatisfying experience, is that those encountering it crave more of whatever they're taking in order to compensate, counteract, or to vainly attempt out-running this falling-behind experience.

That's Chasing the Dragon in a nutshell.

The Solution: Stay relaxed/engage relaxation techniques, and no comedown-effect or desperate preservation-craving will induce.

This should be viewed as an addiction-prevention and recovery tool.


Sunday 1 June 2014

Anterior Insula: Humanity's Truth-Determiner

The information in the Anterior Insula is insulated from direct interaction and manipulation, and its stored considerations each have a polarity, and so it can determine Truth - which it does through veracity-checks and inter-consideration calculations. The Anterior Insula works with a transistor-effect principle.

The information in the Prefrontal Cortex is dependent upon the Anterior Insula, and it is not capable of determining Truth - either independently, or collaboratively. Its lazy non-deference to the Anterior Insula is the cause of every selfish sentiment, and every False-judgment.

Selfishness only breeds where lack of Considerations bears room, and the Anterior Insula is home of all considerations, and in fact can be measured via its Consideration-Count, marked by its dopamine-currency.

Dopamine is the currency of the brain, and the singular foundation for the human physiology.

The human heart will not beat without adrenaline, but adrenaline presence is conditional to dopamine. And even then, if regulated-dopamine is shut-off, the heart will not be willing to beat - it opts for instant death rather than a single beat without dopamine: those cases of elderly couples dying hours apart are exactly regulatory-dopamine in the remaining partner reacting to the former's passing.

Dopamine is the human-physiological will-to-live. Dopamine is the genuine God-molecule, the chief-cornerstone for human thought and physical well-being, and the foundation for all human existence. It is human physical and mental energy, thought's-precedence and for which thought is merely Reward, and it is each human's accessible-potential.

You are only as good as your dopamine-count - first in your Anterior Insula, and secondly in your Prefrontal Cortex - in which dopamine is definitively Actionable-Will, after Potential-Will is calculation-produced in the Anterior Insula.

An Anterior Insula-calculated desire cannot enact apart from there being enough reserved energy in the Prefrontal Cortex

A Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability that does not meet and exceed the Anterior Insula's quota is suffering, mal-health, and deprived life-and-opportunity upon any person of the disposition. It is effectively no different than under-powering an appliance, which consequently works erratically and regularly fails. It is full-cruelty, and it is inhumane.

And when the Anterior Insula isn't properly supplied, a corresponding amount of its determinations (effectively consideration-transistors) uncontrollably default to their False-valuation. That is the basis for all depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc.