Friday 27 February 2015

Being All-Factoring

All existence is a singularity, and all truth, and every single truth within all existence forms its own singularity.

To be Real, a thing needs to have definition. That definition is only contextual to everything else. Context between things is a bridge of information. If a person's mind is truthful, the bridges between all things can be traversed through considering and there will be no resistance to any movement.

A Willed-Determination is a barrier to considering (but also can protect against harmful considering), and a mind that has filled itself with static facts, each of them being worth many Willed-Determinations upon many avenues of considering, cannot easily consider the truth, and has largely configured itself against the truth.

Willed-Determinations can create harm throughout the whole universe. Because existence is all-factoring of all its considerations, to change the state of a consideration in one place is to change the overall definition of the whole. The overall definition of the whole then holds a meaning that contextually identifies every consideration and its alignment.

The greatest Truth is all considerations evaluating True, in all ways and in all directions, without resistance between any. And as every consideration is a quantum of Mind, that is also the greatest awareness, the knowing of all things.


Friday 20 February 2015

The Considering of Waves and Rings

A circuit is a series of considerations that carries a signal through it. The considerations of the circuit bear a frequency wave, and the signal itself is a frequency wave. Any single frequency wave is a syncing and unification of many waves - the syncing of many considerings, and each of those is the streaming of a series of considerations.

The information that composes a matter-based circuit, regardless of its physical shape, adds up to an equal ring. The signal that travels along it, which is a frequency wave, is a ring of information that is perpendicular to the larger ring that considers it, and it moves through the ring of the larger ring.

Every frequency wave is a ring of information that is cycling round and round as it considers. It is not really a wave, but appears as one if the abstract of time is imposed on its appearance, for the sake of observation. If the abstract of time is not imposed upon it, a signal’s movement is as an up and down oscillation that appears like a straight 2D line, as will movement in the shape of a ring that is not viewable as having width.

An energy-based signal wave that travels through a material circuit is of a dimension that is as if perpendicular to the dimension of the matter-based circuit that is considering it. Every thing is transferred perpendicularly to what considers it, but is applied into the greater ring that considers it when its considering is completed. As everything is delivered perpendicularly in dimension to what is receiving it, observation, which only sees in its own dimension, cannot predict Truth.

Transmitting of information dimensionally perpendicular allows for any amount of information to be sent and received through the tiniest space of a consideration, forming a signal.

To the larger ring that considers them, the ordering of perpendicular rings flowing through it is the ordering of considerations of that particular considering – each smaller ring being a consideration of its greater ring. All things are made of considerations, and everything is considering everything else, cycling all energy.

Eternity is when a ring fulfills all its considering and is no longer cycling, but is a solid ring of energy that experiences all considerations it knows by having considered – a Reason, and it sparks the considering of greater things. Time does not exist to this state, and this state is above all time.

When everything fully considers everything else, the final result is All in All, where everything is a portal to everything else, and everything is accessible from all directions. This is how the Quantum Mechanic understanding that all possibilities are realized simultaneously is accomplished. It means that a person perceives as much of everything as they have the capacity to – and the capacity to perceive more is gained through the truthful considering of all things.

A considering that experiences Reason and resolves will be applied into the mind which considered its truth, as a newly gained consideration of it. When a person has fully considered a thing, they gain its knowing and the sight of all its considerations.


Of Considerations, and Considering

A consideration is a transitional gate of information that imparts a compounding and relative influence of work upon anything that is received through it, and a consideration gains knowing of whatever it experiences.

All things are made of considerations, and every thing and everything is a consideration - and so what is received through a consideration is other considerations, and when they pass through one they are being considered through that consideration. The channelling of a series of considerations through another Consideration, a Concept, and a Reason, is Considering.

This is how all energy changes form. Every exchange of energy is by considering, and considering is exchanging energy. Considering is communication.

Every consideration bears the Will by which it was considered, and every smallest consideration holds the knowing of every other consideration. The result of everything being considered through everything else is that All is in All, and the Allness is equal and one.

Every thing only has definition to it from its context with all other things existing, and so the fullness of all existence is imprinted upon every consideration, and all things can be considered and reasoned to completion from any single consideration.

An example is water flowing through a space – the water, with all its properties, is considered by the space it’s in, and the space is experienced by the water flowing through it. The further state of each bears the Will of each other, and in the Will of each that is received by the other is also contained the Wills of everything that previously ever considered through or was considered by the states of those things, to produce their most recent states that were just considered into each element.

