Friday 31 May 2024

Abilities of considerations, eternal life, and teleporting across the universe made easy

Hello, it's been a long time.

Where I left things off was the conclusion of what would serve as the fundamental basis to understand the next level of comprehension of Reason. I was already knowing and largely understanding of the next things to discuss when I made my last post in 2017, but unable to continue to reveal it due to other things that have been impacting me. And since then, I wanted to continue posting about the topic, and drafted a bunch of posts for that purpose, but didn't publish them because I haven't been felt ready to start and also continue.

I'm still not prepared to continue writing as before - so, this could be a one-off post for who knows how long. But I just wrote-out this large message to someone, that contains a bunch of information relating to the next level of discourse on the topic of Reason, and it seems to me it would be good to post here. It contains many things I've mentioned before, and also things I haven't, and ties a bunch of them together.

When watching videos for casual entertainment or curiosity about various topics, often an idea or theory that's being explained or discussed matches something I already know and long-since understood as being explained through reason. And it seems to me in those cases they're probably talking about the exact same thing without understanding it, except as an abstraction and hypothesis, due to not knowing the things of Reason. It happens to me all the time that I hear something said in a video that makes me go 'oh, they're talking about that'. And it makes me think that millions of people will spend hundreds or thousands of years grasping at something that can be easily figured-out in minutes, when they aren't aware of the proper tools to approach the subjects with, or maybe if they are determined to explain them through a framework they've already invested their personal belief system in, rather than one that will solve it quickly while undermining their belief system.

I happened to click on this Why Files video as it was livestreaming and close to ending its livestream, right before the topic at 3:08:30 was discussed, which is about people who have internal voices and the ability to visualise things, versus people who don't:

Here's a link to the part I'm talking about:

I listened to it, and having experienced both states of being for long periods of time in my life, and having an understanding of what the difference was for me, I thought it could be helpful to share it. I went to the Why Files website and started writing a message that might've been short, as I had no pre-planned length or scope for it, but I ended up continuing to write and delving into a lot of things that form, I hope, a larger comprehension of the topic, expanding into how it relates to all existence. Everything keeps doing that - just as if everything is connected and inter-dependent, and the state of any one thing necessarily means everything else.

I'm not going to edit the message I sent to Why Files, but just copy-paste the full thing of what I wrote. It starts below the line.



This is regarding your fascination that some people don't have an internal voice / visualisation capability, while some people do. If you read through this, I think you may find many things that fascinate you.

As someone who has gone through long periods of experiencing both the states of having an internal voice and lacking one, and lack of one is an inferior, impoverished state. It is a state of relative death of consciousness and experience, and such a mind doesn't really know anything, and doesn't know what the experience of knowing is. It is an emptier state, and one of less potential and perception, but it can feel a lot more comfortable compared to a disorganised mind.

Having that internal dialogue is the product of a considering and reasoning mind, and the ability to consider and reason is a superpower. But when the organisation of a mind's considerations are in disarray, or when the circuit of a person's mental consideration is broken, it causes great anguish and can make the considering process output inaccurate and contradictory ideas.

A mind (and everything else, both seen and unseen) is made of considerations - a mind is a body of considerations. And the more a person considers and reasons, the more they build the scaffolding of their mind. The considerations of a person's mind are what a person experiences, and how they engage with reality. The considerations that are fully reasoned into the wholeness of a mind, the more truth-perceiving, deep, and multi-dimensional that mind will be. A distraught mind is not experiencing a state of fully-reasoned consideration, but a state of difference between considerations that must be resolved.

A consideration is a quantum of truth, each consideration is a quality, and every consideration holds value. Considerations are also transitional and transforming gates for other considerations, and portals, which all considerations that pass through as they're considered undergo a slight change, gaining the quality of the consideration they pass through, and so gain dimension and nuance to their own identities. And the mind which receives the reasoned consideration likewise gains dimension and nuance to itself: the considerations of the mind that considered and reasoned the things they were considering have the qualities of those considerations added to their own identities when the considering process is fulfilled and a new concept is formed that then applies back into the mind that considered it, by both the considered concept and the mind that considered it evaluating as true, and therefore they, both being true, necessarily reason into a new oneness and greater wholeness that evaluates as the greater truth. The truth is all considerations reasoned as one, and considering is a way that considerations also learn about their own identities. As considerations reason together, the truth manifests further, and they become more realised in the truth.

