Tuesday 10 May 2016

How Determinations Cause the Polarity of Considerations to Affect Sociopathism


Considerations are polar, which means they provide a positive value towards whatever they point to, and a negative value for whatever they direct away from. And the signals in a brain are pulled along with magnetic force.

A mind is an environment made of considerations, and which adds up to One. Because considerations are polar, when a determination is made, a determination stating ‘these considerations, but not these others’ (because of Reason), it collapses consideration into a forced point (that is not truth-based), and all surrounding consideration are then pulled into alignment with that determination. The values given by considerations towards their destination is what creates the magnetism that moves and pulls signals through a brain, and so a determination then acts as a black hole of sociopathicness, with an event horizon that pulls any considering which comes near it in towards its centre of falsehood.

That is what is happening here:

Article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

... and is the cause of the 61% irreproducable rate of psychology studies (which, as I said in this post, is a figure that is worse than natural randomness, and is a figure that means that psychology is steered towards the negative, away from truth), and is what happens whenever somebody believes in a determination, rather than considering what the truth is, apart from making any assumptions or determinations.

So, it is the considered truth that the majority of people who call themselves scientists are sociopathic, and so are incapable in their present state to ascertain what truth is.

And a determination which support a sociopath’s bias is like crack-cocaine to them, as making that determination invokes Reason, which then ceases the considering of things, with considering being the work for which dopamine exists in a brain to accomplish. Thus, dopamine is freed up when a determination is made, and a mind is relieved of some strain as its workload reduces. In the past, sociopaths have tried to justify their selfishness by considering this freeing-up of dopamine as being their “reward” for their being evil, lazy, non-considering, truthless sociopaths. In doing so, they are responsible for much of the mental health issues seen in society today.

Also, the figure of 39% reproducability-rate is still not going to be accurate, because that figure is still coming from people with notable amounts of sociopathicness within them, and the more sociopathic a person is, the more they gravitate towards Lowest Common Denominator-based perception (which is what a determination is, and often what people who call themselves scientists look for). This means that, while a consensus may be shared among a group of people who all adhere to a particular outlook and evaluation, that the evaluation and outlook of that group might be disregarding many considerations which they don't consider. But all considerations are accounted for in the truth, and each consideration makes all the difference, somewhere.

Also, the judgement of a 39% reproducability rate for human behaviour is a fallacy in that sociopaths and non-sociopaths are antithetical in their reasoning, how their minds work, and why they do the things they do, and the both of sociopaths, who are the majority of people in society, and non-sociopaths cannot be understood with a blanket teaching. What is good for one is not good for the other. And there exists every degree of different consideration between the state of sociopathic falsehood, and the truth, and they can only be engaged via consideration of each new state, and not with a blanket or even general teaching.

Sociopaths, who have reduced their own selves to Lowest Common Denominator behaviour and perception, tend to have lots of dopamine due to how little they are considering with their brains. And this makes them highly functional in a society constructed upon the imposed determinations of sociopath's, while those same determinations are what prevent good and considering people from being well functioning in the same society. Currently, less sociopathic people are being held in society as the prisoners of the more sociopathic people.


Article: Bias-oriented decision making

A bias is a falsehood, and a mind that makes decisions based upon contrasting biases holds bias, which is a falsehood, as True. And a mind that holds what as False as True evaluate False against the truth. The considerations a person expresses are the rolling out of a blueprint for how their brain is wired, and details all the determinations and consideration they have within them.

A person who holds a bias as True is a sociopath, and those who ascertained this study's conclusions are sociopaths, whose perceptions are based on holding as True determinations based out of the weighing biases. And that is but one way which a sociopathic mind can operate. Depending on the degree of sociopathicness in a person, judgement-making will occur in other ways - some more crude, and others more considering. But all degrees of falsehood-based judgement come from a mind that is sociopathic.

In various posts, I am giving details on how a mind moves by considering, and I will further show the way which a truthful mind establishes its choice, in other posts.

But as I said in the previous post:

"And even if I don't look, sometimes there are still multiple articles that come across my view, regarding research which those working on it don't understand, or are taking in a direction that doesn't lead to the truth. And all these people are studying things for which they've already made themselves ineligible to solve, by starting out by insisting on determinations which falsify the path of considering towards their truths."


Sociopathism is endemic throughout science, because science itself is the practice of making determinations based upon observation, and therefore is methodical sociopathism, and enables and nurtures sociopathism in whomever practices it.

But a worse instance of this polarity towards evil exists in partisan and ideological politics, and the event horizon which pulls consideration towards evil is what is responsible for mob mentality, and extremist politics. Those who are susceptible to this magnetism towards evil will deny any guilt or wrongfulness all the while that they move ever closer to their evil destination, as they have aligned their consideration away from the truth, and can no longer see the truth to see how what they do measures against the truth.

Considering experiences no gap visible in the physical world, and it can pull a whole people together into a place of evil, while, if those who are pulled by it exist beneath the Reason for the pulling, they will not be able to recognize the movement in any of their observation. If a people's awareness exists is a static pocket of consideration which by their will they determine to be True, then they can appear to themselves to be morally righteous - but in the sight of the full truth, they are an abomination.

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The truth Is, and need only be considered. But a person who is reward-oriented has falsified their mind and their ability to consider the truth, because when they engage considering, their circuit of considering is already pointed towards reward, self, and falsehood. What then will it take for them to overcome the weight of all their falsely-aligned consideration?

With God, all things are possible, and for them who believe, all things are possible. Except to a person who has relinquished all control over themselves, belief is a power and a tool, which is a 'this is' declaration, which Reason enacts upon, to permeate existing consideration as the belief considers through the existing consideration, bringing positive consideration value if the belief is good, and causing the whole consideration structure to rise. This is why Jesus said "To what should I compare the kingdom of God? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed with three measures of flour until all the dough had risen."

Don't be misled by the appearance of progress through scientific endeavors. That progress has not come from those who have faith in science, but from select individuals throughout this world's history who were more considering of truth than others, who discovered rulesets, made of particular truthful ordering of considerations, not by any observation or scientific process, but by considering, free of determinations. The people who discovered these things then gave their tiny examples of considered truth to the public, who then have been able to move forward so long as these rulesets are followed. But each determination based upon observation introduces falsehood into an environment of considerations. This is why Jesus said "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgement", which is the judgement that comes from having fully considered all things.

But there exists far greater than these currently understood rulesets, which do not allow a person to see or use them unless the person first enters into and become a part of them. There is no observation in the truth.


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