Friday 6 May 2016

Articles: "Could STRESS trigger Alzheimer's" & "Brains can be trained to let go of unwanted thoughts by thinking of them in a new context"


Article: Could STRESS trigger Alzheimer's? Chronic stress 'causes key proteins to cluster in the brain, triggering the disease'

Yes, stress, which is precisely dopamine deficiency down neural pathways which a brain is attempting to consider information through, is mental stress, and yes, alzheimer's is a mental stress-emergent ailment. And yes, preventing stress, such as with cocaine taken with the right consideration, will prevent alzheimer's. And yes, cocaine, together with understanding considering, is panacea for all mental stress-emergent ailments, and will be vital to curing them in this world.

Article: How to banish bad memories: Brains can be trained to let go of unwanted thoughts by thinking of them in a new context

Memories, like all things, are made of considerations. When a person considers, it reorders the considerations of what they're considering, according to how they're being considered. What is helpful and what is harmful can contain the same considerations, but delivered in a different ordering. And all existence, which is made of considerations, adds up to Wholeness, and One, just as Jesus said. Likewise, so does every mind.

Context is the inter-connectivity between considerations, and that inter-connectivity changes if a matter is re-considered. And therefore, what that thing is, also changes. "Thinking of them in a new context" means to reconsider. And as considerations are polar, and considering is the means by which a brain directs formation of its connections, reconsidering creates a new consideration structure, and changes the understanding and meaning of the memory, re-making it as something new. It is a case of 'If one, then not the other'. But in Reason, all things are.

But to consider memories to their positive resolution, sufficient dopamine will be required - and without sufficient dopamine, this work cannot be accomplished in a human brain. And the more dopamine that is available, the easier this work becomes. How long it takes is relative to how much dopamine a person has access to, and whether there is any interference from doctors, scientists, government, police.

And as considerations are polar, as soon as a brain is saturated enough with dopamine, while restraining adrenaline, then those considerations are, of their own accord, going to start considering towards their positive resolution. And this is why I've said that cocaine can be used very effectively to cure PTSD, which is also a mental stress / dopamine deficiency ailment. But each mental stress ailment also involves matters of consideration, because the stress is the difficulty in moving considerations towards their positive resolution.


If I look for it, there are multiple articles written every day to which I know the answers and truth of. And even if I don't look, sometimes there are still multiple articles that come across my view, regarding research which those working on it don't understand, or are taking in a direction that doesn't lead to the truth. And all these people are studying things for which they've already made themselves ineligible to solve, by starting out by insisting on determinations which falsify the path of considering towards their truths.

The considerations that are considered through a determination that has been given the evaluation of True will be flipped in their polarities, and they will be leading a person towards falsehood regarding the matter that is being considered.

I have solved mental stress,  all the ailments which come from it, and I've also known the truth of mental health, and much beyond. No schooling was required, no funding, and no research teams. These matters were plain and straight-forward, and only needed someone to look at them without bias in their sight, and without personal reward as their motivation.


Anyone who has a mental stress / dopamine deficiency ailment only received that ailment because a) their consideration structure was vulnerable to incoming considerations b) the determinations of sociopaths are horrendously in-efficient to consider, because they don't evaluate as true, and all the disparities between their disparate parts need to be fully considered, before the matter is resolved, and c) all that considering requires dopamine to accomplish, and without sufficient dopamine, those matter cannot be considered, and they wreak havoc within a brain by imposing False determinations upon the work that the brain is doing. All mental stress is preventable, and curable, through considering, along with the dopaminergic effect of cocaine - but pharmaceutical medications will not work, because they are criminally inadequate in their dopaminergism, and they deliver a very non-healthy dopamine : adrenaline ratio, being inherently designed to capitalize on the existence of people's suffering, and not to move them towards resolution of their suffering.

A person only continues to have a mental stress ailment because of doctors, scientists, government, police, who all have teamed up to ensure that these things continue to exist in this world, while they receive False and undeserved positive reputation for their efforts, and are paid for their evil works. All mental stress was a super easy matter to resolve, as everything points perfectly, without contradiction anywhere, to just one answer. The issue behind mental stress ailments has not been immediately those ailments, but has been the sociopathism existing in the doctors, scientists, government, and police, who have invested their sentiments into a delusion, and who profit off of participating in that sociopathic abomination.


Jesus called the Pharisees of his day hypocrites, blind guides, and accused them "You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel."

It is also the case with today's doctors, who seek their sense of reward, which they achieve by believing they've adhered to a set of peer-approved determinations, and which is only a freeing up of dopamine, a person's natural cocaine, in response to them preventing their brain from considering the truth.

And while considerations are polar, and lead on in considering of the greater truth, determinations make a person blind to all considerations beyond the determination, which is a falsehood. And so a person who builds themselves upon determinations cannot see the truth, or enter into the truth. They will die because of their determinations, which is their non-willingness to consider the truth. But a person whose considerations lead into the truth will become a ring of truth, and will live forever.

And, like Jesus said "You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel", showing how merely for show, and for a self-gratifying sense of propriety all that the Pharisees did was, in causing great wrong for the sake of the tiniest good, so it is with all of the mental health treatments in this world's existence today: Sociopaths are responsible for the persistence of mental stress ailments, and then they address them with extreme inefficiency and False thinking.

Just as the "war on drugs" has been lost by those waging it every day since its inception, with drugs being victorious over them every day since its inception, so it is with institutional medicine's war against the truth of mental health, stress, dopamine, cocaine.


Why are the people, who have entered into a False doctrine that has been responsible for the disguised murder of hundreds of millions of innocent people over the previous century, paid to perpetuate their falsehoods?

Dressing in a uniform, working in a sterilized environment, receiving lots of peer support, having grants, a big salary, a positive social reputation... none of these things make a person good. It is only being good that makes a person good - and none of the people who have evaluated themselves by doing those things previously listed, are good. They and their influence in this world have been as evil as any - they've only been pretending, while acting out a sociopathic fantasy. The Nazi army is responsible for less death and suffering than Western doctors and institutional medicine, which have not yet been willing to consider the truth ahead of making determinations on what they want it to be, for their own personal exploitation and 'Reward'-pandering - which itself is the release of natural cocaine, and the very thing government, scientists, doctors, police, have prevented from being available in the brains of those who are in need of it.

And in this, those groups are like what Jesus said to the Pharisees of his day: "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean."

And as I've been saying, I still know everything more.


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