Saturday 29 November 2014

A Bit on Making Use of Detail-Awareness

Relating to: A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential

The Prefrontal Cortex is empty container-space to receive details to be made Yes / No, decisions upon. The greater its Dopamine-availability, more details will be able to be received and handled.

If there isn't enough Dopamine-availability, a person will have a hard time comprehending a matter, and will fail to note many, even all points and aspects. They can also have a cloudy mind, headache, a psychosis, chronic depression, etc. Every suffering, though not by observation, is a measurable, quantifiable, identifiable volume of considerations that have collapsed, and are waiting to be restored.

Having large Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex region does not mean that a person has exceptional detail-awareness - although they may very well appear to excel beyond others: that is simply because many others don't have the dopamine-availability to recognize and make use of all the details which they have previously considered detection for. Suffering, itself, is constantly cultivating further considerations without a person even being aware of it.

A person who has considered more will require greater Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex region in order to work with an equivalent number of details as someone who has considered less, because that same number of core details in the person who has considers more will be comprised through a comprehension made of many, many more considerations - and each identified consideration requires a quantum of Dopamine, while the more considerations present, the more Dopamine measurement per forefront consideration will be required - because the number of known reciprocal considerations each is substantiated through increases exponentially the more that are present, as more inter-actions from each are detected.

The truth is that those setting medical, sociological, scientific policy typically are those with the least capacity to detect truth, because they have high Prefrontal Cortex dopamine levels precisely by having lower consideration activity - while those who have cultivated greater smarts can't get their brains to function, precisely because the standards have been set by empty-headed sociopaths. And they've made sure that all things 'Reward' and cater to their comfortable preference, rather than to the truth, or to what would allow fairness and equality to emerge.

Also, beneath a certain level of development, the brain itself functions in an entirely different manner - and so 'Reward' is given out to those whose brains have come to be wired to bypass much truth. Those people have traded in truth for an easy fix of Natural Cocaine, which is the brain's Dopamine - and prevented others from having enough of what is a natural right of human existence to even be able to function properly, without pains, and without unnecessary loss-of-life causing ailments.


Friday 28 November 2014

The Concept of Eternity

'This Is', 'I Am', are beliefs and invocations of Eternity. Eternal is an Absolute.

Eternity does not relate to Infinite, Endless, or Forever. Infinite and Endless involve Ceaseless Continuity, and Forever acknowledges time as present and unending, but Eternity disacknowledges Time, and only knows one persistent moment that does not move or change. Whatever relates to Time is not Eternal. All Time exists within one Eternal Moment - which also means that Time ultimately does not exist, and isn't experienced by all Reasoned consciousness (a person can have Reasoned and non-reasoned consciousness within them at once).

Eternity is one unmoving moment that is not defined in its possible contents. Eternity is bound to the paradigm of cycles, and is a moment within a cycle's ring where there is no activity, and no communication with anything outside of itself.

Eternity can be invoked in a mind for good reason. The power of Eternity is to be non-influenced, invisible, and invulnerable - to pass right through things unaffected by what would affect any other person or thing.

So, once Eternity is invoked, resolve is insulated from interference: If there is full separation between any thing and other considerations (such as people, minds, cells), the two won't be observable within the same reality. The universe of one won't experience the other. They will be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They would pass right through each other without effect, and each would be to the other as if non-existent.

A mind that is purely focused on one thing is within an eternity - and only that thing's resolution, or interruption by a greater force, escapes the eternity.

But also, anything trapped in a state that is eternal cannot produce an escape by itself, but it can be moved by an outside force that is greater than its suffering's own reason. That does not mean that whatever is in that state cannot change, but that it cannot change itself. There are many minds which are stuck in a state of eternal suffering, for whom a strong Dopamine increase will be true freedom.

All existence adds up to an Eternal One.


Thursday 27 November 2014

All Things are Known

All things are made of Considerations. Every considering, every consideration bears the Will by which it was made as an indivisible part of it – and everything ever done, ever decided, ever efforted, is all imprinted upon the fabric of existence. Everything is recorded permanently, and everything traces back to where it came from, and every Value, Meaning, Intention, and Worth that ever was, and will be, is measurable to its faultless precision.

