Thursday 9 October 2014

A Note on Dopaminergic Treatment of Ailments

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Cocaine is the most narrow-focused, and straight dopaminergic there is, and so if Dopamine is wanted to be studied free of all auxiliary influences, Cocaine is the ideal, even physiologically-exact means to do that. Cocaine is strictly a proficient increase in Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, while sympathetic Adrenaline increases are simultaneously reduced through inhibition.

So, while an increase of this Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine by use of an Amphetamine (Adderall), Methylphenidate (Ritalin), or Methamphetamine will cause Adrenaline to significantly increase alongside the heightened dopamine-availability, Cocaine will cause that same Dopamine to increase while simultaneously blocking Adrenaline from spiking up along with it.

Note that Cocaine's inhibition of Adrenaline releases means that Adrenaline's release ratio is lowered greatly, and not erased - so if an abstract demonstration-figure of 5 Dopamine normally invited a reciprocal release of 5 Adrenaline, upon taking an also-abstract quantity of Cocaine, that same 5 Dopamine might afterwards see only 2 Adrenaline released reciprocally. This means that taking Cocaine will see an increase of Adrenaline, but much less than if a different drug is instead taken - and also less than if the body were to suddenly naturally raise its own Dopamine level.

I would pin the Dopamine:Adrenaline ratio increases from each of these drugs generally as:

Ritalin 2:3
Adderall 2:3
Methamphetamine 3:2
Cocaine 4:1

Note that, in every instance of any of these drugs being prescribed or taken to treat anything, what's doing the treating is the Dopamine increase - and the Adrenaline increase is counter-acting and agitating the benefits from the Dopamine increase. Therefore, with any treatment involving Dopamine, the higher the Dopamine:Adrenaline ratio, the more there is actual treatment occurring.


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