Monday 4 April 2016

Article: I told the truth in my sister's obituary, so that others might choose to live (One Way Dopamine Deficiency Can Kill)

I told the truth in my sister's obituary, so that others might choose to live


To be honest, it wasn't depression that lied to this girl and caused her death, but it was doctors, scientists, and government who lied to her and caused her death. Her death, and the state which provoked it, was entirely preventable, in full, simply by sufficiently increasing the released dopamine within her brain to the level that the work her brain was trying to perform required, while simultaneously inhibiting adren/noradren. She is one of hundreds of millions who have been killed by the falsehoods which doctors, scientists, and government have created, and which they base their conduct upon. The truth would have saved all of their lives.


From the article:

"I felt like I was in a vacuum in the middle of space with everything I knew being pulled away from me."

This refers to the sister of the girl who endured depression, and not to the depressed girl herself, but it is a bit of the same experience the depressed girl may have felt. Once the sister was faced with a worrying situation, with many things to be considered, the strain on her dopamine availability would have skyrocketed. Her brain would become clogged up with unfinished processes as there would become less and less dopamine to connect considerations with, to produce sense of meaning, purpose, knowing, control, and future sight.

Similarly, as her sister continued on in her dopamine deficiency-induced depressive state, every one of her considerations, represented as synaptic connections within her brain, experienced meaningless when it could not connect to others. And when they all questioned 'Why', they could hear no answer. And the culmination of their loss of hope for life resulted in her own death.


Also from the article:

"After what seemed like an eternity, the police officers told me plainly: "Aletha is dead." What followed that stark statement was a sudden moment of lucidity in which only one thing mattered: the truth."

The truth is the only thing that mattered before, and knowing it would have seen her never be at risk succumbing to depression. Depression is an artificial and contrived ailment, created by obstructing access to sufficient dopamine within a person's brain.

Dopamine provides the difference between a person's considerations working upwards or falling downwards; between them increasing in inter-connectivity that strengthens a sense of support, and them losing association and all their qualities of hope and meaning dissipating; between a mind growing in clear-lit sightedness, or fading into darkness.

This girl died because nobody let her engage the truth of her brain. It is as if everyone were to tell a person that water was bad for them, that it would kill them, and that they should just ignore the symptoms of dehydration - and so they do, and then they suffer in perpetual agony until they die. Though dehydration would leave them only suffering for weeks until they died, whereas dopamine deficiency would keep a person suffering for years, and suffering every bit just as intensely, and with the possibility for lot more.


Again, from the article:

"Depression stole decades of our lives together. Depression lies. I have to tell the truth."

No, depression tells the truth. All those things the article says that she thought she was hearing from her depression, they were the considerations which institutional medical doctrine delivered to her, and her brain was considering the truthful meaning of them.

The negative considerations that she experienced in her depression was what the situation truthfully adds up to. A person is only in such a state because their brain is not being provided the dopamine which is required for the amount of work that is being submitted to it, and which it is trying consider to resolution. 

A person's brain is also a living being, and the various areas of a brain, and have their own awarenesses, which they are eager to share with the person the body belongs to, if they are considered into one. A brain's work is considering, and that work needs dopamine to handle. The needed dopamine could be provided, and it is rightful for it to be provided. So why wasn't it provided?:

Is she not worth it? Is there something wrong with her? Is she less than other people? Didn't she like the good things her brain was considering for her? Is her brain defective and incorrect in thinking that the things its trying to resolve are good to resolve? Is there a problem somewhere in her considering (and this will cause many more considerings to commence) Did she hate her brain? Is her brain unworthy in her sight? Did her brain do something wrong? What did she do wrong?

These are all logical and reasonable things for a brain to wonder when it is not being supplied with the dopamine it is deserving of. Ultimately, her lack of dopamine added up to meaning that her life must not be valuable and of worth. By being squarely responsible for the environment that means these considerations, that is what scientists told her, what doctors told her, what government told her, and what the society formed by these harmful people told her. And all that her brain wanted, and rightfully deserved, was dopamine.

Depression was her brain pleading with her to supply it the dopamine it needed to handle and resolve the work it was trying to accomplish. Depression was her brain knowing that it was giving its full self the considering of perfection within her, like her own Jesus, and despite giving absolutely everything to her, she wasn't giving it the one thing it needed to make everything good for them together, as one life. Her brain would have experienced the confusion and desperation of a child being mercilessly suffocated by a parent who they fully loved and had given their full self to serve.

