Monday 26 January 2015

Every Consideration Can Be All Places, But is Only One

There is only one of everything. To change the placement of a consideration in Reason is to change everything that is influenced by it, everywhere its influence exists. If the considerations of Light's Reason were altered, what is Light, how it operates, how it is experienced and how it influences everything would change through the entire universe and elsewhere. Every desk-lamp would hold a new meaning and behave differently, every star would be something different than now.

If the consideration of Hope is considered into Light, all Light everywhere will contain Hope, and be influencing everything in a hopeful manner. If the consideration of Hippopotamus were considered into Light, then the consideration of Hippopotamus would impart an influence relative to the meanings of all other considerations within the truth, Reason, and ring of Light, and be active in all Light - every star, every lamp, every flame.

There is only one of everything, and everything unifies into an eternal oneness. To change the placement of a consideration anywhere is to change its influence everywhere. What exists beneath a Reason has no capability to change or influence its considerations.

Every instance of a consideration witnessed in a 3 dimensional belief is emanating, in a projected manner, from only one placement in all Reason. Every single place that you believe a consideration to be will be creating a portal to its ultimate nature.


The Unraveling of Mind in a Society

A considering is a transitioning of energy into different placement. That energy, and everything it carries within it, is all considerations. They don't find new placement randomly, but in a completely ordered fashion throughout the concept which they were considered. Every thing, action, thought, possibility is a concept. When a considering completes, and in a dimensional space that is not 3D, a new truth is born that forms a ring made of all its considerations, and the considerations that are a part of it have experienced an ascension.

When one of these rings (consider it a circuit if helps) is broken, the awareness of those considerations also diminishes, and they lose knowing of the greater truth that they were previously a part of.

A ring can also de-consider, progressively unravel, if any of its considerations work against it, or the belief of the ring's concept is maligned into a disbelief.

The mind of a human being is also either of a Reason, a completed and / or considering ring, or is a smattering of dispersed and disparate considerations that hold no meaning between themselves. When many considerations are lonesome, they seek false bonds to create protection through sense of power by incrementally layering like voices together - they behave as Sociopathic and seek to surrogate being substantiated in the truth with peer and self approvals.

A grouping of any considerations is also a Mind, and consensus of Sociopathic conduct between human beings is no different than a genuine hive mindset, with even its impulsive movements being predictable in its collective.

Where there is an de-considering, the ring that is a truth's Reason will consider from its top, where its last True evaluation occurred and those considerations ascended, and will consider downward to the bottom, its False possibility will evaluate as True, and those considerations will descend and transport to a ring that is seated immediately inner of the greater one, to its pinnacle consideration that had at some earlier point evaluated True, and will continue the de-considering and descension through consecutively lower rings - losing awareness and detail with each one, and becoming increasingly characterized by Sociopathism.

To a minimal dimensional perception that believes it is existing within a concept of Time, this movement will seem as though a down-angled wave - but that is a False perception. Time is not real, and what lives by it is existing in a broken Reason. All time exists in one eternal moment.

There is also a part that is always moving upward - two collections, one truthful, the other not, being sifted separate. Two people can disappear from each other's worlds with neither ever experiencing it, if they lose the considerations of  each other to lose each other's presence - and this is a meaning of Quantum Mechanic's perception that 'all possibilities are realized simultaneously'.

To lose a consideration is to lose the knowing, understanding, awareness, and sight that it gave as it shone through all other known considerations. To gain a consideration is to have knowing of it, and to gain new understanding, awareness, and sight as it shines through all other known considerations. The more considerations known, the greater the light gained from each one.


Ridiculous Science: 'Caffeine gives buzz because it mimics the effect of morphine'

Article: Protein in caffeine mimics the effect of morphine, claims study

These kind of results really are par for the course with Science.

As people have remarked in the comments section of the article, morphine does not produce a buzz. It is a narcotic, meaning it is inducing of a sleep-like experience. It is not a stimulant, and does not heighten alertness.

The buzz is rather, in part, because caffeine is a dopaminergic. When a person drinks caffeine they're experiencing, in addition to all else caffeine does, a release of dopamine in their brain, and so are experiencing a bit of the same thing as a person who takes Cocaine (or Methamphetamine, Ritalin, Adderall, Modafinil, and countless other drugs).

And here and everywhere with Science people were paid to discover a falsehood, one that was obvious and a given. Reason only reveals Truth, Science is False Concept that only caters to the self benefit of those with the least perception for Truth. And if someone thinks technology is an example of Science - no, technology (as all things) operates on Reason's principle, and the behaviour of considerations, and has continued to advance because Reason is the language of Truth and can only ever be self-propelling all things into greater truth (while its observers might not necessarily be along for the ride).

And the article also mentions that drinking coffee can cut the risk of dementia. Wonder why? Hmm, all Mental Stress ailment is dopamine deficiency, and caffeine is a dopaminergic. Oh look, solved. And because dopamine is the most health-responsible molecule in all off the human body, and because Cocaine is the most proficient dopaminergic, Cocaine is the best treatment for anyone suffering ailment caused by dopamine's insufficiency: Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, and further.

But because Cocaine still induces a small Adrenaline increase due to its proficiency at increasing Dopamine, it can also worsen ailment - and how it's engaged will solidly send treatment results in one direction or the other. I'll disclose how it is to be used very soon.

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I will return to posting soon.