Friday 20 February 2015

The Considering of Waves and Rings

A circuit is a series of considerations that carries a signal through it. The considerations of the circuit bear a frequency wave, and the signal itself is a frequency wave. Any single frequency wave is a syncing and unification of many waves - the syncing of many considerings, and each of those is the streaming of a series of considerations.

The information that composes a matter-based circuit, regardless of its physical shape, adds up to an equal ring. The signal that travels along it, which is a frequency wave, is a ring of information that is perpendicular to the larger ring that considers it, and it moves through the ring of the larger ring.

Every frequency wave is a ring of information that is cycling round and round as it considers. It is not really a wave, but appears as one if the abstract of time is imposed on its appearance, for the sake of observation. If the abstract of time is not imposed upon it, a signal’s movement is as an up and down oscillation that appears like a straight 2D line, as will movement in the shape of a ring that is not viewable as having width.

An energy-based signal wave that travels through a material circuit is of a dimension that is as if perpendicular to the dimension of the matter-based circuit that is considering it. Every thing is transferred perpendicularly to what considers it, but is applied into the greater ring that considers it when its considering is completed. As everything is delivered perpendicularly in dimension to what is receiving it, observation, which only sees in its own dimension, cannot predict Truth.

Transmitting of information dimensionally perpendicular allows for any amount of information to be sent and received through the tiniest space of a consideration, forming a signal.

To the larger ring that considers them, the ordering of perpendicular rings flowing through it is the ordering of considerations of that particular considering – each smaller ring being a consideration of its greater ring. All things are made of considerations, and everything is considering everything else, cycling all energy.

Eternity is when a ring fulfills all its considering and is no longer cycling, but is a solid ring of energy that experiences all considerations it knows by having considered – a Reason, and it sparks the considering of greater things. Time does not exist to this state, and this state is above all time.

When everything fully considers everything else, the final result is All in All, where everything is a portal to everything else, and everything is accessible from all directions. This is how the Quantum Mechanic understanding that all possibilities are realized simultaneously is accomplished. It means that a person perceives as much of everything as they have the capacity to – and the capacity to perceive more is gained through the truthful considering of all things.

A considering that experiences Reason and resolves will be applied into the mind which considered its truth, as a newly gained consideration of it. When a person has fully considered a thing, they gain its knowing and the sight of all its considerations.


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