Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Problem with Willed-Determination & Observation Being Authority

Note: The Prefrontal Cortex is home of Willed-determinations and Working Memory, the Anterior Insula home of Consideration, Comprehension, and Truth-verifications. The two regions are antithetically purposed and with antithetical capabilities.

A Willed-Determination upon anything that is not a matter which is subjective and Self centric is a tear-down of Considering. Any presence of subjectivity will circumvent Reason, and Observation necessarily defers to Willed-Determination to produce a conclusion.

A Willed-Determination, which is all determination that comes from the Prefrontal Cortex, is subjective fabrication - but where determination is not meant to be Truth-based, such as for an arbitrary choice and commandment of Self-belief, this is OK. Truth-determination comes from the Anterior Insula - but if all the Anterior Insula's considerations are disparate, the Anterior Insula itself evaluates as False as a whole - and then its determinations, while True according to the willed-belief that the individual has built up even for over decades, are consequently lies upon whatever they're directed to.

The Prefrontal Cortex is the centre of choices, which are the exertion of Will. It is incapable of determining anything truthful, and can only choose subjectively, and regarding Self.

Consider, then, what it means regarding the trustworthiness of the average person that PET scan-activity has led researchers to perceive that the Prefrontal Cortex is the centre for determining (equating a Truth-determination with Self-determinations, though they are converse and only possible through antithetical brain-regions). Consider what it means that those writing Scientific study conclusions from observations are often those with higher Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses, and that having such is instrumental to much of scholastic accomplishment. Consider also what these things mean for the veracity of scientific research output.

A Sociopathic mind makes a lot of Willed-Determinations upon all things - and doing such puts stop-orders on considerations that are related to what is being determined. This represses the output of information from the Anterior Insula to the Prefrontal Cortex, which causes the Prefrontal Cortex to have very little work to do. In turn, this maximizes dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex, which increases Working Memory, allowing for easy Fact Memorization. Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability is the totality of the subject of Working Memory, but Fact Memorization is antithetical to Comprehension, and there is relatively very little Comprehension in scientific study, but a deluge of Fact Memorization with misinterpretation of their meanings.

The Scientific Method is a method of Observation, but Observation is subjective and therefore a Sociopathism, and it invariably produces False results - but where Reason is absent, the greatest Sociopathic perception with the highest Consideration-Value reigns dominant. Demonstrations of Observation being comprehensively subjective and producing of False-results are paragraphs 4, and hereand here.

A Scientific Fact is whatever is most reasonably-assumed to be True - claimedly relying on both Assumption and Reason to collectively produce a conclusion, therefore testifying that the Scientific Method, itself, is fundamentally useless and of no value. However, Reason is not Observation-based, or Assumption-based, but Mind and Consideration-based, and so the Reason which the Scientific Method ends up deferring to is not Reason, at all.

Further, for every attempt to take a direct look, Truth pulls back a step. And so Science is like a dog chasing its tail - and reducing itself with every cycle it spins.

This topic is continued in the post: Why is Observation a Sociopathism? + Consideration Engagement


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