By these thing all things can be known, regardless of time, place, or conditions. There is nothing a person can sense, wonder, perceive, or hope that is not made of considerations. A thing sensed is made of considerations, the concept and experience of sensing it is also made of considerations.

Every thing is a concept that itself becomes a consideration in a greater knowing, and to fully consider a concept is to receive all its considerations.


Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Conventional Responsibility of a Medical Professionalist is Archaic

Qualification is not a thing that increases per number of memorized facts and scholastic hoops hopped through, and a doctor couldn’t cure a wet paper bag, while a specialist is just someone who’s seriously lacking in skills. Both are little more than pharmaceutical salespeople, or salespeople for their clinic / practice’s own services and for those of the closed medical system.

Contrary to what is wholly self-benefiting for one to state, the opinion of a medical professional can be grossly inferior to a person’s own researched judgement, and the greater truth is that any semi-honest person with some search engine skills can find better information and guidance concerning most things through 10 minutes in front of their computer than they are ever likely to receive by taking 40+ minutes to visit and communicate with an accredited professional. But because in many cases the authorized means of an accredited professional is needed, they still must be approached – but at this point they serve more as barriers, and highly inaccurate bullshit filters than as aiding assets.

Something that I’ve read from other pain sufferers online is true: The one way to ensure a person does not receive the medication that works for them is to appear to be knowledgeable about it and directly request it before a practitioner. Feigning cluelessness and uncertain willingness to try a known medication after a doctor suggests it in response to the patient naming symptoms which they know lead to that medication is the road to receiving what’s needed.

And if severe pains exist yet elicit no outward showiness, claims of suffering will be ignored - but if no pain exists and a person pretends to be in pain, composing themselves outwardly to appear like it, they will quickly receive undeserved benefits.

Most doctors are so innocent themselves of the experiences of pains, due to various dispositions of theirs, that they don't know that outward manifestation of pain often ( but certainly not always ) requires the willingness of the person to display it, even when extreme and blinding pains are prodded from the outside. People with articulated thought will have greater trouble justifying acting with painful motions in order to receive what is deserved on the basis of having pain, and not on the basis of performing an act of drama. But a dishonest person will not think twice about it and will see that they receive their share of benefit, and the shares of others who were denied.

The presence of articulated thought is itself a scaffolding that prevents experienced pain from manifesting outwardly, because it instead is considering through their thought structures.

Everything about a medical professional is antithetical to how conduct in a healthy system ought to be – if a person suffering approaches, who is knowledgeable of their own experience, needs, and the studied information of the subject of their situation, a doctor who is none of those things will react in suspicion and mistrust of the person, rather than in comfort that the person views their health, and their actions with an objective seriousness.

So, deceitfulness is rewarded by practitioners, yet showing any kind of responsibility will incur rejection. How can a medical professional ever hope to make a positive contribution towards people's health if they take positive signals as reason to deny accurate health treatment, and negative ones as reason to lather them on?

And which doctor is willing to do what is producing of comfort for their patients, rather than for themselves? Very, very few. Most will turn away someone suffering if addressing their suffering would mean doing something unconventional, complicated, or if they won’t get paid for it - even when they believe it would help, and all this by many of their own admissions. To a doctor and specialist, the Hippocratic Oath be damned!

When, for many things, a neighbourhood drug dealer can genuinely and easily hold more hope-bearing helpfulness, knowledgeable counselling, and practicable / effective solutions than doctors and specialists, who is the greater and more credible authority? Which is the one who cared for their patient?

And still, five different doctors can commonly give 3 to 5 different consensuses over one issue, and each of them will scoff before their patient at the consensus that isn’t their own, naive and ignorant of their arrogances. And how many ever find themselves lacking the energy to care, and so are uninterested in what they're relegated to be addressing? What is more uninspired than an uncompassionate medical aide who doesn't have the energy to care? Energy comes from first genuinely caring, not the other way around.

Furthermore, the position of medical practitioner is that of an unreliable witness. When they serve a controlling and denying system that requires their authorities, they serve themselves, and are the benefactors of that controlled system. The medical professions are like magnets for people of sociopathic disposition.

