Sunday 15 March 2015

The Combining of Considerations Forms Dimensional Space

The joining of any two considerations creates new dimensional space – space in which energy / information can move and flow, and in which new possibility exists that does not exist apart from those considerations being joined. If they separate, then that dimensional space is gone unless they rejoin. If any further considerations are considered into the context created by those two, further paths for information to travel are added for each, and new directions that didn't exist beforehand suddenly do exist. Each consideration gains new accessible qualities for every further consideration that it recognizes and knows.

The gained ways that information can move are not just to and from, but also within, and more. Every different consideration produces a unique manner of movement for information, and how it applies to a consideration which it comes into knowing with is unique to the context between the two - and this is how Relativity is made.

Combining one consideration with another creates a new consideration, that of their relationship, and adds dimension, while also separating one consideration from another removes consideration, and diminishes dimension by which information can flow within each individual consideration, and reduces the overall capability of those disparate considerations. If separation is made between considerations there forms a chasm, a dimensional gulf between which information cannot travel across.

Every further consideration adds new dimension to all those previously held, and every individual person moves through as many dimensions as they, with their minds, knows the consideration to experience. Different people are existing in different volumes of dimensions, and a person can exist in any number of dimensions simultaneously.

As I said before:

"If there was full separation between any considerations (such as a person, a mind, a thought, a cell) and other consideration, the two wouldn't be observable within the same reality. The universe wouldn't experience the other, and the other wouldn't experience the universe. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They would pass right through each other without effect, and each would be to the other as if non-existent."

This means that whole beings that are made through the knowing of different considerations can live in shared location without experiencing one another's realm, or only experience the slight bit which they have in common - yet in Reason everything adds up, and so to each perception things would experience as normal, even though completely foreign realities were influencing one another.

If a person wants have the ability to see and be present in all, they can, by considering. A person sees and experiences all dimension which they have Mind to - but they won’t know the presence, feel offered avenues, or reap benefits from considerations they are without the knowing of.

Reason is above any amount of considerations, and Reason is not a consideration. What exists by consideration does not see what is in Reason, as Reason exists as result of all consideration, unified and in singularity, and anything less than all consideration doesn't have, through knowing of considerations, the sight to see Reason. This whole seen and unseen universe can be the movement of just one being, or of a few. Only by becoming perfectly Reasoned will a person receive into themselves all the considerations of Reason, and gain its sight. Time and space do not matter or exist in Reason, and are the False Concepts of fallen, broken, and lost considerations.

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