Thursday 7 August 2014

Researchers find close partners develop a 'shared' memory - Explanation

This is a good companion article to supplement the previous post's.

Researchers find close partners develop a 'shared' memory

One adopts Pref Cort - and each other creating a cycling between the two bodies' minds rather than the whole process happening within one body's mind. One might (not necessarily) adopt a more Pref Cort dominance and the other a more Ant Ins contribution, and they cycle through each other. Such polar role-adoption is the explanation of cliche male/female relationship roles.

A mind knows what it's tuned to (Reason-syncing, just as the Ant-Ins syncs all its inner considerations), and response to what it's sync'd with is mechanical, no need for aware-consciousness. This refers to one spouse passing shortly after the other, if the spouse is non-conscious - the shared-tuning will even be fact long before enactment.

Everything is Considerations, transitioning all energy between all things within the universe - there isn't a wall between any of it.

If there was full separation between any considerations (such as a person, a mind, a thought, a cell) and other consideration, the two wouldn't be observable within the same reality. The universe wouldn't experience the other, and the other wouldn't experience the universe. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They would pass right through each other without effect, and each would be to the other as if non-existent. This does happen, but not in the case of these articles' subjects.

These two companion articles together bear the same inter-completing relationship as the Prefrontal Cortex and the Anterior Insula - as Will and Reasoning.


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