Friday 26 June 2015

The Importance of Belief

Considering is channelling energy forward, and a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go.

Belief is a power, which creates context between considerations, thereby creating new pathways for a person's mind to traverse. Belief comes before possibility, and belief creates possibility.

For a person who believes little, little is possible. For a person who believes lots, lots is possible. And for a person who believes in all things, everything is possible.

As considerations which experience no relation to one another do not experience a shared existence, a person who believes something is impossible for them will experience that reality, while a person who believes that something is entirely possible will conversely experience that reality.

A person's disbelief will always keep them stagnant, and a person who refuses to believe will fade from existence.

A mind has belief in wherever it looks, and wherever it looks, it can consider into becoming one state with its own reality.

If a person wants to grow their mind and their reality, then they should grow their belief. Belief is only one thing, a power that contains all the considerations of I AM, and surges through all a person's considerations, and it grows exponentially.

But all a person's existing considerations already hold belief in every one them, and they could work against a person's efforts who suddenly expects to head entirely in an outward direction with no resistance. But persistence of effort will lead to them being overcome, and their polarity realigned with a new, greater belief.

It is not a matter of what to believe, as all things ultimately are true, but to continually place the equilibrium of energy gained from a person's belief firstly in all the places that are good, and producing of further good - not just for the person, but for all things, equally.

The more a person's belief grows, the more considerations they will power in a harmonious fashion - and gradually, everything will become increasingly possible.

As the field of quantum mechanics claims, all possibilities are realized - and this is how a person moves through them, up to becoming existing in all of them at once.


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