Wednesday 7 October 2015

Article: Increased brain connectivity eases teenage impatience

Article: Increased brain connectivity eases teenage impatience

I knew and described these things when I said long ago that consideration is what gives structure and control to a person's emotion, and when I spoke that a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go, and when I said that a person's considerations are represented as the synaptic connection within their brain. And when I said that a person is always considering towards their greatest belief.

And I recently included these things in the post: Consideration Normalizes a Mind, Determinations Polarize a Mind, which was an extension of the post: The Exact Mechanism of Sociopathism

But while the above linked-to study only made an observation without a greater comprehension for it, I'd already provided comprehension of the whole environment in which this happens, stated that these connections do provide this effect, and also gave the comprehension for why and how it happens. And I received it all by considering. And as I said, I still know everything more as well.

For all things there is an ordering of considerations. And if people had wired themselves to consider the truth, free of determinations, and not their own benefit, the natural and only thing that would come to them would be the truth. It only takes one good will (Will being the expressed choice whether to consider) to resolve all things - though it involves the considering of all things for resolution to produce.


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