Wednesday 22 January 2014

A Luminous Premonition

A blog of necessity, rather than preference.

I expect this location to deliver some notably high-value items (currently in backlog), providing useful original concept/work presentations, and much else that's new information. In addition to whatever else's, there could be a backlog-suggested inclination toward some science-phenomena including physical, medical, psychological, sociological... Update-frequency is likely to be erratic, even with a sizable backlog of -context-meaningful items for completion/posting. Definitely non-daily, and possibly non-weekly.

Although this location is non-specific in focus, there is likely to be serialization of some themes including dopamine, manageable actual stress eradication (I anticipate that should provide a preemption/denial of much mental-ailment), possibly the practicable concept-merging of scientific energy/old-school spirituality, other hypothetically final answers to some large-scale issues. Like anyone else, though, I've got to wait to see what comes.

Some particularly-significant work herein is direct-product of 13+ years of costly, income-void incessant severe and sometimes actually-unimaginable torture of pains, which recently produced in my recently proving treatment and cure for my own "untreatable" ailment(s) - with that undeniably-proof turning some highly-influencing dogma of med-science upside-down, and then promptly punting it out of the picture. That cure will be led up to, and posted in full. Because of all this, please donate when you find corresponding value in posts. Relevant support information will be found at the bottom of future posts, unless better practice becomes learned.

I expect to provide very coherent and comprehensive posting, but if something is posted in an inadequate form, I have some (hopefully temporary) challenges that come with my current condition, and the situation is this:

There are subjects of personal knowledge, with their information personally-phrased as concepts, each like a museum room filled with crazy artifacts of astounding intricate detail. Their presence in this room shows that they are collected and not still unknowns, and they are immediately-accessible. But the periphery to examine and regard them is so imposed-upon and under-powered that all that is seen at one time is a cone of light, with firming cut-off at the edges. That light floats the room in wander, and dazed.

Further, there is no available capacity to retain what's been recently viewed, to provide an assembling recognition of the whole area, so what can be parlayed is only what is currently having the light shining on it - which includes knowledge of the room itself, that it is a much larger thing than this cone-of-awareness.

The equal fullness of the whole museum-room is a certainty because the room's space itself only exists in reaction to there being a thing dictating that its space is there, and that by being intrinsically assembled to the other contents, which all form their room simply by being assembled together. Their defined, though dynamic-capable scope encapsulates a concept.

Concepts can be as individual pieces of information, assembling with others into larger concepts, and that larger concept assembly can contain not just other concepts, but also lone-infos that wouldn't otherwise fit with contributing-concepts, but are necessary to fill gaps between concepts

Until related information encapsulates in a unified personal understanding, the information is experienced as unsorted arrays, each requiring their own consideration. While in a concept, their culmination is considered and known using the same mental space and effort of thought that one of its countless pieces does if non-encapsulated.

Possibilities for onward posts include

Quantum physics and medical suggested resolutions, the sacrosanct made practicable, technology 'shoulds', forward-civilization expectations, possibilities and predictions, doomsday scenarios, a differently-framed "Theory of Everything"

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