Tuesday 23 December 2014

Article: Long term memories are not stored at synapses

Long term memories are not stored at synapses

Any fully-considered collection of considerations yields only 1 all-encompassing True. Long-term memory is manifest by the contextual relations of all a person's considerations: One life experience (which includes the person's Will in all their considerations) will yield only one resulting contextual consideration environment - and if their context receives change, the memory they hold will reflect it. As said here (or here), when the placement of considerations change, the previous reality becomes no longer and a new one has taken its place.

As said, everything is known, everything bears the will by which it was made, and everything can be reasoned to completion from any of the very least of its considerations.

Long-term memory is known by the relation of all considerations in a person, and they can all be reasoned back into full being from any of their considerations, because of Reason's principle. This means that all a person's memory could be reasoned back from even just a single of their cells (or even another's memory of them).

Anything that takes memory away does so because it, and all the included context of its communication, held a consideration-value that imparted an influence relative to the considerations that received it.

Working memory / memory retention is an import of select considerations that are retained in suspension using a person's dopamine-availability.


Friday 19 December 2014

Cocaine is an Adaptogen

"Cocaine is an Adaptogen" means that Cocaine normalizes and stabilizes the body, bringing it into homeostasis.

Article: Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs

My response to that article:

Cocaine is a naturally-forming component of the Coca plant, and is the highest-present alkaloid within the plant.

In this case, the drug is not different than the plant: The Cocaine that is extracted to a white powder is the same Cocaine that resides within the plant - hence Cocaine is extracted rather than synthesized (although it is also possible to be produced by synthesis). The Coca plant leaves are also consumed without Cocaine's separate extraction by chewing, or as a tea, or by making it into a butter used for baking, and whatever else.

Although the article author frames his point as plants being superior to their refined derivatives, the positives which the author presses about Coca are exclusively due to the Cocaine molecule, and act where the isolated molecule is administered.

"For Andean Indians, whole coca leaf is the number one medicinal plant. They use it to treat gastrointestinal disturbances; specifically, for both diarrhea and constipation. From the perspective of Western pharmacology, this makes no sense. Cocaine stimulates the gut, it increases bowel activity, so obviously it would be a good treatment for constipation, but what could it do for diarrhea except make it worse?"

This effect is present in the isolated Cocaine molecule, and I give a suggested explanation at the end of this post.

Since Cocaine is the most prevalent alkaloid of the plant and provides the dominant influence upon ingestion of the leaf, if it simply stimulated the bowels (an Adrenaline increase will spur stimulation of metabolism, and Adrenaline is reciprocal to Dopamine), then it will also try to do so when the plant leaf is ingested - and if Cocaine was antithetical to competing reactions, then it would counter-act those competing reactions and create new stresses, rather than become an invisible influence in the body. Yet, with ingestion of the leaf just as with otherwise ingestion, characteristic Cocaine remains the prevalent influence and experience.

"However, if you look carefully at the coca leaf's molecular array, you find 14 bioactive alkaloids, with cocaine in the greatest amount. While cocaine acts as a gut stimulant, other coca alkaloids can have precisely the opposite action, they inhibit gut activity."

Here there isn't named any other alkaloid as plausibly being responsible, just a sentiment expressed, presumptively, that other alkaloids must be responsible.

"Examples include schisandra, reishi mushroom, eleutherococcus and ginseng. Asian ginseng, for example, has an array of active constituents known as ginsenosides. One of them, Rg1, can stimulate the nervous system, while another, Rb1, has been found to calm it. But even this is an oversimplification."

In the article's example of Adaptogenetic behaviour, the author describes two actions - calming and agitating the nervous system. Applied to Cocaine, both are accomplishable through the relational dependencies between Dopamine and Adrenaline, but they really all come down to Dopamine, alone:

Dopamine transmits a brain's information across its neurons, and when there is insufficient Dopamine then the transmission of information suffers, which means the systems of the body function poorly, and aberrations and inconsistencies arise. Because Dopamine increases mental process handling capability while Adrenaline increases the workload, high Adrenaline rates (epinephrine / norepinephrine) will lock unhealthy mental processes into place, while proficiently increasing the Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio within a brain in favour of Dopamine will flush out much miscommunication along those neural pathways and normalize the systems in the human body.

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Reason states that for all things there will be a correction before normalization. And with a continual high elevated Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio correction, while restraining Adrenaline from increase as much as possible, harmful processes pathway infrastructures created by stress-maligned considerings, caused by dopamine deficiencies, can all correct.


