Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Self-Incriminating Foolishness of 'Dopamine as Reward'

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Talking about dopamine’s role and identity is also talking about the primary and foundational motivator behind information transferring across synapses. For all things there is an ordering of considerations, and so information passing for the sake of 'Reward', or personal benefit, is an entirely different reason from information passing on the grounds that it is truthful - and these two motivators lead in entirely different directions. It is a case of ‘if one, then not the other’.

This is the foundational reason why information passes across synapses in a person’s brain, and it determines what a person will say, and why they’ll say it. A person for whose belief is 'Reward' will say what benefits themselves, their sector of authority, their ideals and preferences – all of these things being irrelevant to what is truthful and reality, and standing in opposition to Truth.

A truthful person cannot easily speak dishonestly, and a dishonest person cannot easily speak truthfully. Again, it is a case of ‘if one then not the other’ regarding the structure of a person’s mind, whether it is made to deliver signals through its neural network in a manner that outputs acknowledgment of truth, or whether it is structured to determine what is in one’s own personal interest, and route signals to that end.

A person who expresses a belief in ‘Dopamine as Reward’ has made a public announcement that they are non-credible on the matter, and are willfully dishonest when it suits their personal preference - so that in any situation where it is personally favourable to speak something contrary to the truth, they will do so. Such a person has no rightful place in a discussion about how a brain functions, because they self-admittedly speak what caters to an undisclosed benefit of theirs, putting personal reward ahead of Truth.

Additionally, in failing to recognize the statement they are making against themselves (that they are inherently dishonest at the smallest measurement of information-connectivity within their brain, as their motivation is distinct and separate from Truth), they have made public that they lack the smarts to be competent to ascertain what is really going on, and have shown themselves to be bumbling along blindly.

This is a further expounding, and more direct-faced acknowledgment of the same recognition that is being expressed by Carl Hart when he said "There are — I would almost call them ‘entrenched experts’ — whose professional life and identity depends upon their being recognized as experts in this field".

They speak what is exactly not the truth because they find it beneficial for themselves to do so - but in another case of 'if one then not the other', in speaking untruthfully regarding human physiological wellness, they are doing exactly contrary to what society presumes they would be doing, and in the process they are committing an undetected genocide against human life and wellness.

Dopamine is not for reward, nor is there a reward-circuit within the human brain. The person who claims to operate out of, or perceive either has declared themselves to have made the personal choice deep within themselves to be untrustworthy, and truthless, making themselves blind - and in doing so, they inadvertently gave the truth.

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