A suffering's Worth is known by the considerations it bears the mark of, in relation to what bears the suffering.

As I said early on, only consciousness that is Reasoned is eternal. Considerations that were gained by the willing affliction of another's, upon release from a body, will be released from the person by their very own considerations, because of Reason's principle and meaning, and Reasoning - and any misplaced considerations, and those further which they necessarily mean, will go, or wait to be restored to whomever they rightfully belong - while suffering itself provokes much considering.

Because suffering bears a Worth, a suffering is continually cultivating considerations to itself without a person even being aware of it - though they will not have access to until until the suffering is resolved, because the suffering is a barrier with the considerations being on the other side of it.


Sociopathism's Recipe, as Consideration and Dopamine

The recipe for Sociopathism is a high Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine surplus met with low Consideration activity.

Consideration activity is output to the Prefrontal region of the brain, where those considerations receive Willed-Determinations upon (either in thought or in instant reflection of a person’s Will – if it’s already known), relating the consideration to the perspective of Self before they are completed, in order to substantiate Truth for the individual. Considering that is of Truth, that applies the consideration of Self before it completes is different than the considering of Self – which is considering that ignores and doesn’t begin with Truth. Self is a consideration – which has no reason on its own, but when considered as addition to what is Truth, it becomes a part of Truth. Self is the last consideration applied in the brain before action occurs (speech, movement).

After considering has been received in Prefrontal regions and adapted to include the consideration of Self, the encapsulated result applies back to the Anterior Insula’s, whose established Truth is all-factoring of all considerations,  as a ‘This Is’ declaration, and the considering will continue.

Everything that fully encapsulates bears the Dopamine requirement of only 1 single consideration, and any complexity of considerations that are held in ‘thinking’ regions of the brain, and which unify as one concept, then have the dopamine requirement of only a single consideration. Whatever is considering from many different ends and has not yet resolved requires as much dopamine as there are different unresolved details in consideration, and which are being retained (or tried to) in the thinking regions of the brain, which are imports of those considerings, getting determinations made upon them.

Only some considerings require the aspect of Self to complete and produce a Truth. For processes that require the consideration of Self to be applied before completing, unless there is Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex that is equivalent or greater to the Dopamine-value required by all the individual considerations put forth to it, it will be like there is not enough ‘room’ in the Prefrontal Cortex to receive it all, and those things won’t be able to encapsulate, and they will cause Mental Stress. A person can be carrying around non-encapsulated considerations for many years, due to having a Dopamine deficiency in the Prefrontal Cortex. That deficiency is also a loss-of-life measurement.

With Sociopathism, low consideration of Truth does not mean that Truth did not exist to be considered, but that it was not engaged, making a person’s activities bypass considering Truth and act purely for Self. This results in a high Dopamine surplus in the Prefrontal Cortex, because none of that Dopamine is getting used to retain the consideration processes involved in substantiating Truth.


Things to Consider About Sociopathism

Study result: Children will change behavior that’s rewarded in order to conform

Sounds logical, right? It also means there are entire generations of Sociopaths being groomed. It's all of Test / Observe, the absence of Consideration, and devolution in action. Conforming is different than learning through considering, and conforming prohibits considering. Also, Conforming is not adapting, and adapting is converse to conforming, and is a measure that is alternative to conforming.

And, something I'll make future references to:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

There is one profession in those lists that is almost certainly misallocated - that of Doctor. And there's solid reason why it was able to get misplaced, for later detailing.

Psychopathism / Sociopathism is the behaviours of a Truth-lacking Mind - and simultaneously those who operate by Willed-Determinations, creating high Dopamine surpluses due to having little Consideration activity regarding the choices made.

