Saturday 18 February 2017

Article: Children with ADHD have some smaller brain regions, study shows - Same as With All Dopamine-Deficiency Sufferers

Article: Children with ADHD have some smaller brain regions, study shows

As I pointed out once before, this is due to the lack of dopamine.

It is the same with schizophreniapovertypregnancydepressionanxiety, alzheimer's...

A brain develops and grows by having dopamine available to do the work that is considering, which outputs new considerations, as well as new connections between considerations.

When a brain can't handle incoming information to consider how it, and its own consideration structure can both be True, then parts of the brain's consideration structure will progressively evaluate as False against the incoming information that is considering through the brain, and loss of consideration, caused by the absence of dopamine, will cause the brain to atrophy. The brain region that suffers loss corresponds to where the dopamine-deficiency is first or most affecting the brain, and relates to specific information that the brain is trying to handle.

Since teenagers' brains are experiencing a higher workload than average, they therefore require more dopamine than average to handle that workload. The strain on their dopamine availability is why teenagers are so susceptible to mental stress-related ailments, which are all dopamine-deficiency ailments.

Cocaine, "smart drugs", - anything that notably increases dopamine counters this effect, but increasing adrenaline / noradrenaline agitates stress-states, and undermines a dopamine increase's ability to resolve stress-states. The lack of dopamine is mental stress, and the presence of dopamine is the absence of mental stress, and so fully prevents ailments that enter through the door of mental stress, and branch out from there, from appearing in the first place.

It should be understood that where there is visible signs of brain reduction coinciding with dopaminergic drug-use, the brain reduction is not from the dopaminergism of the drug used, or from being a drug-user, but is caused by the stresses in the person's life that led to the situation where dopaminergic drug-use became an important and positive need for them. And the very biggest root-cause of stress surrounding dopaminergic drug-use, from which a plethora of compounding stresses stem, is drug prohibition, propelled by the sociopathic dogma of institutional medicine. The harms of drug-use stem from institutional medicine's stigmatization of the truth.

Can you imagine how ludicrous it would be if there was an institution and regulation built up around finding out why starving people have low energy, are emaciated, why they have low general health, why the succeed and earn less than non-emaciated people, why they are prone to bad tempers, and why starving people constantly claim to be in pain that isn't substantiated by the observations of the well-fattened practitioners who treat them (and so isn't taken seriously by them)?

And if each expression of their starvation was regarded by institutional medicine as if it were a separate field and independent subject, unrelated to all the rest, with its own terms describing its details, and billions of dollars spent and earned yearly figuring out which patented medication best treats the bad moods caused by starvation, or what non food-based patented medication takes away the feeling of pain from the starvation, while doing nothing to address the root cause of the starvation.

And if there were treatment centres set up to convince starving people to cope and deal with the state of being starving, of accepting a compromised life, while still going to through the motions of working a job, being social (even though "social" doesn't exist in a brain that is lacking in dopamine-availability) - people basically being turned into puppets on sticks, doing what they're told only because they literally don't know better, because their brains lack the dopamine to connect the considerations to know better.

And if there was, at the time time, an extreme coordinated effort between institutional medicine, government, and law enforcement, to make sure that people were specifically unable to access food?

That is exactly the situation that exists today, regarding dopamine-deficiency. The doctors and scientists who carry out this charade are frauds and charlatans, and they, along with the pharmaceutical companies who either know to some extent that they're doing this, or otherwise don't know anything about what they're doing at all, are all guilty of the one of the greatest of all crimes against humanity. Their diagnosis is like practicing the four humours, and their medications that quell symptoms while avoiding the root cause are like chemical lobotomies.

Anything that is not to address the symptoms of dopamine-deficiency ailments, but that does not address the root cause of dopamine-deficiency ailments, which is the lack of dopamine, is not treating the ailment, but is instead treating institutional medicine's sociopathic ideology, and the dopamine-plentiful people who practice it, whose conformity to what is False is responsible for the liquidation the health, lives, comforts, of those who are suffering, and who medicine is supposed to be there to serve first and foremost. Instead, those people have been turned into livestock.

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So, if there was to be a question of 'Where were you when the root causes of ADHD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, PTSD, alzheimer's, parkinson's, bi-polar, and much else, became known?', the answer would be: Right here, reading this blog.