Doctors, and specialists, to a significant extent, are most unreservedly sociopaths veiled by the auspice of being for the care of others, while their profession is about their status, their reputation, their earnings and their corner of authority over others - not compassion, not justice, not equality, and most definitely not their patients’ betterments. For all things there is an ordering of considerations, and if a doctor’s practice is firstly about themselves, then it is impossible that they can be effective carers for the people who come to them. And for whichever doctor that is so, their practice, their job, their reputation, themselves, all substantiate as lies.

This is true: A person is willing to trust other people only to the extent that they believe themselves to be trustworthy. Because of lower consideration for others, sociopaths tend to assume that other people are as they are, and they justify their behaviours by this belief. When a doctor believes they are rightful in over-riding others' own experiences, testimony, and judgements, it is only because they themselves are of a low caliber mind.

The continuation of things as they are is egregiously detrimental to society, and is murder to societal quality of life, and its collective physiological well-being.

Because their memorized indoctrination of static facts is intellectual worthlessness, because their dependence on observation makes them blind, because their high dopamine / low consideration disposition makes them crippled towards being just or recognizing where and how to be compassionate, that they might humanely and successfully address a person’s suffering, and because they reward unscrupulous activity and oppose responsible conduct, the qualification of a medical practitioner is roughly that of a form stamper - and so that is all that at this point they should be permitted for.

A person's health is firstly their responsibility, and so a practitioner, who is required for medical access, needs to acknowledge that, and leave ultimate judgement to the patient. Anything else is an unjust hypocrisy.

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Sunday 15 February 2015

The Hypocritic, Not Hippocratic Oath is What Applies

Medical convention, and the attitudes of those delivering it, is largely tailored to a physiological disposition that is ignorant and dismissive of those who are most suffering, and gives all benefit of the doubt to those who suffer the least and who are most prone to dishonestly representing themselves.

The capability to memorize ( not comprehend ) the vast quantity of medical facts ( not truths ) required for the medical profession scholastic credentials to be able to work in the field, is due to having plentiful (above average) dopamine availability in the brain regions responsible for memory retention, critical thinking, etc... and the availability of that dopamine is also exactly what prevents stress and stress-based ailments, while its lack is what opens the door to stress ailments (depression, anxiety, psychosis, alzheimers, parkinsons, etc), and its increasing lack perfectly corresponds with increasing pains, mind blur, and lethargy.

People who manage their medical credentials typically haven't ever experienced even 1 hundredth the suffering that some pain sufferers do in a day. The concepts of pain and stress that they hold are mostly just that - conceptual, and their observation gives no means for them to perceive the suffering of others, that they might act just and fairly towards them.

Many of them cause as much or more suffering than they ever manage to treat, by themselves being barriers to authentic resolutions - because they just don't have the real life experience that would qualify them to address pain, suffering, and stress in another person, and they also don't have the consideration to realize that their indoctrination is not truthfully helping of the individual or society, or at all compassionate and caring.

Also, conventional, institutional medicine is palliative care-driven - meaning it greatly favours ongoing treatments over cures. Pharmaceutical companies are for-profit, and invest where they might get good returns - not where they will produce a final resolution. Many "irremediable" things are curable, and quickly, outside of institutional medicine, but nobody is paying or lobbying for their cures to become available.

Doctors are without comprehension and qualification for truly addressing ailment - but they are good at recollecting what symptoms relate to which ineffective prescription medication in a big prescription directory book. That memorization and recollection capability is precisely because they carry within their brains larger quantities of Natural Cocaine, meaning the same dopamine released by cocaine, which is that very dopamine that is lacking in those who suffer Mental Stress ailments.

But everything that has a cause also has a cure.

Continued in the post: The Conventional Responsibility of a Medical Professionalist is Archaic


Just a note

I cleaned up the post Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism - took the (largely pain induced) angry edge off of it, and reorganized some paragraphs.

Other substantiation that can be added to that post is the findings of the 1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report, which concluded that at least in lower doses cocaine appears to produce no negative health or social effects ( the only negative effects would be the ones that come from a brain's own natural dopamine ), and that cocaine use can also be beneficial - conclusions for which the UN was blackmailed into preventing its official release: Cocaine study that got up the nose of the US.

And other substantiation I plan to use for other posts.

Thursday 12 February 2015

Autism and Vaccines and Considering Considerations

About the below sentence in the previous post, Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism:

"The reality is that in the case of Autism, development processes were interrupted by some introduced antagonizer, or otherwise there lacked sufficient processing fuel for development-process completion."

... Regarding the concern of vaccines and autism, something I haven't before held opinion or ideas on, it should be entirely possible that anything, not just a vaccine, that works by creating a shock for the body to adapt to may cause Autism.