Meaning is the context between considerations that substantiates their inter-connectivity and gives them purpose. A mind without an internal dialogue / visualisation process is bereft of sight of mind, access to meaning, and strong purpose. But a mind whose formation of consideration is broken, disarrayed, can experience immense discomfort and chaos, for the reason I'll explain.

Considerations are polar and are always considering one into the other. When considerations resolve a matter into a concept, they are perfectly in harmony and that concept unifies / it reasons into a oneness, with each consideration within the resulting reason having the sight of the whole consideration structure, as one. This is what human consciousness is. And all movement in the universe and elsewhere is created by considerations considering other considerations forward. And all things that are created are created by considerations resolving into a reason - a reason being a unified body of a multitude considerations that equals one.

When a circuit of considering is broken, its branches can collapse into others, creating resistance, antagonistic contradictions, confusions, and great stress. Or when a branch is broken and rather than going where they're supposed to, considerations are funneled into a seeming empty space (the empty space is also a creation of considerations), or into a consideration that doesn't know what to do with it, it can cause other problems - cancer being one example of such uncontrolled consideration.

If a person's internal consideration structure is in disarray, and has been made so that considerations that once were evaluating True are now evaluating false, all those negatively-aligned considerations are still working and they can cause the consideration structure to be torn apart, which is the destruction of that person's mind. And as considerations are polar and have value, if a person doesn't work to resolve their mind towards the truth (which is positive), the negative value of that mind will eventually accumulate (as considerations are always considering whatever they're in contact and engagement with), which will put pressure on the whole consideration structure, it can cause a consideration structure to collapse - which could be dementia.

When an important consideration has its polarity flipped, it can lead to a negative conclusion towards which considerations are funnelled, and which they then affirm. The negative / false reasoning is always trying to consider towards a state of self-invalidation, which doesn't exist, and so instead of radiating outward and considering things forwards, it behaves just like a black hole, progressively sucking all consideration towards a non-existent destination, making the polar force of that negative point of consideration grow in strength - in other words, it forms a black hole which sucks all consideration into it, whether in a mind, in a physical condition (like fascia adhesions), or in observable reality. In other cases, there is enough contextual difference between a considering process and a polarity-flipped consideration that it won't keep drawing in more consideration to it, and so won't keep becoming a stronger black hole. Visible reality is a 1:1 projection of what exists in consideration - which I believe is what is referred to as heaven in the bible.

The more considerations reason into oneness, the more the truth manifests and the greater light each consideration shines with. Considerations themselves have life in them, are made of light, and are messengers of the truth. They are the angels. And the truth is, itself, life: Everything is made of considerations, and eternal life is the eternal movement of considerations that have reasoned into a oneness. A mind that has fully resolved in reason is one that is fully truthful and cannot die. While the absence of the movement of considering is death.

Considering is life and is the ability to work towards greater, and also eternal life.

When a person has positively-reasoned consideration, it uplifts the person and it is the most valuable, comforting, and special-feeling thing there is, and is responsible for every degree of everything positive that exists and can be experienced. But when it's in disarray, then, according to its state of disarray, it produces all manner of everything negative in the world and inside of a person.

How does a person set the alignment of their considering? With belief: Belief is a power that declares "This is". And when that declaration is made, then Reason applies to it, and says "Because this is, therefore these other things are certainly true, but these further things must be false" - and considering is created. But a person's negative consideration can overpower their ability to set belief within themselves, which is the case with persistent mental health issues, where considering processes have become broken and are moving too quickly for the person to easily grasp and bring back into order through reconsideration.

When a person’s structure of consideration is fully unified, it is the most wonderful experience, and it is everything that a person experiences. But when it is disordered, then it is agony. Anxiety and depression are states of considerations being disarrayed aligned in ways that convey negative meaning to each other. Meditation can help reason them back into oneness, and the inability to focus during meditation, and the impulse to move or do anything, are precisely the spasms of the disjointed considerations as you pass through their broken connections. If you can withstand the incitement to react in meditation passively, without reacting or flinching to them, the affected considerations will progressively fix. When one disjointed spot of consideration is passed through without reacting, that spot will have gained a bit of healing and it will be easier to withstand the next time. It could take many cycles of your consideration passing through it before it is fully healed. But it is very-much worth it.

