Thursday 22 May 2014

Last Nail for 'Reward'?

A person who never wondered whether they could or would complete an action, but had total certainty of their success, doesn't experience 'Reward' for it - but that doesn't necessitate reduced dopamine activity.

That momentary realization of capability which releases a tiny spike of dopamine is, in a mind that didn't have question of its capability, consistent and incessant - but it never experiences as a pleasureable 'Reward' because it is also consistently occupied with processing (or considering - by the Anterior Insula) that constant line of awareness. The same goes for prolongued elevations that cease after an activity.

A 'Reward' is, in reality, a lack of awareness regarding self-capability in the person who experiences it - and so is not actually Reward - and that label is unfairly punishing (even torturously) many people who do not share that disposition.

Conjecture for entertaining: A person with Psychosis never experiences this Reward' because it never existed as such to be experienced.

Anterior Insula output determines Prefrontal-Cortex needs, and calling dopamine 'Reward' is approaching the situation upside-down.

But those who are Prefrontal-Cortex dopamine-dominant are the ones creating and publishing the research, because the surplus of that region's dopamine-availability is what gives good working-memory - meaning such a person will excel in scholastic tasks, but not likely be the best at reasoning out situations. I'll be putting up a correction regarding the convention of Reasoning soon.

I can say that I've never experienced this fabled 'Reward' in my life - only pain and energy-drains from a lack.


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