Article: Worrying / Anxiety - Intelligence Correlation

Article: People prone to anxiety have higher levels of intelligence

... Which is because all Smarts are developed by considering, and every consideration bears a dopamine-requirement to resolve, and dopamine-availability is reduced the more that a person considers because dopamine is strictly Mental-Task Processing Fuel - and Mental Stress is caused by Dopamine Deficiency, and is the foundational precursor to worrying, anxiety, depression, psychosis, dementia, etc.

It amazes me that resources are continually spent throughout decades on such surveys and a lot of similar meandering research, all of it resolving succinctly, flawlessly, in this one point: Dopamine is Mental-Task Processing Fuel. Yet nothing ever comes of any of it.

The fruitless, circular coming and goings of identically-meaning studies is result of the academic and institutional convention holding to a False premise - that of dopamine's role in the brain being ancillary and reactionary, rather than being a, or the instigating forefront consideration. Truth can never reveal from behind ultimatums, and whatever outcome is forced is grounded in falsity. There is absolutely zero substantiation for 'Reward' (other than the wills of those seeking to validate their validating of themselves), and everything substantiates dopamine as being the brain's required Processing Fuel, aka a neurotransmitter.


Saturday 13 December 2014

Mulling the Coming Cure for Mental Stress Ailment

I'm unsure whether I should finish up a string of dopamine / cocaine items, or start listing the considerations that form the treatment-to-cure (or maybe just directly cure for some cases) for Mental Stress ailment - the individual considerations I already have. The treatment considerations are built upon the understanding of the presented and remaining dopamine items, though most of the basics are already posted. The remaining dopamine / cocaine items themselves all inter-relate, and I haven't enough dopamine in my own brain at this time to balance them all simultaneously to see how they best piece together and in what order.

I am myself in a position of severe dopamine deficiency, but if I were to take dose of cocaine to resolve the issue, this issue's resolutions would be seen clearly and known in under 2 minutes (and plausibly in under 1), and in a more proficient and detailed manner than will be possible otherwise. Instead, I've taken 6+ months to slowly think it out, and am still moving at the pace of a snail - just to work out the ordering of it all.

Stress is costly.


Tuesday 9 December 2014

Hypocrisy & its Consequential Blowback

Senate report: CIA misled public on torture

...the report finds that conditions for detainees at top secret interrogation sites were much harsher than the CIA has previously admitted. It finds that high value detainees were subjected to methods like waterboarding and sleep deprivation "in near nonstop fashion for days or weeks at a time."
"In many cases, the most aggressive techniques were used immediately, in combination and non-stop," the report says. "Sleep deprivation involved keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in painful stress positions, at times with their hands shackled above their heads."
In one facility, a detainee was said to have died of hypothermia after being held "partially nude" and chained to a concrete floor, while at other times, naked prisoners were hooded and dragged up and down corridors while being slapped and punched.
Multiple CIA detainees subjected to the techniques suffered from hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia and tried to mutilate themselves, the report says.
On one occasion, high-value al Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah became completely unresponsive after a period of intense waterboarding. He had "bubbles rising through his open full mouth," the report says.
Meanwhile, the confessed mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, was subjected to a "series of near drownings."

"Because Sociopathism is the unwillingless to Consider beyond Self, Hypocrisy becomes the greatest trait of a Sociopath"

If you succeed in out-terrorizing the world's terrorists, that will inescapably make YOU the #1 evil of the world, and not them - and it has the effect of making some of your opponent's previous propaganda suddenly seem like it wasn't really propaganda, gaining recruits for their cause. And of course, it will make them feel rightful in behaving the same back towards you, and retroactively justified for whatever they already did, and strengthen their resolve.

Reason also determines the future ahead of it happening: Remember, every Thing is a new consideration, and every consideration bears the Will by which it was made as a part of its identity (so you can expect there to have been many seeds of enmity sown) - and the Will by which a thing is considered is the same will that is returned to the one who is responsible for it at the end of a Considering.

Capitalism is you get what you pay for, and here it's like a deposit was put down on future conflicts - and that makes the soldier and civilian deaths so far all for nothing, as if they never were intended to bring a resolution, but rather to ensure the continuation of affliction and victims.

"They started it" is the excuse of an incompetent and irresponsible baby.

An article published after this posting:
HRW blames international rise in extremism on human rights violations


Sunday 7 December 2014

The Power of Communication - Physics are Temporal

Molecules are made of considerations, dimensional space is made of considerations, a person's intent is made of considerations, everything that a Will exerts becomes necessary considerations to whatever it is exerted upon... all things add up to a message, a signal, that communicates with everything surrounding it.

In a medieval battle, a sword swings and cuts where it is designated to. What makes the cut occur: The sword itself, or the non-physical message that its movement carried?

Part of a sword-swing's reason, which is what makes it real, is its Purpose. If a Purpose receives re-definition, then a thing's overall meaning and message experiences a shift, because considerations bear a compounding, relative influence, governed by Reason's principle.

