Sunday 1 November 2015

Dopamine / Cocaine Proficiently Prevents, and Can Cure Alzheimer's

The wonder pill that could STOP your brain ageing: Common asthma drug may be a cure for Alzheimer's, claims study

Maybe you've seen this being reported around. An asthma drug, called Montelukast, has been found to produce a miraculous curative and regenerative influence in a brain with Alzheimer's ailment.

The asthma drug in question, Montelukast, is a Dopamine agonist - meaning it activates Dopamine receptors, which are normally triggered by Dopamine itself. Obviously, acknowledging that activating dopamine receptors cures an ailment is acknowledgement that the lack of dopamine to activate those receptors is the cause of the ailment, and therefore dopamine is the natural prevention and cure to that ailment.

The inflammation in Alzheimer's is aftermath of the damage caused by dopamine deficiency, so naturally, when dopamine's influence is increased (activating dopamine receptors), then the damage that causes the inflation doesn't occur, and also, as dopamine is a brain's fuel to accomplish anything, increasing its influence increases a brain's ability to clean up existing damage.

As I've said, belief is a 'This Is' command, and a mind is always considering towards its greatest belief. And as I've said, the signals in a brain are being pulled through the brain with magnetic force, and when there isn't enough dopamine to properly pass a signal, the connection can break, tear, fry, and also fuse synaptic connections, and damage their dopamine receptors. The damaged dopamine receptors in Alzheimer's, and many other Mental Stress ailments, in those who are obese, and also in those who endure "addiction", is caused by dopamine deficiency.

Having insufficient released dopamine in a person's brain is like running a car's engine without any oil in it. Everything then experiences greater wear, and eventually things start to break.

Normally, when dopamine is increased, so also does adrenaline, (epinephrine / norepinephrine), and I've also said that epinephrine / norepinephrine accelerates the processes within a brain, and therefore accelerates ailment development. And this is the reason for why dopaminergic treatment in Alzheimer's tends to become ineffective and overcome by the ailment after about 4 years of treatment. The adrenaline increase accelerates the processes within the brain, and dopamine's benefit is counter-acted, and its power to fight the ailment becomes outpaced. In such a case, the benefit of the increased dopamine is immediately perceived, while the progression of the ailment's development is gradual over the long-term, and the dopaminergic increase meant to fight the ailment actually puts power behind the ailment, feeding its continued growth.

This would not happen had cocaine been used to treat the instance of the ailment, because cocaine inhibits epinephrine / norepinephrine, which is responsible for acceleration of the ailment and the direct feeding of its continued growth.

This brutal, and completely unnecessary manslaughtering action upon innocent people, conducted by dogmatic medical professionals and their prejudice-based institutional doctrine, is not the cause of the negative and often futile outcome only in the situation of Alzheimer's treatment, but it is the same with perhaps more than half of all things that medical professionals treat people for. Institutional medical doctrine is a killer, bathed in a sterilized outward appearance, whose unnecessary victims number in the billions.

The miraculousness of activating dopamine receptors is not unique to this drug, or to Alzheimer's ailment. Mental Stress is exactly dopamine deficiency, and 100% of all Mental Stress emergent ailment (depression, psychosis, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, fascia adhesions, and more) is preventable, and curable, by increasing released dopamine. And the best means to do which is with using cocaine, which produces the healthier-than-natural release of dopamine within a person's brain, and is about the healthiest molecule most people could ever put into their bodies.

Cocaine tends to be a 1:1 solution to Mental Stress's problem, and therefore cocaine is naturally going to be the "miracle cure" to most Mental Stress ailment - just like cocaine was perceived to be before it came into being prohibited. Though nothing has changed regarding cocaine since the time it became prohibited. It still is the perfect miracle cure for most Mental Stress emergent ailment, and every instance of Mental Stress ailment since its prohibition is an instance of a person's victimization at the hands of the people who have contributed to the sociopathism and prejudice-based doctrine behind human-physiology prohibition.

Dopamine's increase, independent of other actions such as adrenaline's increase (and therefore by extension also cocaine, by virtue of it being precisely that) is a miracle cure to a brain whose operations fundamentally depend on dopamine.