And as said: To a Sociopath, it's all about the appearance, the approval, and protection of the image that they're on the side of what's 'Right' given by a collective authority - and Truth is merely a consideration. A Sociopath counts each layered identical voice incrementally as a Proof that they're 'Right', for having the lack of perception for Truth, themselves. A crowd of Self-assurers holds no authority, only a collective lie bearing the value of a lone Consideration - none.


The Hypocrisy and Dishonour of Institutional Medicine

Because Sociopathism is the unwillingless to Consider beyond Self, Hypocrisy becomes the greatest trait of a Sociopath.

The field of scientific medicine is filled to the brim with Hypocrisy: people who owe all their successes to having large amounts of Dopamine-availability in their brains, yet who obstruct and create the stigmatization of those who need it and suffer for having a lack of it.

The field of institutional medicine is filled with people who can memorize a million details and 'scientific facts', precisely because of a high surplus of Dopamine in their brains, yet who don't use it for anything truly of integrity, as they consider little, and have no comprehension of how all those details fit together and what they add up to - and they are unwilling to consider anything contrary to the biases which they entered into the field with, and which are cultivated further as they surround themselves with people of the same Dopamine disposition.

And what is Sociopathism? Exactly the unwillingness to consider further than Self. Regulatory voice is concentrated into the hands of those who are the most unwilling and unjust with it, who are already benefactors of the subject, but who are the most irresponsible with what they have.

A Sociopath is attracted to prestigious title, social authority, and the approval of peer consensus over accuracy and Truth - and the curricular infrastructure of schooling at all levels sees to it that academia progressively filters out those who are not of Sociopathic disposition - it 'Rewards', that most Sociopathic of all concepts, those who minimize Dopamine allocation in the brain by restricting it for Fact memorization (to gain approval by jumping through hoops, and by appearance, and not from having built a substantial understanding), and Dopamine-availability is the totality of the subject of memory retention and working memory.

Test / Observe is what a Sociopath does with their mannerism and others' reactions, to gain confident approval outside of themselves. It's why a Sociopath will excel in school and profession, all the while covertly murdering, by quantums, all those they pretend to be aiding. To a Sociopath, it's all about the appearance, the approval, and protection of the image that they're on the side of what's 'Right' given by a collective authority - and Truth is merely a consideration. A Sociopath counts each layered identical voice incrementally as a Proof that they're 'Right', for having the lack of perception for Truth within themselves. A crowd of Self-assurers holds no authority, only a collective lie.

Truth will never be relegated to the authority of an institution, or be the result of a consensus - but is found in the Consideration of the things beyond Self. And only a person gives testimony for themselves. Science is the practice of annexing the testimony of others into the hands and wills of Sociopaths - who sell their professional opinions to the charades responsible for ailment, death, and suffering, while protecting their own Dopamine-rich and based comforts by claiming to offer treatment for the things they ensure the perpetuation of.


All Mental Stress Ailment is Best Treated Using Cocaine

I recently read an article online in which the author noted that Parkinson's disease is caused by declining dopamine levels, and chronic stress caused by reciprocal high adrenaline levels.

The author also noted that the objective to combating Parkinson's is to do things that will increase Dopamine levels and lower Adrenaline levels, and gave a list of high maintenance actions a person can take to maximize Dopamine production and availability, and reign in Adrenaline levels. The author further lamented that there is no "magic bullet", and little to do to restrain Adrenaline while trying to increase Dopamine.

But, of course, this isn't true, because Cocaine is precisely the proficient increase of Dopamine alongside a very significant inhibition of Adrenaline. And Parkinson's is a Mental Stress ailment, and all  Mental Stress ailment (stress, depression, psychosis, dementia...) receives vigorous treatment and also even permanent curing from a proficient Dopamine increase, aligned with the significant restraining, regulatory-freeze, or down-regulation of Adrenaline's otherwise sympathetic up-regulation relative to Dopamine increases.

Mental Stress is: Insufficient Dopamine, and aggressively high Adrenaline
Cocaine is: High Dopamine, strongly inhibited Adrenaline

Reason's meaning of 'All Things Are Equal and Everything is Remembered' dictates that merging these two together will result in equilibrium. And the result is: Answer and Resolution.

