Monday 19 October 2015

Richard Branson Announces UN to Promote Drug Decriminalization and end of War on Drugs

Founder of Virgin enterprise Richard Branson announces that the UN is set to promote drug decriminalization around the world, and to end the so-called War on Drugs:

Richard Branson Leaks U.N. Draft Paper on Decriminalizing Drugs
UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard Branson

As the human brain fundamentally runs on all the things illicit drugs provide the release of: dopamine, seratonin, opioids, adrenaline... the so-called War on Drugs has always, in truth, been a war against humanity, and has meant the liquidation of human life for the benefit of those most sociopathic in society, and those most ignorant about the nature of their professions. The War on Drugs and institutional doctrine regarding health treatment, especially mental health treatment, are one and the same, with their designs stemming from the same sources, administering downwards.

Unfortunately, those who train for these professions, those "entrenched experts", as Dr Carl Hart put it (though I addressed it more face-forward in this post), are not informed of this while they train, and are with too much ingrained prejudice and dogmatic belief, being so strongly of a dopamine-ample disposition, to possibly consider beyond their narrow experience and closed mental environments (in other words, they are highly sociopathic, and this makes them useful for little that is good).

Caral Hart was correct in saying that "drugs are not the problem" (and if so, they're every human's beneficial problem from the moment they are conceived in the womb, as their very assemblage there is reliant upon sufficient dopamine-availability in their mother's brain). The problems are doctors, scientists, and the institutional doctrine which they've been peddled, and which they peddle. These people and things are immense obstacles to health in today's world, and, as all the things which they obstruct are fully treatable and curable (as I'm showing and will show to completion), a person who suffers one of the pertinent conditions does not so much have Depression, or Anxiety, or Psychosis, etc, but is foremost the victim of a False medical doctrine and those who preach and practice it.

Here is a excerpt of writing that is from a post which I haven't yet finalized:

For all conditions of mental stress, which is the state of having insufficient released dopamine where a brain is routing signals, dopamine is the one true answer, and all others are incompatible with an authentic resolution. Dopmaine presents the correct block-shape to fit through dopamine-shaped holes. A person suffering mental stress ailments has a dopamine-shaped hole within themselves.

The best solution for these people is cocaine, as cocaine produces the healthier-than-natural release of dopamine within a person, and is the proficient release of a person’s own natural dopamine, while invoking a significant inhibition upon adrenaline.

Cocaine is the star-shaped block that fits into the star-shaped hole that is a person’s mental stress, to address, treat, and a cure their state of dopamine deficiency and its emergent ailments. Cocaine is veritably the miracle cure that it was previously regarded as being before its prohibition, and which it never was found as being otherwise than in all the time from then until now. Indeed, all information since that time corroborates that cocaine actually was, and therefore still is, that miracle cure. And I can confirm that this is the real-world case.

A person who is asphyxiating requires oxygen, a person who is starving needs food, a person who is dehydrated needs water, and a person who is experiencing mental stress needs dopamine: Or precisely, they need dopamine’s release to increase in their brain independently of adrenaline / noradrenaline’s release – which is exactly the unique effect of cocaine.

A person who is suffering mental stress literally needs, more than any other thing, cocaine, and cocaine is the real solution to a person’s state of mental stress.

Mental Stress emergent and contributing ailments include: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Dementia (Alzheimers, Parkinsons…), PTSD, Fascia Adhesions, and more. All these things are branches from shared sources.


If a person has suffered any of these, or retired their life while afflicted with any of these, or has family that suffers or suffered any of these, know this: the suffering was without justification. There was and is real prevention and cure for all of these things, and most of these things enter into the body through one door - that left open by an absence of released dopamine.

In medieval ages witches were hunted. Before (and still during) then, religious infidels. Just some decades ago, homosexuals were seen as mentally ill, depraved, and possibly contagious. None of these human stupidities meets the measurement of intellectual and moral depravity which the creation and persecution of those with dopamine deficiency has set. Racism is still around, but the greatest evil a human could ever conjure was the criminalization against the fundamental state and needs of being human and having a working brain - an evil that was brought and furthered by the scientists and doctors of the world, who are still practising that evil to this day.


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