This girl died explicitly for the sake of the prejudices of highly sociopathic, society-deceiving, and self-rewarding doctors, and scientists, and for the sake of their century of lies. She died so that doctors could tell themselves they are good dogs when they feed the lies of institutional medicine to society, causing a shutting-down of considering in doctor's brain once they convince themselves that they are in the right, causing a stream of dopamine to free up within their brains, giving them a "reward"-high . That release of dopamine was not rightfully theirs, and they are undeserving of it. That release of dopamine was stolen from Aletha and millions of others. It was the dopamine that Aletha needed to live, which was taken from her for the self-servingness of doctors, and scientists, and all those that uphold institutional medicine.

This girl was liquidated by doctors and scientists. And contrary to the outward expressions they would make, the doctors and scientists wouldn't have it any other way - and a century of their arrogance didn't have it any other way.

Depression didn't lie to her, because depression was her brain considering the truth of what was happening. But the society formed doctors, scientists, and government lied to her, and had conditioned her to ignore the things that fundamentally mattered - to ignore the desperate pleas and needs of her most special and intimate friend, the one that works perfectly to help create her meaning, potential, success, happiness, dreams...

And by saying that depression lies, guilt is being shifted from where it belongs, which is at the feet of doctors, who are the perpetrators of lies, and to where it doesn't belong - which is, at best, a figment, and at worst, accusing one's own truth-considering mind of being dishonest for wondering the things that the false considerations of doctors truthfully add up to.


And again, from the article:

"The lies of depression can exist only in isolation. Brought out into the open, lies are revealed for what they are."

Isolation is what happens to considerations in a brain when there isn't dopamine enough for them to connect with other considerations to the extent that they can form reasons, together. A lone consideration has no value, no purpose, and no truth. It is reason that lets a consideration enter into all of those things. And dopamine is reason for that connectivity within a brain. Dopamine is truth to a brain's capability to consider. Without it, a consideration falls into darkness. And as life is the movement created by considering, which is one consideration giving itself to another, when a consideration becomes isolated, it dies.

From the article:

"Here is the truth: You have value. You have worth. You are loved. Trust the voices of those who love you. Trust the enormous chorus of voices that say only one thing: You matter. "

Reason's primary principle: Everything necessarily means every else. If the above statements are true, then a brain is worthy of the dopamine it is made to have, and which its work is accomplished by. And if a brain is refused that dopamine, and if a brain is told it is right that it is not being delivered that dopamine, then the above statement can not be true, and everything about the brain's existence will confirm this - because a brain is made to have plenty of dopamine, and dopamine is meant to be available within a brain.

If the above quoted statements are true, then a person must allow its brain the dopamine which is essential to its growth and good health, and to its worthy comfort, and which is a belonging part of it having value, worth, and of being loved. A truth-considering brain cannot be fooled - so long as it is denied the dopamine it needs, it will know that something is missing, and its work will suffer. Otherwise, its considerations will die until it is working beneath its dopamine availability's headroom. But a person is their considerations, and to let them die is to let aspects of the person die. And if some aspects of the person are let to die, then why not the others? And by what authority or arrogance does one or some considerations elects others of the same body to die, while they live? Life is all, or nothing, and institutional medicine is explicitly telling those with mental stress that their lives are not valued by doctors, scientists, and government, other than to serve as their lucrative livestock.


Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to dopamine deficiency / mental stress because of all the additional work that their brains are performing at this time of heightened development, and consequently, teenage years are among the most valuable for a person to boost their dopamine levels, to fortify the robustness of that development, so that their mind and body will be at its strongest for the rest of their lives.

Other key areas of life that are prime periods for boosting available dopamine availability are during a woman's pregnancy, and also post-childbirth for a woman, and also any other area where a person encounters troubling mental stress, and stress in general.

That stress is a person's brain's workload exceeding the headroom which its available dopamine grants them, and raising available dopamine will raise the headroom that is their brain's healthy work capacity. And doing so will avoid all harms that come from a workload's exceeding of dopamine levels straining a brain and body.

Prevention is the best attitude, and ultimately is the only responsible and reality-based approach.


Institutional medicine is a lethal racketeering scheme, and doctors are just those stupid, inexperienced, and sociopathic enough to be the oblivious or willing middle-people to pull it off, and who receive benefit for it: Clowns whose entire self-assuredness rests, not in knowing anything, but in sensing authority as existing in the appearance of a peer consensus. They are highly-functional, particularly with fact-memorization, due to having plentiful dopamine-availability, which is due to their being little considering, and due to them constantly issuing themselves the considering-avoiding determination that they're good dogs because they parrot a peer-approved set of things.


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