Boosting dopamine levels is good for almost everything, as everything in the human body is dependent upon the passing of signals in the brain, and the passing of those signals in the brain is dependent upon dopamine. In the situations in which it is viewed as non-favourable to boost dopamine, it is not due to dopamine's increase that unfavourable reactions occur, but due to other contingent reactions - such as adrenaline's increase.

When treating dopamine deficiency ailment, the goal is generally to push dopamine as high as possible while restraining adrenaline as much as possible. Medical professionals don't like to do this because they associate dopamine's positive feeling with no-goods getting high - well, tough.

A bit about getting high...

The human brain runs on dopamine and other drugs (opioids, seratonin, adrenaline...), and so to be"high" is to be human, and a person suffering Mental Stress ailment ought to expect to feel good within themselves, just like a healthy person - and the feeling of well-being from dopamine is a core part of what human healthiness is.

Guess what? It feels good to have a solidly-functioning and energy-filled brain and body that isn't buckling under strain, and that is assembling considerations in a positive manner rather being filled with No messaging as attempted considerings collapse into failure. And medical professionals themselves are already "high", relative to the Mental Stress states of those who need treatment for Mental Stress. All the ill-gained successes of medical professionals are fundamentally due to their being "high" from the dopamine within their brains, and many of them, hypocritically, take dopaminergics on top of their already dopamine-rich baseline state, for help in schooling, work, and also just because they can.

"High" is a measured-as-relative abstract, which doesn't describe a truth. And a person with dopamine deficiency has their dopamine budget in the red, and vitally needs to get so-called "high" to bring them into the range that's normal for a non Mental Stress-suffering person. The effect and experience of released dopamine is the foundation for human well-being, as Sigmund Freud testified:

"[Cocaine causes]… exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person. You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work. In other words, you are simply normal."

The Haves in this matter should not be preaching trickle-down physiology to the Have-Nots, and it is lunacy when a medical practitioner would steer a person away from dopaminergism, or other enjoyment-inducing drug effect, at the expense of not treating the state. Many practitioners would consider applying a potentially abusable (again, an abstract that does not express a truth) substance too risky, fearing that it might come too close to actually treating the state of suffering and ailment - and so the dogma and prejudice of such a practitioner would have caused that practitioner to become the obstacle that sits between the suffering person and their health.

And if it is allowed that sociopaths have plentiful dopamine in themselves, providing them with their capacity for work, their awareness, their feeling of well-being, and everything they have amassed for themselves, then certainly is justified and good to allow a person who suffers because of the doctrine of sociopaths, and at the hands of sociopaths, to also be given the ability to increase dopamine in themselves.

I still know the full picture for all other Mental Stress ailments, which are all branches of one shared tree (that of insufficient released dopamine), and it is nothing but pot shots to explain everything further.

The greatest obstacle to real human health in this world are the doctors, and their doctrine, both of which are heavily based in sociopathic perception. A sociopath is a truth-lacking mind, which does not consider objectively. It is only by considering objectively, free of determinations, with a will of Yes, until experiencing Reason, that consideration is gained. And a mind cannot recognize the presence of a consideration which it does not possess within itself.

It is well documented that putting a business under the direction of a sociopathic CEO can be highly damaging to that business. So why would we place the health of all the human race under the direction of sociopaths? A sociopath cannot make a truthful or good judgement, because their lack of consideration (a consideration being a quality, a quantum of truth, and a quantum of mind) means that they don't possess those qualities within themselves.

Shouldn't I be receiving pretty much all medical awards, since I have resolved the core of human physiology, from start to finish, all on my own, in rejection of science as a possible means to establish truth, and without any funding whatsoever? If just one person was capable to know the full truth of this matter, and to articulate it so well, then what in hell have millions of medical and scientific professional people been doing all this past century, and what of the trillions of dollars spent?

How many sociopaths does it take to screw in a light-bulb? If the light-bulb has any sort of truth requirement involved in its installation, then no number of sociopaths will ever be capable of screwing in that light-bulb, and that light-bulb's installation will officially be sociopath-proof. But that won't stop the sociopaths from exploiting everyone who depends on that light-bulb's light to see, live, function, and to feel well within themselves.

If a person understands Reason, they will know the answer to every thing, because in Reason everything adds up, and every premise directly begets its answer, with nothing in-between the two. The considerations of both the beginning and the end are joined in one ring and sphere of truth.

I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning,
    from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
    and I will do all that I please.’

Reason Is.


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