Saturday 13 December 2014

Mulling the Coming Cure for Mental Stress Ailment

I'm unsure whether I should finish up a string of dopamine / cocaine items, or start listing the considerations that form the treatment-to-cure (or maybe just directly cure for some cases) for Mental Stress ailment - the individual considerations I already have. The treatment considerations are built upon the understanding of the presented and remaining dopamine items, though most of the basics are already posted. The remaining dopamine / cocaine items themselves all inter-relate, and I haven't enough dopamine in my own brain at this time to balance them all simultaneously to see how they best piece together and in what order.

I am myself in a position of severe dopamine deficiency, but if I were to take dose of cocaine to resolve the issue, this issue's resolutions would be seen clearly and known in under 2 minutes (and plausibly in under 1), and in a more proficient and detailed manner than will be possible otherwise. Instead, I've taken 6+ months to slowly think it out, and am still moving at the pace of a snail - just to work out the ordering of it all.

Stress is costly.


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