Friday 11 September 2015

Resolution of Socioathism, and Overview of its Influence in Society

Preface: The Exact Mechanism of Sociopathism (and other posts)

Sociopathism is the movement of mind that causes considerations to collapse into a determination (a determination being a falsification).

As the brain wires and re-wires itself according to how a person considers, and as dopamine is what enables signals to cross synapses, and a quantum of work-potential, a reduction of consideration can lead to an increase in unallocated dopamine-availability. In turn, as dopamine is what powers a person’s synaptic-connections, which represent the considerations a person has, this high free availability means increased functionality in a person for their remaining considerations which they are willing to engage.

And as any action – be it physical movement, mental processing, decision making, is dependent upon signals passing through neural pathways to consider, choose, and enact those things, having higher free dopamine-availability means having greater energy – while having less free dopamine-availability means having less energy, and less capacity to work, and to succeed, and will leave a person more prone to many health issues.

So, this means much higher functionality in people of lower consideration – due to that lower consideration resulting in higher unallocated dopamine-availability. Although, in a person with higher consideration, increasing their dopamine-availability will raise their functionality and capacity for work and success – and because they have much higher consideration, they have much more potential for great accomplishment than a person of lower consideration. Their consideration that would substantiate accomplishment only need to be sufficiently powered.

Also, a consideration is a quantum of truth. Those with less will be less truthful – though more obstinate in their belief that they are justified in however they are, and what they do. Because consideration is what creates sight-of-Mind, lacking consideration leaves a person blind.

And because dopamine is what powers a brain’s synapses, which represent the considerations of a person’s mind, a person whose considerations are not receiving power will lack a sense of meaning (as meaning is produced by the context of considerations), while a person with higher free dopamine-availability will, sense greater meaning from their lesser consideration, and will have much higher drive to be active. Because all institutional medicine is tailored towards the perceptions of Sociopathism, those who are more considering are forcefully pushed, by falsification, into a position of non-functionality, dependency, and incapability to work at parity with others.

A Sociopath is patently non-objective in their perception. Without possessing the consideration that substantiates truth, they are ineligible to possibly be objective. However, because they lack truthful substantiation for what is truly right, they are instead objective-driven in addition to being detached from consideration.

The human brain is simple in operation, and all the things which institutional medicine and academic science labour over are exceedingly simple problems with straight-forward solutions (and they must be, because the truth is the only thing that adds up perfectly). The real problem is that the handling of these things has all been centralized into the domain of Sociopaths, those who lack truthful perception, those who are driven by 'Reward', or Self-benefit (rather than unveiling the truth), and those who justify themselves by their status relative to others, their determinations – for lack of having the substantiation of truth within themselves.

While Sociopaths labour over what they do not have understanding of, I’ve produced full resolution before any of them have even grasped a sense of what is behind it all. And I didn’t resolve it just now – I merely just now settled my anger over it enough to actually type it. And when my anger settles more regarding further things, I will also type those things, which I already know.

Also, the near-totality of the matter of all depression, and much other ailment, is contained herein.

But read what was said by the USA government in response to the 1995 World Health Organization Cocaine report:

The United States Government considered that, if WHO activities relating to drugs failed to reinforce proven drug control approaches, funds for the relevant programmes should be curtailed.”

Non-objective in rejecting the study's information and its meaning towards what’s right for human health care, but instead objective-driven:

Despite the truth of the subject of human health and Cocaine’s relative meaning to human health being being of one thing, an alternative-to-the-truth direction is instead the preferred way to go (therefore testifying that the alternative is invalid in the face of truth and reality, and to those who abide by the alternative as enemies of the truth, what's right, and what's good).

Also, though it likely needs no pointing out, "proven drug control approaches" is a blatant falsehood by any rational measure, given that usage, availability, and purity/potency for virtually all substances has increased year over year since the 1970's "war on drugs" commenced.

The ailments relating to the objective-driven non-objectiveness of political and institutional medicine are not especially ailments of natural occurrence, but are of a coerced and continuing design.

And those employing licensed treatments of sufferers of these things generally have no qualifications to do so, and certainly are without experience or the consideration that would render themselves of any worth to the truth regarding these matters. In truth, their acceptance and practice of a False doctrine has seen them unwittingly enter into the role of professional mass-murderers (or professional mass manslaughterers, if that suits their comfort more – and indeed that term does well to emphasize their sheer intellectual incompetences, which are flying in the face of all their credentials), complicit and fundamental in the liquidation of minds and lives, with profit and benefits flowing to those more Sociopathic in society.

Likewise, all institutional medicine is, at its roots, palliative-care, capitalism driven, and is not intending to provide authentic cures and best solutions. It is comprehensively objective-driven, and not substantiating of truth. If the truth had been looked for, it would have been found.

The truth is always simple. It is lacking it, and also trying to work around it, that convolutes everything.


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