Friday 16 September 2016

Woot, found the reference (that I had wanted to include in the previous post)!

I wanted to reference this statement I made waaay back (well, like exactly one year) in the previous blog post, but since so many posts on this blog contain the words "belief," "dopamine," and "sociopath," it was a little difficult to find which post this statement was made in, via searching for the terms.

From the post Controlled Dopamine Release's Influence in Sociopathism, and for Health, and referenced once already in the post Managing and Increasing Dopamine Can Easily Add Years to a Person's Life and Good Health, I wrote:

If a person can take control of their belief, they can freely give themselves the same continuous positive experience that Cocaine delivers, which is exactly what some sociopaths and highly active people feel as their regular state and think nothing of it.

So, the above statement covers the larger understanding of what was recognized in the study referenced in the previous post:

Smokers get a rush of dopamine when nicotine from a cigarette enters their body.

It's this chemical reaction that means so many people are addicted to smoking.

But scientists believe there is something else at play - a smoker's belief in the chemical reaction can also change their cravings. 

In a study, researchers have discovered that if smokers don’t think they are getting nicotine, the rush of dopamine never arrives.

The perceptions of the nicotine study also corroborate everything that I've been saying about dopamine, including its identity as not being "reward", but mental-task processing fuel, which is utilized whenever Reason causes a mind to consider, such as when something is less than OK (for example, a craving), and which is increased in availability when a mind resolves considerings related to not being OK, and believes that everything is OK. The difference between "reward" and physio-fuel is perfectly antithetical in the resultant understanding of the importance of dopamine for a human brain, moving it from being of the least consideration and arriving as an after-effect, to one of primary importance that is required at the beginning of all effort, and to prevent mental and physical stress, vulnerability, damage, and failure.

This essentially means that contemporary medicine and drug, as well as drug-crime policies are basically all just backwards, and life-stealing shit, and that those people in professions where they rationalize away people's natural right to dopamine are cruel monsters, and hypocritical fraudsters.

Also, I want to point out that having some study corroborate what I say is not what makes what I say the truth. The opinions, ideology, and dogma of a billion sociopaths will not alter the truth, and any number of people who act out of determination, such as an ideology, will all equally be found to have been False, in the end.

When a paid health worker speaks of "reward" and "addiction", they speak from their ignorance, from their sociopathic wishes, from their desire to experience "reward," and from their prejudice. But when I say that addiction does not exist, that dopamine is physio-fuel, and that employing "addiction" as if it were a truthful concept creates the very harms that are those who use the concept typically attribute to drugs, I speak from the truth, and the truth speaks through me.

And I know the truth of far more than these things. In truth, if I will it, this entire planet will be transformed into a planet of gods, both good and evil. And if I will it, this entire planet will be separated from true knowledge. Because in me are all the keys to true knowledge, and I make them known as I reason is good.

And just as when asked "Who do you think you are?" by the day's religious professionals in reaction to claiming to know God, Jesus responded, "If I were to say that I do not know him, I would be a liar like you," so it is with what I have said.


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