Tuesday 26 August 2014

False Concepts, and the Cranial Effect of Communicating Reason vs Science

Reason and Science are opposing mediums for thought communication.

Everything in the universe is made of Considerations, and all things submit to Reason's principle, as all exists through it. Every Reason is a Concept that is made of Considerations which all evaluate as True altogether in perfect harmony within, but also evaluate True together with ultimate existence.

A False-Concept is still made of inumerous Considerations, just like a Reasoned-Concept, but those considerations are ordered in a manner that evaluates as False against reality as is set by all existence (in the Mind and in the Universe, Reason is all-factoring). The grouped considerations of a False-Concept may evaluate as True among themselves though False against reality, but also could contain multiple groups, each evaluating True to themselves but False against each other, and then again against reality - a conglomeration of False-Concepts presented as one False-Comprehension.

A False-Concept is made of disordered truths, and so everything ultimately is True, but only in the right place, in the right moment, in the right order...

Reasoning is the Universe making things right.

What is produced through the Scientific Method is not based in Reason's principle, but in Willed-Determinations based on assumptions made from observations. Observation is a disconnect between observer and the observed, and thus it bears no inclusion of experience of what is, and so produces no knowing of what is - only a Willed-Determination about what may be. And those Willed-Determinations upon observation invariably produce False-Concepts.

Science bears no connection to Reason, and is its antithesis - but even False-Concepts, such as Science, still submit to Reason's principle - and in the case of both Reason and of Science, when a person speaks from either's precepts, Reason's principle still applies to the message which is given, and in the mind of whoever hears it, and towards that message.

What is based in observation traces back to observation, and cannot be known to be True, and only may be accepted through taking somebody's word as granted True - and doing such breeds Sociopathism in the mind.

What is Reasoned sparks consideration, which is on-the-spot substantiation, and imbues understanding and comprehension directly within a person's mind. But as said, a Consideration can be reasoned into place, but there is no reasoning with a Consideration. Whoever has will be given more.

What is Reasoned will substantiate in each person's own mind with consideration, and so peer-reviews are an Ultimate Uselessness in Reason, and are a device of the old-world Sociopathic rule of Science.

Consideration preempts need for demonstration, but a clear demonstration of the influence that communicating Science has upon the brain will be given at a later time. And it will be seen that the belief in Science itself, and not the technology that has come by it (which has concessionally fallen out of Reason's principle while the brain goes on a downward-spiral, and all of which can be realized far faster and better by Reasoning), is the greatest reason behind the devolution that is ongoing in the average human brain.

Reason, conversely, brings Psycheparous.


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