Tuesday 12 April 2016

Dopamine Deficient Signal Routing Causing Affliction in Cases of Autism, OCD, ADD / ADHD...

This image is regarding a common behaviour of an autistic person:

With some of these things, and also with some cases of "OCD", the person is trying to alleviate strain within their brain by associating a personal meaning with those items, which references considerations within their brain, and by moving the items in the world, it helps navigate and order them within their brain. The person doing this does not necessarily recognize the behaviour as guiding signals within their brain, but rather feel that things just need to be a certain way. The ordering of the items in the above picture is the person ordering the considerations within their brain in the manner that feels right, and which alleviates suffering. Similarly, if a person harms their creations made while they pay attention, it can cause signals to rip through their brain, and inflict pain upon the person which they don't know how to express.

All this can also play a part in "OCD", but other cases of "OCD" are different expressions of dopamine-deficiency, where their mind is caught in a loop regarding a thing, because there isn't the dopamine for it to make the connection to advanced information to lift the signal routing out of that loop.

The difference is that in one instance, the signal is still trying to move towards its proper destination, but with great difficulty without having the sufficient dopamine to make the journey, and this causes a great exhaustion and strain within the brain. In the other instance, a signal routing is not really connected to its originally-intended destination anymore, and is looping in a manner that dictates a person's actions.

Also, when it works for a non-autistic person to calm their mind by going for a walk, or a drive, or by watching ASMR videos, they are also similarly assisting signal-navigation within their brain, while also manipulating dopamine levels. These things can all also be achieved by increasing dopamine availability within the person's brain by taking some cocaine.

In other situations, there is a lack of dopamine to regulate a signal properly at synapses, but the signal is still being pulled along its path routing with great force, as the signal is synced to many other signals, which create a value to its force which overpowers the resistance it experiences at synapses - and this is what is behind sensitivity to audio and other senses, a suffering that is associated with Autism, which is being demonstrated in this video, though which can occur without autism being involved.

And at other times, a signal for which there isn't sufficient dopamine to keep it connected with its parental signal processes can be dropped, and this is what is the cause of ADD / ADHD.

All of these states are explicitly due to insufficient released dopamine in the person's prefrontal cortex, and all of these states are successfully alleviated by increasing the available dopamine within a person's prefrontal cortex. But allowing adrenaline / noradrenaline to increase alongside dopamine will exacerbate the afflicting states within areas of the brain, and could lead to further pain, or anxiety, and psychosis (things which are also product of insufficient released dopamine within a person's brain relative to the work that it's trying to perform). This is why cocaine is the ideal and truth-based solution to mental stress states, while licensed medications regularly do more harm than good, and ultimately are not real, compassionate, or healthy treatments.

Autism is caused by a developmental interruption, most likely cause by dopamine deficiency of the mother during their pregnancy, and the non-completed state of development it leaves a person's brain in results in their brain handling tasks very non-efficiently, which is consequently cumbersome on that person's brain's dopamine availability. And the suffering from the person who has autism is their lack of dopamine to properly handle the work their brain is trying to do.

Leaving these people in their dopamine deficient states is inhumane torture, the likes of which the typical doctor has no experience to reference, to be capable of making a sound, judicious judgement regarding. People need to stop listening to doctors and government to address their mental health, because those people are neither interested nor qualified to do anything for these things, and all of their training has been to divert public away from the truth about mental stress / dopamine deficiency ailment, all their medications are designed to capitalize monetarily on the existence of mental stress states, and not to resolve them. And to prevent autism in child-birth, it could be wise for a pregnant mother to occasionally take medium, or even large amounts of cocaine in relaxed settings during their pregnancy - and doing so will fortify the healthy development of their child.

This is the truth, and it stands in marked contrast with what institutional medicine tells people, because institutional medicine is a doctrine create by and for sociopaths, and is not the truth. Doctors are those who carry out the institutional medicine's genocidal doctrine, and tell themselves that they are good for doing so, so that they can experience "reward" inside of themselves: a bit of crack cocaine as their payment for betraying innocent human life.

By the way, in the case of an autistic person, who moves physical things to guide the considerations within their brain, it is just as Jesus explained when he said "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven". All things are made of considerations, and what a person sees is manifestation of considerations - and to move one is to move the other: to move what is manifest of consideration moves the consideration; to move the consideration is to move what is manifestation of the consideration. This applies to all reality.


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