Reason Methodology

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Because this is True, therefore these other things are also certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods


The primary principle of Reason

it means

Everything Necessarily Means Everything Else

which means

All Truth is a Singularity, Navigable In-Full by Reason

Reason is the 'How, Why, and Way' of a thing - it is 'Answer' wherever it is applied.

Reason uses dictation by Sameness and Antithesis – and before it everything is either hard-True or hard-False, and so its results are Truth-certainties and certain-Falsehoods. No theory, test/observation, no facts - only Truth and Falsity.

Reason's answers are certainties, singular, and infallible. If an answer is not all of those, then its concept was not reasoned.

Reason's behavioural nature will always align as 'Flourish, Evolve, Unify'. This is antithetical to the Scientific Method's bad behaviour of 'Disjoint, Fractionalize, Reduce'.

Reason is auto-correcting, and self-completing, and bears that influence upon a mind that receives it, while Science is self-reducing, and bears that influence upon perceptions that believe in it.

For those with the (nurturable) regional development and mind organization to access and use it, Reason is comprehensive replacement over the Scientific Method - it fully obsoletes it, being all of more efficient, prolific, and proficient - even by more than thousands and millions of times over.

Reason and Science are antithetical in methodology, operation, and results. The Scientific Method is conducted out of the brain's Prefrontal Cortex region and is dependent on its tools to produce fallacious observation, while Reason is accessed through the brain's Anterior Insula region, and necessarily requires its qualities. The Prefrontal Cortex and the Anterior Insula are antithetical in their purposes, capabilities, and qualities, and the Anterior Insula alone is capable of accomplishing Truth realization - this is because it is insulated from direct personal interference, influence, and intercession, and because its considerations hold hard values (which is why it's insulated from interference and influence) which are calculated between during the process of considering and reasoning to produce Truth determinations. There is no observation in Truth, only experience - and the sense of the Anterior Insula's consideration inter-calculations is what is Experience.

An Anterior Insula considered conclusion is fully substantiated prior to its resolution experiencing and existing for possible personal expression, and a held tangible statement is the end-result of completed substantiation. Conversely, Prefrontal Cortex willed-determination upon observation is not substantiated prior to existence, or expression - it is simply, subjectively determined by willed preference, and based on any number of arbitrary factors (aka a delusion). Anterior Insula calculation is only Objective; Prefrontal Cortex perception is only Subjective.

Because Science relies on observation, its determinations are wholly subjective, whether after 10 or 10,000 test cycles - which is why Science has Peer-Reviews, which are, themselves, wholly subjective. 2, or 2-million subjective opinions still hold a True value of 0. There is no room for peer-reviews in Reason, and in Reason a peer-review is an Ultimate Uselessness: Because Reason inter-connects all of its involved considerations / components within the Anterior Insula brain-region (and so also should in presentation), a Reason-determination's existence is its own substantiation, and so should either make their own veracity obvious to every individual person, or they reveal that it is not fully reasoned - and in doing so reveal what's missing from it, or what's wrong.

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics (though not necessarily their traditional routes of engagement), all hard-determiners and misnomered as "hard sciences" (a term with no truth or logic to it), are subsets of Reason, while Reason is the hard-determiner for all Truth. Reason is what produces, appreciates, manifests, and realizes Truth, and also what re-defines Truth.

None of these "hard sciences" abide by any piece or part of the Scientific Method, but are unequivocally all fully encapsulated within Reason's principle, behaviour, and further qualities. Science / the Scientific Method is strictly a Bullshit, and so a 'hard science' would simply be a Hard Bullshit. Encapsulation, itself, is a facet of Reason.

The outputs of Reason are singular Truth-certainties or certain-Falsehoods, whereas the Scientific Method produces Scientific Facts, which are not synonymous with truth.

Scientific Facts, are ultimately guessworks after repeating a pattern a certain number of times over and predicting the most likely result from a large number of repetitions.

