Wednesday 7 May 2014

Canada Has Been Cursed by Harper

I'm interrupting my regular post-schedule interruption for this brief message regarding Canada's resident sociopath-in-charge, and the situation regarding his always-on tiff with the Supreme Court.
Nadon was an Unconstitutional appointee, as he put the wishes of the ruling government above the Constitution and Charter - and a SC justice is mandated to uphold the Constitution and Charter as the Supreme Law of Canada. Nadon wasn't only impossible to have as a top bench judge, but it was illegal for him to be a Supreme Court judge of any stature.
Because in Canada the Charter and Constitution is the Supreme Law, and therefore the true governance of Canada (acceded and submit to by Parliament-vote and the Supreme Court ruling - and Queen's signature), by appointing a judge who declared that the ruling government should not be questioned, thereby attempting usurp of the Supreme Court's mandate to defend Canada's constitution against the government, Harper committed Treason by literal-interpretation of Canadian law.
If Harper is not held accountable to Canada's law, then no other Canadian may be - as per the Charter's guaranteed-protected Right of equality of effect before and under the law.
Therefore, for the sake of Canada's integrity and honour, for the validity of the Supreme Court and Parliament, and for fairness towards every Canadian, Harper must be tried for Treason. It is inescapable and unavoidable, and to not mathematically-equates (through the hard-determiner of Reason) to meaning that Canada is a dictatorship.
And that is not Harper's only, or worst Treason.

There is absolutely no way that Nadon can ever become a top bench justice in Canada's Supreme Court.

That is all. I'll be back shortly - gotta power up.


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