Friday 25 July 2014

A Reason is a concept and a concept is a Reason - Part 1

...but a Reason is not itself Reasoning, while Reasoning is not a Reason, but creates them by all of its actions.

The mind runs on concepts, and in fact, then whole universe does. For Truth to exist, there must be context – and nothing is formed for existing all on its own, without accompaniment – because there is no value, meaning, reason for what is without the difference that creates its appreciability.

This is a significant reason why Scientific Method observations are dependably invalid: they’re observed as individually-existing specimens of all-separated data, and labeled based on their isolated presences - often erroneously even by that concession. But the identity of a detail is only surmizable when you look at the specimen as only one part of its greatest perceptible potential - a something's/somebody's greatest potential is their True definition. Science literally evaluates by the lowest common denominator, without ever considering that maybe lowest common denominators are not the best suited to determine Truth, Truth being the literal antithesis of LCD. I'm gonna fit LCD into Sociopathism as one of its sub-ailments - and there are a whole slew of Socioipathic traits, just as there are for Mental Stress ailment... which blind Science starts counting only at Psychosis - but Psychosis is what emerges from severe mental stress, and mental stress is born solely from low Prefrontal Cortex dopamine. This is because Mental Stress isn't very real to people who don't have disposition for it (and is regularly nothing impressive to those who can associate such with personal experience - maybe people who suffer from it, as opposed to those who do not, ought to be asked for what its real value is), and an unspoken semi-requirement to achieve profession as one who creates ailment recognition is to not be prone to Mental Stress, because:

Scholastic success is primarily dependent upon memorizing subject information, and working memory is 100% Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surplus over Anterior Insula requirement.

Mental Stress, and all its emergent ailment is precisely the lack of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine, per an Anterior Insula's workload and output to the Prefrontal Cortex.


Btw, increased dopamine-availability is exactly Cocaine's effective result: Cocaine inhibits this dopamine's reuptake while inhibiting nor/adrenaline uptake, which means that it causes there to be greater active-use-ready dopamine, while reducing the rate at which nor/adrenaline sympathetically releases to dopamine regulatory shifts. This consequently means that Cocaine's dopaminergism is a healthier dopamine release than what otherwise naturally releases in the brain - but all research is chosen, constructed, and carried out, and then interpreted by those with ample dopamine, and so that answers absolutely everything regarding conventional comprehension of not just Cocaine, but all dopaminergics, and everything else, further. PS - Cocaine is the only dopaminergic which blocks nor/adrenaline, and it does so significantly while also providing the most proficient dopamine upregulation that is free of ancilliary effects.

Adderall is a clone of Methamphetamine, triggering the same metabolic mechanisms via a compound of 3 amphetamines, as opposed to the one methamphetamine, and probably developed almost exclusively for the sake of circumventing Methamphetamine's tightened regulation, after its public image degraded. That's not a insult to Adderall, as Methamphetamine was victim of negative typecasting rather than Reason. The move to produce a clone, if that was the objective, was smart, as the drug has good application (notably for those without the Prefrontal Cortex dopamine that is its sought feature), and so it was well Reasoned, contrary to Methamphetamine's restriction tightening - since both upregulate dopamine, adrenaline, and seratonin - but Methamphetamine is consistently cited by those who have need to (and so do) use both to be less hostile towards their anxiety (indicating that Methamphetamine has a superior Dopamine to Adrenaline ratio). And those needing Prefrontal Cortex dopamine are exactly who are susceptible to anxiety. I wonder if any researchers ever figured this out, as it doesn't reflect in medicinal regulations... or treatment considerations.

All other dopaminergics subsequent to Cocaine produce a large sympathetic nor/adrenaline activity increase - which is negating of all the benefits which the Prefrontal Cortex regulated dopamine increase, while that dopamine upregulation is precisely what most dopaminergics are produced for. There is practically no time that nor/adrenaline increase is a positive thing, and when it's only an unintentional . Dopamine and Adrenaline are, where dopamine-treatment is purpose, effectively full-antitheses, with dopamine being strength of control of mind, being what processes thoughts (conscious and subconscious) while Adrenaline is what increases the circulatory-system, which increases the cycle-rate of the Anterior Insula, which greatly increases the amount of work the Anterior Insula is outputting to the Prefrontal Cortex, which greatly increases the required amount of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability supplementation that is required to handle all of it.

So every dopaminergic, apart from the one that is True-evaluating per the objective of dopaminergics taken for being dopaminergics (Cocaine), is regularly available - and Adderall is a top prescription in North America, thrust upon all ranges of people, from children to whatever older age.

If that doesn't strike you as meaning that many doctors and parents are forcing their elementary-school children to take Methamphetamine daily because it increases their elementary-school-grades, then you aren't thinking about it as it exactly is equal-to. However, if you think that's a bad thing, well, that's also baseless apart from knowing specific reasons why, which are idosyncratic to specific cases.

Meth is exactly releases of 3 human-vital chemicals ('cept for seratonin - useless hanger-on) that your body runs on, and 2 of which supply the foundation for the body to 'not be dead' and also 'not-existing in the first place'... with dopamine being what provokes adrenaline's reciprocal release.

Face it: your body and brain run on Methamphetamine and Cocaine, and cliched work-success is achieved by having higher-than-average levels of 'natural-Cocaine' in the Prefrontal Cortex brain-region - which is accomplished by considering little, which, for some people, I'm sure suits the predisposition, might even be done out of want to not put dent in that brain-regional surplus availability of dopamine, maximizing that 24/7 natural Cocaine high.

To a person who has ample of this regional-dopamine, who titillates themselves with a study of it at some point in their career, their self-determined result-meanings are filtered through the unchallenged and never-proposed-for-questioning invalid-dogma which forms out of their experience with what is their lazily-untapped potential (that dopamine in their brain). To a person who has been responsible with their mind development, and consideration towards all things, Cocaine is the most healthy molecule such a person could ever put into their body - because its resultant dopaminergic-effect is exactly, not close, but exactly that which created their brain-and-body in their mother's womb, and that which supplies all of a person's smarts and motor functions, and that which exclusively allows for controlled access to their capabilities - if it's in sufficient regional-availability.

Cocaine is not direct-cause of an effect, itself. It instructs the regulatory-mechanism which takes dopamine out of active-circulation to lower its objective removal-quota for a ~45 minute period - without side-effect compromises. To emphasize that reality, Cocaine doesn't just not-do anything further unnecessarily, but what it does do further is in total-servitude of its primary function, and decreases nor/Adrenaline's sympathetic availability to an astoundingly naturally-appropriate compensatory ratio - seemingly producing only minimal nor/Adrenaline increases per significant regulatory-dopamine increase, as if the resultant active-dopamine released all on its natural-own, bearing no abnormality. And that's really it. For everything that is targeted with other dopaminergics, Cocaine will be the far-superior application - and I propose, and through a degree of substantiated-certainty, that it is capable to cure every Psychosis within hours (presuming every case is idiosyncratic is a necessary preemption of Science's idiosyncracy in everything - a resolution to a cause must be consistent if it's True, or it is no better than just another arbitrary bullshit-of-Science), though very-importantly through comprehension of all-else that's involved in a Psychosis - and particularly all treatment-process considerations - and, necessarily, a treatment-process' consideration-ordering is key to delivering this resolute power. Consideration is significantly about detail-ordering - and once I recall where all this subject's comprehension-stuff was written I'll let the comprehension pull itself together into a perfect form for providing.

Cocaine == Prefrontal Cortex dopamine == Working Memory. That is important to know from here on out.


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