The adaptation of the body is an amount of considering work to be done within the brain. When the environment which a brain is using as basis for considerings experiences change, those considerings will interrupt - their premises won't be valid anymore. Their interruption could be direct, or it could stem from any distanced information that contributed to development that was interrupted.

A considering continues from its inception to its resolution, and time is not a concern of it. Any interruption is a determination that alters or ceases a considering. A considering is a constant streaming of information from its start to resolution, with the involved information being all the included considerations that amount to the resolution of a declared concept - that declaration could come from a gene, an experience, a decision, or be automatically instigated by the resolution of a previous considering whose resolution produced a new consideration that bore meaning contextually with other known considerations (known consciously, subconsciously, within dna, genes, anything)...

It wouldn't be a matter of whether vaccine's do or do not cause Autism, just as there is no meaning to a lone consideration, but a matter of how a particular vaccine, or anything stress-inducing, will be responded to by a particular brain, at a particular point in its development.

At any rate, as shown in linked-to articled in the previous post, Dopamine treatment helps to alleviate the symptoms of Autism, and so does stimulating electrical activity ( which Cocaine also stimulates ) in the brain using other tools - which means that Autism is an instance of a brain needing to process more than it has the Mental-Task Processing Fuel to accommodate - in the present organization of its considerations.

And here's one more substantiating article for this and the previous post: Prenatal exposure to common chemicals linked to lower IQ

Everything that is recognized by a body's considerations, including the body which is a brain, made of considerations, filters through that body's considerations. The metabolic considerations will filter the contextual meanings of chemcials through them, and that filtering takes an amount of processing in the brain, which increases work-load for the brain, and provide possibility for pre-ongoing considerings in a brain to be interrupted by imposed and overpowering declarations of the considerations of, say, noxious chemicals.

Stresses decrease positive development, Dopamine increases positive development. To offset, counter, or normalize a negative influence, introduce the antithetical positive influence into the same environment.

How a thing is considered can also be re-routed in any body of considerations, but that can be explained at another time.


Cocaine Use During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism

Brain Study Finds Evidence that Autism Involves Too Many Synapses
Children with Autism May Have Too Many Brain Connections

Also relevant for this post: Substantiation of Truth

Knowing what considering is, how it manifests, would make the scene of brain connectivity entirely clear. The meaning of each considering structure is not simply its static form, but is the iterative step it held before, and also the iterative step it will have next. The context of each progressed step locks the intended truth of the next into place as singular. The brain develops the right number of connections for a purpose in development, and as the considering of that development furthers, the connections progressively realign and restructure.

The idea that a brain would develop "too many" connections, implying that they are for no correct purpose, and then just cull them later on, is silly, but is right up the alley of observation-based thought. The idea of pruning an autistic brain's connections rather than stimulating their development resolutions is like addressing a crippled arm by removing it, rather than by healing it.

The reality is that in the case of Autism, development processes were interrupted by some introduced antagonizer, or otherwise there lacked sufficient processing fuel for development-process completion.

So for Cocaine to be a prevention, treatment, or cure for Autism, it should first substantiate that Cocaine is not harmful to human development, particularly the development within a womb.

'Crack baby' study ends with unexpected but clear result
'Crack baby' development issues not side-effect of drug, but poverty
Poverty Is Worse For Kids Than Being Born To A Crack-Using Mother
Long-term study debunks myth of the “crack baby”

The year 2013 delivered plentiful reporting that the during-pregnancy use of Crack, which is the smoked and much stronger form of Cocaine ( by precipitating the Cocaine molecule with a basic ph level rather than an acidic one ), does not produce birth defections, or manifest a harmful influence for a child post-birth development.

More than just not being harmful for foetus' and children, for Cocaine to be a prevention, treatment, or cure for Autism, Cocaine should additionally substantiate as being positive and beneficial for human development, at any stage. With Cocaine being the proficient increase of Dopamine combined with a significant inhibition on Nor/Epinephrine, Cocaine is the healthier-than natural release of Dopamine in the human brain. So if Dopamine is Mental-Task Processing Fuel, responsible for information being able to transfer across synapses, as this blog thoroughly declares, then its healthier, greater release will certainly impart a positive influence on development.

And in this link, Prenatal cocaine increases dendritic spine density in cortical and subcortical brain regions of the rat, there is found precisely that substantiation.

