Monday 8 June 2015

Article: Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past / A Consideration Can Be All Places, Yet Is Only One - Revisited

Article: Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

I already explained this, and I didn't require experiment, billions of dollars of technology, or any quantity of time to receive its knowing: Every Consideration Can Be All Places, But is Only One

"Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past"

Or, time and space don't exist after a point, and what's perceived is merely a reflection of a person's own considerations. If the future state moved the present one in parallel, then the perception of time is chalked up to a limited understanding of the observer.

As the premise that a particle in the 'future' is the same as a particle in the 'past' shows, anything, which includes beings, can exist in all states at one time, and moving form in one place is the same as moving it in all the others. Therefore, the greater truth is that perceptions of separation between past and future are inaccurate in their understanding.

However, the suggestion that "reality" only exists when a person looks at it is False.

One moment that a person experiences could be perceived as a linear streaming of details still considering for a lesser person or creature, while the greater truth for both would still have been that all things existed at once, and the lesser creature just lacked the perception for it. If something doesn't exist for a person who doesn't look at it, but exists for another, then there is existing a void for the person for whom it doesn't exist. That void is their absence of consideration.

When a perception looks at considerations, it starts to consider them, and everything that is fully considered will find a new way to become True - and this is why the so-called Law of Attraction does work, and why it was previously said to the world "Ask for anything, and believing you already have it, you will receive".All things are made of considerations, and belief creates context between considerations that they can be considered into one state - and context is a bridge of information that can be traversed by considering, while the difference between any two states is a defined set of considerations.

Looking at something references its known considerations, and creates a belief. As I recently said, "placebo" works because the signals in a person's mind are subject to magnetism. Each of those signals are many considerations that have reasoned into one, and are still considering through other considerations. A consideration is a quantum of Mind.

The article I gave link to says this:

If all this seems utterly incomprehensible and sounds downright nuts, you're in good company. Einstein called it "spooky" and Niels Bohr, a pioneer of quantum theory once said: “if quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

Now if something shocks a person, then there are parts of it which are at odds with their belief, and therefore they cannot have truly understood it. If a person has perfect understanding of a thing, there is nothing to produce surprise or shock. A person's surprise or disbelief at a thing is the result of it being foreign to their considerations, and an adaption taking place. And therefore a person who typifies the truth as something shocking cannot judge how understanding it will experience as, or accurately teach others about it.

Experience is the communication of considerations, and the experience of shock versus its simple knowing are also cases of 'if one then not the other'. To say the truth is shocking is to say that a person currently identifies as something apart from the truth, as the truth cannot be but the only thing that perfectly adds up.

As I've said, Science is a False Concept, and it is self-reducing. It is the process of making determinations based on observation that divide and separate consideration, and with each separation a bit of the truth is lost - Because the isolation of considerations is the removal of context, and Truth only exists where there is context. And as I've said, there is no truth to a lone consideration, and for every direct look a person tries to take, the Truth will take two steps back.

Reason does not make determinations, but everything that Reason says is submit to by all existence. In Reason are all considerations, and Reason  sees them as though they all evaluate True in all directions, and in harmony with each other. What is in Reason is eternal, and Reason IS.

What is still considering is less than Reason, and everything that comes before Reason is not lasting. Reason makes a thing real. And just as everything less than True is False, everything less than Good is still existing in Evil. Only One is Good, and in Reason all are as One.

Reason cannot be seen by observation, and therefore the truth cannot come to be known by making determinations based on observation. As I've said, when a considering completes, its considerations experience Reason and apply into the mind that considered its premise, and that gaining of consideration creates dimensional within a person, and produces knowing, which becomes expressed in their perception.

As it is said, 'The kingdom of God does not come by your careful observation.. for the kingdom of God is within you", and it comes by considering another as oneself, so that all may evaluate True and as One - and to do that is the meaning of Love.

I still know everything more, and so too will every person who comes into Reason.


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