The explanation and possibility for all things is to be found through reasoning considerations. For example, you can instantly teleport across any space, and transition into other dimensions via consideration. As every fully-reasoned concept forms a ring of truth that is a particular ordering of all the considerations in existence (which, by the way, is why a circle / Pi contains all possible variables within itself). And the truth is all considerations reasoned into oneness, which is perfect harmony. And Reason, which is a state of "all in all", is a oneness where every consideration exists everywhere at all times. In that state, every consideration contains within itself an ordering of every other consideration. And so, if the ordering of considerations were represented by colours, you could say one planet's physical identity is Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, and that the identity of another planet that's 100 million light years away is Yellow, Blue Red, Purple, Green, instead of travelling 100 million light years across linear space to get there (the linear space between the two planets amounting to considerations whose meaning is manifested in your mind as that distance), the 100 million light years of distance doesn't exist if considering the second planet's presence is done by simply reasoning / forming the ordering of considerations that is its unique identity in the context of all existence.

And this is possible due to the abilities of considerations, which are to be invincible, invisible, or invulnerable to a considering process. And by that, they can be unseen by a considering process (and so the considering process doesn't see that they exist and can't find them), impenetrable to a considering process (so the considering process sees they exist, but cannot enter them to know them or whatever is conditioned on being considered through them), or unaffected by a considering process (and so while they allow a consideration to pass through them, they are not affected by the consideration that passes through them). So, as considering continues around the ring of truth in a mind that's located on the first planet, whose ordering of considerations is said to be Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, the abilities of considerations I mentioned can be invoked (via belief, a command of "This Is") to engage the meaning of the second planet's location, experiencing first Yellow, Blue Red, Purple, and then Green, and forming a reason that creates a new context between a person's and where they are.

In fact, the limitation of your, or anybody's perspective of reality is due to a lack of communication between considerations. When two considerations have no connection to each other, they will pass through each other, as though each other's existences are non-existent to each other. And this is happening to you and other right now, with greater realities and universes that you don't have connectivity to through consideration passing through you, and you not being able to enter into them. An example of this is when an angel (a being of light and messenger of truth - a consideration) was placed in front of the garden of Eden that made it no longer possible for man to enter into. You won't find it on the world if the consideration is such that it cannot perceive the reasoning of that location. You'll only perceive and experience the reality that the dimensions of your own consideration make possible for you to perceive and experience. And that is the same with all people, everywhere.

Dante's 9 circles of hell can show a bit of an example of how this can manifest. There are also layers of progressively more positive existences. When considering reaches a certain point, having gathered a certain amount to add-up to a new realisation, it unfurls and adds a new layer of consciousness - such as a higher level of reality, in which things are upgraded from what you currently perceive. So, people, by their beliefs and considering, are always in a state of ascending or descending.

I heard in a video about theories why humans haven't found alien life is that one theory is because alien lifeforms have evolved beyond physical life and are made of light. Well... it’s possible for a person to accomplish that same thing in one lifetime. It’s what teachings in certain holy books aim to guide people towards.

And to consider something is to process it. The faster something is considering at, relative to how fast your consideration is moving, the harder it will be to grasp. And at some point, the difference becomes so disparate that the faster-considering one is no longer perceivable in the slower-considering one. It will be as if it faded out of existence to the slower one.

A raw form of energy such as lighting or electricity hurts a person because it is considering with such force that it overpowers a person's own consideration and breaks through their own consideration. But if a person can consider it quick enough to fully consider it through themselves, opening their considerations as needed to allow it to flow through, it won't affect them at all. And if they can consider quickly enough to process its full meaning and understanding, they can gain control of it without needing any exterior tools. And if a person's considering can sync with the speed of the faster-moving considering, the voices of the faster-moving considering can be heard and potentially communicated with.

In previous years, I'd been writing about this topic at I had to stop because my own consideration structure, through certain events, become such that it was prohibiting me from explaining more - even though where I last left off in my writings was just the completion of the groundwork for much greater understanding that is what I’ve since really wanted to talk about, and always intended to come back to.

In a reason, considerations have a shared identity, and the end of one consideration is also the very start of another - it is neither specifically the end of one consideration and the start of another, it is an important part of both. On their own, considerations have no value, meaning, purpose, or point. But in a network with other considerations, they gain all those things. And the value, meaning, purpose, and point of each increases the more other considerations they are fully reasoned with. Maybe neurons experience a similar existence.

I apologise if there are any unclear parts of this texts. I don’t feel like reading it all to proofread it, but know it contains a lot of substance.

BTW, thanks for your interesting videos!