Monday 26 January 2015

Every Consideration Can Be All Places, But is Only One

There is only one of everything. To change the placement of a consideration in Reason is to change everything that is influenced by it, everywhere its influence exists. If the considerations of Light's Reason were altered, what is Light, how it operates, how it is experienced and how it influences everything would change through the entire universe and elsewhere. Every desk-lamp would hold a new meaning and behave differently, every star would be something different than now.

If the consideration of Hope is considered into Light, all Light everywhere will contain Hope, and be influencing everything in a hopeful manner. If the consideration of Hippopotamus were considered into Light, then the consideration of Hippopotamus would impart an influence relative to the meanings of all other considerations within the truth, Reason, and ring of Light, and be active in all Light - every star, every lamp, every flame.

There is only one of everything, and everything unifies into an eternal oneness. To change the placement of a consideration anywhere is to change its influence everywhere. What exists beneath a Reason has no capability to change or influence its considerations.

Every instance of a consideration witnessed in a 3 dimensional belief is emanating, in a projected manner, from only one placement in all Reason. Every single place that you believe a consideration to be will be creating a portal to its ultimate nature.


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