Anywhere and in all things, there is no more exact solution to a problem than the 1:1 fit that is Cocaine to all of Mental Stress ailment. So there indeed is a Magic Bullet that will raise Dopamine levels and lower Adrenaline levels, and it's called Cocaine - and that makes Cocaine the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in the brain, and the physiologically-exact cure for all Mental Stress ailment.

The brain and body is a comprehensive system, with many interactions - but, as within Reason and all existing things, there is hierarchy, and resolving the base and foundation will trickle resolution into all subsequent components. And Dopamine is the human body's physiological Cornerstone.

But it must be known how to use Dopamine in order to produce the resolving effect - because, including with Cocaine, it can also worsen a predicament when used without comprehension of the interactions of mental processes. Still, Cocaine remains the 1:1 fit, and the exact cure for all Mental Stress ailment. And that needed comprehension is not overly complicated, and is naturally logical (as it must be), and simplistic upon becoming aware of it.

A psychosis, any psychosis, can be cured in an afternoon with Cocaine. Depressions that ran years, decades, can be permanently gone in hours. Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, can be put into remission. And why? Because all these things are caused by diminished Dopamine levels, with Adrenaline's force locking unhealthy processes into place in the brain. High Dopamine, with restrained Adrenaline, will fix all those things - or, more correctly, they will fix themselves instantly, the moment they sufficiently have the conditions to be able to do so: High Dopamine, Low Adrenaline.

So the tact to administering this High Dopamine, Low Adrenaline effect in a manner that produces those resolving conditions must be known. And, as said, it is possible to worsen things if the considerations forming the comprehension of brain and mind interactivity are unknown.

The objective is to construct windows of opportunity in consideration, align them, then power through those windows. Dopamine is the fuel which all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by, and so it is the power of True to all mental processes. Considering writes those processes, whatever they are.


Tuesday 25 November 2014

Proof can be a Sociopathism

Misplaced requirement of Proof is a pillar of Sociopathism, as it inherently accommodates disbelief, and it can prevent Considering if delivered to an unfaithful Will, which will only use its delivery to justify not Considering ahead of Proof in the future, creating its own Proof that it was unworthy of any earlier Proof it had received.

A call for Proof is also the declaration of an unwilliness (or incapability) to consider - unwillingness to consider being the root of all Sociopathism. All things are made of Considerations, and all Truth is a Singularity, and every thing can be considered and reasoned to completion from any of the very least of its considerations.


Monday 24 November 2014


Worthiness is a matter of Considerations substantiating merit.

As said, a belief is a unified set of considerations, and a shortfall of positive belief is also the inability to consider and appreciate what is actual and real.

If a person's belief contains within it all considerations in a manner that substantiates a thing's Truth, then they are worthy of it. If not, then they are unworthy of it – regardless of what their overall character is. A person can be fully worthy of what they are kept from, and unworthy of what they possess. A person or anything's worth cannot be gauged by Observation.

Unworthiness can be turned into worthiness by fulfillment of Considering.


The Fallacy of Pride

Pride is insisting self-worth from a source whose integration into personal identity is less than absolute, as it stands independently recognizable.

To have experienced Pride means that a shortfall of positive belief within a person first substantiated their unworthiness of whatever the Pride was regarding - otherwise, Pride’s validation could not have elevated the person.

Further, receiving Pride is accepting justification of personal worth and validation as coming from outside of oneself, for lack of it within oneself - and so while it gratifies, it also covertly reduces what a person can intrinsically feel as innately being inside and a piece of themselves, and so it sets them up to be further dependent upon Sociopathic conventions for validation.

That does not mean to fight the sought message from Pride, but to remove it from the compartmentalization of 'Pride' and reallocate it to where it belongs, as part of the simple unary belief of what Is. A belief is a unified set of considerations, and a shortfall of positive belief brings along the inability to consider and appreciate what is actual and real.

