Sunday 27 March 2016

ASMR Response is Dopamine / Understanding Dopamine’s Experience in a Body

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, and is the producing of brain and body tingles and relaxing sensations though auditory “triggers”. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to delivering this type of experience.

Not every person is immediately responsive to ASMR, just as how a thing is considered by a person changes what influence, if any, it will bear within them.

But for those people for whom ASMR is effective, when immersing in sounds and sensations that have considered since your earliest days as a human, to hold relaxing, calming, safety-reassuring, and intimate meaning, the recognition of those associations invokes Reason’s principle, and it relaxes processes within a person’s brain, freeing up potentially very significant amounts of dopamine (more than typical prescription medications will provide a person with).

Also, just like ASMR’s responses can be experienced throughout the body, not just in the head, it is likewise with dopamine’s release. I previously mentioned that an orgasm is entirely the experience of a small surge in dopamine being release in part of a brain, and I’ve also said that when high doses of cocaine are taken, that the same experience occurs throughout a person’s whole body. All the synapses in a brain correspond to something within the human body, and when a synapse becomes flooded with dopamine, the area which corresponds to it will feel good. For lack of having experience, most people may think that the feeling of an orgasm is something unique to sexuality – but this is not the case. That same experience will occur from any and every area and part of the human body, if dopamine is filled in the synapses which correspond to that area of the body.

The feeling of goodness caused by dopamine in a part of a body is also a positive comment on that area of the body, letting it know that it is ready and strongly supported for robust and accurate functionality, and that it has the means to do whatever it needs to, and that experience and knowing is shared throughout a person’s mind and body.

While having dopamine flood synapses which correspond to genitals might (or not, depending on a person’s consideration) provoke a person’s sexual interest, the same is not true regarding having dopamine flood synapses which correspond to non-sexual areas of their body. There is nothing specifically arousal-producing about dopamine, but dopamine is physio-fuel for all a brain’s work, and the more of it that is available to a synapse, the stronger, healthier, better-functioning, alive and awake the physiological processes which listen to that synapse will be. Dopamine really is life, and fullness of life-giving to the brain and body, and as such should be regarded as a first recourse in addressing and preventing health situations – because dopamine is, by natural and good design, a primary consideration to all a brain and body’s work, and everything else exists downstream and is conditional to having enough of it available. To not embrace dopamine is to be in resentment and loathing of one’s own state of being human, and spiting of one’s own better health.

A person who seeks the ASMR experience is seeking the same thing as a person who uses dopaminergics, and is also mostly getting the same thing as a person who uses dopaminergics like crack cocaine, or methamphetamine.

The positive therapeutic effects of ASMR are the positive therapeutic effects of increasing dopamine availability within a brain, and therefore the positive therapeutic effect of using cocaine. Though I would not say that it is equally the therapeutic effect of all dopaminergics, which typically allow adrenaline to increase alongside dopamine, because that adrenaline increase is antagonistic towards stress states, and makes for a very different experience, more challenged experience than dopamine’s increase all on its own.

If a person receives a strong effect from ASMR, then they can understand what cocaine feels like, knowing that experience for themselves, and being a partaker in that experience. Of course, by using cocaine, that experience can be made much greater, penetrate more deeply, and be more consistent, and work even with people who don’t react greatly to ASMR. Understanding this, a person who is familiar with strong ASMR responses should easily realize how positive cocaine use is for stress states, and for positively and successfully addressing various negative health states.


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