Considerations that have entirely no communication between themselves will not be aware of each other. They will pass right through each other without influence or effect, and each will be to the other as if non-existent.

A person may witness considerations cross into each other, but the considerations won't experience each other according to what their separation of communication is in regards to.

Certain qualities may also disacknowledge each other for a purpose, while the parent bodies which they belong to do recognize each other.

With considerations, flowing energy can be turned into solid matter, and solid matter can be turned back into flowing energy - qualities can also be partitioned into separate dimensional spaces, or differently-experienced realities. Two solid bodies need not collide, and things ethereal can forcefully impact.


1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report

I'm a bit drained of energy, so I'm posting this without further context for now, and will return to the matter later.

Here is the final report from the most large-scale study on Cocaine conducted to-date. It involved 50+ experts, and included the participation of 19 countries (including UK, Australia, Canada, USA) - with the biggest proportion of data coming from the USA, having representation of East, Central, and South regions.

PDF download of the report: 1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report

And below is an article about the report, and its unpublication due to a threat from the USA government to withdraw funding from the UN if it were to be released, because its objective conclusions contradicted negative and ideological assumptions, and enabled a positive perspective towards Cocaine for having health benefits.

Cocaine study that got up the nose of the US

Again, I've said that Mental Stress is Dopamine Deficiency, and that Cocaine is precisely the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in the brain because it inhibits Nor/Adrenaline, which counter-acts the benefits of Dopaminergic treatment - and that Cocaine can permanently cure all Mental Stress ailment (depression, anxiety, psychosis, alzheimer's, parkinson's, and further) if the considerations to use it for treatment are known. These other posts, and others I've made, are relatable to the above information:

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All Mental Stress Ailment is Best Treated Using Cocaine


Friday 5 December 2014

Considering is the Mechanism of Evolution

As has been said by physicists, everything has a “frequency”. That frequency is the cyclic movement of a considering, with each placement in its oscillation representing a unique set of information. The considering that is done in a human mind is of no different format than the information in anything’s considering oscillation / cycle / frequency “wave”.

The ability to Consider met with the power of Will is the capability to produce all the same information as anything in existence. Even when a human does not, within their own mind, consider, the considerations that their body and brain are built out of still do. Considering can cause a thing's fulfillment or destruction, and the Will that is put into a considering is also the same Will that is returned to the one responsible for the considering in the end. 

Every quality that any creature ever exhibits was first considered within itself before being stored as a gene – and a human can consider all qualities and all capabilities into themselves. To have at all even experienced a concept is to have communicated with its considerations, which can all be engaged.

There is no requirement of time for consideration to cause notable evolutionary change - as has been academically noted, it has taken only a single generation for many humans to markedly digress into a state of devolution. A slow speed of evolution is merely representative of the status of considering within a peoples. An excess of considering can produce little to nothing, or a small amount of considering can change everything, and in all ways.

Every process is a considering, and everything is a new consideration. A considering can continue across generations, and all considering makes use of all preceding considerations within a form. Will can navigate considering into all boundless possibilities.


Considering Re-Wires the Brain According to How a Person Considers

It was recently said in a documentary on Psychopathism that, in a Psychopath’s brain, parts of the brain are completely shut off. And as I said before, the Anterior Insula provides the means to determine Truth, and if all a person’s considerations are disparate, then the Anterior Insula itself evaluates as False - though not shut-off, it will be short-circuited in its operation.

Likewise, a person operating on ‘Reward’ has short-circuited their brain by considering their own personal comforts ahead of Truth, and such a person is incapable of deciphering on their own what Truth really is. And again as I said before, a person operating from cranial ‘Reward’-wiring ultimately cannot be trusted or believed, because they are operating completely out of the motivation of accomplishing their own benefit (reputation, comfort, justification, money, shielding), and not to see established what is True.

In all cases in a brain, there is only one ordered, evolving pathway that Considering operates along, and a person cannot consider both themselves and also Truth. If a person considers themselves, they will not perceive Truth because Self only gains meaning after the full context of Truth has been considered, and as relative to it. But if a person considers Truth, then the consideration of Truth will include themselves as they place within Truth, because they were cause for Truth to be considered and so a part of it.

And when all things are ordered rightly, a thing's considerations unify, and all become equal and as one – and this is the premise of consciousness. Consciousness – to be aware of what is beyond Self. Awareness implies detection to all details other than Self, because without everything apart from Self, there is nothing to be aware of. And what is Self needs no designated attention, because it simply Is, to the Self, and is belief-based, and when is believed with certainty is a knowing. To focus awareness on serving Self is to become inverted in one's considering.