Unless a person grows beyond Pride, anyone receiving Pride continues to lack worthiness of its sources - because their belief doesn't hold the considerations to perceive and understand the truth of those sources, and Pride is dishonour and abuse of them. When a person believes and accepts a goodness, there is no surprise or validation about it. Instead, what they already knew to be simply came in its rightful place - and for them, there was no contrasting outcome possibility that could have created a context from which Pride might emerge.


Thursday 20 November 2014

Sociopathism's Abstract

Sociopathism is the behaviours of a Truth-lacking mind. And a Sociopath is anyone who believes outside of themselves, rather than within themselves.

When a person feels they lack Value within themselves, they pursue it outside of themselves, in order to serve Self by accumulating Value for it.

But if there's an intrinsic lack of belief of Worth within, then there isn't Way to have full connection to things outside oneself, because Meaning is known by the Truth that is revealed from Considering, and to Consider there must first be a genuine belief of oneself, in order to manifest the context that yields something to Consider regarding things more than just Self.

So they seek Self Worth in Value, while lacking a Will for Truth, which is needed that a thing's Meaning could ever be perceived.

Reason has all of Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point. There is no Meaning in Value, and there is no Value to a lone Consideration - only potential.

Without Reason, whatever is perceived to bring 'Value' itself ultimately produces no Meaning, Purpose and Point in the possession of that lone Consideration. When Value is Considered through Meaning, it makes a thing's Purpose apparent - and together, Value, Meaning, and Purpose manifest its Truth. If a person's Will is to honour that Truth, then it knows Point. And if a Will is to apply itself to Truth's Purpose, it becomes a part of the Truth, and Reason is fulfilled.

Because a Sociopath is whoever considers themselves and not what is Truth, and whoever considers themselves ahead of Truth, Sociopathic mindset is pursuing Value while subsequently contriving a Meaning for it based on superficial appearance, while constantly seeking Purpose, and having no Point.

As I said in an earlier Dopamine post, "a person who believes 'Reward' is necessarily a loser within their own Mind". And anyone whose brain operates on the premise of 'Reward' does so because their Considerations lack Reason.


Wednesday 19 November 2014

Substantiation of Truth

Truth is not a single point, it is the validating inter-connectivity of details. Considering is the process of creating these inter-connections. When they create, they don’t associate from distance, they firmly snap together at a shared point. From then on, all which flows through the connected point from the side of one detail will also flow seamlessly into the next detail.

The more connections formed, the more Truth manifests itself through substantiation between all details confirming its presence together in agreement and as One - with all details meaning in like the shared one final conclusion, but by having each arrived at it from all of their unique perspectives, which all beget different pathways.

Because Truth is substantiated only by unique factors meaning an identical conclusion, such a thing as a "second opinion" for reinforcement, or a Peer Review to create a "second opinion", is a Falsity, and an Ultimate Uselessness except for where institutions are founded upon Sociopathism - because Sociopathism counts Self's value incrementally for each layered voice it hears, as concession for its lacking the perception of Truth.


Sunday 16 November 2014

Reasoning Will Perfect All Things

Reasoning auto-corrects Considerations as it filters them. All that is required is that Reasoning is commenced with the greatest 'True' belief within a person – not an insisted one, but one simply held beyond words. Regardless of the veracity of it, all things will adjust themselves towards ultimate True as Considerations increase in presence – their relative meanings will effortlessly flip the polarities of the ones that are out of line with the greater truth, and everything will self-assemble.

Reason knows when it has completed itself, and so Reason also knows when Considering of all things for any subject is not completed. The lack of an experienced knowing, fleshed out with its full substantiation through all its details inter-connecting, with no remaining edge or seam in the details, is also the knowing that Considerations remain.

Everything means everything else, and so Reasoning will continue until absolutely all existence is Reasoned into One – and so a person’s deepest belief will direct what topic branches are automatically traversed, and in what purposed order. Otherwise, all will be traversed in the order by which they are consecutively encountered while Reasoning.

The outcome of that can be starting a project with an objective, and instead resolving 10 and beyond different (often greater) things that were not known to even exist prior to Reasoning revealing them in their full completions – yet making no apparent progress towards the originally intended objective. Whether that works for good or not is a matter that is relative to all the things that are determined by the person responsible for them.