Reason and its singular Truth-certainties does not allow possibility for Test/Observe cycles, and Test/Observe is the penultimate Sociopathic behaviour. Each cycle of test-/observe injects a subjectivity into a result - and even one most minuscule bit of subjectivity falsifies a conclusion.

Reason's Truth-certainties are produces through inter-calculation and veracity-checking of ALL the Considerations within the Anterior Insula - and more. There can only ever be one possible result for each query - this is why Reason's results,, are singular Truth-certainties.

A Scientific Fact is 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be true'. In deferring to Reason to produce its conclusion anyway, the Scientific Method testifies that is incapable of resolving anything itself - and it defers to what's reasonable, but only after destroying all context between the subject matter and the Truth, and therefore all possibility for Truth to be the result. Since the SM hands off to Reason in the end anyway, the SM is useless, and Reason is what should be started with.

Reason's primary Principle is 'Because this is true, therefore these other things are also certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods'. Everything filters through this principle to reveal singular Truth-certainties.

This principle and its all-inclusiveness of everything without barriers for every determination is antithetical to Science's eternal debilitation of 'What is?' and its attitude of isolating subject matter and guessing at 'This or That?'. Reason states 'I Am', and views that everything Is.

Reason's more proficient use is dependent upon intricate consideration to have developed the Anterior Insula, and the inter-calculations of its considerations are exclusively responsible for producing all Reasoning. Thought which comes from other regions, such as the Prefrontal Cortex, is not Reasoning, or Reasoned. It is impossible for Reason to produce through the Prefrontal Cortex because the Prefrontal Cortex is the centre for self-determination, subjective decision, preference, opting, discretion - it is incapable of producing Truth because it doesn't operate on inter-connected values. The Anterior Insula is insulated from personal influence, and inter-calculates between its considerations - and because all its considerations have values it can determine Truth.

Anterior Insula calculation is only possibly objective due to the Anterior Insula's insulation of its information from interference. Prefrontal Cortex determinations are fully subjective. The Anterior Insula is the home of objective perception, and the Prefrontal Cortex is the home of subjective perception.

The Anterior Insula is the home of Reason and Considerations, and the Prefrontal Cortex is the home of Science and Sociopathism. The two regions are antithetical in their purposes and operations. The Prefrontal Cortex is not intended for use in thought-output - it doesn't think and the 'thought' from it is literally pure self-delusion.

Thought is subjective and therefore a Sociopathism - but it can take thought, including extensive thought, for someone to start the gears of automatic-considering moving. Ultimately, there is no thought in Reasoning, and there is no travel-time or differentiation between considerations that are reasoned together - and the value of work produced for everything that is perfectly reasoned is always 1.

Thought is merely fragmented Will.

The study of anything using the Scientific Method is definitively Sociopathic in procedure - and Science, as a body of information produced through the Scientific Method, is the tool for Sociopaths - and it creates Sociopathism through subconscious adoption of its process. Reason is out of reach of those who depend on the Scientific Method because it is dependent upon a well-developed Anterior Insula, which is antithetical in its operation to the Prefrontal Cortex - the Prefrontal Cortex being the power-generator for Scientific observation.

Reason automatically corrects whatever is filtered through it, and is thousands of times more prolific, proficient, and accurate than the Scientific Method.

There is only Truth where there is context - and the Scientific Method depends upon isolating all things for observation, and observation, itself, is only ever isolation of considerations. It is impossible for observation to produce Truth - the greatest understanding which observation ever produces is still a lie. Observation is a Sociopathism. Observation is thinking to produce an assumption, and there is no thinking in Reason - and where thought is injected, a result is eternally subjective and impure.

Only comprehension, and reasoning can uncover Truth - and neither of those acknowledge observation in their considerations. The Scientific Method only allows for and acknowledges Value before making a delusioned-determination upon its Meaning - but there are a slew of consistent facets that are disclosed in every Reason (4 of which are Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point), and they hard-lock everything into manifesting a single and singular truth. Everything produced by the Scientific Method is a lie, without exception - and a sociopathic mind that operates on SM values is worthless to the universe.

There is far, far more to come on these matters.

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