Monday 19 June 2017

Looking at the Forms of Considerations and Reason Within the Human Brain, And Beyond

I came across this article today, mentioning the same subject as the article I linked-to in the previous blog post:

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

In that article there is this picture (click it to view the full size):

The right-side picture translates the structure of connections into geometric "architectural structures" (consideration structures) to show the organization of what the researchers don't understand but which I can tell you is the gathering of considerations into reasons to fulfill concepts, by way of considering and reasoning.

The representation picture on the right-side depicts some of what I drew up over a year ago:

... but which I have not started showing and explaining because I wanted to do it right, such as with an all-encompassing and clearly explained post, but I just haven't had the energy or calmness to pull it all together into the perfect explanation yet. But since some other people are starting to detect these things, I think this makes it pretty convenient and simple for me to just throw its explanation out along with what they've said - so I don't need to do as much to convince people that this is actually happening, or do that all on my own.

To start, I'll point this out:

Whatever model on the origin of this physical universe a person goes with, it comes down to this: interactions between things. More specifically, you might say they are interactions between the smallest pieces of things that could ever be.

Since these are the smallest of all pieces, not made up of multiple other small pieces, but each are the smallest, and only their one-dimensional thing - until they interact with another smallest-piece, at which point they gain the smallest piece of definition and become dimensional. And that 2-dimensional piece interacts with something else, and gains further quality.

If one smallest-piece interacts with another, it is a True evaluation, or a Yes.

As I said in this post: The Meaning of "Will > Considering > Reason" and Automatic Considering

"Truth is present only where there is context between Considerations. A lone Consideration lacks definition, value, meaning, purpose, and point - it has no Reason. All that a lone Consideration has is a choice: Yes, or No, to Consider another other than itself.

A choice of Yes or No becomes its Will.

Will is Absolute, and a blank canvas yielding the power of True to wherever it is allocated through its choice of Yes.

When a Will gives itself to the Considering of anything, it sacrifices its power of choice for the duration of the Considering, and its choice to Consider becomes the power of True for the other that receives Considering - and once Reason experiences, the relation formed by the bridging of the two bears a truth, and forms a new Consideration.

So in the end, the Considering experiences Reason and resolves."

And in this post: A Treatise of Existence

"A consideration starts with just a choice of Yes or No, to consider"

If considerations don't interact together, the communicated relationship between those considerations is as a No, or a False.

Just like everything you see on a computer screen is made up of 1s and 0s, which are gathered into what are called in computer programming "functions", which each add up to a single value, which is then "returned" or sent to the program and bears an influence upon it, it is the same with everything that is physically visible in the world: Considerations gather into concepts, which are to them reasons, and resolve into a single truth, which expresses a meaning to everything.

Everything that is happening in the world represents a movement of considerations as they are considering, and they are building forms and structures, where what looks like space between physical things actually shows no space between their considerations - and to make a change to the consideration structure somewhere will reliably result in an outcome for all other aspects of that consideration structure, even though they may not appear related or near to each other when looked at physically.

As smaller concepts interact together with similarly-sized (by volume of contained considerations) concepts, those full concepts can interact like two considerations interacting, and they can interact with more concepts, to reason together into greater concepts, with many more dimensions.

In fact, you exist in an environment made of considerations, and can only imagine or perceive something because its considerations exist to be engaged - and if they are reasoned, then that which was believed in will become real from the experience of the existence of the person who reasons it.

And as I said in this post: Considering & its Meaning

"... everything that is fully considered will find a new way to become True."

Your thoughts of things are referencing those things' considerations just like what is called a "pointer" in computer programming.

And every fully-reasoned concept can be communicated via a signal. In fact, this entire universe fits into a signal.

There is lots, perhaps everything more that I could say from there, but getting back to the article, it shows this representation image, which translates the structure of the information involved:

I can explain what it all represents.

The small pieces heading towards the large sphere are gatherings of considerations. Each point is a consideration, and the lines that connect them are the meaning they have to each other, which is context, and which is a bridge that is also made of considerations. They are held together by belief (which is a 'This Is' declaration, which invokes Reason to produce considering.

