Friday 4 April 2014

Dopamine Summation, Till This Point: Physiological Cornerstone

This is kinda filler, but a very good summation. Been meaning to get multiple pages set up on this blog for a while to start pushing out stuff on other stuff. So, this bides me time of not looking disappeared, (maybe). I hate senses of self-duty-constraints... or maybe its the lack of energetic accommodation that I dislike - yes, probably that.

Dopamine is the cornerstone of all human health. Stresses only occur when there is an overwhelming of an in-region availability due to a greater received workload from another.

At that point, epinephrine becomes the aggressor, and stress hormones and norephinephrine pile on.

The only cranial-section capable of spontaneous-thought-retention (or of thought, period) is that constructing critical-thinking (which is a disgraceful misnomer of the greater capability of what this region can actually supply) - it is also the only region capable of making decisions, including those of arbitrary-error which lead to reactive-agitation. It is also the only system subject to dopamine regulation, and the only region whose dopamine becomes overwhelmed by dopamine-determining outputs from preceding regions.

Stresses ensue parallel and proportionate to regional dopamine-availability encumberance.

If you have the Anterior Insula development to support understanding: It ain't reward, it's vitally-determining. Its resolution is one of primitive mathematics, with epinephrine being a contextual modifier.

Its continuance is the source for most human malady, of physiological health, emotional, relational, societal-caliber-and-quality, and most-all international conflict - some nations' more than others'.

Hopefully, people wish-enough to not die as a waning, deteriorated and daft lump of waste, one of burden to family and society, that they will think seriously and with as-much-as-needed effort about it.

For those who think Mental Stress is a non-practicable abstract, so too must be the world they live in.

Dopamine is the cornerstone of human physiological health.

And as previously said, stress isn't remediated by simply boosting dopamine - which subsequently boosts epinephrine and therefore existing stress-states.


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