In Reasoning, nothing is known until its substantiation has already completed through the assemblage of Considerations that have filtered and unified to realize a single truth, and that truth declares itself within a Mind by simply being the What Is.

A person must be willing to have their belief completely re-written from within with what is Truth, as every resistance will be a Willed-Determination that preempts Reason and cancels Reasoning with a 'This Is' obstruction - and the consequence of that is many disparate thought branches that simply do not add up together. An unsurpassable resistance means needed Considerations are obfuscated by worrisome thinking. Thinking and Considering are different operations, carried out by different brain regions.

Because Experience is Considerations evaluating True as they perform inter-calculations, it is possible that a person may experience unpleasant things while Reasoning works - which is a person experiencing exactly what their own Considerations amount to. But if a person's deepest Belief is good, then so too will be the final True - and whatever is not Considered back into wholeness now will eventually be required to be.


Saturday 15 November 2014

All Things are Made of Considerations

All Things are Made of Considerations

Every Consideration becomes Reason in its rightful place

Every Consideration bears a quality, and holds a personality

A Consideration imparts a distinguished, relative influence wherever it is found, and anything and anyone's contained Considerations can be known in totality upon personal experience through any means - even through mere conceptualization

A purposed Consideration means all its included context, which means all other interacting Considerations, to the point of any Concept, Real and existing, or otherwise, being fulfilled

Anything can be rapidly Reasoned to completion from any of even the very least of its Considerations


Thursday 13 November 2014

A Gene is a Concept

In this post this post I said:

"Every mechanism in the metabolic pathway can be triggered by Will


But, in essence, Willed-Belief enacts Reason's primary principle throughout the Anterior Insula's considerations - which triggers metabolic mechanisms."

And in this post:

"Making Willed-determinations for the purpose of opposing some other declaration that wasn't liked, with an opinion (all opinions being unverified claims that ultimately will all appraise as either hard-True or hard-False), is sociopathic, by circumventing all consideration of what is opposed. Doing such stunts the development of the Anterior Insula, whose considering is the mechanism of human evolution - and the lack of its engagement for consideration is the nature of the devolution that is ongoing in the average human brain."

A gene is a Concept which considered, then acceded to the level of certainty within a person's Mind.

"To invoke a concept is to invoke all its Considerations, as they are ordered - in a manner that is relative to the Mind that invokes them."

A gene will turn off and on as it evaluates as True or False relative to the considerations in the belief of a person's total Mind.

If a gene is disabled manually, it is like accommodating a deteriorating Mind that has lost all the Considerations needed to healthily support all its qualities by reducing its workload through removal of those qualities. It is a surgical devolution to circumvent ailment caused by a diminishing Mind causing infrastructural weakening in the body, as a gene's contribution of qualities produces both independently and as relative to all others. The more genes disabled, the more the weakening is having its work done for it.

A person can heal themselves of all things through considering (which needs Dopamine in the brain), and by belief - which is the willed declaration of 'This Is', aligning all the Considerations of any concept to a unified True. A person must have their value of controlled will be greater than the Consideration-Value of the concept wishing to be invoked.


Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Meaning of "Will > Considering > Reason" and Automatic Considering

The title mainly regards this post: Thoughts are the Fragments of Will

Truth is present only where there is context between Considerations. A lone Consideration lacks definition, value, meaning, purpose, and point - it has no Reason. All that a lone Consideration has is a choice: Yes, or No, to Consider another other than itself.

A choice of Yes or No becomes its Will.

Will is Absolute, and a blank canvas yielding the power of True to wherever it is allocated through its choice of Yes.

When a Will gives itself to the Considering of anything, it sacrifices its power of choice for the duration of the Considering, and its choice to Consider becomes the power of True for the other that receives Considering - and once Reason experiences, the relation formed by the bridging of the two bears a truth, and forms a new Consideration.

