Wednesday 8 April 2015

Basic Framework for the Personal Addressing of Mental Stress to Treat and Cure its Ailments

Most of this can be expounded upon and articulated a lot further, and an example of personal application and also the significance of it will be written later.

Mental Stress is the consequence from there being a lack of capability to handle the processing of an incoming load of information.

Inadequate dopamine to handle a volume of information is the precise identity of all Mental Stress, and the root cause of all Mental Stress’ emergent ailments.

Below is a listing of the considerations involved in addressing mental stress for the sake of resolving its detrimental influences. 

Mental Stress treatment consideration: Dopamine

Dopamine is the material resource by which all processes in the brain are able to process to completion. Increasing dopamine is increasing a brain’s capability to perform and function all its conscious and subconscious operations. More dopamine equals improved physiological performance, in all ways.

Increasing dopamine is opening the valves of the brain’s neural pathways, through which all conscious and subconscious information is considered (processed), increasing a brain’s capacity to grasp, organize, and resolve the information passing through its neural pathways.

Mental Stress treatment consideration: Adrenaline

Adrenaline has an accelerating effect on the processes in a mind, as it accelerates heart rate, which increases the intervals of force being distributed through all a body’s systems, thereby accelerating the delivery of information to each part, thereby increasing the volume of information that needs to be handled by a brain. Increasing adrenaline is counter-productive to increasing dopamine for the sake of relieving a brain’s workload so that it can work through its backlog.

Mental Stress treatment consideration: Environment

Everything a person does and much of what they don’t so is causing the streaming of information through their brain’s neural pathways. The pathways themselves are not limited in capacity, and their bottleneck is experienced at their synapses, with the dopamine available between them being what determines the volume of information they can handle. Even the things people give no thought to are bearing a value upon their brain’s dopamine budget – the air pressure in a space, the comfort of a room, the belief of what if anything is expected of them. Much of these things come down to a person’s perception, which cannot be changed easily, and is a product of their experiences, which have resulted in their brain considering into a certain synaptic structure, causing information to flow within their brain in a manner that is particular to them.

Mental Stress treatment consideration: Preparatory Mental Relaxation

Whatever uncontrolled processes are ongoing in a person's mind at the time are what will be amplified and accelerated as soon as adrenaline increases. Being as calm and stationary in mind as possible is essential and a core part of resolving Mental Stress ailment via use of a dopaminergic.

Mental Stress treatment consideration:  A dopaminergic medium

What’s used to increase dopamine needs to not influence adrenaline levels, or influence them in a manner that reduces them, or concessionally restrain adrenaline from increasing alongside dopamine’s increase as much as possible.

Mental Stress treatment consideration: A person's pre-existing consideration structure

Incoming information will channel through a person's existing mental structure, which is its neural organization, which is the organization of a mind's considerations, and determines what a person will experience as reaction to anything. This structure can be made to exist in any way, and can be remade in any new way through considering. 

~ I will write more about this at another time

Mental Stress treatment consideration: The involved physics

The pathways of little resistance will become the first benefactors from the augmented dopamine level and their information clutter will be considered into clarity first, while the pathways of most intense duress will bear additional payload from the heightened adrenaline.

It’s a simple matter of rudimentary physics determining the distribution of relief and pressure throughout a directional system containing pre-existing varying resistances.

The principle behind preventing and addressing all Mental Stress ailments:

To increase dopamine availability while preventing adrenaline from rising, while also doing as much as possible to prevent the additional generation of incoming processes for a mind, while keeping the mind relaxed.

Mental Stress treatment consideration:  The movement of considering ( a brief address )

A forward-looking recognition causes information to stream from a premise onward towards a point, and a greater understanding that produces a resolution, which is a truth, which enables everything that has considered to encapsulate to pass as a whole (and as a signal) by evaluating True in agreement with a greater body of coherent information, a greater truth.

When a considering fails, it returns to its premise, (or if the premise is invalidated, its last successful True evaluation) and marks the point of failure and the consideration which caused it to be non-included in the next attempt to resolve its on-hand considerations - and the experience of failure produces a new consideration that changes the equilibrium of things to consider.

A Considering will not stop once it is started. It will complete, or continue in an ongoing failing loop, that disconnects some association between details for each incomplete pass.


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