Saturday 2 July 2016

Article: 'Methylene Blue' may offer new answers in the fight against Alzheimer's

Article: 'Methylene Blue' may offer new answers in the fight against Alzheimer's

Of course, methylene blue is a dopmainergic, meaning it increases dopamine-availability in a brain... with dopamine being the fuel by which a brain processes all information and produces the development that is the result of considering, and the effects of increasing dopamine are increased memory formation and recollection, increased focus, functionality, mental clarity.. and dopamine is the antithetical influence to stress, which anxiety is a form of, as is depression... etc.

So here are some excerpts from the linked-to article:

Their findings, published earlier this week, show that small oral doses of the drug improved memory and brain function in a small number of healthy test subjects.

At Dalhousie University, a recent study found that it can also be an effective and inexpensive add-on treatment for bipolar disorder.

"The patients who were taking the medication felt less depressed," psychiatry professor Dr. Martin Alda told CTV News.

"They felt significantly also less anxious and many of them subjectively felt that their thinking was also more clear."

"Methylene blue has changed my life and I can't say that enough," Boutilier said.

"I just noticed processing improved," Cohen says. "Short term memory improved -- nothing dramatic… just able to remember more things slightly sharper. So, for these reasons, I continue taking it."

Joe Cohen has been self-administering the drug to boost his mental performance.

And another piece of the article says: "Today, it's commonly prescribed to patients with certain blood disorders and psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia."

And, of course, the world's best, healthiest, and most proficient dopaminergic, cocaine, exactly produces growth in the brain regions which schizophrenia correlates to the deterioration of, as well as producing all the linked-to article's aforementioned positives bountifully.

But, back to the article.

So... all the utmost basic and fundamental things that occur any time that dopamine is increased in a person occurs when people take the dopaminergic methylene blue, and the effects of alzheimer's, a mental stress / dopamine-deficiency ailment are subdued by it. I mean, I've said all along that this is what happens, that dopamine increases are the solution to this, and many other ailments, but each time a study finds the exact same outcome to increasing dopamine, they act like it is a new revelation and something that must be studied further to understand... and they take years to study, to form a new effectiveness-reduced pharmaceutical, which they market for the perpetual treatment of the things they refuse to allow the curation of.

It's like they keep running around the same track over, and over, and over, and the answer is plain as day and as obvious as anything ever was in the human race's history on Earth, but they just want to create an alternative-to-truth narrative, thinking that if they simply don't acknowledge the truth, that if they don't look straight at it, that reality will bend to their sociopathic preferences. All these people will face full justice for the things they have not done by the truth.

I can say a lot more about these things, and in some ways I feel like I've only been kicking up the same dust over and over concerning these things, when I still know all else there is to be said. And I know the many things I haven't said, many of which are rudimentary insights. But if what I've already said isn't enough, then it wouldn't make any difference how much more I say, because there is then a clear and defined desire to not engage the truth of this matter. The matter of mental stress ailments is solved, there just needs to be a willingness in people who claim to treat to do good to people who need this solution, in the manner that their brain and body's are designed to receive it, and as it was considered through their evolution to be good.

The cause of mental stress-emergent ailments is dopamine deficiency, to be sure. But the cause of their persistence in society is the sociopathism in the dopamine-plentiful hypocrites who have designated themselves "professionals" in these matters, when the only things they are professional in is evasion of the truth, denial of reality, and subterfuge against humanity.


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