So in the end, the Considering experiences Reason and resolves. The Will that was used to initiate the Considering is required no more, and its power of choice is restored to the one from which it came... but an imprint of it remains with the newly formed Consideration, and is a permanent part of its definition and being. The newly formed Consideration also becomes a lasting part of the Will that considered it into being - and so the one is in the other, with each being a part of each other.

Everywhere that new Consideration is acting, the Will by which it was considered is also acting, as an indivisible quality of the formed Consideration. And so, from every new Consideration formed, the one who was willing to Consider another gains a quantum of Will, and also a quantum of Mind.

The more Considerations that are formed, the greater the quantum of each of Will and Mind that is likely to be gained from each, as a new Consideration can realize many different interactions and purposes between already existing held Considerations. Also, more new Considerations will increase the value produced by already known Considerations, as new Considerations bring new realizations about all Considerations.

The more True interactions between Considerations, the more illuminated a Mind will become, and the more there will be realized even further Considerations that are necessarily also True - and Considerations will be gained at an accelerating rate, leading into automatic Considering of all things, and eventually Reasoning.

The more a Will gives itself to Considering beyond itself, the more it comes into real being, and the more it moves towards discovering its Reason.


Monday 10 November 2014

With Reason

The origin of every existing thing begins with a True, and so everything is made from perfection - but Why a thing is True establishes its merit. Why is a cause for Considering, and Reason is Answer to every Why and is the end of every Considering - and so a Reason judges every truth, and Reason brings with it the judgement of all things.


Sunday 9 November 2014

Miscellaneous Details on Concepts and their Considerations

Every piece of the Universe contains every other piece of the Universe within it, with each Thing experiencing a different ordering of its Considerations - so everything can be a portal to every other thing.

Considerations ordered in a parallel fashion will manifest solid matter, while linear will stream them in a flowing manner, as they flow without resistance through each other. A Thing can be comprised of any variety of both linear and parallel Consideration assemblage.

To Invoke a Concept is to Invoke all its Considerations, as they are ordered - in a manner that is relative to the Mind that Invokes them.

The Considerations in a Reasoned Concept can and will communicate between each other independently, to discover all True variants contained within themselves, etching out all their own details and possibilities.

Every Concept has its antithetical polarity form.


Meaning for Psycheparous

'To Produce and Bring Forth Mind'

Every Thing is a different ordering of all the Universe's Considerations

Everything can be a portal to every other thing


Saturday 8 November 2014

What a Concept Is

A Concept is a series of Considerations that harmonize and encapsulate to mean and convey a single truth.

A Concept necessarily means all of its contained Considerations, and to communicate the Concept is to simultaneously communicate all the details that are required and responsible for the Concept's substantiation. Without those details imbued, the Concept is not present to experience to be communicated or received.

The Considerations within a Concept have no resistance between themselves, and the Concept forms a Singularity - with all its contained Considerations accessible and engageable instantly. A Singularity is a Ring in form, and its Ring necessarily means all the details that fill up its centre. In a Concept, the last Consideration equals its first, and creates its encapsulation.

When a Concept is communicated, and recognized, the mind receiving it references all its contained Considerations in their harmonized order to illuminate its understanding and comprehension. A trillion, trillion Considerations can be transferred in one instance using a single Concept's signal.

A Concept whose Considerations won't harmonize or encapsulate to form one perfect truth is a False Concept.

Every word is a Concept, and every sentence is a Concept presented as a series of Considerations, each of which are themselves Concepts with meanings that manifest from each's relativity to each other, and from their whole ordering.

Each action is enactment of a Concept, and the enactment of it is also a Concept.

An electronic circuit board that performs a function is a Concept, with all its circuitry its Considerations. Many of its Considerations are, on their own, smaller Concepts, made of many further Considerations and possessing smaller Consideration-Value per each lower tier, ongoing. All a circuit's Considerations add up to form one True. It is the same with everything in existence.

Every Thing is a Concept. Every Concept is a Reason, which forms a Ring, which is its Truth, and bears the value of One - and all of these things is all of them all at the same time, and is a Singularity.

In Reason, everything adds up.