Wednesday 26 March 2014


Excerpt from previous posting:

... The dopamine in the critical-thinking regions is a parallel to it, and this dopamine is uniquely regulated, specifically, I'm personally stating, due to their volume-needs being dependent upon values set within other brain-regions - while other, non-regulated regions simply match dopamine to their internally-available information levels.

Expanding on this fact, this region is intended to have its regulation set by “affirmation” signals, which are essentially Oks, telling the region that a certain quantity of dopamine is necessary. In response to these Oks, the region adjusts its dynamic regulation to meet them. A lack of these dopamine-affirmatives means a deficiency, and that deficiency is Mental Stress. An over-abundance is an arrogance and selfishness, and produces those same traits in the people with them – See: Sociopathy, Pathological-Lying, Being-a-Dick.
It is not Reward, and there is no Reward.
I have now enabled the world to be saved, thank-you for your attention.

Btw, what would a newborn baby be experiencing Reward over?

And if this one item, critical-thinking brain-region dopamine, is adjusted to meet a measure set by preceding brain-region outputs, and upon doing so, no mental stresses occur for the duration of which it's matching... then how can there be another element to Mental Stress? If it's matched for 5-days, and for 5-days no stresses occur, then what does that tell you?

What is this other magical mental stress that never shows itself, which doesn't impact anything, and which doesn't have an adverse effect? Why should such an invisible and non-tangible thing be cared about? And why does it share the same term with Mental Stress, when it isn't anything like it?

It gets more complicated than this, though: There can be too much affirmation towards some thought, and not enough towards other - within the same brain. This is where brain-programming, concept-development, executable thought-templates start coming into play. Yes, you can program your own brain, and create your own complex tools within it that execute functions upon will.


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