Sunday 17 July 2016

Article: "this is how social media affects your brain"

Article: Teens: this is how social media affects your brain


Belief causes considering because the meaning of all things is derived from the space each thing takes up in the complete everything, and the proximity and relative nature of each thing to each other thing. Belief means 'Why' to the considerations that form the concept of what is believed in, and causes considering. And Meaning is the output of considering. Connections between synapses in a brain are the ‘because’ between considerations. A determination creates a wall between considerations which prevents a connection from forming between them, and creates negative consideration value within an environment of considerations. Everything that is visible in society is the manifestation of the things which people have either considered, or made determinations against.

A determination, which invokes the considerations which mean the concept of 'these considerations but not these others', forces a strengthened 'Yes' towards some considerations, while falsifying a wall of 'No' towards others, breaking connections and creating opposition between considerations which are connected in the truth. Opposition is a negative force which also creates resistance, and leads to the determined-polarization of mind which is psychopathism. Reason is the truth being spoken, in reaction to a belief. And if a belief is good, then the considering it produces will lead to the harmonization of all considerations, in the way which they all equal one.

But the more a person has falsified their mind, the harder it is for them to consider. And there are many people who have no recognition for what considering is, and who do not know how to engage it. But when a person can engage it, due to the truthful makeup of their mind, they can consider anything they choose to believe in the truth of, and quickly, because there is no resistance in the truth, and because the truth already Is, and only needs to be considered.


What is described in the article is the product of people who have believed that approving evaluation by other people is of utmost importance, and so, because of Reason, their brains have considered the connections which deliver the message that everything is good when the concept of this approving evaluation is fulfilled, causing the people’s concept of themselves as being OK to evaluate as True, which resolves worrying and uncertain considerings which were using up their dopamine-availability, causing that dopamine to be returned to free availability, which makes them temporarily feel better,
having secured their quick fix.

It would be better for those people if they simply increased their dopamine via natural means, like cocaine, rather than falsifying their entire brains and influence in this world just to chase a temporary and fleeting sense of being OK, at the cost of making their entire composition a falsehood that accomplishes nothing lasting or good.


'Reward' as motivation being taken as a human truth is the concept of people who are more primitive than cavemen, who just happened to be born in a later age.

There is no "reward centre" in a brain, and a person whose guidance is 'Reward' has the definition of psychopath written into their neural network, and evaluating as True within them, short-circuiting considering, causing the undue freeing up dopamine, making the person highly functional in a society which has been shaped around the determinations of sociopaths for only their benefit, but while accomplishing of nothing much that is truthful or of long-term benefit to humanity. The very concept of dopamine as reward has been created by people who are sociopathic for them to justify the personal leverage they have created for themselves over society. Every 'Reward'-oriented person is a tyrannical dictator who self-justifies the leverage gained by their offenses as their personal reward for being evil, and all the sufferings in society and the world are only the negative consideration value left in the wakes of their determinations.

The truth is not reward for being, it simply is. When a person acts out of seeking reward, they are not being equal to the truth, and they are being less than the truth. Therefore, when a person seeks reward, they evaluate as False against the truth. And a person who has aligned their entire disposition to be for reward has made their whole being into a falsehood.

An ideology which is centered upon looking at people as being corrupt and False-evaluating is not useful for healing people, as healing people of afflicted states is a matter of accepting the truth of what makes for the difference between a troubled and a healed state.


Since people like this have considered the constant approval of others to be their truth, therefore when they lack it, their brain, which is constantly trying to maintain the state of True evaluation, starts considering why, how, etc, in order to fulfill the greatest belief within the person. All that considering takes dopamine, and reduces the person’s overall dopamine-availability, and enabling the sense of an increase in well-being, which comes from dopamine, once the work that was using the dopamine is resolved, and the dopamine is returned back to its available state, ready to be used for other work.

It will be no different if a person considers pouring hot-sauce in their belly-button, or any other inane activity: Whatever a person believes in which consider within their brain, to make their person's well-being status as OK only evaluate as True when the concept that is their belief is fulfilled, which will always free up dopamine, since those considerings, conscious and sub forefront-conscious, will be resolved once their reasons are fulfilled, and considering is the work of a brain, and the work that requires dopamine to connect pieces of information in new ways.

And so, that interaction of dopamine is not particularly a person's brain on social media, but is the biological mannerism that occurs as a person fulfills whatever concept they hold to be of primary importance to their status of being OK, and reason to no longer consider things related to their status of OK evaluating as False.

Dopamine’s return to availability is not reward, it is not a bonus… it is the baseline environment a person needs to function and develop, and for a brain to be capable to do all its work, which is considering.

What does it mean when people condition their whole lives on the belief in a falsehood?


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