The large sphere to which they are drawn is a concept, and is a reason (referring to a different aspect of reason than before) awaiting its fulfillment. It is filled up with considerations based on the evaluation of truth, by reason, and the fulfilled concept adds up to one.

The smaller considerations are drawn into it by reasoning, which can communicate with all considerations that have truth in them across any distance, because they exist within each other.

As I said, "reasoning draws all considerations into itself" - or, herself.

And also, in the post Meaning for Psycheparous: Everything can be a portal to every other thing.

One the reason is fulfilled, it is all-True, and the information it adds up to can be converted into a signal and transferred throughout any other pathways, exerting influence upon all considerations and concepts which it evaluates as True to.

The research the article is about called those large spheres "cavities", but they are not. They are spaces filled with meaning, representing potential awaiting to be fulfilled. The unfilled spaces, which are what I was drawing with the dotted lines in these pictures:

They become filled with considerations - or, if a determination is made involving the reason that is an environment of considerations, it falsifies the concept or considering, and it fails to become fulfilled.

When Jesus said that he came to fulfill the law, the law is a concept, made of considerations, and he fulfilled that concept, so that it did not fail. Being fulfilled is not the same thing as no longer being in effect. It means it is in effect, in all the places that it is supposed to be.

One of the researchers, Ran Levi, says in the article: "The appearance of high-dimensional cavities when the brain is processing information means that the neurons in the network react to stimuli in an extremely organized manner. It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building then razing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks..."

It is acting by Reason. There should be no surprise that it is all organized - everything is adding up perfectly, with no space between the meaning of the state of one consideration and the state of the next. The organization of considerations by truth and reason is perfection. Mathematics is accurate because it adheres to the same. I will show that at some point (as I said once already, here).

Everything you see everywhere is a manifestation of a form of considerations, that is similar to what has been displayed in the right-side representation picture from that article. I can explain much more of all of it, and hopefully I will, soon. I actually want to just not post for several months and then resume explaining when I am able to in a much more effective manner. But I see articles everywhere where people are not even recognizing what they are looking at, and it irks me into making a post, because I already know the full design of everything, which naturally includes everything that people are studying at making articles about.

And where scientists talk about ideas of space exploration, and fantasize about traveling to another planet or galaxy, I know how the relative distance between places can be made into whatever has a purpose for being - what is 400 light years away can be made just 40 light-years away, or even less - without any mechanical equipment. 10 years ago can be made yesterday, tomorrow, or now.

As I said in the last post, Jesus said of God: "And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard his voice nor seen his form."

I also know his form, and it is made of considerations.

And as Jesus said, "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open."

In the place of considerations, everything is True or False, and nothing is hidden. All the things people try to hide are fully visible there, and everything is exclaimed clear as day.

The constructs of this world are filled with granfalloons, and the places where people have invested their support are filled with falsehoods. Many of those that people trust are liars and murderers, and many of those they condemn and conspire against are filled with significant amounts of truth, which the determinations of their accusers don't perceive, but only feel threat from as they evaluate False against it.

Where all considerations are revealed, there is no speculation, no opinion, no conjecture, and no theory. There is only the truth.

I have no idea what I'm going to do next, or what when I'm going to continue explaining these further subjects. When talking about dopamine a point was reached where to further effectively detail its interactions involved moving into the sphere of the movement of considerations within a person's mind, showing its multi-dimensional interactions that reveal how dopamine is applied to assist in the work of a brain. But that has seemed like a big subject from where I am right now - though it didn't used to be, and it won't be once again, after enough time.

This is because of another subject: What happens to all those connected considerations if their reason breaks? They are all still evaluating True forward down many pathways, but are no longer perfectly reasoned into one - and that creates a lot of confusion and pain within those considerations and the environment which all their broken pieces are considering into. Those considerations are still doing their job, but they are doing it in an environment that doesn't supply the perfect context for their output meaning to be perfectly related to all other considerations around. That broken environment then first needs to be mended by considering all things that restores the reason that was.


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