Sunday 24 August 2014

A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential

Just as there is inherent numeric-value to all consideration, so there also is to what fuels their processes. Each lowest-form consideration requires a certain amount of energy to complete and evaluate as True, and its successful True-evaluation represents a certain amount of work produced. The Anterior Insula is home of all considering, and its considerations operate on the principle of transistors, directing themselves according to Reason's principle.

Dopamine 'Facilitates the transmission of information across neurons' (which inversely means that reduced dopamine means reduced brain-functionality). Dopamine is the brain's energy, and a single molecule of Dopamine will grant a certain amount of successful work potential for the brain's processes.

Because Dopamine is the fuel which all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by, every smallest True-evaluation which the Anterior Insula produces holds a Dopamine requirement that must be met in the Prefrontal Cortex, where any of the Anterior Insula’s considerations that needed a ‘Self’ evaluation component as a part of their concepts are output-to, for any Willed-determinations, encapsulation, and execution.

When there is insufficient dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex, as contrast with the amount of work ongoing in a person’s Anterior Insula, then Mental Stress ailment will occur – and its occurrence can begin very long before it is detectable from an outer observation, and will be progressively fraying the mind and body for all the time prior to outside detection. This is the basic cause for older-age mental deterioration ailments.

It will be a great asset to remember that, as was previously described, the increased release of  a brain's own Dopamine is the effect produced by Cocaine. And that, in fact, Cocaine is the even-healthier release of Dopamine than what naturally occurs in the body, because it inhibits sympathetic Adrenaline releases, which pose threat to mind and cardiovascular health. Adrenaline is also the operational antithesis of Dopamine towards the brain, and its considerations must be known to make engagement of dopamine's role as physio-fuel efficient.

And if a person can expect to receive a certain number of heart-beats in their life, increasing the amount of positive work a mind accomplishes per heart-beat is a matter and measurement for quality of life. For people suffering Psychosis and worse, this is an essential consideration - and as I previously mentioned, I state that Cocaine can progressively treat and permanently cure (sometimes immediately) all Mental Stress ailment.

Note that chemical activity is only 1-half of all human physiological experience and issue, and also that Dopamine's potential is subject to a counteracting by Adrenaline activity.


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