As I previously said, Dendritic Spines grow in reaction to learning, and their density and size reflect the amount of information learned within the span of time during which they were created. Consider their growth-pronouncement as relative to the amount of information the brain processes. And here is a straight-forward youtube video explaining dendritic spines.

Further, Cocaine use should immediately reflect all the positives that the increasing of Mental-Task Processing Fuel would, during the time in which it's taken.

Cocaine enhances memory storage in mice
Cocaine self-administration improves performance in a highly demanding water maze task.

So Cocaine's unique dopaminergism indeed will and does bolster brain development and functioning, both during pregnancy and afterwards.

So is there further substantiation of Cocaine's powerful positive potential for addressing Autism?

The article's lined to at the top of this post mention a drug called Rapamycin as being promising for treating Autism. Rapamycin is a dopaminergic, and used for treatment of Parkinson's - another Mental Stress ailment. Any Mental Stress ailment is born from Dopamine insufficiency, and will be treated with Dopamine supplementation - and every dopaminergic that is not Cocaine is enormously inferior in dopaminergic effect, because Dopamine begets Adrenaline, except when it comes to Cocaine, which unique inhibits Adrenaline ( and also increases Dopamine extremely more proficiently than any other dopaminergic ).

So Dopamine is indeed treatment for Autism, and only Cocaine provides its level of dopaminergic competence. Methamphetamine, because of its Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio, is likely be second best treatment, but is still distanced from Cocaine's dopaminergic proficiency by a country mile.

Also, have a look at this line, from the first linked-to article:

"A problem with the way the brain develops may leave autistic children with too many connections among their brain cells, or neurons. This might make them vulnerable to overstimulation and contribute to their autism symptoms, new research suggests"

Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ritalin, Adderall... they all stimulate, and are categorized as stimulants, because of Dopamine. So the study purportedly surmises that Autism is a case of over-stimulation, but yet is positively addressed by increasing the very thing which stimulates brain activity? The content and suggested conclusion of the studied information is self-negating.

"As Science is founded in and conducted by False, socioathic determinations, every answer derived from the considerings of Science's test/observe methodology will be a falsehood."

Furthermore, it's being realized more and more that stimulating a brain's electrical activity using body-exterior means can progressively treat Mental Stress ailments in manners that could be called miraculous - but that stimulated electrical activity is the same as occurs from Cocaine's proficient dopamine increase... so if that stimulation is miraculously curing, then so is Cocaine.

As I said before, when neurons are mis-timing their firing, information-clogged, or routed in manners that collapse a considering, or lead it to a negative determination, a sudden proficient increase of Dopamine combined with restraining Adrenaline levels will flush out much miscommunication across the brain's neurons, and will automatically sync all the brain's considerations. Dopamine will satiate a brain cluttered with noise, while Adrenaline's increase will antagonize a noisy brain

Cocaine can cure.


Tuesday 3 February 2015

Reason's Permanence Over All Things

Reason exists throughout all things as a oneness, and to change the placement of a consideration in the ordering of things in the present simultaneously causes the same consideration to change its placement in the ‘future’ and ‘past’, and the influence a change makes will be relative to all things, wherever is looked.

What is observable about the ‘past’ right now is not what was, or what would be if all things de-considered to the point that it was a moment of the ‘past’ again, but is what the things of that different place could amount to when placed into shared context of the modern moment’s entirely different organization of all the same considerations – and is also relative to the particular perception observing it. Observation is subjective.

Just as a circular puzzle that has two of its pieces from opposing sides swapped makes for two different realities and manifestations of that puzzle’s wholeness, a past organization of the universe’s considerations is not the ‘This Is’ anymore – and any amount of observation-based evidence will give no real accuracy that's worth mentioning for what truly was.

Though still, in Reason all moments and things can be experienced and in all ways – but anything entering anything else with its own memory will make a new consideration for what it enters into, over what it used to be - for the new perception that engages it brings a new equilibrium to what is engaged, with all things in the entered environment adding up to one wholeness. Observation is a part of whatever environment it experiences, and will always change it. There is other way to know a thing without changing it.

What exists entirely beneath a change will never realize change when it happens. As any thing's attachment to its considerations forms its knowing, to change anything's considerations from above is to change its knowing - everything could be made to be different, while an inner consideration will experience each changed state as having always been.

But still, there is Way for all things in Reason. In Reason, everything is not only possible - Reason IS, and in Reason all things ARE.