Sunday 7 December 2014

1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report

I'm a bit drained of energy, so I'm posting this without further context for now, and will return to the matter later.

Here is the final report from the most large-scale study on Cocaine conducted to-date. It involved 50+ experts, and included the participation of 19 countries (including UK, Australia, Canada, USA) - with the biggest proportion of data coming from the USA, having representation of East, Central, and South regions.

PDF download of the report: 1995 World Health Organization Cocaine Report

And below is an article about the report, and its unpublication due to a threat from the USA government to withdraw funding from the UN if it were to be released, because its objective conclusions contradicted negative and ideological assumptions, and enabled a positive perspective towards Cocaine for having health benefits.

Cocaine study that got up the nose of the US

Again, I've said that Mental Stress is Dopamine Deficiency, and that Cocaine is precisely the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in the brain because it inhibits Nor/Adrenaline, which counter-acts the benefits of Dopaminergic treatment - and that Cocaine can permanently cure all Mental Stress ailment (depression, anxiety, psychosis, alzheimer's, parkinson's, and further) if the considerations to use it for treatment are known. These other posts, and others I've made, are relatable to the above information:

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